Game 95: No Swish


Hold up. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

There was a little bit of bad news not too long ago, as Nick Swisher had be scratched from the lineup with a sore achillies. Swish missed time earlier this year with a sore biceps, and hopefully this is just another minor ailment that’ll keep him out for no more than a few days.

One guy who will be in tonight’s game is A.J. Burnett, who has some work to do to get back on everyone’s good side. He slammed his pitching (his pitching hand!!!) against a clubhouse door in frustration last time out, removing any shred of effectiveness he had left against the Rays. Pitching well against a pushover team like the Royals tonight is a good first step back. Since they’ve pitched in each of the last two games, I’m guessing A.J. won’t enjoy the benefit of having David Robertson and Joba Chamberlain in the bullpen behind him.

Here’s the rest of the starters…

Gardner, LF
Jeter, SS
Teixeira, 1B
A-Rod, 3B
Cano, 2B
Posada, DH
Granderson, CF
Cervelli, C
Curtis, RF

And on the bump, it’s A.J. Burnett. Hopefully he won’t be slamming any doors after this one. First pitch is scheduled for 7:05pm and can be seen on YES.

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  1. Zanath says:

    Eek, I hope this is just precautionary for Swish. It would be really bad, obviously, to lose him for any extended period of time.

  2. bexarama says:

    I feel really bad for DeJesus :(

  3. Well, tweeps, I’m back!

    Did you miss me? No?

    Oh. I’ll go sulk now.

  4. Ross in Jersey says:

    I kinda don’t like this match up. The Royals make good contact and don’t whiff that much. Hopefully a couple dinky hits don’t unravel AJ.

  5. Poopy Pants says:

    Get well soon Swisher and DeJesus.

  6. bexarama says:

    I asked this on Twitter: does anyone know why the Royals put DeJesus on the 15-day DL, as opposed to the 60-day? I mean, they know he’s out for the rest of the year. Is it some technicality thing that someone knows about?

    • Ross in Jersey says:

      I don’t think they knew that this morning. Word was he just had a strain. They put him on the 15 day DL so they could officially call up a replacement. Then this afternoon he saw the doc and found out he had a full tear in his thumb. I’m sure he’ll be moved to the 60 soon.

      • Jose the Satirist says:

        Not necessarily. Sometimes teams don’t put players on the 60 day DL until they need space on the 40-man.

    • Jose the Satirist says:

      Just looked up the Royals 40-man roster on MLB.com, they only have 39 players on it. Your 40-man has to be full to move a player to the 60 day DL. (At least according to Wikipedia)

  7. Okay, guys, I need help.


    My brother: hows haren doing this year

    Me: Not great.

    My brother: ehhh

    Me: But he also plays on a shit team.
    and has a track record of being excellent.

    Brother: well whats his ERA thats the most telling

    How do I correct the deficiency in my brother’s mind?

  8. Johan Iz My Brohan says:

    Is it me, or is that quite a disorderly lineup the Royals are putting out there? Kendall batting second, Betemit fifth?

  9. bexarama says:

    Gordon’s probably goin’ back to the minors for that one…

  10. I just want to point out to everyone that my prediction that ARod’s #600 would come off of either Bannister or Farnsworth is still in effect tonight.

  11. Johan Iz My Brohan says:

    Good, now Jeter can’t GIDP early in the game!

  12. Kit says:

    Alright, Gardy. Show ‘em your wheels!

  13. Souter Fell says:

    Alright, a nice 3 run for #600?

  14. Not Tank the Frank says:

    I just want him to get the run in…

  15. Ross in Jersey says:

    lol at the crowd reaction for the swing and miss and again on the walk.

  16. bexarama says:

    A-Rod looked waaaay too happy to take that walk. /old meme’d

  17. MikeD says:

    Going back a couple ABs, but is Jeter swinging at more first pitches? I know that’s always been part of his game at times, but he seems to be doing it more this year to bad results. Or am I just noticing because it doesn’t seem to be working?

    • Pat D says:

      Little of both?

    • Not Tank the Frank says:

      I noticed it once he started batting lead off last season and to an extent. This season he seems like he’s trying it even more often – since it worked so well last season – and not having good results.

      Of course, this is just what my eyes tell me and isn’t backed up by any statistical data whatsoever :-)

  18. Cy Farnsworth says:

    Ball 4, but a nice swing by Cano nonetheless.

  19. Ross in Jersey says:

    Heard this: Robinson Cano is good at baseball.

  20. Cy Farnsworth says:

    I love Robinson Cano.

    …don’tcha know

  21. Accent Shallow says:

    Per Gameday, that double was on what was easily ball four. 100% ok with it.

    Lub Robbie.

  22. Reggie C. says:

    I know this despaired Mets fan/pal who’s convinced that trading David Wright in the offseason would net Casey Kelly, Dan Bard, and Lars Anderson. He posits that move would then free money to go after Adrian Beltre and improve the ‘pen and minor league system.


    • Cy Farnsworth says:

      I’d argue that there’s a very good reason that the Sox would give just about anyone in their farm system to replace Adrian Beltre with David Wright.

    • Ross in Jersey says:

      The Mets aren’t trading Wright. Still in his prime for reasonable money and he’s the face of the team. Beltran maybe, Reyes maybe. Not Wright. Him and Ike are like the only untouchables on that team.

    • Johan Iz My Brohan says:

      Gammons would have a heart attack?

    • Accent Shallow says:

      And why would the Mets want Lars Anderson? They already have Ike Davis.

      • Reggie C. says:

        Yeah … i think he just threw that name out there. Lars Anderson though looks like he’ll need another season at AAA, so its not like he’ll be ready for ML action at the start of 2011. He’d probably substitute Anderson for a Middlebrooks or the like.

        • Ross in Jersey says:

          You mean he couldn’t come up right now and instantly be Willy McCovey? But but…. GAMMONS YOU LIED TO ME!

  23. Cy Farnsworth says:

    I like this first inning.

  24. Johan Iz My Brohan says:

    Save some runs for Sean O’Sullivan tomorrow!

  25. Ross in Jersey says:

    And that’s why we want Jorge Posada to hit as many days as he can.

  26. Kit says:

    Yay Jorge!

  27. bexarama says:

    Congratulations to one of my favorite Yankees ever. Hooray.

  28. Jose the Satirist says:

    I’d give it back to A-rod. What about everyone else?

  29. Ross in Jersey says:

    Betemit is clearly angry he was traded for Swish.

  30. Johan Iz My Brohan says:

    When did Betemit learn how to hit the Yankees?

  31. Not Tank the Frank says:

    Hope the weather doesn’t make this early beatdown moot.

  32. Carlosologist says:

    So I’ve been out all day, and I see AJ Burnett has thrown two scoreless innings. Does this mean I should stop watching the games because every time I watch AJ pitch he gets shellacked.

  33. bexarama says:

    Kay is sooooo creepy with Kim Jones, my lord.

  34. Ross in Jersey says:

    Michael Kay: Creepiest man alive.

  35. swisher's fauxhawk says:

    AJ getting squeezed.

  36. Kit says:

    Good job, AJ.

  37. bexarama says:

    Didn’t A-Rod have a pretty cold streak between #499 and #500? He seems to be hitting the ball pretty well so I’m not expecting this to take that that long. (Feel free to bookmark this and laugh at me when he takes two weeks or something)

  38. Cy Farnsworth says:

    Jeff Nelson’s smiling somewhere.

  39. Kit says:

    Damn, Robbie.

  40. Kevin in Delectable Princeton says:

    Cano :D


  41. mike c says:

    good AJ is a sight for sore eyes, hope the rain holds out

  42. Brent says:

    Would have been a run.

  43. Ross in Jersey says:

    Granderson has crushed the ball twice and has nothing to show for it, siighhhhhh.

  44. Cecala says:

    Damn, 2 hard hit balls for the Grandyman and nothing to show for it.

  45. Kit says:

    Oh Derek, your sense of humor still amuses me.

  46. bexarama says:

    Frigging gorgeous right there.

  47. Cookiepuss says:

    The Yankees MUST trade Granderson in the offseason because he is wretched. What an idiotic trade. Let’s trade away an M.L.B.-ready outfielder who’d make the rookie minimum (Austin Jackson) and a good, young, cheap lefty reliever (which is hard to come by nowadays) for Granderson a guy who can’t hit lefties, is coming off his worst season, and is due over $20M over the next three years including a $2M buyout. What was the last big hit this bum collected? He’s Rondell White II but that’s actually unfair to Rondell because it looks like Rondell’s first year with the Yanks will be BETTER than Granderson’s.

    2011: Carl Crawford LF, Gardner CF, not Gardner LF, Granderson CF, or Crawford signed and Granderson kept as a $8M fourth outfielder.

    • bexarama says:

      go back to NYYFans

    • Sweet Dick Willie says:

      What an idiotic trade.

      Henceforth, by MLB Cookiepuss edict, all trades must be evaluated within 4 months of completion. Because clearly, whatever happens after 4 months doesn’t count.

      • Cookiepuss says:

        Hey stupid

        As much as I want Granderson out of here asap, I know he most likely won’t be traded before he can play a full season for the Yankees.

        Forget Austin Jackson, Phil Coke for Granderson alone was an idiotic trade.

        • Hey stupid

          Fudgie the Whale would be so disappointed in your brutish language. For shame.

        • bexarama says:

          Phil Coke for Granderson alone was an idiotic trade.


          • Cookiepuss says:

            In lieu of Joba’s repeated highwire act and almost TEN blown eighth-inning leads, Marte going to the DL, and Logan being called up yet again after he couldn’t hack it before, who would be more valuable to the Yanks right now, Coke or Granderson? I say Coke because we need a reliever. We always need a reliever. I’d trade Granderson BACK to Detroit for Damon and Coke, and Detroit would laugh, that’s how bad Granderson sucks.

            I mean, state your case in defense of Granderson instead of saying he won’t be a huge disappointment with nothing to back it up and whooooahhhh with nothing to back that up either.

            Point blank: I’m Cashman and I call up Detroit and offer Granderson back for Damon and Coke. They’d laugh in my face then hang up in it.

            • bexarama says:

              almost TEN blown eighth-inning leads
              He’s on five by my count, and that’s counting the game against the Twins where he got the loss when Mariano gave up those inherited runners. Though I guess five is almost ten if you’re rounding up.

              But my main point: Your entire post is ridiculous hindsight, man. Would I like the 2010 Phil Coke in the bullpen? Sure! But the 2009 Phil Coke was hardly anything special. He had decent peripherals but gave up way too many home runs. This year he actually has worse peripherals, go figure.

              And I’d rather have a pretty good CF than a relief pitcher who’s kinda fringy. Maybe that’s just me though.

    • Esteban says:

      cookiepuss? more like sourpuss. amiright?

      Seriously though, Granderson will most likely get better, and Phil Coke was completely expendable anyway. Austin Jackson, while solid for a rookie, has not lit the world on fire recently, if you haven’t noticed.

      • Cookiepuss says:

        Sourpuss? Nah, I just don’t like to see the Yanks stuck with a guy who will keep them from getting Carl Crawford because what’re they gonna do with Granderson if they sign Crawford, make him a DH? Great, an $8M DH who can’t hit lefties. If Swisher moves to DH, who plays RF, Gardner or Granderson? That’s actually the real reason why I want Granderson out of here. His contract will in all likelihood prevent the Yanks from getting Crawford esp.if they make an even more idiotic move trading for Haren who is signed for money which should be a chunk of what they could sign Cliff Lee for.

        • bexarama says:

          Crawford’s not a need, nor is he Teixeira/CC-level elite.

          • Cecala says:

            We would save money on jock straps if we signed Crawford though…

          • Cookiepuss says:

            Yes Crawford is a need because:

            1. Who says Gardner will have a 2011 like his 2010 which isn’t over yet (I PRAY he keeps it up for the whole season, I think he will)? Gardner is no lock whatsoever to be the LF for the next 5 or more years.

            2. Granderson will have produced two bad seasons after this year.

            3. How long can Swisher keep playing above and beyond his pre-Yankee days? I hope he can but who knows?

            Crawford LF and Gardner CF > Gardner LF and Granderson CF, besides that Crawford in Yankee pinstripes would be a huge blow to the Yankees real archrival the Tampa Bay Rays who I am WAYYYY more concerned with that I am of Boston.

            • bexarama says:

              Not even responding to the rest of this but.

              How long can Swisher keep playing above and beyond his pre-Yankee days? I hope he can but who knows?

              Nick Swisher OPS+
              2005 101
              2006 125
              2007 126
              2008 92
              2009 129
              2010 147

              So this year so far is clearly a career year, no argument there, but he was pretty much the same guy he was in 2009 that he was in 2006 and 2007. He used to be a guy who got on base a ton and hit for a lot of power, but couldn’t really hit for a high average; his average is obviously way up this year. Hence the difference in his OPS/OPS+.

              Oh, and Crawford is more than likely not staying in Tampa. That’ll be a blow to Tampa no matter where he ends up.

        • ROBTEN says:

          I’ll probably regret this, but:

          1. Trading for Granderson has nothing to do with whether or not the Yankees are interested in Crawford. Prior to Gardner’s year, I think most people thought the Yankees would be interested in Crawford. In other words, what determines whether or not the Yankees go after Crawford is whether they are interested in him to play left or not. Granderson’s contract has nothing to do with it.

          1.5 FUN FACT: according to B-REF: Crawford’s been worth 24.6 WAR in 9 seasons with a OPS+ 101, Granderson’s been worth 20 WAR in 7 seasons with an OPS+ of 111.

          2. Haren does not significantly impact your ability to get Lee. If you can get Haren for minor league prospects, as the offer is currently being reported, you sign Haren and think about Lee in the off-season. For all you know, the Rangers are sold to a new ownership group in the next few weeks and they offer Lee the moon. With Haren, we’re talking about getting a front-end starter who’s under team control for several years for prospects that might never pitch in your organization. If you make that decision and still want Lee, you can find ways to do it, especially if you’re the Yankees.

        • Nah, I just don’t like to see the Yanks stuck with a guy who will keep them from getting Carl Crawford.

          This winter, the Angels are gonna be all over Carl Crawford like white on rice. With a legit suitor that has a real need and motivation for his bat, that means his price is probably at least Jason Bay money (5 yr/16.5 per) at worst and Matt Holliday money (7 yr/17.7M per) at best.

          I like Carl Crawford, but I don’t like paying a guy who’s production is so dependent on his raw speed Torii Hunter money into his mid-to-late 30s. If adding Curtis Granderson takes us out of the Carl Crawford sweepstakes*, that’s a good thing, because Crawford has moved from “probably going to get overpaid” to “a mortal lock to get drastically overpaid”.

          *(Curtis Granderson, btw, is NOT what took us out of the Carl Crawford sweepstakes; Brett Gardner establishing himself as a legit above average MLB bat is what took us out of the Carl Crawford sweepstakes. So your premise is also faulty.)

  48. yankwin says:

    a bit late but Betemit WTF?

  49. Bloody tornadoes STAY THE EFF AWAY FROM MY CITY

  50. Mariano's Pimp Hand says:

    Girardi mentioned on the radio pre-game show that they wanted AJ to be efficient because of the heat and humidity. 47 pitches through 4 innings is pretty efficient.

  51. Cookiepuss says:

    Whoops, that lefty’s name is Phil Coke who’d come in handy right now.

    The Yanks should’ve given Austin Jackson a chance. It’s not like they had to “win now” with him since they just won it all. I’d rather see Austin Jackson posting up the numbers Granderson has posted up so far because at least Jackson would be making only $400K this year and could always be traded or sent back to to AAA. As to “Who’d have replaced him?”, well gee, whatever veteran OF they most likely would’ve acquired in the offseason had they not traded for Granderson. I’m not saying the Yanks should’ve just went with Jackson and no insurance policy.

    • Carlosologist says:

      Go back to NYYFans.

    • bexarama says:

      Whining about missing Phil Coke is almost as bad as the people who complain about Cashman signing AJ, but not Pavano, after 2008.

      The Yanks should’ve given Austin Jackson a chance. It’s not like they had to “win now” with him since they just won it all.

      You gotta be kidding me, it’s the friggin’ Yankees, of course they have to win now.

      As to “Who’d have replaced him?”, well gee, whatever veteran OF they most likely would’ve acquired in the offseason had they not traded for Granderson.

      Who was available? It was either give Holliday a huge contract or the whole Damon thing, I guess. I wouldn’t have minded Damon for one year but that wasn’t happening.

      • Cookiepuss says:

        No, they don’t have to “win now”. You missed my point which is you give young talent a chance after you just won a World Series, you have that credit with the fans. Only a spoiled brat would cry if the Yanks didn’t win it all this year because did ANYONE think the Yanks would go NINE YEARS without a World Series championship after 2000 esp. when they signed the top free agent starting pitcher Mike Mussina? No. When they signed Mussina I honestly believed they would win at least two of the next three World Series. Yep, they made it to two of those next three, but…well…you know the deal. Or do you?

        So you’re saying the Yanks shouldn’t have given Jeter a chance in 1996 then. True Jackson isn’t Jeter, but the Yanks were coming from a much darker place going into 1996 than they did going into this year. One could argue they should’ve traded for a veteran SS when Tony Fernandez fell to injury as hey, they had to “win now” and you better believe Torre was under the gun the moment he signed with the Yanks. I had faith they would be as good as if not better than 1995 in 1996, but how many Yankee fans knew or cared about Jeter going into ’96? He had a nondescript cup of coffee in ’95. Keep in mind we didn’t have blogs with comment sections to analyze every pitch and mannerism on the field.

        Since you mentioned Damon…Damon. At least he was a known quantity. I’d rather be stuck with him for one year and $8M than 3 years and over $20M. Who’s to say Jackson couldn’t have shared LF with him? Damon and Thames share DH?

        • Ross in Jersey says:

          Oh my god, you’re not even smart enough for NYYfans. Go back to the Yankees mlb message boards.

        • bexarama says:

          You missed my point which is you give young talent a chance after you just won a World Series, you have that credit with the fans. Only a spoiled brat would cry if the Yanks didn’t win it all this year

          I don’t mean this as rudely as it’s going to sound but have you met Yankee fans?

          So you’re saying the Yanks shouldn’t have given Jeter a chance in 1996 then.

          No I am not.

          True Jackson isn’t Jeter,

          Ding ding ding.

          What shortstops were available in the 1995/1996 offseason? Shortstop is a very weak position. There was the whole A-Rod/Nomahhh/Jeter trifecta (with a couple of other guys, like Tejada) but before that? Jeter was an elite prospect; AJax was a good one.

          I can’t really speak to the mentality of Yankee fans/FO in 1995/1996, I was 8/9. I wanted them to win and I was really sad about what happened in the 1995 ALDS, that’s about the extent of what I know.

          Since you mentioned Damon…Damon. At least he was a known quantity.

          So you spend this whole time talking about rookies, then you praise Damon because he was a known quantity?

          • Cookiepuss says:

            Yeah actually you are saying you’re not giving Jeter a chance in 1996 either because guess what? If you’re not gonna give Austin Jackson a crack at starting in the 2010 Yankees OF after the Yanks just won their first World Series in nine years and first one in three tries, you’re not gonna give Jeter a shot at SS after the Yanks’ first postseason appearance since 1981 they lost.
            Btw you do know the Yanks went with Tony Fernandez at SS going into ’96 right? Have YOU met Yankee fans? I’m one of them. I am chilling out this year. I just don’t like it when the Yanks fix what wasn’t broke, that’s all.

            YOU brought up Damon, so I said hey since you brought him up, I didn’t change my stance. I’d take Damon over Granderson for 2010 only.

            And guess what II? I WANTED DAMON BACK. When he signed elsewhere, I wanted Jackson to be given a shot after the Yanks won it all like Jeter was after the Yanks won jack.

            • bexarama says:

              Yeah actually you are saying you’re not giving Jeter a chance in 1996 either because guess what? If you’re not gonna give Austin Jackson a crack at starting in the 2010 Yankees OF after the Yanks just won their first World Series in nine years and first one in three tries, you’re not gonna give Jeter a shot at SS after the Yanks’ first postseason appearance since 1981 they lost.
              No… no, I’m not. But thanks for going ahead and interpreting my words for me.

              Btw you do know the Yanks went with Tony Fernandez at SS going into ‘96 right?
              Yes. But, through what I’ve read and stuff. Because again, I was 8/9.

              Have YOU met Yankee fans? I’m one of them. I am chilling out this year. I just don’t like it when the Yanks fix what wasn’t broke, that’s all.

              That’s great, I wish more fans were like you. They’re not. And a Swisher/Gardner/Jackson outfield going into 2010? I’m about as optimistic about some people can get, but that is not an outfield that inspires a ton of confidence. Gardner’s having one hell of a year, but there wasn’t much to indicate he’d have the incredible year he’s having, so it would have been essentially two question marks. There’s almost no power there outside of Swisher.

              And guess what II? I WANTED DAMON BACK.

              So did I, at least for a reasonable deal, but we all know what happened there.

              There is seriously no need to be this hostile.

            • Accent Shallow says:

              Differences being: everyone thought Jeter was going to be a stud prior to 1996 — this was a guy drafted in the top 10, ranked high on the prospect lists, and he positively crushed the minors — in 1994, he hit .344/.410/.463 across A+, AA, and AAA. In 1995, he hit .317 in AAA, and both years, he walked as much as he struck out, and didn’t strike out all that much — about 60 times each year. Here are his minor league stats, if you don’t believe me.

              In other words, if Jeter wasn’t ready after 1995, he never was going to be. He had nothing left to prove in the minors.

              Austin Jackson, in contrast, was never as highly thought of as Jeter. He had a good 2008 in AA (in an extreme pitcher’s park, no less), but his 2009 was weird — he hit .300, and didn’t do much else — he struck out a lot, didn’t walk a lot, and didn’t hit for much power. Honestly, if the Yankees don’t make the Granderson trade, I’d have preferred him to start in AAA, since unlike v.1995 Jeter, Jackson still had some things to work in.

  52. Cookiepuss says:


    I don’t post in NYYanks, you go back to cheerleading.

    Granderson blows and taking on his contract was a huge mistake.

    • Kevin in Delectable Princeton says:


    • bexarama says:

      I’m not cheerleading (and I’m sure neither is “bexrama”), Granderson’s been a big disappointment. Doesn’t mean he’s forever going to be a big disappointment, though. Today, for example, he hit both his outs quite hard. Your arguments are both flawed and really common on NYYFans, hence why I made my comment.

      • Cookiepuss says:

        Oh wow I misspelled your dumb username, sorry.

        How do you know he’s not gonna keep being a big disappointment?
        I’m going by not only this year, but last year when he sucked, too.

        Two hard outs, wow. That and 50 cents will buy you a latte at Starbucks 2010. My argument is simple: Granderson since last season, look it up. I’d rather see Jackson play every day or another year of Damon in LF than a guy continuing to stink.

        Pete I’d rather have two young pitchers including an M.L.B.-tested lefty reliever and Jackson than two more years of Granderson at over $20M, that’s right.

        • Cookiepuss says:
          Oh wow I misspelled your dumb username, sorry.

          As a newcomer here, you should dial it back on the namecalling and toughguy act. Not a good way to ingratiate yourself to the board regulars. Unprompted nastiness isn’t a winning strategy to get your point discussed calmly and rationally.


          Glass houses, stones.

          • Cookiepuss says:

            As a newcomer here, I should not be greeted with the below nasty comment after I posted something which didn’t personally insult anyone on here including bexarama. I merely sent back what was dished to me. I’m not here to win approval from “board regulars”, I’m here to speak my mind. I’m not here to be treated rudely like below, so I don’t have to “dial it back.”

            bexarama says:
            July 23, 2010 at 8:12 pm

            go back to NYYFans

        • Pete says:

          you are the price of RAB’s success

        • bexarama says:

          My username is awesome how dare you :( :( :(

          Seriously, dude, that discussion above about the state of the Yankees pre-1996 was interesting. You do have stuff to say, you’re not just a troll. So stop being a reactionary jerk.

          • lenn23 says:

            I like your username! Okay, I’ll go back to my creepy lurking corner.

          • Cookiepuss says:

            Ah look, the namecalling begins. You lost. Bye, another twenty-something knowitall nerd who thinks he/she knows everything and anything about baseball because he/she has a blog. You’ve reacted to everything I’ve written like a tick to a hound, so pot calling the kettle black.

            • bexarama says:

              Bye, another twenty-something knowitall nerd who thinks he/she knows everything and anything about baseball because he/she has a blog.
              SHIT YOU FOUND ME OUT.

              You’ve reacted to everything I’ve written like a tick to a hound, so pot calling the kettle black.
              No, because I think in some places you have pretty decent analysis/thoughts and aren’t just trolling. I enjoy good baseball discussion. I don’t enjoy being insulted that much, though.

    • All Star Carl says:

      You in trouble :(

    • Pete says:

      The Yankees traded Phil Coke, Austin Jackson, and Ian Kennedy for Curtis Granderson. Net loss: three fringy MLB-caliber-but-not-quite-Yankee-starting-caliber players. Net gain: quality defensive CF with 30 HR power and ~.350 OBP ability over the course of his career. In essence, the yankees gave up three trade chips for a Yankee.

      (The Yankees then traded Phil Coke, Arodys Vizcaino, and Melky Cabrera for Javier Vazquez and Phil Coke. Phil Cokes are everywhere in baseball, you just can’t know going into the season which Phil Coke is going to be the good Phil Coke that year, because Phil Cokes are volatile and not particularly good to begin with, although good enough to have the occasional good year, and usually not be horrendously bad)

      • Cookiepuss says:

        Young, cheap lefty relievers are NOT “everywhere in baseball”.

        The Phil Coke I saw last year helped the Yankees win a World Series. Granted he wasn’t a big reason why or even in the top ten reasons why they won it, but he was serviceable, enough for another team to want him.

        Granderson has sucked the last two years, Phil Coke was good last year. Joba has sucked most of this year, Marte is on the DL, Logan isn’t very good, Robertson has been ehhh most of the year, Park has been dreadful all year. If we had a Coke, I’d have a smile (sorry had to get that pun in.)

        Btw will you people lighten up? I came on here to express a strong opinion, I’m being called names and talked to rudely, then when I sent it back, you get all “I can’t dish what I take” on me. Chill like I am as much as you think I’m not.

  53. Cy Farnsworth says:

    Hopefully AJ can push through this inning quick. I’m seeing pretty frequent lightning in Washington Heights.

  54. Kevin in Delectable Princeton says:

    Okay A-Rod, now would be a pretty epic night for 600.

  55. JDDZip says:

    Settle down. Granderson will rebound. he is a great center fielder. he’s getting unlucky and he was out for a month its nbd

    I live in Detroit. Ive been going to tigers games and seeing Ajax hit. He’s really not doing that good. He hasn’t had a homerun since april. And I doubt he gets another one out of the spacy comerica park anytime soon

    His average is high but thats because he was tearing it apart at the start. It’s going down fast.

    I watched Granderson in detroit for a while, He is a good ballplayer. He’ll get adjusted and he will pan out. Look at Robbie last year. everytime he came up with RISP everyone was crying that he cant hit for shit. And look at him this year.

    I’m not saying granderson is Robbie but he will rebound. trust me.

  56. bexarama says:

    I want A-Rod to hit it out and then the skies to open up in epic proportion. MAKE THIS HAPPEN, GOD.

  57. Pete says:

    That was an amazingly well-pitched AB

  58. Kevin in Delectable Princeton says:

    Gosh darn it. Just finish the inning!

  59. Cy Farnsworth says:

    Ballgame over! Yankees win!

  60. My softball team has scored 30 runs in the last two games. I’m relatively certain we scored maybe 50 runs all season before tonight. #YCPB

  61. Bryan says:

    Just heard there’s a tornado warning for NYC through 8:45. Good reason to stop the game I suppose.

  62. Kit says:

    I’m trying to listen to the YES network through the rain hitting my AC. It is not working. Freaking horrible.

  63. Reggie C. says:

    With the the way the sky has opened up and visible streaks of thunder , you’d think that Jesus Montero just got traded.

  64. Cecala says:

    It sucks the game was postponed when Burnett was pitching well. The good new is that Jenny Finch is pitching. <3

  65. I love that Kenny and Mike are pumping Jorge for the HOF. I really, really hope he gets in. When he retires, we need to start a Jim Rice style hype machine for Jorge. Except Jorge would, you know, actually deserve to get in.

    • Kit says:

      Agreed. Majorly.

        • Kit says:

          I agreed before, but that really impressed me. He should be in the HOF. On top of that, I don’t see many reasons why they would exclude him either, especially with some of those stats. He wasn’t really involved in scandals that usually keep players from getting in first/second ballots. I want to see him there when I go back to Oneonta for homecoming in 20 years.

          • Pat D says:

            I’m not necessarily sure that Posada deserves the HOF yet. We’ll see when his career ends what his numbers are.

            In my opinion, Posada is destined for Joe Torre status on the HOF ballot: 15 years, never gets more than 22%.

            • Kit says:

              In my opinion, Posada is destined for Joe Torre status on the HOF ballot: 15 years, never gets more than 22%

              Wow. Was not aware of this. Seems a little unfair. =/

              • Pat D says:

                Yep, I’ve got a file with all HOF voting results by year, and then I arranged it by player.

                Torre actually never broke 15% until his last year on the ballot.

                • That’s bullshit. Torre should’ve made it as a player. I hate HOF voters.

                  • Pat D says:

                    If he’d been able to stay as a catcher, he probably would have made it. But he had to move to 3B, and that position is the least represented position in the HOF.

                    The HOF also seems to have issues with guys who split times between different positions. The only guys I count as multiple position players who were elected by the BBWAA are Banks, Killebrew, Stargell, Carew, Yount and Molitor. Those guys all have either 500+ HR’s, 3000+ hits, or, in the case of Stargell, hardware and rings.

    • Accent Shallow says:

      Ted Simmons?

      • Pat D says:

        3.7% of the vote his only year in 1994 and then gone.

        One of the most criminally under-considered players ever, just like Lou Whitaker.

  66. Cecala says:

    With Posadas 1000th RBI he becomes the 265th player to do so and is tied for 264th all time with Darryl Strawberry.

  67. Pat D says:

    Wow, I lent my computer to my mother and come back to find a lot of nastiness going on tonight.

    I remember getting picked on by bex during my early days. I guess I just have thicker skin?

    • bexarama says:

      Did I pick on you? I don’t remember when or how. I do remember you’re the one who doesn’t like the whole FTFY thing, right? For whatever I did, I’m sorry. :( You’re cool.

      The internet is making me aware I’m apparently kind of a bitch. This should change. =/

      • Pat D says:

        No, I was being negative when Rivera blew a lead, saying that they never come back. You just called me on it. I still believe that they have major issues when that happens, but still.

        Yea, I don’t like the abbreviations because I don’t speak internet, as I like to say, but I can deal with them. That was kind of my point, that it seems some people are just way too touchy.

        • bexarama says:

          Ohhh, yes, I remember that, forgot that was you. Agreed at times the team is kind of in shock that that happens, but I am way too snippy when people start saying negative things on the threads. See? Bitchy. =/

          Agreed some people are touchy but IDK I don’t need to be that hostile. Not that I was the only one being hostile up above…

        • Cecala says:

          Agreed completely on the touchy thing. Not really here but society as a whole. The Timberwolves Owner got fined today because he said Beasley used to smoke a lot of weed. The fine was 50k too.

          Sorry if this is off topic but since the game is delayed is this acting as a temporary open thread?

          • Pat D says:

            The NBA has image issues, so they don’t want stuff like that being said publicly.

            I was actually more concerned over the Cavs fans who offered to pay their owner’s fine over his anti-LeBron comments. Hey people in Cleveland, he’s a millionaire (billionaire?) and YOU’RE NOT!!

      • Kit says:

        If it makes you feel any better, you’ve been nothing but polite to me. And it seems a lot of people like and respect you, so you shouldn’t let what an oddly defensive anonymous internet poster says make you think differently about yourself. I think you’re awesome. Any girl who loves Andy has to be awesome.

  68. Pat D says:

    I love how YES now has a softer, slower version of the game theme song. It reminds me of the music that FOX plays when they take commercial breaks after an injury during a football game. It’s like saying, “We have to be serious and somber now because someone may be seriously hurt, but we don’t want you to forget you’re watching FOX!!”

    • Not Tank the Frank says:

      To me, it sounds like good post-coital music. I’m just going to throw that out there and leave it.

  69. Cecala says:

    I really hate Kay’s calling sometimes, that’s like the 5th time he started screaming for me to get scared only to see a popup……!!!

  70. How long a leash do you think Gaudin gets? I think he’ll get the sixth and seventh, and if he’s around 30 pitches he could at least start the 8th.

  71. W.B. Mason commercials make me wish W.B. Mason didn’t exist.

  72. Kevin in Delectable Princeton says:

    Did they just draw a smiley face on the moon?

  73. Brooklyn Ed says:

    this picture is really a LOL!!!


  74. Yanks99 says:

    I was just watching baseball tonight and they were showing the Astros game. I’ve seen their field before but I’ve always wondered – is there anything in the rules regarding the hill they put in center field? Could you make the outfield in Yankee Stadium a mogul field if you felt like it? That may be a huge home field advantage.

    • Pat D says:

      Monument Park used to be in the playing field.

      • Yanks99 says:

        I know – that’s why I’m curious about the rules. They say stuff about the distances (you can’t make a little league field obviously) but nothing about sticking random shit and hills in the outfield. Seems weird. I’d love to see them put flags and obstacles and mountains and stuff. Sort of like a rock n’ jock for baseball. Maybe I’m alone on that one.

        • Pat D says:

          I’ve always like George Carlin’s idea of putting landmines in the outfield.

          “There’s Marshall settling under that fly ball…” BOOM!!!! “Ho…ly shit!”

        • Pat D says:

          And, really, that’s why Rock N’ Jock is Rock N’ Jock.

          Wait, do they still do that?

        • ROBTEN says:

          I imagine that most teams probably want to avoid unnecessary injuries.

          I think deciding whether or not to put a hill in center field is probably a sign of how much you care about your outfielders’ health, but that’s just me.

  75. Curtis is going deep. Watch.

  76. optimalclarity says:

    I’ve been away for a lot of the summer (business, not pleasure) but when I left RAB a few months ago everyone was high on Cervelli and now he seems to have fallen out of favor here. Was it something he said? Just curious.

  77. Cy Farnsworth says:

    Sorry Paul, but I have to disagree with the statement “it’s every manager’s dream to have a guy like Cervelli batting.”

  78. Curtis Granderson and Brett Gardner, gettin’ shit done.

    Cookiepuss is LIVID.

  79. Accent Shallow says:

    So Granderson hits two ropes, then singles on a dinky ground ball?

    So it goes.

  80. Not Tank the Frank says:

    I love, LOVE, how Brett Gardner is producing in a big way. Essentially what he’s doing is negating the need for a Werth/Crawford and ensuring the Yankees can go all-out after Cliff Lee in the offseason.

  81. Cecala says:

    Gauden is due for his daily HR

    • Cy Farnsworth says:

      Yup, that inning was a Paul Quantrill special: 3 deep fly balls, but a 0 goes up on the board. For now.

  82. Cy Farnsworth says:

    Going on a double date with Kay must truly be the 10th circle of hell.

  83. Brooklyn Ed says:

    someone is from the future!!!

    /900 homers.

  84. Carlosologist says:

    Alex is just being a tease now.

    /not serious at all

  85. Pat D says:

    What a choke artist.

    Gardner would have hit it out.

  86. Pasqua says:

    Hell, A-Rod can take as long as he wants hitting #600 if he keeps putting swings like that on the ball.

  87. bexarama says:

    A base hit??? BOOOO!!!!!!

    (Sarcasm, for the record.)

  88. Cy Farnsworth says:

    Note to Kay: it’s Hughes. It doesn’t start with a “Y”

  89. ShuutoHeat (GGBG > Crawford) says:

    LOL @ Chrome Dome with ice cream helmet cup on head.

  90. Cecala says:

    Close, but Gauden is still due for his daily HR.

  91. Holy shit, Ankiel slapped that shit. Thank you Death Valley.

  92. Mike Axisa says:

    Gardner woulda had it.

  93. Reggie C. says:

    Paul O’Neil cracks me up.

  94. Mike Axisa says:

    Heh, Vicente Padilla just gave up a homer on one of those big slow curves, and Gameday labeled it as an eephus.

  95. Pat D says:

    O’Neill didn’t seem comfortable with those words.

    “Look, son, those people are re-broadcasting Major League Baseball games with implied oral consent, not expressed written consent.”

  96. Okay, time to get Gaudin out of there. Mosley’s turn!

  97. bexarama says:

    Yo Gaudin, just get three outs without giving up too many runs, thanks.

  98. Cy Farnsworth says:

    How is Jason Kendall still a starting catcher?

  99. Cy Farnsworth says:

    The Royals should study some Angels game tape. Mike Scioscia understands that aggressive baserunning not only wins championships, but it forms an all-important team identity.

    For ESPN, I’m Joe Morgan.

  100. Pat D says:

    I believe Ken Tremendous said it last night, but…THAT’S WHY YOU’RE THE ROYALS!

  101. Cy Farnsworth says:

    Let’s see some hits. I wanna see A-Rod get one more chance tonight.

  102. ecks says:

    Damn, I missed the restart. Why’d they take AJ out?

  103. ANSKY says:

    Is it me or does “Dusty Hughes” sound like a pornstar name?

    • Pete says:

      are there male pornstars? wouldn’t they just be nameless, faceless, large-penis-having dudes?

      I mean, I know TSJC has managed to remain anonymous with the public…

      • Pat D says:

        Well, there’s been Ron Jeremy and John Holmes.

        • Pete says:

          R-R-Ron Jeremy? seriously?? I was wondering why that guy was famous. Well I wasn’t actually wondering, but I certainly didn’t know why. God that’s horrifying.

          Never heard of John Holmes.

      • Betty Lizard says:

        Dusty Hughes’ name just makes me happy.

        As for male porn stars, what about John Holmes a/k/a Johnny Wadd?

        Ah, the 70′s and 80′s!

  104. Accent Shallow says:


  105. Cecala says:

    Was this guy rule 5′d from the Yankees?

  106. JobaWockeeZ says:

    I had a feeling Jeter would…

    Perhaps one of the few things you can predict about baseball.

  107. Cy Farnsworth says:

    Did that double play earn us a Joel Sherman article about Jeter and A-Rod’s lost friendship?

  108. Pat D says:

    Update: there have been no further updates to the Haren trade talks.

  109. Carlosologist says:

    So, this is pretty much in the bag right? 600 will come tomorrow off Kyle Davies and it will be surreal.

  110. Poopy Pants says:

    Tex pitching to Tex? It’s the nexus of the universe, Jerry!

    - Kramer

    (delayed b/c my browser froze)

  111. Carlosologist says:

    Cue bexeraction


  112. Mike Axisa says:

    Impressive inning for Albie.

  113. MikeD says:

    Did Albedelejo, or however it’s spelled, lose like 40 pounds since we last saw him?

  114. Cy Farnsworth says:

    Nice 9th inning for Albaladejo.

    Not a bad way to spend a rainy night.

  115. bexarama says:

    Nasty, Albie. Even without #600, good win.

  116. Pat D says:

    Kim will do her work in the clubhouse? Whoa ho ho, let’s watch what we say.

    By the way, ol’ buddy Jose Veras blew a 6-5 9th inning lead for the Marlins vs. the Braves, but ended up with the win after the Marlins walked off again. The tying run scored on a passed ball.

    • Angelo says:

      Jose Veras’ cousin goes to my college (seriously, but that shouldn’t be too hard to believe.)

      Apparently Veras became an asshole to his family once he reached MLB.

      Funny because I also know Mike Aviles’ brother. Aviles plays for the Royals if you didn’t know.

  117. bexarama says:

    Not sure where to put this but whoah.


    What did Billy Wagner ever do to the YES research guy???

    • Angelo says:

      Weird. Not very classy.

    • Poopy Pants says:

      Enter Sandman?

    • Ubu says:

      Well, he was one of the key jerks, along with Delgado and Beltran, who schemed to divide the clubhouse against Willie throughout their Mets tenure.

      Plus, He infamously said, to hell with the Yankees way or something in that nature to Willie and the media.

      Considering this loser has been jettisoned from every club he’s been on from being ineffective in big-game/postseason pitching & as a confirmed jackass by his teammates in Houston and Philly. Thus, you can imagine the reaction a perennial winner and class act like Willie Randolph had when hearing such bull from a loser like Wags.

      Thus, cool tweet!! :)

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