Albaladejo set to join Yanks tonight


In a move I’ve been anticipating for a few weeks, Jonathan Albaladejo will join the Yankee bullpen this evening when the team puts Andy Pettitte on the DL. Because the Yanks don’t need Pettitte’s rotation spot until the weekend, they have the luxury of holding an extra bullpen arm for a few days. If Albaladejo can impress in this short stint (or if the Yanks are simply sick of the three-headed Chad Ho Moseley beast), he’ll stick around when Sergio Mitre is activated prior to his Saturday start.

Albaladejo hasn’t had much success in the majors over parts of three seasons, but this year, on the strength of increased velocity and better breaking pitches, he has dominated at the AAA level. On the season, he is 2-1 with a 0.96 ERA in 46.2 innings. He has allowed just 25 hits, two home runs and only 12 walks while striking out 61 or 11.8 per nine innings. He might not be the answer to the Yanks’ bullpen woes, but he could be part of a solution.

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  1. bonestock94 says:

    Hope he gets real chances to stick

  2. Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

    The bad news: The Yankees are giving him #21 to wear.


  3. j_Yankees says:

    NOW USE HIM! I don’t want to see him twice a week in blow out games…or as a damn long reliever.

    Use him regularly and in big spots to see what he can do.

  4. Ross in Jersey says:

    About time. Here’s hoping he can stink in the pen this time.

    Also I love “Chad Ho Moseley”. Can we officially use that as a term to describe a grossly ineffective reliever?

  5. vin says:

    Maybe having him start the year somewhere besides the Bronx was the kick in the pants he needed to turn it around.

    /desperately looking for a narrative to explain his resurgence.

    • ROBTEN says:

      desperately looking for a narrative to explain his resurgence

      Once upon a time there was a mysterious man, and although his was a name many could not pronounce or spell, his presence was nonetheless foretold from time immemorial. He had spent years in the wilderness, giving up much of his life and his only love, searching for the magic elixir promised in the book of souls that would end centuries of torment and bring peace to all the land. It was upon Scranton mountain that he found the “Wilke’s Berry” he was looking for, hidden deep within the foreboding cave of endless sorrow. His quest completed he ventured forth, hoping that it was not too late to save his home from the monsters of the evil wizard Mediocrity.

  6. GermanYankee says:

    glad to hear that. I hope they’ll dfa Moseley when they call up Mitre.

  7. JohnnyC says:

    So what exactly is his velocity this season?

  8. Mike HC says:

    Alright. Finally get to see the new and improved Albie.

  9. theyankeewarrior says:

    To teh 8eighth8!!!!!1!11!!

  10. CS Yankee says:

    Not sure if this promotion was three games or three weeks later than expected.

    Somewhere Moseley & Gaudin have to know that they might not get the next round of meal money come Friday.

  11. A.D. says:

    If nothing else Alby deserves the shot.

  12. Mister Delaware says:

    CHoP hasn’t really been that bad over the last month. 10 IP, 12 baserunners total, 1 HR, 8 SO (4.0 SO/BB) …

  13. Ross in Jersey says:

    Albie in the bullpen, Miranda at DH…. nice to finally see the callups that have seemed obvious for the last couple weeks.

    • Dirty Pena says:

      As long as the appropriate moves get made the rest of the way, it’s not a big deal that it took them too long. I mean they are in first, and while in first, there’s no shame giving a guy too long of a leash, rather than too short.

  14. Klemy says:

    It’s about time this happened. Hopefully he gets a chance to show his stuff during a high leverage situation to see how he comes out of it. I was soured on him last trip up, but I’m really rooting for him this time.

  15. bexarama says:

    Yay, glad to see him up here. I wasn’t the biggest fan of his previously, but if he really has reinvented himself… hopefully it’s fun to see and he’s a big part of the bullpen.

    Get better soon Andy :(

  16. jsbrendog (returns) says:

    i hope this doesnt end like the ST game i saw him come into at legends field where he gave up something like 6 hits in a row and walked 2 or 3 guys as well

  17. M-Three says:

    I am glad that Albaladejo has been called up. It is long over due and he deserves the opportunity because of how great he pitched at Scranton. What I don’t want to see is the Yankees treat him the way they treat Melancon. They better not do any of this crap where Albaladejo just pitches once this week in a blow out and then gets sent down on Saturday to make room for Mitre. If we have spot where we have a 2 or 3 run lead in the 7th and the starter is done then give Albaladejo a shot. He is a much better option than Chan Ho Park.

    That gets me to my next point, on saturday when someone has to go in order to make room for Mitre the right thing to do is to get rid of Chan Ho Park. It is finally time for him to go. he has waste a spot on this roster since he was signed and its time for this crap to go. He is basically getting a free ride on a team that could go back to the World Series and for what reason is Park still here? He has no value because he can’t pitch long relief, he can’t be that jack of trades type reliever and he can’t pitch in close games. The other reason he is the one that needs to go is because we probably need to keep Moseley and Gaudin to pitch long relief. With Mitre in the rotation and Aceves out, two guys are gonna be needed in long relief since we have a lot of the 1-inning type relievers in this pen. Parks time as a Yankee needs to end becuse everytime he pitches he is an embarassment to the franchise.

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