Another rumor about the Yanks looking for bench help

Cano withdraws from Home Run Derby with minor back injury
A-Rod, Pettitte to appear at anti-PED fundraiser

Via Buster Olney, the Yankees are focusing on “adding a veteran who is capable of playing third adequately, while adding punch … somebody who would provide depth at third in case A-Rod got hurt, but could play other positions.” In other words, a quality utility player. Olney mentions the name Ty Wigginton, which is certainly nothing new.

Just looking around the league for some new names, how about this one: Andy LaRoche. He can play every infield spot but shortstop, and has even dabbled in the corner outfield at times. Golden boy Pedro Alvarez has already been handed LaRoche’s job, but here’s a 26-year-old with double digit homerun power and an above average walk rate (9.4% career) about to enter his arbitration years. If nothing else, he’s a more interesting option than the usual veteran has-beens.

Cano withdraws from Home Run Derby with minor back injury
A-Rod, Pettitte to appear at anti-PED fundraiser
  • Dick Whitman

    Alex Gordon

  • Ross in Jersey

    What would it take to get his brother!

    Just kidding.. mostly. Andy would still be a good pickup no doubt.

    • Dax J. aka The Bull in the China Shop Effect

      What would it take to get him, though?

      • Ross in Jersey

        Jokes about the Pirates aside, Cashman clearly has a good working relationship with Neal Huntington based on all the trades they’ve swung the past few years. Considering Andy isn’t a starter anymore, they’d probably take want one of the younger catchers (not named Romine or Montero) and hope he turns to gold. The Yankees have a ton of catching talent, so I could see it happening that way.

        • Total Dominication

          …or Murphy or Sanchez

        • Angelo

          No deal. I don’t see that happening.

          Young catching prospect with a lot of potential? Nope I wouldn’t do it for someone who’s going to be a bench player. Catchers are too valuable.

  • Not Tank the Frank

    I love the idea. I would take either LaRoche.

    • Kiersten

      That’s what I thought of when I read this post. I can’t keep Adam and Andy straight.

  • I Voted for Kodos

    LaRoche would be interesting. He’s still pretty young, and he was once a well regarded prospect. He’s nothing special, but neither are any of the other potential bench players, and at least LaRoche still offers the potential for a little upside.

  • jsbrendog (returns)

    give em wordekemper and call it a day haha

  • M

    NOOOOooooooo… I don’t think I would even give up Igawa for the smaller Laroche! I spent a year doing some scouting and saw a lot of Andy with the Pirates, and that would literally be one of the worst pick-ups, worse than the trade of Marte for Enrique Wilson. Andy is a very shakey fielder with bad hands, whom has cooled off a lot at the plate, and is very much still a daily project on hitting. Please just don’t, there is a reason why he is not playing much in Pittsburgh, and it is not just the fact that Pedro was called up.

    • Ross in Jersey

      Hinske wasn’t playing in Pittsburgh either, how’d that turn out? You’d be surprised how different it is when you’re not relied upon to hit every time to step to the plate.

      • M

        True, but the difference was Hinske wasn’t signed as a starter in Pittsburgh, he was signed as a utlilty/bench player since they supposedly had Moss/Morgan/a Platoon in RF ( the names escpae me). PLus they had signed Vazquez from texas for 3rd who was coming off of a career year, adn LaRoche was still at 1B last year. So Hinske was never relied upon as an every day player. ALso Hinske had a petigree from Tampa and Boston that proved he could be a valueable bench player before, as Little Laroche has not had a season at league average or better.
        Also Hinske was brought for his power not his average, LaRoche has not shown he is capable of either.

        • M

          McLouth was still in CF, that is the 3rd OF i forgot about… With all the trades the Pirates makes it is easy to forget which year they were dealt

    • jsbrendog (returns)

      if you wouldn’t give up igawa for him then i want you no where near a front office ever.

    • Andy In Sunny Daytona

      I know this unnamed scout who said that Andy Laroche would be a bad idea.

      Sounds credible. Print it.


      • jsbrendog (returns)

        seenzit wif his own eyez

    • pounder

      Agreed.Bad hands,and slow reactions on pitches inside.Decent speed,average to slightly plus arm.Nice young man,comports himself well,and has advantage of he bloodlines.Confidence needs boosting.May find himself in minors,but a marginal bench player at the moment.

  • lordbyron

    As a Red Sox fan living in Pittsburgh – Andy LaRoche would be a great pick up for the Yankees – have at him boys!

    • Jorge

      How many psychotropics do you need in a day to cope with the fact that you’re a Sox fan in Pittsburgh?

    • Tom Zig

      Not quite sure what this means.

      • Matt Imbrogno

        He’s being quite clever you see. He’s a Sox fan and he thinks LaRoche sucks. Therefore, he wants the Yankees to trade for LaRoche so it makes the Yankees worse.

        • lordbyron

          Actually, I’m a Yankee fan trying to make a point about LaRoche, whom I’ve had to endure for several seasons now.
          I actually like LaRoche, the person, but he’s had every opportunity to prove he’s a major leaguer and has failed!

          • Slugger27

            wait… so are you a red sox fan or yankee fan? and are you being sarcastic or serious?

            • Angelo

              I’m so confused!

          • Matt Imbrogno


            Wouldn’t it have been a huge time saver to just say that in the first place?

        • rbizzler

          Meanwhile the team he follows is trotting out slobs at 2-3 positions a night and losing ground in the playoff hunt.

  • Mike HC

    From what I have seen and heard, not only from M above, is that he is pretty crappy with the glove. And clearly a work in progress at bat.

    I would think the Yanks are looking for more of an established veteran to fill the role. But what do i know. Maybe they decide to go for a young unproven to keep around for a couple of years.

    • jsbrendog (returns)

      i mean, i really don’t have an opinion other than if it doesn’t cost much of anything (eric hacker for hinske like) then who cares?

      • Mike HC

        I’m with ya

      • Sam

        We got Hinske for Casey Erickson and Eric Fryer.

        • jsbrendog (returns)

          my b. either way, garbage

  • Mattchu12

    I don’t think I’d complain if we acquired him, let him play everyday in Scranton, and see what he gives us as a bench option. Considering that A, the Pirates rarely demand real value from the Yankees and B, he is a backup infielder on the Pittsburgh Pirates, he shouldn’t come at much of a price.

    If nothing more, he’d be a low risk, high reward type player that could become a good part of the bench or a decent addition to a trade if he figures things out. I like the move, even if it doesn’t help the bench immediately this year.

    • JohnnyC

      As Dick Whitman wrote, why not pick up Alex Gordon? He’s been exiled to AAA to learn to play left field (and doing fairly well) since the beginning of May. He’s probably not in KC’s plans anymore. But, he was a 1st round pick with a lot of buzz — and was a teammate of Joba’s at Nebraska. His versatility (3rd Base and OF) would be a real plus and his ceiling is way higher than LaRoche’s.

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

        He’s probably not in KC’s plans anymore.

        I’m quite certain he is still in their plans.

        • Captain Jack

          Moustakas is their thirdbasemen of the future, it doesn’t appear of Dayton Moore likes him all that much…I doubt he’s a big part of their plans.

      • Mattchu12

        I am all for getting Alex Gordon as well. In fact, like yourself, I like Gordon more. I just wasn’t sure he was as easy to get as LaRoche and my post was mostly about for what it would cost (not anything really valuable), it’s worth getting LaRoche even if he doesn’t stick on the bench.

        I would love to get Gordon. But I figure it will cost a bit more than LaRoche. But even if it does, I still think it would probably be worth it still.

        • Angelo

          Depending on the price. If the price is a top 10 Yankee prospect then I say probably no.

          • Mattchu12

            Agreed. Probably not the top 15 Yankee prospects either.

      • Mr. Sparkle

        Why would they have him learning to play the OF if he wasn’t in their plans anymore? He was a high first round pick and they were (ridiculously) touting him as the next George Brett when he was coming through the system. I don’t think they’ll give up on him that easy and definitely not at a bargain price. Plus, he’s hitting very well in AAA. I don’t think it will be as easy as, “Why not pick up Alex Gordon,” even if he’s available.

  • JPK

    I’d rather take that chance on LaRoach then Wiggy.
    Unfourtantly the guy who is the perfect fit is a guy they should have kept in Hairston Jr. as a guy who can supply good defense at 6 postions and isn’t a automatic out.

  • CJ

    I say Jose Bautista and Scott Downs or Jason Frasor or Kevin Gregg from Toronto. Yes, Bautista is available 3B, OF cannon, power, BB, 29 years old. He will be more expensive than LaRohe, Bloomquist, Keppinger et al. However, it could be done without Montero, Romine, Something like Laird, Brackman, Noesi, Nunez?

  • jake

    Andy LaRoche? Sorry, but that makes absolutely no sense. He’s no more valuable overall than Ramiro Pena at the plate, and, unlike Pena, is a sub-par defender. Wiggington is the guy who makes sense. But I’d gag at giving up more than a package of Brandon Laird and Ivan Nova to get him. He can hit a few homeruns, but he’s not all THAT good.
    Scott Downs would be a great acquisition, but not at Toronto’s asking price.
    If Alex Gordon weren’t still in KC’s plans, they wouldn’t have shifted him to the OF. They may be dumb, but they’re not dumb enough to give up on Gordon yet.
    If the Yanks can’t get Wiggington, I really don’t see any alternatives out there. Jose Bautista would cost an awful lot– the Yanks aren’t really THAT desperate for another utility guy–and his history doesn’t portend well for his keeping up his huge homerun pace. Other teams with intriguing players might not be looking to deal.
    Jorge Vasquez, at AAA Scranton, might prove to be as good as Wiggy, if he ever gets a shot.

  • Captain Jack

    I want JhonnY Peralta.

  • pounder

    Aaron Boone.He’s jones’ing to get back.