Angels acquire Dan Haren


Well, so much for that idea. The Angels have acquired Dan Haren from Arizona for Joe Saunders, prospects Patrick Corbin (ranked 12th in the Halos’ system by Baseball America), Rafael Rodriguez (22nd), and a player to be named later. The PTBNL is not Mike Trout, arguably the best prospect in the game, but instead a list of players the D-Backs can choose from. I have to say, I find it very hard to believe that Joe freakin’ Saunders headlined a package for Haren, but so be it.

GM Brian Cashman can now focus on his stated goals of improving the bullpen and bench, though another starting pitcher never hurts.

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  1. radnom says:

    Oh well….

  2. BigBlueAL says:

    How are Patrick Corbin and Rafael Rodriguez as prospects??

  3. bexarama says:

    Terrible deal for Arizona, no?

  4. FachoinaNYY says:

    wow… reminds me some what of the Lee situation all over again.

    • Not really. Seattle got Smoak even though they jerked the Yankees,

      Here there was never a deal in place just offers. This one is worse becuase Saunders sucks and I have never heard of the prospects

    • voice of reason says:

      yeah, this is nothing at all like the Lee non-deal. The D’Backs apparently wanted a king’s ransom from the Yankees, rejected their counteroffers, and then accepted far less than what the Yankees were offering. I was glad when the Lee trade fell apart, but I’m baffled and infuriated by this.

  5. FIPster Doofus says:

    Joe Saunders? You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me.

  6. Neil says:

    Looks like we’re back to “one price for the Yankees, one price for everyone else.”

  7. frank says:

    The Ysnks should target Carmona.

  8. Ross in Jersey says:

    The Yankees couldn’t come up with a package better than Joe Saunders? Give me a break.

  9. matt damon wayans says:

    Incredible, however, I am rather surprised that the Snakes didn’t throw Upton in to make the whole thing even.

  10. Billy says:

    God forbid we trade 6 era Joba.

  11. phughesisgod says:

    Unless Arizona plans to turn right back around and deal Saunders, they really did not do good in this deal at all.

  12. Dirty Pena says:


  13. ZZ says:

    Hopefully with Dan Haren’s contract coming to the Angels they are less likely to be serious bidders for Lee.

  14. Gonzo says:

    Scotty Downs here we come!

    • Pat D says:

      Yea, but what are the Jays going to demand? Montero? Romine?

      I’m getting so sick of the Yankees getting jerked around by these second rate teams with their third rate front offices. I’m just so pissed off now.

    • Marcos says:


      Scott Downs would be an awesome piece for our pen IMHO, he’s a lefty, he can be a great setup man, and even a closer should he need to close out some games. As always, I’d be thrilled to get him IF the price were right.

  15. Dick Whitman says:

    Joe Saunders LOL

  16. Not Tank the Frank says:

    Jesus. That’s a new GM in AZ too right?

  17. bexarama says:

    I’ve seen an astounding number of people saying this is a bad deal… FOR THE ANGELS. Wha? Even if it’s not enough to make up this year, Weaver + Haren is a damn nice front two for the next few years, and they gave up utter garbage.

  18. frank says:

    Lesson to be learned- ignore any reports the Yanks are “front runners” for anyone.

  19. forensicnucchem says:

    IF the rumors are correct, I find it pretty hilarious how a team like the Yankees, who rarely if ever give young players a real chance to stick in the majors, vastly seem to overvalue their own prospects and repeatedly fail to get deals done, inevitably leading to them having to overspend on the FA market, continuing the never-ending cirle…

    • Pasqua says:

      I think you’re being too hard on the Yankees with that opinion. If Cashman had the chance to top a Saunders-led package, don’t you think he would have come up with something?

      • forensicnucchem says:

        Not if he’s overvaluing the players they’re asking for. That’s the whole point. Joba as a reliever has small value. McAllister has a 5 ERA in AAA, and even according to people here isn’t a future real important starter on a championship contender. Nova may be something but it’s probably unlikely he reaches Haren’s level at any point in his career, much less in the next 3-4 years. Banuelos is in A-ball, and is so far away that he won’t even sniff the majors before Haren’s deal is up. Not only that, but as it was said earlier (I think maybe in JMK’s post this morning), the window won’t be open forever and you don’t hold onto slight maybe’s when you’re in the business of trying to win Championships and need probably’s or better to do that.

        Not just that, but the Lee deal has a similar tone to it. Refusing to budge with various middling infield prospects, all of whom are blocked anyway, to get a deal for a real difference maker. That doesn’t even go back to past deals such as Halladay and others.

        To me, if you can get a great pitcher for a reportedly future DH in Montero, you do it, and based on the Yanks rumored to be involving him, obviously they don’t feel that great about his future behind the plate. You really think the Yanks are going to stick with a 21 or 22 year old DH who may be hitting .220 through 2 or 3 months next year or the year after? I sure don’t. He’ll get on the Scranton shuttle and his value will diminish each week.

        • Don’t pass judgement on this trade until you see what the PBTNL is.

          And don’t discount the value of Joe Saunders. Sure, he’s nothing special at all, but he’s going to take the ball every fifth day for that club and give them innings and stability, and keep them from having to go out on the free agent market and overpay some other Saundersesque back end guy a multiyear deal. That matters a lot to a rebuilding club that’s cash-strapped.

          • forensicnucchem says:

            The PTBNL has no bearing on what I’m talking about. It could be Jered Weaver for all I care, and that doesn’t impact all the prior trades that have the same undertones of the Yanks apparently not having a fully objective view of how they run the franchise and how to value young players with that view in mind.

        • Brien Jackson says:

          Well, I would just say tat you don’t really know what was offered and what wasn’t, and you’re ignoring the important factor here: the value *Arizona* places on each player.

    • Pete says:

      I disagree. The very purpose of KEEPING prospects is to avoid overspending on the FA market.

      Take Montero for example – he doesn’t appear to have much of a position in the future, yet it is basically essential for the yankees to hold on to him since they are going to be losing Posada and paying Jeter and A-Rod a lot of money to be worse than they are now in the future. Montero’s high-quality $400,000 bat will be vital to the yankees withering the approaching era of falling stars

      • forensicnucchem says:

        For other franchises, yes, keeping prospects can help avoid overspending, but the Yanks don’t give them long chances like other organizations do, so they then make a trade or sign someone the next offseason.

        As for Montero, if he doesn’t have a future position, where is he going to play? Taking Posada out of it since he’ll be mostly gone by then, A-Rod, Jeter, and to a lesser extent, Teixeira will all need significant time at DH over the next few years. If that’s supposed to be where Montero goes, then what do they do? Not just that, but it’s not like Montero is a sure thing, especially within the next couple of years. I’d much rather have a potential front-line starter than a 22 year old part-time DH.

  20. Mister Delaware says:

    Joe F’ing Saunders. Jesus.

    • Evan3457 says:

      Don’t know why everyone keeps mocking Joe Saunders. He’s a #2 starter.

      I know this because Mike Scioscia said so before the season started. When asked about the fact that the Angels no longer had a #1 starter, and he said they had five #2′s.

      Maybe he was speaking of a different genre of #2 in Saunders’ case.

  21. Chris A says:

    I don’t understand why the Diamonbacks would want Saunders. Does anyone know more about the other prospects the Angels sent over? I can’t see how the Yankees couldn’t match this. Oh well, as long as Cashman doesn’t try to get Ted Lilly or Roy Oswalt I’m okay.

  22. Sheepmeister says:

    This whole thing coupled with the lee thing makes me think that GM’s are just floating the yanks as front runners to get better things from other teams with a whole intention not to trade to them.

  23. Aaron S. says:

    Obviously the PTBNL won’t be Trout. But could it be Hank Conger (who’s currently injured)? I know AZ has Montero behind the plate but with their persistent efforts to dump Snyder on someone (thankfully not the Yankees) they’ll need someone else back there.

  24. Wes says:

    This is a joke. How the Yankees didn’t do this deal is beyond me. Joe Saunders? Great pick up, Arizona.

  25. James A says:


    sounds like #dbacks did well getting saunders and 3 top prospects. will choose 4th player from short list

    thats one dumb tweet from heyman

  26. Matt DiBari says:

    Well, we get to keep Joba. Yay.

  27. mustang says:

    Oh well on to Lee in the winter.

  28. Mister Delaware says:

    Worth noting, Tyler Skaggs signed on August 9th last year.

    • rbizzler says:

      Klaw (via twitter) is thinking what you are thinking as he claims that AZ really likes Skaggs in the ’09 draft despite passing him over.

  29. Chris says:

    Angels have to be high on Corbin and/or Rodriguez. Saunders seems more like the guy they’ll use to replace Haren in the rotation. There doesn’t seem to be any other reasonable scenario, other than Trout being the PTBNL (which I really doubt).

  30. Bryan says:

    2010 Rangers >>>>>>>> 2010 Angels. I still got Texas winning the West.

    • bexarama says:

      Me too, but it’s great for the next few years.

      • Brien Jackson says:

        Oh yeah, 2 years of Haren below market value, Texas loses Lee, doesn’t have Smoak, and Vlad probably won’t repeat this season.

        Unless Oakland gets another rush of good young talent gelling, Anaheim is going to go back to dominating that division. Damn.

    • Poopy Pants says:

      I’m pretty sure this is a move for the next few years for the Angels, not so much this year.

      • Angelo says:

        I’d say it’s for both.

      • Brien Jackson says:

        I think I’d be more precise. I mean, Haren is obviously better than Saunders by a lot. That clearly makes them better this year. I think what you mean is that it’s not a move that will really help them catch Texas, which is fair, but to be honest, there’s really no move that makes it that likely for them to make up 7 games at this point.

  31. Mike Pop says:

    Talk about a terrible package.

  32. Grandy says:

    So who thinks Cash might have been bluffing with Haren and is line for making a big splash for Soria or someone else. I wouldn’t be surprised if he shocked us with an unexpected deal.

  33. dave says:

    Everyone here was overstating Haren’s trade value. It shows how absurd their Joba plus prospects demand was the whole time. Just a typical “shoot for the moon — see if they bite” negotiating ploy. I’d rate every NYY prospect mentioned — except maybe ZM — over the prospects they got. I’m glad Cashman stood pat.

    • Angelo says:

      Haren is much better than what the Angels gave up for him. The Joba offer was much more reasonable it seems.

    • Pete says:

      In Haren’s first 5 full seasons in the bigs he amassed 22.5 WAR. He is currently 24th among ALL active pitchers in WAR, despite the fact that he’s thrown the equivalent of 6 full seasons at this level (compared to 15+ for some). In 16 seasons, Andy Pettitte has been worth 50 wins over replacement. So haren’s provided just under half the production in just over a third of the time as Pettitte has. What’s more, over the last three seasons (07-09), he has averaged 5.3 WAR per season.

      Dan Haren: awesome pitcher.

      I’d say the D-Backs are just morons.

      • dave says:

        Haren is a good, durable starting pitcher — but he’s having a bad year in the weaker hitting league — in a pressureless environment. And more importantly, the D-Backs are trimming payroll. Once contract dumping is involved, the prospect package drops. That’s why the Yankees balked at the names they demanded. I’m surprised they even offered as much as they did for Lee. I’m sure Montero’s subpar year, inability to play the field — and growing reputation as a non-hustling player — was a factor. You can always find a bat. Offering him straight up for Halladay last year made perfect sense. Offering borderline AAA pitching prospects for Haren would make sense also. But Joba — and upper tier prospects like Banuelos? No way.

  34. Slappy White says:

    If anyone ever ask for Joba in trade again we need to give him up because I have a feeling if we dont, a time will come real soon that they stop asking. Then by next season, all we have is a fat drunk with a straight as a string 89mph fastball

  35. Andrew Brotherton says:

    Yeah, I mean I guess they went by the numbers instead of the peripherals. Saunders does have two 15 plus wins seasons. I still think the Rangers win the division, and with the Rays winning the wild card I think it is a wasted deal by the Angels.

    • Mike Pop says:

      Even if they don’t make the playoffs, it’s a deal you make over and over again if you’re the Angels.

      What a steal, sheesh.

    • Poopy Pants says:

      Yeah, it’s not like Haren is under control for a few years for decent $ or anything.

  36. JLew says:

    Joe Saunders is 29, has little upside, and will have massive arb. raises. I bet Arizona’s GM is related to Jan Brewer or Joe Arpaio.

    • NHYankee62 says:

      Nice post lib-tard!!

      • JLew says:

        You are really funny. Good luck with Palin in 2012. I’m done discussing politics, BTW.

        • NHYankee62 says:

          Yea, b/c Maobama has done such a great job!!! Remember unemployment won’t go above 8% after ramming the Porkulus bill through! What happened there.

          Despite no executive experience nor business experience, this marxist and his gang of thugs are now running everything in this country!

          How do you think that’s going to work out?? Name me one government program that has been both cost effective and provided higher quality??

          I’m glad you’re done btw, since you had to the nerve to take your little drive by shot. If you can’t take the heat….

            • NHYankee62 says:

              Bring it on.

              • JLew says:

                I’m done. There is no end to this.

                • NHYankee62 says:

                  That will teach you to make stupid comments you can’t back up.

                  • JLew says:

                    This is no place to argue politics. I made what I thought was a funny joke as it took place in Arizona, I did not mean to offend anybody, yet I am called a retard and it is later asserted that liberals are Marxists. I am not here to discuss any politics, and I suggest you visit a different site if you wish to do so. This is a Yankees blog, and I would like to keep it at that.

                    • NHYankee62 says:

                      My approach is distasteful please!

                      You this guy thinking he’s going to get away with a hit and run comment “obviously the GM must be related to Brewer and Arpaio b/c anyone who defends the laws of this country must be stupid!”

                      I came here to read about the trade, yet instead I see liberal cheap shots. Don’t post it if can’t handle the retribution.

                  • Captain Bawls says:

                    I, too, dislike Obama immensely, but I find your approach distasteful.

                • LARRY says:

                  Yep, because you can’t deal with the facts in the real world outside of that bastion of integrity and truth- MSNBC, Stewart or NPR. Too bad Americans have finally woken up to end your progressive final solution. You lose it all this November, JLew and you tool, TSJC !!

        • Douglas says:

          typical progressive. when someone stands up to your lies and smears, they run away. Enjoy this November, coward. And dearest apologies to the fine Governor Brewer and Sheriff Joe- real heroes to vast majority of legal American citizens.

          And if you can’t take the debate, don’t throw up cheap Alinsky tactics on a non-political website,JLew. No need for that mud on this fine site.

          And a big thank you for NHYankee62 for defending the abused silent majority of conservative/libertarian Yankee fans. The leftist “comedy” lose is flair long ago, and we’re not taking this crap anymore!!

    • Dalelama says:

      Congrats dimwit you are first person I have seen soil RAB with political stench in a year. Please no politics on RAB!

      • Brien Jackson says:

        Unless it’s funny.

      • Ubu says:

        If you are referring to JLew then right on Dalelama. Still, if you are targeting NHYankee62 comments then your idotic comment has truely omited a foul odor that consistently ruins good sites like this one. JLew brought his progressive humor up and NHYankee decided not to let the cheap insult go without some deserved payback. Here’s a clue to all you smug progressives, the amjority of Americans and Arizonians are fully behind Govoner Brewer despite your deceitful and hatyeful tactics. You lost another debate,socialists but are mature enough to accept no. Why? because you hate and disrespect anyone whose hasn’t bought into your far-left agenda. Too bad that holy doctrine of Hope and Change hasn’t transformed most Americans too quit thinking and believe everything that comes out of White House.

        Over time, folks like myself realize one thing, progressive are just idiotic and smug bullies. They all think some pathetic swipe at Sarah Palin or Bush is hilarious no matter how tired, untrue or juyst plain cruel it may be. See, no matter what Jon Lebowitz tells you, this is a right-center country and the majority of Americans have decided to stand together against your ineffective, socialist regime.

  37. Folks, don’t underestimate the fact that Haren wanted to play on the west coast, and the D-Backs may have shopped him around enough to get a decent enough package to accommodate him. They’ve long had a rep for being a very player-friendly organization. The fact that they’re losing money may have made them look to deal him, but Haren could have had some input as well.

    As far as the packages that were floated around today (Joba/Betances/Noesi) don’t take them at face value. That could be coming from the Yankee side, for damage control purposes.

  38. Pasqua says:

    Looks like the trasaction theme of the year is, “Fleece the Yanks!”

    Joe Saunders doesn’t even have fantasy baseball value, how does he headline this trade?!

  39. phughesisgod says:

    This Arizona deal seems to be the start of a ton of deals this week around baseball.

  40. JMK says:

    I’m just going to come out and say it. I feel like a fool. This morning, at about 8 a.m., amidst incredible rumor and speculation, I thought, “You know, if it really comes down to it, I’d part with a monstrous package to get Dan Haren on a team-friendly contract.”

    And to see that some 31st-rate front office get belly button lint, a corpse and Twinkies for Dan Haren is just incredible.

    I am speechless.

    We probably could have had him for Joba, Eric Palabrakemper, and Carmen Angelini.

    • Don’t feel bad, JMK. You went out on a limb, this is what can happen. Lesser men would have never gone on the limb in the first place.

      Welcome to the club, buddy. The Big Balls Club.

    • Brien Jackson says:

      I wouldn’t feel too bad that you don’t have a handle on the mindset of a GM who think Joe Saunders is great because of his W-L record.

      I think a lot of times we forget that this isn’t a stock exchange or real estate buy or something, and a lot of times it comes down to what the selling GM thinks of the pieces he’s getting back, which isn’t always rational. I mean, there were 6 days left until the deadline. It’s not like Arizona fielded every offer they could and then picked the best one, this GM *wanted* this deal. He WANTED Joe Saunders.

  41. I have to say, I find it very hard to believe that Joe freakin’ Saunders headlined a package for Haren, but so be it.

    It’s possible that the package is in fact headlined by that PTBNL, though, and not Saunders. If that’s a legit prospect (Skaggs? Grichuck? Walden? Reckling? Conger?), the deal looks much better. The Angels have several other solid prospects besides Mike Trout.

  42. adeel says:

    I don’t think the yankees overvalue their prospects. Az was asking for Joba + the farm system; which imho was too much. Joba + zmack or something like that would be okay, but not Joba + 4 of our better minor league pitching prospects was too much, giving haren’s injury history.

    The point is that if you here a Yankee rumor, it’s false. The ninja gets something done and we hear about it in past tense, or it doesn’t happen at all.

    Haren for Saunders is pretty ridiculous.

  43. Jobamania says:

    how long is Kendry gone till? Could the angels be ready for a big push with reinforcements coming

  44. Pasqua says:

    To those crtical of the Yankees on this (non-) deal…I think it’s important to point out that Cashman probably didn’t have a chance to “top” the Angels offer. When the Lee trade went down, it was widely discussed that the Mariners’ GM had broken “etiquette” by having a deal in place with NY and continuing to shop Lee. With that in mind, at some point, I’m willing to bet Cashman was simply out of the picture and without a chance to counter on Haren.

    • Angelo says:

      For whatever reason I have a hard time believing this. Unless the ptbnl is better than any of the prospects the Yankees appeared to have offered, the Yankees offer was better.

      Also, the Seattle trade was a very different situation. The trade seemed to be near completion, and then Seattle backed out at the last minute.

      The Haren talks didn’t appear to be anywhere near as close with the Yankees.

      • Pasqua says:

        Right, I agree; however, what I’m trying to say (and maybe not well) is that, since there seem to be some who are upset that Cashman didn’t “top that deal,” the likelihood is that he simply didn’t have the chance.

        If the DBacks’ GM had agreed in principle with the Angels and then called Cash, asking “Can you do better?” then he would be guilty of what the M’s did to the Yanks in the Lee deal.

        I’m not trying to make a point about who’s deal was better, just that the DBacks made a decision and went with it. That’s not Cashman’s fault.

  45. Pat D says:

    Yea, I think I agree with adeel’s points above. If anyone starts reporting a bunch of stuff about the Yankees acquiring someone, I’m not going to believe it until it’s a done deal. The Vazquez trade more or less came out of nowhere in the offseason, no on reported it until the night it went through, so I imagine that’s how Cashman will operate this year.

  46. ARX says:

    BAH. We could’ve done better than that package. And I really wanted to see Joba traded.

  47. Chapman says:

    Reports are saying that the package is headlined by the PTBNL, it is from a short list of elite prospects, just not Trout.

  48. nathan says:

    Compare the package that the Yanks were mulling vs the one the Angels gave up, is their secondary package better?

    Maybe this is AZ’s way to give a break to SoCal so LA will get its official travels started that was stopped post immig bill// kidding

    • NHYankee62 says:

      Haha, but LA and Cali are the one in deep trouble financially, the dumbest thing they can do is boycott anyone!

      • JLew says:

        Arizona will be hurt harder financially than California. This law will cost them more than illegals.

        • NHYankee62 says:

          No it won’t.

          It’s going to stop the actual taxpayers from paying for a full menu of social services for a bunch of illegals.

          BTW; since you love illegals so much, what would you do if one broke into your house and demanded that you feed them, clothe them, and give them your car???

          • Pete says:

            but would you react any differently to somebody doing that who wasn’t an illegal immigrant?

          • JLew says:

            Can we just talk baseball please?

            • Dalelama says:

              Then stop bringing politics numbnuts!!!!

            • Keneth says:

              oh,Look the progressive is started to weep!! ROFLOL!!

              Hey,JLew who brought up politics on thread in a stupid, offending manner on this website?

              Answer, you did!! So, most bloggers would rather comment on the defending champs for sure. But guess, what? It isn’t 2008 anymore and the drive by shots at Bush, Pain don’t work anymore.

              The majority of independent Americans have had enough of the Left’s bid for humor that is simple insult theater for anyone that dares disagree with them. So stop crying and wise up.

              You will treat non-progressives with respect or you will face a powerful, righteous and wise opposition!!

      • nathan says:

        they are bankrupt, i lived in SoCal until last year, its woeful there, i remember that most of the folks filing tax refunds got vouchers. Sad state of affairs.

  49. Jobamania says:

    #Diamondbacks official says two of three prospects are “outstanding” – Corbin and PTBN. #MLB

  50. nathan says:

    Its one price for the rest of the league, a bit more steep price for Boston and a very steep price for the Yanks

  51. Jobamania says:

    # Again, not sure on him, but Skaggs didn’t sign until early August of last year. Guys can’t be dealt until a year after signing. 28 minutes ago via TweetDeck

    # Don’t know who is on list, but LHP Tyler Skaggs would make sense. Dbacks were close to drafting him last year. 29 minutes ago via TweetDeck


    • And getting Skaggs and Corbin, while swapping Haren’s good innings with Saunders’s servicable innings (in the NL West) while getting significant salary relief: not a bad deal.

      Seriously, this deal is much better than people are portraying it. It might not be the best potential deal possible, but it’s far from horrible. Two good prospects + a third decent prospect + salary relief + a quality back end arm to eat up innings and serve as a bridge to the future without tying up long term salary committments, that makes sense for Arizona.

  52. nathan says:

    This deal is apparently so bad that Mets fans/blogs are up in arms because they thought they had a better pacakge and farm. :-)

  53. Luca10 says:

    Oh my, what a moron that DiPoto kid. Can’t believe the DBacks let him screw them this way, trading their best player for, basically, trash or little more.

  54. Mark says:

    It doesn’t even seem like Dipoto is getting to make the decisions. I don’t remember seeing one quote from him regarding Haren the past few weeks, it was always that CEO.

  55. Rich from Philly says:

    Cashman has a big bullseye on his back now. By pursuing Lee and Haren, he has let the world know he isn’t comfortible with his starting pitching. Now he has been beaten to the punch 2 x, not able to complete the deal. If the Yanks don’t win the world series, he will be blamed for not doing his job, especially if Joba keeps stinking up the joint. As he should be. Just like Ruben Amaro in Philly, over Cliff Lee. It is win or else for him now. Tough job when you have to do more than spend the owner’s money.

    • He has a bulls-eye on his back only if you believe Ken Rosenthal and not every other reporter who said the Yankees weren’t really that in on Haren. Clearly, the Yanks were kicking the tires, but they never had discussions this weekend. A deal wasn’t close or expected.

      • bexarama says:

        And he wasn’t exactly “beaten to the punch” with Lee, if you believe the reporters or whatnot with what supposedly happened there.

      • Mister Delaware says:

        To be honest, I’d rather know Cashman was hard in on Haren and DiPoto weirdly chose the Angels offer than know he wasn’t serious about a trade where a great starter went for $0.60 on the dollar*.

        * This is an estimate. Maybe its $0.70. Or maybe its less than $0.60.

    • pat says:

      If the Yankees go into the playoffs with the best record in baseball, Cashman did his job.

  56. JPK says:

    Bobby V just said he dosen’t understand why the Angles made the Haren deal. Thinks they will flip him for offense.
    I know the angles are in a hole behind the Rangers but they are not out of it not to mention that Haren is reasonably priced for the next couple of years as well. If the angles are looking for offense in return for Haren, I’d be happy to offer them Juan Miranda who could fit right in at 1B for them, along with Z Mac, Nova and another prospect.But personally I think they made a great deal and have no intention of flipping Haren

    • A.D. says:

      Agreed, I think there’s plenty of reason to trade for Haren, and that they’re just holding and keeping him.

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