2010 Home Run Derby Thread


"Wait, Vernon was serious about being in this thing?" (Photo Credit: Kathy Willens, AP)

I think we all share the same opinion on the Home Run Derby: It’s fun for a while, but in general the damn thing is just too long. Oh, and the participants. Why not get some actual, you know, home run hitters in there? Adam Dunn, Mark Reynolds, Carlos Pena … get those guys in the competition. No one wants to see Vernon Wells hit three balls just over the fence. But I digress.

We Yankee fans actually have a rooting interest in this year’s event, since Man of the People Nick Swisher is slated to participate. He’s going to swing lefthanded (12 of his 15 homers have come as a lefty) and have Tony Pena pitch to him, but he’s going to have to deal with that big wall in right-center. David Golebiewski at FanGraphs did a real in-depth breakdown of the Derby contestants, so make sure you give that a read if you haven’t already.

Here are the eight contestants, not necessarily in order…

American League
Miguel Cabrera
David Ortiz
Nick Swisher
Vernon Wells

National League
Corey Hart
Matt Holliday
Hanley Ramirez
Chris Young

My money’s on Matt Holliday, but of course I’ll be pulling for Swish. The fun starts at 8 p.m. ET and can be seen on ESPN.

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  1. bexarama says:

    I like MLBN’s full-time coverage of the All-Star Game but oh my goodness Kevin Millar is just unbearable.

    • ShuutoHeat (GGBG > DP) says:

      Kevin Millar has diarrhea at the mouth and is incredibly stupid, the latter is incurable.

  2. He’s going to swing lefthanded


    • Don’t fall too much in love with teenagers playing in the Gulf Coast League. They’re very raw, and they have a very long road ahead of them to minors. Five years ago, you’d never have heard of Gary Sanchez, and now you’re expecting the world out of someone ten years younger than I am.

      • Johan Iz My Brohan says:

        why take the fun out of it?

        party pooper.

        • why take the fun out of it?

          One of our (admittedly lofty) goals here is to try to make sure our readers are educated enough to a full grasp of what’s happening with the Yanks, but that also means understanding when to obsess over prospects and when not to. The internet has contributed to rise in attention to the minors across the board. That’s both good and bad, but when people are watching daily GCL gamelogs, it’s a bit much.

          I don’t mean to be a party pooper! I just want to be a realist here. Gary Sanchez ought to be in 11th grade. We need some perspective on these kids.

          • I totally understand, he’s a 17 year old kid.

            I’m enjoying it for the pure fantasy value of the thing, but it’ll be a long time, as in many years, before my expectations are actually set.

            • ZZ says:

              Will it really be many years?

              Montero started to make real noise as an 18 year old in Charleston. He was rated by BA as the 38th best prospect in baseball as an 18 year old.

              And by most if not all accounts, Sanchez is more advanced than Montero at the same age.

              Far from guaranteeing this will happen, but it is realistic.

              • Dirty Pena says:

                ..Montero is currently struggling big time (for the year) in AAA. I think bringing up Montero contributes to the point, not against it.

                • ZZ says:

                  A bad half season has barely if at all changed the perception of Montero. It has been written many times that scouts have not changed their opinion of him. Nor should it. It is just half a season vs a track record of mashing.

                  Also, Montero’s defense holds him back. On many teams Montero would already be in the majors.

                • JobaWockeeZ says:

                  An OPS of .750 isn’t struggling big time specially for a 20 year old.

                  • ZZ says:

                    Yeah. Struggling big time is Wilson Ramos who is 2 years older than Montero. Yet, he was still viewed as a guy who could be an integral piece to net Cliff Lee.

                    A bad few months doesn’t change the perception of prospects.

          • “Gary Sanchez ought to be in have just completed the 11th grade. We need some perspective here.”


            • Pete says:

              I was 17 when I completed the 12th grade, so even that’s not totally true

              • So was I, but I’m assuming that Sanchez (who was born in December, 1992) wasn’t allowed to go to kindergarten until he was a full 5 years old, which would make his first day of school in September, 1998 which makes him a member of the class of 2011.

                I’m going to go out on a limb and say you’re a midsummer birthday like me, Pete. I turned 18 two months after my graduation.

                • Pete says:

                  yuppers. lucky no. 19′s coming up in seventeen days…I’m trying to figure out what’s significant about being 19, and I can’t think of anything. Kindof a boring year, I expect.

          • ZZ says:

            While I see your point about not getting too caught up/excited about these kids in the GCL, there are legitimate reasons beyond the numbers that make me see why people would want to follow Sanchez.

            Obviously the Yankees think very highly of him because of the huge signing bonus and the Yankees have a fantastic track record in recent years with IFA signings.

            Also, some people that regularly follow these kids have said he is one of the best catching prospects they have ever seen at his age. Also, personally I have heard that from a couple people who have seen him play so it goes beyond the internet stories.

            Finally, a very well respected scout/”prospect follower” (for lack of a better phrase), in Frankie P rated him as the 25th best prospect in baseball because of his upside.

            This isn’t like following Pat Venditte who just puts up sparkling numbers with no real substance to go along with it.

            I wouldn’t be penciling him into the Yankee lineup right now, but I definitely see real reasons why people are excited to follow him.

          • Mikey from South Beach says:

            The Yankees gave Mr. Sanchez a 3 million dollar signing bonus. 3 million is showing love.

      • Ben, the best thing about your statement is that you get to keep telling us about not falling in love with a teenager for the next two years as well.

        “Don’t fall in love with an 18-year old in Charleston”
        “Don’t fall in love with a 19-year old in Tampa-Trenton”.

        • Ben, the best thing about your statement is that you get to keep telling us about not falling in love with a teenager for the next two years as well.

          Well, he’s a lawyer in training. He’s just trying to save us from committing a statutory offense.

          • Dirty Pena says:

            “Don’t fall in love with an 18-year old in Charleston”
            “Don’t fall in love with a 19-year old in Tampa-Trenton”.

            Well, he’s a lawyer in training. He’s just trying to save us from committing a statutory offense.


        • Nah. If he does this again in Charleston, I’m all prepared to fall in love with an 18-year-old in Charleston. The jump between the Gulf Coast League and even low Single A is quite substantial.

        • Accent Shallow says:

          I’ll be honest — it took me most of 2008 to believe in Montero.

      • RollingWave says:

        5 years ago he was 12.

  3. Johan Iz My Brohan says:

    Nothing will beat 2008 for me. Last year’s was absolute garbage.

  4. Tackaberry says:

    I was watching Sportscenter around 2 PM this afternoon and Krug picked Robinson Cano to win the HR Derby. I don’t think he will be winning any in-office bet.

  5. Gil L says:

    “Five years ago, you’d never have heard of Gary Sanchez”

    that’s a funny line, as 5 years ago, sanchez was 12…
    i think it’s quite legit to follow his progress and get excited, as he was given the largest signing bonus ever for a non-draftee.

    btw, today he went just 3 for 6, no HR’s – so an off-day by his standards…

  6. Haha, I love that Hunter is backing off of his statement.

  7. Things I did not know: Tim Salmon had a .382 wOBA in his career.

  8. From Mo’s Twitter:

    Some big TYU news: Wed. At 5, our own Steve S. will join @joeandevan for abt 30-45 mins to explain the basics of advanced metrics.
    That’s Evan Roberts and Joe Beningo that Steve will be joining, on WFAN at 5 on Weds, to talk advanced metrics.

    Steve S. would be me. 5:00 on Wednesday, hopefully you guys can tune in. Joe is very anti-advanced stats. Evan is more into it then he lets on, but for the purposes of a radio show he explains things in plain English.

    I’m not exactly Bill James when it comes to advanced metrics, but Benigno is just in the stone ages. I call in frequently, and if I bring up WHIP and he goes nuts. It should be fun, I’m really looking forward to it. I have a feeling it’s going to be disastrously hilarious, but I’ll just go with the flow.

  9. Hey, look at that: fun/practical applications of physics!

    • Accent Shallow says:

      Who would have thought? When I was in undergrad, my friends and I spent time calculating the angular momentum of the Earth!

      /B.Sc. degree

  10. http://riveraveblues.com/2010/.....ent-965987

    king of fruitless hypotheticals says:
    you ever quote a movie, in real life, and find you’re the only person who knows it’s a movie quote?

    My favorite obscure comedy movie to quote from that nobody ever gets but me is Brain Donors. I’d recommend it; it’s classic goofball slapstick comedy for those who like that sort of juvenile fun. John Turturro stars as Roland T. Flakfizer (great name) and does his schtick.

    Flakfizer: Let’s step outside and settle this like men!
    Lazlo: We are outside.
    Flakfizer: OK, let’s step inside and settle it like women.

    Flakfizer: Dear Lillian, soon I hope to take you on a Carribbean cruise, where we can hold hands on a soft summer’s evening and watch that old Jamaican moon. Why that old Jamaican will be mooning us, I have no idea.

    Bonus: that movie is the ACTUAL origin of the “You’re excited?!?!? FEEL THESE NIPPLES!!!!” line that Bob Costas says in BASEketball. Ripped it off, whole cloth.

  11. Raf says:

    the talking in the background of the music right now on MLB Network is great. i hate that im too lazy to reach for the remote

  12. This song makes me want to punch infants.

  13. Drew says:

    Why is Howie Mandell playing a mini guitar?

  14. Oh Mo. Chris Berman. Ugh.

  15. You know, the talk above about how young Sanchez is is insanely depressing me. I’m what, seven years older than him and still don’t have gainful employment =(

  16. Carlosologist says:

    lol they’re booing Swish.

  17. Drew says:

    Damnn I didn’t realize Papi had 18. Good for him, he’s the only Red Sox I can stand.

  18. swisher's fauxhawk says:

    Hopefully when I’m in heaven I’ll never have to hear Chris Berman’s voice ever again.

  19. Kit says:

    I know Swish is from the Yankees and that always evokes boo’s from…everyone who doesn’t understand winning, I guess, but booing Swish is so uncalled for.

    • Drew says:

      How do you figure? Opposing teams fans shouldn’t boo the guy from the best team in baseball? To me, it’s a sign of respect, they know Swish is on the field.

      • Kit says:

        I just mean that it’s a little uncalled for. Swish is representing the Yankees, but the Yanks aren’t actually on the field. He’s doing this for him, not the team. And I don’t remember any time when booing was a sign of respect. It’s more a sign of envy, really.

        • Drew says:

          Envy, respect, same difference. There is a reason they didn’t boo Wells. I bet Vernon would love to have the reaction the Swish got.

          • Kit says:

            I’m sorry, I’m going to have to respectfully disagree. I don’t think envy and respect are the same thing. While Vernon may want to be acknowledged to that extent, I don’t think people want to be booed. It comes with the game, I understand that, but booing Swisher when he’s playing essentially for himself is uncalled for. With Ortiz being booed I understand that it’s basically just hatred for the toughest teams in the ML.

            • Drew says:

              Without getting into a whole big thing here, when I said same difference, I just meant that basically, the LASanJose Angels of Los Cabos fans are booing Swish because he represents the best team in baseball and they wish they were rooting for him on their team. Call it what you want, envy, respect.. They’re booing Swish only because he’s a very good player on a great team who happened to beat them down in the ALCS last year. I’d imagine that wound is still open.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      They booed Ortiz too.

    • bexarama says:

      Agreed. At least Ortiz got booed too. Angels fans are silly, though. (note to any Angels fans who are reading this: I’m sure you’re lovely. I’m judging your entire fanbase on Halos Heaven. Sorry.)

    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      Ortiz was booed even more. Sure Angels fans are nearly as bad as Bostonians but they got their booing right with Ortiz. Maybe half of them actually do have brains and don’t fcking jizz “EAST COAST BIAS!”

      But yeah just because the Angels suck doesn’t mean you have to take it on Swish.

  20. Raf says:

    did Bobby Valetine just call David Ortiz Jose Ortiz??

  21. maurice says:

    jose ortiz? FAIL

  22. VO says:

    Jose Ortiz?

  23. 1. Did Bobby V. just call him “Jose Ortiz”?
    2. Joe Morgan says that lefties have a big advantage in this park, as they do in most HR Derbys…let he’s purposely picking a right hander? This man’s aversion to logic is beyond anything I’ve ever seen. Ever.

  24. Mark says:

    Jose Ortiz from Bobby V, and anyone can win from Joe Morgan, man it is going to be a long night.

  25. OperationVenditte says:

    Lets go Swish last two Yankees in this thing won Tino and Giambino

  26. radnom says:

    Better than “Manny Ortiz”

  27. Bryan says:

    Do they have that “Green Trailer” that follows HR’s as they’re hit again?

  28. Captain Jack says:

    They could have picked a better “baseball” song than Train’s “Hey Soul Sister.” They should have invited Megadeth and had them play 1320…at least it’s an upbeat song about fast cars on the beachside racetracks.

  29. bexarama says:

    “You have to love David Ortiz and the Boston Red Sox.” No, in fact, I do not.

  30. ShuutoHeat (GGBG > DP) says:

    I’m having a lot of fun watching the kids fielding bumbling around in outfield.

  31. Mike Axisa says:

    Chris Young hasn’t taken this many pitches all season.

  32. Bryan says:

    TEH GOLD BALLZ!!!!!111

  33. Drew says:

    Where is AP’s kids at? If that one little F’er is wearing a Mets hat again I’ll beat him down.

  34. Mike Axisa says:

    Vernon Wells has hit the second most homers in Blue Jays’ history? How the hell did that happen?

  35. Raf says:

    get the replay out!

  36. Not Tank the Frank says:

    Not quite Josh Hamilton territory just yet.

  37. Mike Axisa says:

    Sheesh, I overshot my Vernon Wells prediction, huh?

  38. Chris0313 says:

    This Homerun Derby sucks.

  39. bexarama says:

    Someone get some steroids up in this bizz-natch.

  40. Captain Jack says:

    I think I’m going to watch something less unbearable, like The O’Rielly Factor.

  41. Chris0313 says:

    The commercials are longer than the rounds.

  42. Yankeefan91 Arod fan says:

    wow the 2first participants had a combine 3hr.

  43. Chris0313 says:

    ESPN really needs to stop this Red Sox bias nonsense. I don’t care who Torii Hunter thinks should win. I really don’t.

  44. Kevin in Delectable Princeton says:

    So in somewhat related new, Charlie Manuel is an idiot. Not only did he pick Howard over Votto to be in the All-Star game, but he’s making Howard the starting DH. And batting him clean-up. Against one of the best lefties in the game. If he struck out on three pitches facing Damaso Marte, David Price better strike him out on one.

  45. Angelo says:

    Corey Hart is zoning in.

  46. Chris0313 says:

    Corey Hart was my pick. Rooting for Swisher, but Hart is either go big or strike out.

  47. Raf says:

    disappointed Corey Hart isnt hitting in sunglasses

  48. Meat Loaf says:

    Hey look at that, someone is hitting home runs in a home run hitting contest.

    Chris Berman, what would I do without you?

  49. Yankeefan91 Arod fan says:

    wow cory hart has alot of pop

  50. Corey Hart ate his Wheaties.

  51. Kit says:

    Wow…Nick, you’re going to have to put a little something extra into that swing if you want to keep going. Corey Hart is killing this.

  52. Kevin in Delectable Princeton says:

    A-Rod is not impressed.

  53. Chris0313 says:

    7 should get him into the next round. He should tank.

  54. Cecala says:

    Why does ESPN have to announce this, it is just making the Derby even worse. If it were not for Swisher I would not be watching this.

  55. Brooklyn Ed says:

    Cashman: Hope you watching Corey Hart, and phoning the Brewers GM.

  56. Raf says:

    Hart is feeling it

  57. Drew says:

    Ha love the shot of Alex just chillin.

  58. Angelo says:

    Finally someone who’s making this fun to watch.

  59. Kevin in Delectable Princeton says:

    Hanley Ramirez has kids!??! I thought he was like, 22…

  60. You know what I love about that rock shot? That A-Rod does it in games.

  61. Chris0313 says:

    Joe Morgan please shut the hell up.

  62. Mike HC says:

    Swish has a tough act to follow.

    The ball exploded off of Harts bat

  63. Drew says:

    Hmm.. Does Swish look up to his GP’s before each AB in BP?

  64. Raf says:

    anyone want to wager a guess if Dunn will actually be dealt by the deadline?


  65. Weak start, Swish. Weak start.

  66. Angelo says:

    C’mon Swisher!

  67. Mike HC says:

    Swish is basically keeping his exact revamped stance in tack for the derby. I have a feeling Long and Swish talked about this before hand.

  68. Is that “Country Grammar” vs. “Sweet Home Alabama” as a mash up? Wow.

  69. Chris0313 says:

    I don’t care about Alex. Let Swisher hit please.

  70. Mike HC says:

    Leave it to ARod to take the spotlight away from Swish and have an interview during Swish’s time.

  71. swisher's fauxhawk says:

    A-Rod does a lot of talking.

  72. SouthernYankeeFan says:

    Swish is enjoying the hell out of himself. Smiling after each home run gotta love it.

  73. Angelo says:

    C’mon Swish reach at least 5

  74. Mike Axisa says:

    Sadly, that might be enough for Swish to move on.

  75. Guys, it really doesn’t matter. He’s nothing more than a fourth outfielder anyway.

  76. Raf says:

    wanted him to get to 6, hard to advance with 4

  77. Not Tank the Frank says:

    Thank God David Ortiz (Big PAPI!!) is coming up. I’m required to like him.

  78. Now batting for the National League, Mr. Clean.

  79. Not Tank the Frank says:

    I not a machine guys…

  80. king of fruitless hypotheticals says:

    …the tag said open thread, so flay me if i’m off here…

    how @$@#$ awesome will it be to have three 20 game winners?

    how far back did we have to go to get three double digit game winners at the all star break?

    this team is the @#$@# @#@$# shiz…

  81. So how many articles tomorrow will say “Well, guys were obviously holding back because they know success in the HR Derby usually means a decline in the second half.”

  82. Angelo says:

    I need opinions here.

    Would you rather see the rest of these guys bomb some homeruns or see Swisher advance to the next round?

  83. phughesisgod says:

    Ok, please, someone do not get 4 home runs!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Jose the Satirist says:

    Pena should start throwing sliders.

  85. phughesisgod says:

    If Swisher is to advance, I think his best shot is Hanley Ramirez…

  86. bexarama says:

    Please throw him bad ones, Tony. >:(

  87. Maybe one of these homers will land in the lap of the real killer.

  88. phughesisgod says:

    Please, Hanley or Miggy dont get 4 home runs.

  89. Mike HC says:

    Ortiz looks in pretty good shape.

  90. Drew says:

    HanRam is going to kill.

  91. Kit says:

    I love that Pena is throwing to Ortiz as well. Shows how much Ortiz respects Pena. Also, since it’s a “being Dominican” thing, I think it’s even more awesome.

  92. James A says:

    Really Chris, a face for MLB?

    How about a cheating liar

    • Angelo says:

      Don’t remind me. Just get’s me upset.

    • Drew says:

      ..where Papi is from, the “milkshakes” he drank were not illegal. They were also not banned by MLB.

      /just sayin’

      • Drew says:

        ..where Papi is from, the “milkshakes” he drank were not illegal. They were also not banned by MLB.

        /just sayin’

    • bexarama says:

      Seriously. A-Rod being a cheaty cheater who cheated and everyone jumping all over themselves to call him A-Roid, while Ortiz is like the clutchest clutch who ever clutched and saved the Red Sox… very annoying meme.

      • Kit says:

        I was just telling my Red Sox loving roommate that the Red Sox get nothing but excused and pitied while the Yankees get hammered. I was using the injuries thing as an example, but some of the media’s obvious Red Sox biases get more and more annoying with the steroids thing.

  93. Jose the Satirist says:

    So if Papi ends up winning this thing, will he finally explain why his name was on that list?

  94. Cecala says:

    Ortiz must be feeling great with all the announcers on his genitalia.

  95. pollo says:

    in retrospect, it wasn’t the wisest of bets, putting 50 on swisher.


  96. Kit says:

    I love the fact that you are cursing and calling for Spanish liquor in Spanish, Ortiz. You keep it classy.

  97. phughesisgod says:

    If I were the other 7 guys in this thing, I would be fuming that they even let this tool be in it. Not only did he cheat, he freaking lied! At least A-Rod had the balls to come clean! This fool whimped out!

  98. Raf says:

    Hanley. going to swing so lazily

  99. phughesisgod says:

    Will Ferrel. Freaking hilarious! “I would have been drunk on air alot.” LOL.

  100. Angelo says:

    Damn that was a shot.

  101. I’d murder my parents for Hanley’s talent.

  102. Raf says:

    wish he would’ve worn the necklace with his batting average from last year.

  103. JobaWockeeZ says:

    At least Swish had a valiant effort.

  104. Raf says:

    that was impressive.

  105. bexarama says:

    Hanley rules. I love him.

  106. Drew says:

    Thank Mo for the Beckett trade. Well worth it to me.

  107. Reggie C. says:

    IF Hanley gets another manager fired , is he then available for trade?

    Not out of the realm of possibility, right?

  108. bexarama says:

    Andy Pettitte Dove ad = best part of the Home Run Derby so far y/y

  109. Carlosologist says:

    That 472 shot was just Hanley being Hanley.


  110. Raf says:

    monster round from Cabrera coming up

  111. Drew says:

    Miggy has his own chapter in the Freak Book.

  112. Dirty Pena says:

    Miguel Cabrera as 12th pick= the only reason I’m still competitive in RAB Premier League.

    • Mike HC says:

      Yea, I had the 11th pick and was like 50/50 on taking him or David Wright. Can’t say I’m upset about grabbing Wright though.

      And nice work with that Qualls, Santana trade with me. I still can’t find a decent f’in closer.

      • JobaWockeeZ says:

        Well first base is deep and third isn’t so I wouldn’t say picking Wright would be bad.

        • Mike HC says:

          That is the exact reason why I made the choice. I figured Cabrera would have better numbers but at a deep position. And I ended up with Konerko much later, so it worked out.

        • Dirty Pena says:

          3B not being deep was an untrue thought before the year.

          3B who are fantasy viable- A-Rod, Beltre, Longoria, Bautista, Young, Wright, Polanco, Cantu, Zimmerman, Rolen, Freese, McGehee, Stewart

          Very capable of good 2nd halves- Beckham, Kouzmanoff, Figgins, Chipper, Headley, Sandoval, Aramis, Reynolds, Alvarez.

          I’d say 3B is doing OK.

          • Angelo says:

            Nobody could’ve predicted Bautista’s power. Beltre was coming off of a bad year I believe (or an injured one.) Polanco doesn’t have the power a third basemen usually has. Freese is alright.

            And the only stars here before the season started are A-Rod, Wright, Zimmerman, and Longoria.

  113. Kit says:

    jerri curls: my anti drug (and alcohol).

  114. Angelo says:

    If Ortiz wins this thing, ESPN will orgasm everywhere

  115. JobaWockeeZ says:

    I swear if Papi wins I’ll kill myself. Oh wait never mind he’s using his completely legal supplements.

  116. bexarama says:

    Pena, I am disappoint.

  117. Carlosologist says:

    Bex must have JIHP when she that shot of Andy and his kids.

  118. Carlosologist says:

    I swear, I thought Berman said when Howard shits.

  119. Carlosologist says:

    Miggy has the baseball is serious business look to him right now.

  120. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Empire State in Mind in Anaheim? WTF.

  121. bexarama says:

    Hanley Ramirez hitting to “Empire State of Mind” means the Yankees are getting him RIGHT?!?!?!?!?

  122. Derby says:

    Joe Morgan is so stupid… “Hanley Ramirez doesn’t swing the bat like a shortstop, he swings the bat like Alex Rodriguez.” Pretty sure A-Rod was a shortstop for most of his career.

  123. Poopy Pants says:

    Who will be king idiot this year? Hanley or Jose?

  124. bexarama says:

    So… now is that guy who said it was terrifying to think of Hart on the Rays based on Round 1 gonna decide it is in fact not so terrifying based on Round 2?

  125. Carlosologist says:

    lol Hart is a bust.

  126. bexarama says:

    Oh my God I cannot deal with the Ortiz you-know-what right now

  127. Poopy Pants says:

    Tony Pena proves it’s a multi-millionaires club that we aren’t invited to. It’s professional wrestling and we’re the fools who pay while they make big $$$.

    It was also sad to see Ortiz and Jeter hugging at Yankee Stadium a few years ago before a game. They’re carnies. We’re the rubes.

    • bonestock94 says:

      Oh c’mon, I’m sure some players do actually hate each other but I doubt you can be that angry at someone for just for signing with a certain team. It’s just a job to them.

    • whozat says:

      …your statement only applies if you only watch baseball to hate the other teams. For those of us who actually like to watch baseball and don’t need to hate the other teams to enjoy ourselves, the feelings of the players towards each other are irrelevant.

    • Accent Shallow says:

      Wait, because players don’t hate each other, the fix is in?

    • Kit says:

      Baseball is a game. You have to take in stride. They didn’t kill each other’s families to warrant that much hatred. Let them be friendly. It’s not killing anyone, and the uniforms don’t burn off where they touch.

  128. Drew says:

    OKay, so Strasburg has struck out a fair amount of people in his first several starts. Why does MLB need to include a K to Jeff Karstens in that silly Beyond Baseball commercial?

  129. Hit a groove Hanley!

  130. Dave says:

    Please Please make Ortiz = Bobby Abreu part duex.

    • Accent Shallow says:

      You hope Ortiz’s wife cheats on him on a reality show?

      /it happened to Bobby, it could happen to you

  131. Pasqua says:

    So they’re actually pretending that Ortiz’s little visit to Hanley there was a “genuine” moment of encouragement and not a manufactured p.r. / “It’s all fun!” moment? Ugh.

  132. Hanley’s power is remarkable. The fact that so many of his homers have been on a line is incredible.

  133. bexarama says:

    Hanley, I am disappoint

  134. Rob Has no Innings Limit says:

    So that was probably the most boring Home Run Derby I can remember watching.

    Am I crazy for wanting a guy like Jack Cust in this event? Can’t we utilize his one, true talent? I feel like he was born to do this.

  135. Carlosologist says:

    -____- I’m disappointed in this year’s result.

  136. nathan says:

    Erin Andrews – necessary?

  137. Simon says:

    The Celebrity Softball Game is more exciting than the Homerun Derby…….

  138. Carlosologist says:

    lol Rickey. Greatest leadoff hitter I never saw.

  139. jbkx says:

    David Ortiz: The Undetected Home Run King.

    Why does this ass clown get a pass, he’s no better than any of the other users.

    • Drew says:

      I don’t understand the hate of Ortiz. Other than the fact that he’s a Red Sox, he seems pretty likable to me. It is not his fault that the media is biased. Also, I l’ed ol at the “users” bit. You make it sound like they were drug addicts.

  140. bexarama says:

    Utterly hilarious picture from today.


    I’m your biggest fan
    I’ll follow you until you love me…

  141. Leviev says:

    big poppy all the way but i thought they weren’t hittin it as far as they could have not one over 500ft weak lol

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