Game 78: Salvaging a lost series


No CC, you're the man. (Photo Credit: Kathy Willens, AP)

The Yankees have already dropped this series with Seattle thanks in no small part to Cliff Lee and Felix Hernandez, but allowing the game’s second worst offense to hang 14 runs on the board in just two games is pretty inexcusable. If anyone can right that ship, it’s CC Sabathia, who hit his stride in June like clockwork. The big guy has completed at least seven innings in his last five starts, during which time he’s held opponents to a .191/.269/.252 batting line against. He’s basically turned everyone into the June 2010 version of Frankie Cervelli. Imagine that.

On the bump for the Mariners is not one of their two aces, but the Australian born lefty Ryan Rowland-Smith and his 6.02 xFIP. Dude has a 3.90 K/9 and a 4.03 BB/9, for goodness sake. This pitching matchup is so lopsided, that I’m tempted to say this game has reverse lock written all over it. Here’s the lineup…

Jeter, SS
Swisher, RF
Teixeira, 1B
A-Rod, DH
Cano, 2B
Posada, C
Granderson, CF
Gardner, LF – first game since being hit by that pitch in the forearm on Sunday
Pena, 3B

And on the mound, Big Stoppa.

Gorgeous day for baseball here in New York. First pitch is set for 1:05pm ET and can be seen on YES locally or MLB Network nationally. Enjoy, folks.

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  1. Ross in Jersey says:

    This game is the exception to “You can’t predict baseball”.

    No, seriously. If the Yankees win this game by anything less than 5 runs it’s a god damn Greek tragedy.

  2. Jorge says:

    Let’s get this done and leave the Bill Hall All-Stars in our rear-view mirror.

  3. Not Tank the Frank says:

    but allowing the game’s second worst offense to hang 14 runs on the board in just two games is pretty inexcusable.

    I would go so far as to say it’s… UNACCEPTABLE!

  4. Jose the Satirist says:

    Remember last year when everyone said Guerrero was done? Then this year people were laughing at his away splits in a small sample? He now has a 169 home sOPS+ and 140 away sOPS+. So far this season he has showed he still has a little left in the tank.

    • jsbrendog (returns) says:

      but you can’t look back and say oh well because of how he is doing now we shouldve signed him instead. knowing what i know now would i have signed vlad instead? yeah but im not biff and this isnt back to the future and i dont have a delorean. knowing what i knew then I would still go with NJ.

      • Jose the Satirist says:

        “but you can’t look back and say oh well because of how he is doing now we shouldve signed him instead.”

        WTF? I never advocated signing Guerrero. I was just commenting on how some people claimed he was dead or could only hit in Arlington. Which in a larger sample seem less true.

        • jsbrendog (returns) says:

          did i say you specifically did? i was commenting on the many people who have, which is a good amount. confusion cleared up

          • Jose the Satirist says:

            My bad. I didn’t realize people were advocating that. When you said “but you can’t” I didn’t properly identify that as a general “you” and not me specifically.

        • I thought he was dead, out in Matsui No Knees Land. I, like so many others, was wrong.

    • bexarama says:

      Before his 5-for-5 (with two HRs and a double) night last night, his away splits weren’t very impressive. His away OPS somehow went up like 100 points. That said, what he’s doing this year is absolutely freaking amazing.

      • Jose the Satirist says:

        Agreed. Last night was his regression. He had a substantial gap between road and away that has been lessened after the regression.

        • JGS says:

          He still has a substantial gap, and will very likely end the year with one (most Texas players do)–now it’s just less absurd than it was.

          • Jose the Satirist says:

            Ian Kinsler sheds a single tear.

            • JGS says:

              Just for the hell of it, how many more OPS points the Rangers are better at home:

              Matt Treanor: 20
              Justin Smoak: 17
              Ian Kinsler: 244
              Elvis Andrus: 67
              Michael Young: 247
              Josh Hamilton: 265
              Julio Borbon: 57
              Nelson Cruz: 419 (!!!)
              Vladimir Guerrero: 181
              The whole team: 149

  5. JobaWockeeZ says:

    A run would be pretty damn epic.

  6. JGS says:

    Ooh, 15 minutes before game time RAB ad.

  7. Pat D says:

    How about some momentum heading into the weekend against the fast-fading Jays, huh? Especially since they’ll be throwing the same guys who befuddled this team last month? Please?

  8. Rose says:

    Ryan Roland Smith has more walks than strike outs…

    Pretty bad.

  9. JPK says:

    LMAO @ Big Unit Gieco ad

  10. That brief shot of CC was really cool; it looked like no one was on the field but he. Good stuff.

  11. PhillyMatt says:

    Is it too much to ask the Yanks to bat around in the first inning?

  12. Tampa Yankee says:

    Listening online and Sterling was doing a Volvo ad but I swear he was saying “Vulva”. I laughed.

  13. A.D. says:

    There is really no positive one can take from Rowland-Smith’s stats.

  14. chriskeo says:

    Ichiro the SS? Someone messed up.

  15. I think I may need to murder LeBron.

  16. I’ve lost both feeds of the game on MLB ticket, but I can still watch the CLE-TOR game.

    Kill me now

  17. I had no idea that R. R-S was from Australia.

  18. Tampa Yankee says:

    Nice start!

  19. Jose the Satirist says:

    I thought Michael Kay was saying Ryan’s sister is Rihanna. It’s Rhiannon.

  20. Dela G says:

    man RRS throws a very soft fastball

  21. A.D. says:

    Why exactly did the Mariners switch Figgins & Lopez defensively?

  22. Ross in Jersey says:

    I like how the Yankees were 16-10 in June despite some awful games. Glad we’re not all Joe Morgans who trust only what we see on the field.

  23. Tampa Yankee says:

    They better get more than 1 run out of this

  24. Dela G says:

    well that sucked ass

  25. JohnnyC says:

    They’re still slumping…

  26. bexarama says:

    Stupid defensive plays robbing Cano. You’re not allowed to do that this year!!

  27. Pat D says:

    I think John Sterling just referred to Texas’ acquisition of Bengie Molina as a “terrific trade.”


  28. ARX says:

    Aw thats ok, we didn’t need anymore runs…first round knockouts are for pussies anyway.

  29. Dela G says:

    milton bradley doing this again??? oh noes :(

  30. Why did the good Milton Bradley have to show up this series?

  31. Why is Michael calling him Josh Wilson?

  32. Mike Axisa says:

    Infield in in the second inning for Josh Wilson? Get the fuck out of here.

  33. JohnnyC says:

    Someone should tell Bradley that regardless of how well he hits us, we’re not trading for him. So stop it already. Go back to sleep, Miltie.

  34. bonestock94 says:

    Nice, now lets see a K

  35. ARX says:

    dispose of this guy please

  36. Mike Axisa says:

    I don’t understand how the Mariners didn’t score that inning; grounding out to move the runner from second to third with one out is good hitting!

  37. Mike Axisa says:

    Nice at-bat by Grandy. 0-2 to 3-2.

    • Tampa Yankee says:

      Agree, unfortunately the typical NYYFan will just see a 4-3 GO and nothing more. These types of at-bats vs LHP are a true sign of progress to me.

  38. Dela G says:

    can we plz beat this guy?

    at least they are working the count

  39. Fuck you, M’s OF defense. Fuck you in your ears.

  40. JobaWockeeZ says:

    I hate this awesome defense of theirs.

  41. Playing against a great defensive team is just so frustrating.

  42. Dela G says:

    lol kim needs to dump that outfit in the trash

  43. JohnnyC says:

    Bad timing for the Yankees. They get to play the M’s when they finally started playing the way they envisioned in the Spring. 9 out the last 12. They’re on fire…rather belatedly.

  44. Kimberly Jones, where did you get that DRESS, it’s AWFUL, and those SHOES, and that COAT, JEEEEZ?!?!

  45. Across the pond says:

    Anyone think this ‘Eiland is back’ thing will put some more pressure on AJ? He’ll be thinking he has to be better just because he’s back.

  46. Mike HC says:

    hahaha … this stuff is great. AJ should just carry around a book of cliches with him and he will be all good.

  47. Kim Jones is cute and all but who dresses her? Did a 5-year-old go finger painting on a moo moo and KJ said, “Oh, that’s nice. I will wear that today. Michael is going to be so excited!”

  48. I love watching lefties bail on that slider.

  49. Mike Axisa says:

    Leiter just laid a verbal smack down on Kay.

    “[A.J.'s] 33-years-old, why hasn’t he figured it out?”

    “You never figure it out, you always have to work at it.”

  50. Kay: Shouldn’t he have figured it out?
    Leiter: No, Michael, you don’t figure it out. You keep working all the way until the end.

    (golf clap)

    If more people knew this, we’d all be smarter baseball fans. Pitching and hitting is a constant struggle. The ones who can perform at the same level every single time are the exceptions. Most players have days they’re on and days they’re off, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

  51. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Can’t wait until the ASB when the Yankees remember how to hit again.

  52. JohnnyC says:

    It’s one of those clever historical re-enactment thingies like those Civil War battlefield productions. The Yankees are re-creating the dead ball era. Cute.

  53. Bexy just got PUMPED.

  54. Jake H says:

    I like CC’s line so far. How is his stuff looking? I’m at work and can’t watch.

  55. Mike Axisa says:

    I love watching CC against a bad lineup.

  56. Dela G says:

    man remember when chone figgins was the shit last year?

    good stuff

  57. Apollo22237 says:

    I think that umpire is ninja by night. Did you see that strike 3 call, he punched someone behind him, then knocked the crap outta the guy in front.

  58. Dela G says:

    ma pena looked like he wasnt even trying on that throw to first

    very impressive

  59. VO says:

    I’m calling a Cano bomb.

  60. Dela G says:

    great job texy

  61. Jose the Satirist says:

    A 2001 reference?

  62. Alfonso Soriano’s OPS+ numbers with the Cubs:
    122, 119, 84, 130

    Alfonso Soriano’s wOBA numbers with the Cubs:
    .380, .374, .318, .390

    Just terrible with the Cubs. Terrible.

  63. JGS says:

    Dont Cha know!!

  64. He will not be stopped.

  65. Apollo22237 says:

    Even though that ball was over the fence, I was still afraid Ichiro would jump over the wall into the bullpen and catch it.

  66. rek4gehrig says:

    I’m totally diggin Cano

  67. Dela G says:

    that seemed too easy for cano

  68. JGS says:

    “All those great years he had in New York and Texas”

    Forgetting his 40-40 season in Washington, are we?

  69. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Matt Cain is the luckiest pitcher ever.

  70. JohnnyC says:

    Langerhans playing like an All-Star!

  71. Dela G says:

    cmon ZZ you can get through this

  72. Attn: Bex

    I made my comment above because there’s going to be an Andy Pettitte Centerstage in July.

  73. Rose says:


  74. Dela G says:

    oh cmon, that wasnt a strike

  75. Jake H says:

    Good job so far. Keep it up and get a few insurance runs

  76. JohnnyC says:

    I see that the Joe West crew just returned from officiating the World Cup where they did a wonderful job as usual.

  77. Brooks had Pena’s strikeout as legit.

  78. Nick says:

    Pena needs to be fired into the sun and I’m starting to think it’d be a good idea to let Jeter just F off to LA to play for Mr. Torre after this season. There is no reason to pay the guy $20m+ for the next 5 years to do what Eduardo Nunez could probably do for league minimum.

  79. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Have a taste of your own medicine Ichiro.

  80. Ramiro Pena is unimpressed with Ichiro’s slap hitting bullshit.

  81. Jose the Satirist says:

    I’m a little surprised the Yanks only have 2 runs through 5.

  82. Dela G says:

    that ball boy has the body of a football player

  83. Mike HC says:

    Does anybody know the word on Nick Johnson? Timetable for a return?

  84. Stryker says:

    the 7/10 game will be broadcast in 3D…

    you want 3D baseball? go to the freakin’ games.

  85. Rose says:

    2 runs in 6 innings against Ryan Roland Smith is kinda…

    http://www.fotosearch.com/bthu...../p4570.jpg (SAFE)

  86. JobaWockeeZ says:

    He’s back bitches.

  87. Holy fuck he crushed that. I’m impressed Saunders got to where he did.

  88. Dela G says:

    great job by alex

  89. Dela G says:

    wow IBB cano?


  90. Cano took Fear Inspiring lessons from Bernie.

  91. VO says:

    It worked last time, I’m calling a Granderslam.

  92. Dela G says:

    and that really really sucked ass

  93. Cecil v. Burnett: Battle of the Struggling Starters

    • baby carlos says:

      and offenses…although for Toronto it may be nothing more than coming back to the mean since no team can last all season on the home run.

  94. baby carlos says:

    Ross in Jersey says:
    July 1, 2010 at 12:35 pm
    This game is the exception to “You can’t predict baseball”.
    No, seriously. If the Yankees win this game by anything less than 5 runs it’s a god damn Greek tragedy.

    I love Greek tragedies…. looks like you can write another one since it is only 2-0

  95. No one makes anything of that outing EXCEPT Kay. I’ve never heard anyone say anything about it except Kay.

  96. Dela G says:

    can cc can’t find the zone

  97. DJH says:

    CC’s lost it.

  98. Not Tank the Frank says:

    Damn…he’s missing out on the CG opportunity.

  99. DJH says:

    Nice comeback from 3-0.

  100. How come every time I go to games, the awesome promotion is only for kids 14 and younger? Goddammit, I WANT THAT BOWL!

  101. Rose says:

    Gutierrez – 4 for 9 with a bomb against CC


  102. DJH says:

    Nice job battling through that inning by CC.

  103. Mike HC says:

    hahhaah … really. Kay passes on soup because he can’t take the slurping. Is this guy for real?

    haha, He’ll pass …

  104. I may actually hate Kate Smith more than Michael Saunders at this point.

  105. Jake H says:

    Great job CC. exactly what they needed.

  106. Ross in Jersey says:

    So the Mariners do have a bullpen!

  107. That was the hardest Pena has ever swung. Ever.

  108. theyankeewarrior says:

    Over/under on when “The Real Curtis Granderson” will stand up?

  109. whozat says:

    What’s the on-field delay?

  110. bexarama says:

    c’mon CC. Get through this.

  111. Dela G says:

    man CC isnt getting the borderline calls anymore

  112. JohnnyC says:

    Time for the bullpen, Joe.

  113. Jose the Satirist says:

    Jeter padding his UZR.

  114. JohnnyC says:

    Eh, Nunez woulda caught that blindfolded…and for the minimum.

  115. Not Tank the Frank says:

    Ichiro is just setting him up!!!

  116. That was frustrating.

    Rivera should be warming up, not Joba. Stupid inning number.

  117. Mike HC says:

    I assume Mo is coming out for the ninth no matter what happens here.

  118. Pete says:

    why is branyan batting right now. I don’t like that.

  119. Not Tank the Frank says:


  120. Vinny the Bull says:

    Hip hip! Oh wait.

  121. Mike HC says:

    Montero can’t do that?

  122. baby carlos says:

    I love Posada… but is it me or has there been a decrease in his defensive skills.

  123. Mike Axisa says:

    How was that not a strike.

  124. Tampa Yankee says:

    Where did that miss?

  125. bexarama says:

    Oh motherfucker. It’s okay, we walk off.

  126. VO says:

    How does Posada not come up with that?

  127. Mike HC says:

    WOW – - Thank you Sada.

  128. Across the pond says:

    For $%&# sake

  129. baby carlos says:

    Ross in Jersey…. there you go.

    • bexarama says:

      the Yankees messed up, baby carlos is excited.

      • baby carlos says:

        You know, I want the Yankees to win as much as everyone else, never exited – much to yours an everyone elses dismay – when they mess up or fail… just very tired of seeing the same movie all the time. I realize it is only june and the all star break could not come fast enough but again, when you face a lesser opponent there is no excuse for playing down to their level.

        • You talk of being tired of seeing the same movie over and over, without the slightest sense of irony or self-awareness. Every time something doesn’t go perfectly as planned, you show up and make some sarcastic comment and never show even a bit of positivity. It’s predictable and boring.

          How is anyone supposed to think anything else than what Bex just put forth when you almost gleefully point out that you were right about the Yankees not doing enough?

        • bexarama says:

          just very tired of seeing the same movie all the time.

          The… being really good movie? The best record in baseball movie? You honestly do seem like a good guy but I just don’t get it. Are there frustrating games? Of course. But they’re a good, good team, and you seem to really delight when they fail.

          You say they’ve lost games before they have, like in that last game in Arizona. And the Tex thing. No, I don’t want to see him be Rays!PatBurrell either. But I don’t crow “.229!” when he makes an out.

          Just trying to explain my frustrations, and I don’t think I’m really alone here. Not trying to be a bitch.

          • baby carlos says:

            don’t think you are being a bitch. Just honest.. good policy.

            But, the “best record” is not as pronounced when your 10-2 against Baltimore, 1-3 against Detroit, 3-3 against Anahiem…people here get caught up in the best record or most runs etc. Those are misleading just like RBI’s and don’t tell the whole story.

            And the movie, the movie is a collection of talent underperforming like the offense. Not taking good swings, watching strikes, chasing balls, poor situational hitting, all the things they were more consistent at last year.

            Everything is a risk/reward rate of return in baseball. For someone like Tex hitting .232(current) but basically doing the same thing with every pitch and pitcher is not a good return. Is he so talented he cannot figure out how to go the other way when batting left handed? If he was more consistent doing so, wouldn’t that eliminate the shift and increase the results of his balls in play? Things like that.

            • JGS says:

              Detroit and Anaheim are pretty good teams, and Anaheim has always played the Yankees tough. RBIs and runs scored are misleading for individuals, but for teams, they are all important (runs and runs/game is, anyway)

              The Yankees’ collection of talent is the best in the game. Therefore they will be underperforming whenever they lose, and often when they win. And they weren’t more consistent at anything last year until they took off in the second half.

              As for Tex, he has a pretty long swing. It is not that easy to change your swing at this level and expect instant success.

    • How pumped are you dude?

      • baby carlos says:

        Right now, very pumped. I love watching ARod continue to excel and give the “fuck you” finger to all those yankee idiots who booed him.

  130. theyankeewarrior says:

    I’d like to see them walk Branyon there. Why give a guy a 3-1 meatball when you can start fresh?

  131. Mason says:

    That half inning was all sorts of fail.

  132. Dela G says:

    that really sucked :(

  133. baby carlos says:

    kind of could see something happening. CC laboring… oh nevermind.

    • Not Tank the Frank says:

      No… I’m with you. That had all the makings of a bad inning, and Posada did what he could to make sure of it.

  134. DJH says:

    Please don’t get swept by Seattle.

    These types of games are so much more frustrating then being dominated by a pitcher like yeaterday if you ask me.

  135. bonestock94 says:

    Nick just lost my vote there, not clutch enough

  136. Vinny the Bull says:

    Michael Kay says fans are stupid and shouldn’t be allowed to vote for the starters in the All-Star Game. Some time later, Michael Kay implores fans to vote for Nick Swisher to start in the All-Star Game. Love it.

  137. jimmy says:

    Now Swish tries to go Yard and strikes out. This team can be so frustrating.

  138. theyankeewarrior says:

    Awesome series for the Yankees all around. Offense has really stepped it up today against a chump.

  139. DJH says:

    It’s A-Bomb time!

  140. ZZ says:

    Lost in that terribly frustrating inning from CC being obviously completely gassed, Jorge dropping the ball, that pitch actually clearly being a strike even though Jorge dropped the ball, losing the lead, etc. is that this game is on the offense.

    The bigger issue in this game is not CC, Jorge, or Girardi making mistakes in that inning. The issue is that the game was only 2-0 in the top of the 8th in a game when Ryan Rowland Smith was starting.

    The offense shows up for the first 7 innings today and there is no reason to push CC in the 8th.

  141. Mike Axisa says:

    Unclutch motherfucker. Bow before him.

  142. Can’t defend that, Ichiro.

  143. Across the pond says:

    Oh you BEAUTY!

  144. Ross in Jersey says:

    Tied game at home, clearly we are doomed. Time to blow up the team.

  145. Vinny the Bull says:


  146. BklynJT says:

    Way to save Posada’s ass!

  147. DJH says:

    Called it!!!

  148. Not Tank the Frank says:

    See now A-Rod’s gotta pick up the fuckin pieces!

  149. JohnnyC says:

    Wow. That was in his eyes.

  150. VO says:

    Whoever asked for A-Rod’s right field homeruns back, that one was for you.

  151. bonestock94 says:

    Oh god clutchtastic, going into shock

  152. jimmy says:

    Clutch Rod

  153. Cy Farnsworth says:

    True Yankee ™

  154. Randy A. says:

    Alex Rodriguez is not a home run hitter.

  155. Mike HC says:

    YEA – - The Yanks just wanted to entertain. This series was too boring until today

  156. bexarama says:

    as baby carlos, theyankeewarrior, jimmy, etc., all flee the site once again…

    • Tampa Yankee says:

      Like cockroaches do when you turn on the lights?

    • baby carlos says:

      Ha… yes, I point out all the negative about the Yankees so I would flee when they do something right. completely untrue.

    • theyankeewarrior says:

      That’s right… I’m gone! A-Rod hits a huge HR and I should duck my head because I wanted Branyon to be walked and said the offense was nowhere to be found against a terrible pitcher.

      There’s a difference between overreacting and criticizin poor performance.

      • baby carlos says:

        well said but you know the rules here, criticizing poor performance = negativity = not permitted unless you are part of the “board of directors”.

        So you get the dubious honor of having all your points classified as negative over reacting and foolish and grouped with the likes of me. Sorry about that, my condolences.

        But your point is spot on.

        • Criticism of poor performance is totally okay.

          Fatalism and thinking that the team is somehow doomed due to temporary poor performance is frowned upon as being irrational. We’re all saddened/upset with Tex’s struggles.

          The commenters who get taken to task are the ones who act like we’re going to crash and burn and miss the playoffs by 10 games because Tex isn’t hitting .350/.480/.600.

  157. mike c says:

    a-bomb, a-rod

  158. Pete says:

    bah, he fought that off

  159. JGS says:

    Hey look, the Mariners are bringing in their closer in a tie game on the road to pitch to the middle of the lineup in the 8th.

    It didn’t work (yay A-rod), but nice to see them break idiotic conventions.

  160. baby carlos is SO bummed right now.

  161. Mason says:

    Love the bandbox!!

  162. Mike HC says:

    CC and Tex connect for the win.

    That has got to feel good for the bridge jumpers out there.

  163. Apollo22237 says:

    Selfish A-Rod, not wanting to wait to hit a homerun until its a walkoff. He doesn’t want to get his face dirty…

  164. mike c says:

    M’s are lucky they have 2 starters who throw CG’s with ease

  165. Adam says:

    Was proctoring my final and watching the game online. Turned it off they were winning, turned it back on losing…and four seconds later, ARod. Excellent.

  166. Mo says:

    I got this.

  167. Rose says:

    Somebody call my mama because I’m about to whoop somebody…

  168. Ross in Jersey says:

    I can’t wait for A-rod to be stuck at 599 home runs for a couple weeks so we can read all the articles about how he is unclutch again.

    • Mike HC says:

      Oh yea. Those milestones give the media free leeway to completely psychoanalyze these athletes. God forbid it takes them a week to surpass the record and you would think they go to sleep in the fetal position, crying themselves to sleep.

      • JGS says:

        And then bash them for focusing too much on individual records.

      • Ross in Jersey says:

        Remember when he was at 499? And didn’t hit one for like 3 weeks? Every baseball writer on the planet was saying “how heavy his bat is” and “he looks scared, just like in the playoffs!”.

        Seeing those articles dissected on FJM brought many smiles to my face.

    • baby carlos says:

      Will flood the NY papers, ESPN, and all NY sports radio….

      Actually, if he was clutch he would have hit that HR out of the stadium instead of just a few rows over the fence… so he fails.

  169. Mike HC says:

    What an attention hog A-Rod is. He had to hit a Jeterian game winning homer. Couldn’t even stick to his patented bullpen blasts.

  170. JGS says:

    Mo doesn’t reinvent himself, he hasn’t changed a thing in years.

  171. Not Tank the Frank says:

    No, no, he don’t need no help! He’s already been served. I served him. He’s taken care of. He’s a little slow, but he got it! See, what he thought was Russell Branyan can come up here and make the rules. But now, he know that A-Rod make the rules at Smart Tech, that A-Rod run this bitch, and now he ’bout to bounce!!!

  172. DJH says:

    It’s amazing how it seems like 90% of A-Rod’s HR’s happen in tight games.

  173. Vinny the Bull says:

    Mo the Head-Hunter.

  174. Dela G says:

    wow that was a scary fly ball

  175. Apollo22237 says:

    Anyone see Sweeney’s tweets?

    30 seconds before the home-run
    “The 2009 version of A-Rod hits a HR here and gets CC the win. What does the 2010 version do?”

    One minute later
    “That answers that.”

  176. camilo gerardo says:

    Get out of here, bradley

  177. Impressive AB by Bradley; he’s really had a fantastic series. His periphs (IsoD, IsoP) are just about where they should be but his K% is way up while his BB% is down and his BABIP is in the tank (but that could be due to much weaker overall contact this year). Maybe a buy low candidate?

    /not really’d

    • Not Tank the Frank says:

      No he’s a very talented player. That’s why he keeps getting chances. If he’s indeed turned his life around and gotten the help he needed I wouldn’t be opposed.

  178. JGS says:

    Mo >> everyone

  179. bonestock94 says:

    Yankees comeback, followed by a Mo save. Ahh, classic. As american as apple pie or something.

  180. Mike HC says:

    CC – still the best pitcher in baseball

    Mo – Still the best closer in baseball

    7 game series, you see that combo three times.

  181. How does he do it? He’s really, really, really good at baseball and really, really, really strong.

  182. theyankeewarrior says:

    Fleeing the site! Fleeing the site!

  183. BigBlueAL says:

    Did Kim Jones just tell Arod “Alex you know Im easy!!” lol

  184. bexarama says:

    And we end the afternoon with some bexybait. Thank you, YES broadcast!!!

  185. And now it’s time to drive up 95 for work and there was a goddamn CAR FIRE near the exit I need to use. Goddammit.

  186. theyankeewarrior says:

    AJ figures it out…

    Andy gets some help from the O…

    Phil bounces back strong…


    • bonestock94 says:

      Hope so, Jays fans pissed me the hell off last time around. It’s nice to see them in their rightful place, completely out of playoff contention. Big surprise there.

      • Ross in Jersey says:

        To be fair they’re not completely out of it… but they’ve fallen off a cliff not dissimilar to last year. Who knew that they weren’t going to score 1200 runs? Or that Jose Bautista isn’t a 40 HR hitter?

        Anyway, it would be nice to take all 3. I’ll be there Saturday, first time seeing Andy this year in person :)

    • bexarama says:

      Good job. Woo. (to be fair from before, I just looked up, saw comments I thought were all overreact-y, and named people. Even when the Yankees were leading 2-0, I saw a lot of dumb comments on Twitter from people who know better, so I’m irritated. Sorry to offend.)

  187. Dela G says:

    great effing win. my mind and overall baseball sanity needed that

  188. Mike HC says:

    Girardi if f’n jacked. He should really be our backup catcher.

  189. Jake H says:

    Good win today. I think A-Rod might be heating up. CC looks to be settling in.

  190. rek4gehrig says:

    Much needed win today. Now we get ready to take on the Jays (who have lost 4?5? in a row)

  191. ShuutoHeat (GGBG > DP) says:

    Just got back from the game, really wanted to curse out the lady behind us…but reconsidered due to the presence of her children. She was one of those “fans” that expect the Yankees to play a perfect game EVERY game. She screamed at the players every time they couldn’t get to a ball put in play (even if it was obviously a good hit). When Bradley (was it Bradley?) fouled a few off MO, she started to scream and hiss at MO. I mean get the fuck out of here, are you here to cheer or just be a bitch? Regardless, I enjoyed the game.

  192. Mike Nitabach says:

    She was one of those “fans” that expect the Yankees to play a perfect game EVERY game.

    Which is worse, one of those, or the fans who know they are much better managers/hitting coaches/batting coaches/third-base coaches/pitch callers than the guys on the field and in the dugout, and LOUDLY second-guess EVERY SINGLE GAME DECISION of the ENTIRE GAME?

  193. Total Dominication says:

    A-rod Cano, CC’n Mo
    hehe, it rhymes!

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