AL East trade winds starting to blow


If you went to bed at a reasonable hour last night, you might have missed the semi-late breaking rumor that had the Phillies in talks with the Astros to acquire Roy Oswalt. Why does this matter to the Yankees? Because a sister move would involve a trade of Jayson Werth (for payroll reasons, apparently), and the word on the street has the Rays as the front runners to land him. Philadelphia would then call up top prospect Domonic Brown in an effort to field an all lefthanded lineup.

As far as we know, the deals are not close, but Tampa certainly has the pieces to get a Werth deal done. Given their respective track records, Andrew Friedman will probably take Ruben Amaro to the cleaners if the trade does in fact happen. Tampa already has a good offense (.337 wOBA, sixth best in baseball) and a great defense (+22.7 UZR, third best), and adding a player of Werth’s caliber will only make them better. Given the Yanks’ current designated hitter situation, I can’t help but hope that Brian Cashman swoops in ninja-style and steals Werth away from Tampa.


  1. Adam says:

    I like the idea of Cashman being a ninja

  2. Pat D says:

    What would you give up for Werth, Mike? Since he’s only a rental, after all.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      I’d do McAllister plus one of the millions of infielders – Adams, Nunez, CoJo, etc. Preferably not Adams though.

      • Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

        I would think you would prefer Nunez. I like how you threw the other 2 in there though.


      • Rose says:

        Yeah but wouldn’t Tampa offer something infinitely better than that?

        • A.D. says:

          If Tampa doesn’t touch Jennings or Hellickson (or Davis/Niemann) then it really cant be that much better, no?

          Figure they could move a young starter, but I double Jennings since they need him post-Crawford.

        • Jayson Werth, wOBA by Month, 2010:

          April- .415
          May- .390
          June- .379
          July- .307

          Am I the only one excited to see Jayson Werth possibly get traded to the Rays? I mean, if they give up a legit prospect for him, that’s probably a good thing for us. Jayson Werth is a decent bat, but he’s not looked good recently and it’s not like we’re incapable of defeating a team with Jayson Werth on it (see also: 2009).

          Of course, if he leaves in the winter and the Rays get two top draft picks better than what they gave up, then forget what I said.

          • zs190 says:

            It’s Ruben Amaro we are talking about here and he’s trying to trade Jayson Werth to clear salary space to trade for Roy Oswalt and call up Dom Brown so he can keep Raul Ibanez in the lineup.

            This has all the making of a Ruben Amaro pulling Bill Bavasi here.

          • zs190 says:

            Jayson Werth is as much as a lock of going FA as anyone really. He’s only making 7 million this year and he’s on the wrong side of 30 already, this is his last chance for a big contract and he knows it(even acknowledged in a public interview).

            95+% chance he leaves as a FA and give whoever trade for him the 2 picks.

      • zs190 says:

        I’m surprised you wouldn’t offer more. He’s a 4-5 win player at least and would be worth 1-1.5 win at least over whoever we are using at DH/Bench. He’s a lock to reject arbitration so it’s pretty much a guaranteed 2 picks.

  3. Ross in Jersey says:

    I think the Red Sox could land Werth for Kevin Cash and a combination of A level players from their outstanding farm system.


    • Sweet Dick Willie says:

      Theo’s parts with prospects less willingly than he might part with his first born.” — 7.21.10, Larry Lucchino on WEEI’s Dennis and Callahan

    • Rose says:

      Remember when he got Mark Loretta for Doug Mirabelli?

      Then they traded Doug Mirabelli BACK for a far worse catcher and a throw away piece (Cla Meredith).

      Never understood it.

      • Dirty Pena says:

        Mark Loretta put up an 80 OPS+ for Boston. This seems like an odd thing to be perturbed about. And IIRC, Boston was lampooned for giving up too much because they were desperate to get Mirabelli back.

        • Ed says:

          Meredith was a respectable reliever. Great first season in San Diego, up and down but overall average after that. They paid a high price for a backup catcher. Look what we gave up for Jose Molina – a AA reliever that never reached the majors.

    • Rose says:

      The Red Sox could very well swoop in and try to grab Werth…as they have been looking for an OF. But Theo’s too cheap to go head-to-head for him against the Rays and possibly the Yanks. He usually has to rely on the overhype of a crop of mediocre prospects he has first…and then go from there. Hording all of the good ones.

      • Pat D says:

        Yet according to Olney if they remain in third place, they’re going to block a lot of potential waiver trades.

        • Rose says:

          So the Yanks better make a move while they can then…

        • Ed says:

          And if they do that aggressively, I’m sure they’ll end up getting stuck with some players. Everyone is stingy with money nowadays, and I’m sure it’ll really sting the Sox to have to pay the luxury tax on players they didn’t really want.

  4. Sweet Dick Willie says:

    Where would the Rays play Werth?

    He’s not taking Crawford’s place. Ditto Zobrist. I guess you could sit BJ’s ass. But then who plays CF? Seems like kind of a waste to DH Werth.

    Maybe I’m missing something, but that doesn’t appear to be a great fit.

  5. crawdaddie says:

    Then they sit that Rodriquez kid?

  6. Operation Venditte says:

    I dont want Werth he is striking out way too much this year and honestly what would we do with him other then platoon him with Grandy.

    • Brien Jackson says:

      You missed the part where we don’t have a useful full-time DH?

      I confess though, after thinking about it after some coffee this morning, I like Kabak’s idea to call up Montero a little more.

      • Rose says:

        Do we know why Montero was struggling at first? Was it because he couldn’t adjust to the pitching and then finally did?

        If that is the case…it might be even harder for him to do it all over again once he’s called up.

        • Brien Jackson says:

          Well sure, the Yankees coaches and development people would have to have confidence he could hit major league pitchers. If they do, I don’t see any reason to leave him in AAA. As Moshe said last night on Twitter, even his catching couldn’t be THAT much worse than Posada’s.

      • Operation Venditte says:

        Thats true we need a DH but I would rather spend the prospects on Adam Dunn instead of Werth…
        Werth .283/.373/.505 92/46 K/BB 13HR
        Dunn .283/.372/.568 115/45 K/BB 22HR
        I realize thier numbers are quite similar but I would rather have Dunn and his HR and ability to play first base on occasion (Well not so much play as just stand there and pick up the ball)

      • Klemy says:

        It’s been said all along that he’s not ready though. Does his recent hot streak negate all of that talk? I want to see him come up as much as anyone, but is it a good move for the team this year? I’m glad that I don’t have to make the decision.

      • Poopy Pants says:

        LOL @ all the people suddenly wanting Montero to be called up (and stunt his growth) this year just because he finally had a good hitting week.

    • Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

      I bet it’s the beard. It smells too much like Utley’s wife and it distracts him.

    • dsss says:

      Forget trading for Werth; pick up Crawford in the off season; have Grandy be the 4th OF- it’s about what he is good for at this point.

  7. Chris0313 says:

    I wouldn’t call up Montero unless we can guarantee that he plays every day and he catches at least 3 games a week. That means, we trade Francisco Cervelli or we carry 3 catchers.

    • Brien Jackson says:

      Cervelli still has options doesn’t he?

    • A.D. says:

      Presumably just go 3 catchers let Monetero/Posada Catch/DH

    • Randy A. says:

      Lets say they call him up just before September call-ups so he is then eligible for the post-season roster (and added to the 40-man roster). If he DHs for the Yankees then he wont be missing out on any possible innings where he could have been catching frequently unless you want to get all up in arms about him catching in the AAA Playoffs. There is no real loss to his progress as a catcher by letting him DH with the Yankees for the remainder of the season beginning in late August sometime. Guaranteeing that he catches 3 times a week in the majors is just dumb to say.

      • There is no real loss to his progress as a catcher by letting him DH with the Yankees for the remainder of the season beginning in late August sometime.

        Disagreed. That’s a solid month’s worth of development he’ll lose.

        • Ed says:

          Doesn’t the minor league season end at the beginning of September? Won’t he lose like 2 weeks tops under that plan?

          If he’s actually playing regularly, I’d think a month hitting major league pitching (well, September quality ML pitching) would be worth more than 2 weeks catching.

    • Tom Zig says:

      Here’s the plan:

      Montero DHs when Jorge is catching
      Montero is catching when Jorge is DHing or sitting on the bench
      Mirahames is DHing when Montero is catching and Jorge is on the bench.

      Romine gets called up to AAA.

      Cervelli goes to DSL1 to be Melvin’s personal caddy.

  8. ZZ says:

    Who would have thought trading away Cliff Lee instead of pairing him with Halladay at the top of your rotation was a bad idea? :Roll:

  9. kevin says:

    let posada go he suck and callup montero

  10. Abbey says:

    Why would you want to trade Cervelli. He is only 24 years old, considered by many(including Baseball America) as the best defensive catcher in the Yankee farm system several years in a row.
    All of a sudden he forgot to catch?? Granted his batting average has been sub-par so far this year, however still plenty of time to improve.
    Yankees pitching staff love to have him behind the plate.
    Mike Axisa in particular apparently has no patience with a young 24 year old developing catcher?

    • Brien Jackson says:

      Cervelli will never have the bat to be a starting catcher for the Yankees.

      • Abbey says:

        Who said that to be a starting Yankee catcher you have to have a certain BA.??
        As long as you prove yourself defensively and your BA is average, thats all that matters. How many teams out there have 300 hitting catchers?
        Cervelli from my point of view is going nowhere, he is not in the trading block

        • Nobody said he was on the trading block.

          What we did say is, at the moment he’s not cutting it either defensively or offensively, and if a reasonably priced upgrade can be found, we should look into it.

        • Angelo says:

          There are other statistics besides Batting average, that tell you Cervelli is a below average hitter. He’s always been just that.

          Cervelli is a backup catcher at the major league level. Nothing against Cervelli, but that’s what he is.

          Also, having an average “BA” wouldn’t mean much, especially if his OPS isn’t even touching a .700 OPS. That’s called a backup catcher. On top of the fact that he hasn’t hit at all since May.

          People need to get out of this obsession that Cervelli is a starting catcher at the big league level. Yes, he has value to the Yankees. But Cervelli has already hit his ceiling. If my memory serves me right,Cervelli was called up from Double-A in 2009, while he was slumping with a sub.200BA in Double-A. He’s was always a mediocre hitter in the minors.

          He’s not suddenly going to start hitting enough to be a good starting catcher. He has defensive value, and that’s why he’s on the team.

    • Cervelli… is considered by many( including Baseball America) as the best defensive catcher in the Yankee farm system several years in a row.

      In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

  11. Reggie C. says:

    Would Werth be a half season pickup to whom we offer arbitration but then let walk IF cashman loses interest in crawford? Aside from the legit interest in Lee, we’re all speculating cash’s desire to sign another expensive FA.

    • All depends on price.

      If you can get Werth for a prospect significantly worse than who you think you can draft with the two picks he gives you next June, do it.

      If not, pass.

      • Ed says:

        He doesn’t have to be that cheap to worth doing.

        If you value the prospect(s) you give up the same as the picks you’d receive, you still do the trade easily. I’d still do the trade if I valued the prospects a little more than the picks. Werth would be a substantial upgrade over a Miranda/Thames DH platoon. With Jeter, A-Rod, Tex, and Granderson all having off years, the DH upgrade is worthwhile.

    • Randy A. says:

      The emergemce of Brett Gardner as a viable offensive option in left field has reduced the need for Crawford significantly. He is far cheaper than Crawford will be and approximates the same offensive value that Crawford has. I doubt they would pay a lot for such a small marginal improvement in value.

      • Klemy says:


        At the begging of the year, I thought for sure we’d be in on Crawford or Werth for an OF spot. Now, I don’t see a point to it if they think Gardner reproduces his performance beyond this year.

  12. Andrew Brotherton says:

    One of the worst trades ever. Reason why they aren’t leading the NL East. I think Amaro is fired at the end of this year. I just don’t see them making the playoffs.

    • Klemy says:

      I think a lot of other things, injuries among them, have kept them out of first place in the NL East.

      I don’t think that trade is the main reason why. They basically swapped an ace for an ace, so while I agree that the trade wasn’t all that helpful as others might have been, I don’t think it can be blamed for their shortcomings.

  13. JoeC says:

    Amaro refused to talk to the Yankees when he was trying to trade Cliff Lee. Why would he talk to the Yankees about Jason Werth?

  14. Reggie C. says:

    Amaro will ask for a couple solid AAA or AA pitching prospects (e.g., phelps & noesi), but then zero in on Heathcott.

    Why? The Phillies absolutely love drafting toolsy HS outfielders, and Heathcott fits the bill. I think Cashman hangs up when Amaro spills it.

  15. JoeC says:

    That makes sense. Still, if Amaro trades us Werth, he faces the possibility of facing him in the World Series. How do you think the fans in Philly would react after Werth goes 3-4 with 2 doubles and a homer off Cole Hamels in game 2?

  16. Accent Shallow says:

    The Yankees should acquire Werth solely so the rest of MLB isn’t subjected to his awful choice of facial hair.

  17. Brien Jackson says:

    Also, WTF is Philly doing?

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