Link Dump: Yankee envy, Ben Davis, Spaceman, Bagwell and Bobby Bo

Swish, Yanks honor the Boss with walk-off win
Yankees recall Logan, Marte to the DL

Some Saturday morning links for your reading pleasure.

Despite winning titles in 2004 and 2007, it’s still pretty clear Red Sox fans have Yankees envy.  There is an ancient story that Babe Ruth, when living in Massachusetts either threw or lost a piano into the lake he lived on.  For years people set up dives every year to try and find the piano, reasoning that if they found the piano, The Curse would be over.  Winning didn’t stop this tradition, and it’s only getting worse.  Now they’ve brought a psychic in to help find the piano.  No joke.

Interesting piece about former major league catcher Ben Davis, who is now trying to make it back as a pitcher.  In hindsight, Davis holds a special place in my heart by bunting in the 8th inning to break up a perfect game being thrown by Curt Schilling.  I didn’t care all that much at the time (and I don’t think it was bush league, bunting is part of the game), but that was long before Schilling put on the Red Sox uniform (and a colored red sock).

Speaking of former Red Sox pitchers whom I have a dislike for, Bill Lee’s statements on George Steinbrenner’s death are as classless as I have seen.  Luckily the Red Sox organization has been extremely classy in the wake of The Boss’s death, I just wish someone had the sense to not stick a microphone in front of a loser like Bill Lee.

As if we needed more proof that the Astros are just a poorly run organization, they hired Jeff Bagwell as their hitting coach this week.  Really?  Ok, maybe it will turn out ok, but that’s like having Tim Lincecum teach someone how to pitch.  Bagwell was a great player, but he had an extremely unique swing and has zero experience as a hitting coach.  What’s next, Craig Biggio as pitching coach?  The Astros really shouldn’t be such a poor organization.  Nice stadium, income tax free state and an owner that has been willing to spend money.  They just can’t get it right though.

Pretty cool article on the breakdown of Bobby Bonilla’s essentially lifetime contract with the Mets and how it all came about.  Contained in the article is a little nugget that Bret Saberhagen has his own Mets buyout, though not nearly as lucrative as Bonilla’s, as he gets a paltry $250k/year for 25 years.  If the Mets felt a need to bring Bonilla back, I wonder if they could call him up and demand he put on a uniform.  He is, after all, making more money than Fernando Tatis.

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Swish, Yanks honor the Boss with walk-off win
Yankees recall Logan, Marte to the DL
  • Pinstripe Glory

    “Trust me, if hell freezes over, he’ll be skating.”

    Maybe I’m just dumb, but I don’t get it……

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

      It means he’ll be in hell. That’s it.

      Spaceman Lee wasn’t exactly the most gifted wordsmith ever, so that’s the most creative prose you’re going to get from him.

      My favorite was:

      He may have been good for the Yankees organization, but he was definitely a thorn in my side…

      Number of people on the planet who care that George Steinbrenner was good for the Yankee organization: millions and millions
      Number of people on the planet who give a shit that George Steinbrenner was a thorn in the side of Bill “Spaceman” Lee: 1

      • Bob Stone


      • Across the pond

        I’m Irish, I’m Catholic, and when you’re gone, you’re gone

        I won’t bother looking it up but I will assume he is not actually Irish.

        If he is, I am ashamed.

  • forensicnucchem

    Astros Pride:

    – Bagwell mostly going to be a psychiatrist (which I agree is part of it), but saying they should know their own swings so he shouldn’t have to do much there?

    – Carlos Lee having pilots of what sounds like possibly a private plane with with expired licenses, and then saying it’s the FAA’s fault?

    – Praising Brett Myers for being willing to start on ‘only’ five days rest so Oswalt can get a whole one extra start at home?

    Yup, everything seems to be falling into place nicely for them…

  • Mike HC

    A little harsh on Jeff Bagwell. I mean, he clearly knew a thing or two about hitting. I have no idea if he will make a good coach, but I think he has as good a shot as any.

    • ROBTEN

      Well, when your hitting coach says things like

      “I just work with each guy, and what they get, and half the time with the hitting coach, you’re more of a psychologist than anything else,” Bagwell said. “By this time, they should know their swings.”

      it doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence that he’s going to do much to help a team that’s currently hitting .238/.296/.348/OPS+ 73/wOBA .287(Editors Note: “Wow, that’s bad”) except encouragement.

      Fun Facts:

      The Astros have given 200+ plate appearances each to two hitters who are batting .212/.259/.254/wOBA .230 (Manzella) and .219/ .244/.301 (wOBA .238).

      Cervelli ranks 9th on the Yankees in wOBA (200 PA/.305 wOBA), but he’d be 4th on the Astros, ahead of Bourn, Lee, Feliz, and Manzella.

      A NL team has not finished with a TEAM OBP under .300 since the 1989 Braves (.298).

      • ROBTEN

        The second player in that first “Fun Fact” should be Feliz.

        But hey, with a .500 correct typing percentage, I’m still on more often than the Astros!

        /try the veal’d

      • Accent Shallow

        I more or less agree with Bagwell, though. I can see some amount of tinkering, but by the time a player gets to the Show (or has several years experience), he’s more or less a finished product — you’re not going to overhaul his swing.

        • johnny

          unless your kevin long, in which case you will do that if makes a hitter better.

      • mitch

        The Jeff Bagwell as hitting coach is just a let’s see what happens thing with a bad team, why not?? They couldn’t possibly be much worse now could they, and I am a lifelong Astro fan. Why not I mean Mark Mcgwire is the cardinals hitting coach, what’s he teaching his guys, how to shoot up steriods and get away with it?? Lighten up on Bags man, in the mean time you can dog the Astros all you want.

  • forensicnucchem

    Jack Z going to sign Davis then offer him to the Yankees for Montero as a ‘2-way’ player who can replace Montero at catcher and step into the rotation like Lee?


  • Bob Stone

    Bonilla – Never liked him at all. I give him credit though for leveraging a poor situation, $5.9 million and Mets organization desperation into $29.75 million. Smart ball player. Talk about shooting your way out of town. This makes ManRam look like a neophyte at this drill when he got the BoSox to dump him on LA and pay his remaining $7 million.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

      Yeah, but Bobby had to wait X number of years to get the Mets to give him that money. Manny forced his way out to get more cash in hand immediately, which he got.

      • Bob Stone

        Yes. I understand the time value of money.

        Bonilla was smart to get an 8% interest rate. Tell me a guaranteed annuity type of investment that could net you 8% return over the same time period. As I said – Bonilla (or probably his agent/advisors) were part smart/lucky/prescient/obnoxious (obnoxious in the sense that Bonilla earned all this becuase he was a terrible team-mate and didn’t produce).

        • Gonzo

          “Make your move.” Did I get that right?

          • Bob Stone


  • Januz

    Bill Lee is an extremely classless individual, and the nickname “Spaceman” fits him perfectly. Here is something on Lee from Wikipedia. Lee’s personality earned him popularity as well as the nickname “Spaceman”. His outspoken manner and outrageous comments were frequently recorded in the press, much to the horror of his parents. He spoke in defense of Maoist China, population control, Greenpeace, and school busing in Boston, among other things. He berated an umpire for a controversial call in the 1975 World Series, threatening to bite off his ear and encouraging the American people to write letters demanding the game be replayed. He claimed his marijuana use made him impervious to bus fumes while jogging to work at Fenway Park……. That last quote about marajuana says it all, he is a really strange person who lives in fantasy land. He would be much better off if he simply shut his mouth about Steinbrenner or anything else for that matter.

    • Bob Stone

      Why is anyone surprised? Spacemen got his monicker because he has always been an outspoken, non-filtered, non comon-sense, drugged-out air-head.

      For the record – The reason for this particular bit of poorly timed and “class-less” vitriol toward the Boss is that Steinbrenner tried to get Spaceman thrown out of baseball (in addition to the intense BoSox/Yanks rivalry at the time).

      • Januz

        No one is asking Lee to be a phoney towards Steinbrenner, and say he loved him. But saying “No Comment” would have be fine. The Red Sox Organization had enough class to have a moment of silence for Steinbrenner, he should have followed their lead. What he essentially showed was that he is nothing but an embittered old fool, who simply has not grown up (Unlike Bernie Carbo, his former Red Sox teammate) simply never will.

        • Bob Stone

          That’s exactly right. But I am totally unsurprised and find it odd that this has garnered so much press. It is TOTALLY consisitent with who Bill ” Spacemen” Lee is.

    • dc1874

      ..time to get Nettles to open up another can of whooop as on Lee….

    • Poopy Pants

      How DARE an American give an honest response to a question! I hope he rots in hell!

      • Gonzo

        I am a bit confused by this reply. Anyone else? I think everyone is taking exception to the timing and class of his statmement, not his right.

        Apologies if I interpreted this incorectly.

        • andrew

          Right, but he’s saying that as Americans, we have the right to not be classy. He rather have Lee be honest and say he hated Steinbrenner than come up with some falsified remembrance because thats what he is “supposed to do.” In my opinion, a simple “no comment” would have been appropriate if that is how he really feels.

      • Brendan

        Wait, so the first amendment doesn’t cover criticism of someone’s comments? You’re a jackass.

        • andrew

          Everyone is criticizing Bill Lee’s statement. He was criticizing their response to his statement. Now you are criticizing his response. I guess you’re all jackasses then.


    Bill Lee is a classless piece of drugged out Shit

    • Ivan

      It’s not as bad as what Rush Limbaugh said about Steinbrenner.

      • Mike

        Rush didn’t say anything bad about Steinbrenner if you read the whole quote. He made an ironic statement that people are misinterpreting

        • Ivan

          Meh…a quote that only I don’t know, ignorant people make. I think Limbaugh knew what he was saying when made that quote.

  • vin

    They need to kidnap Lee and bring him to Old-Timers’ Day so Nettles can re-break his collarbone.

  • Carlosologist

    The Sox are a luxury tax team too! Small market my ass.

  • johnny

    mushnick is a prick as well.

    It’s not that he cant say this. Yes, the man had flaws. But you dont focus on them right now, because that man has friends and family members in mourning, and the last thing they need is to hear somebody talking shit about their loved one while they make arrangement to bury him. It’s respect, thats all, a simple thing Mr. and Mrs. Mushnick must have skipped when raising Phil.

  • Bill \LeeIsALoser

    To the moron who thinks everyone is over reacting to Bill Lee saying something absolutely classless….

    Does one person’s freedom of speech cancel out another’s?


    Also, is Bill Lee in jail? No….. Freedom of speech… Understand it moron.

    Bill Lee is mad because he prefers the racist Yawkey ownership apparently. He’s ok with the Red Sox not signing a black free agent until 1992, but he didn’t have the balls to talk about that when he was playing.

    With all of that said, he hates the Yanks because they won. He is a loser and he hates winners.

    The Red Sox are not that organization now that they were when that loser was playing.

    My favorite part of that brawl in ’76 is that before it even happened, loser said, “I hope we get into a fight with the Yankees because they hit with their purses.”

    It happens, genius is out for the year! LOL

    Billy Martin comments after, “I didn’t see anyone hit him with a purse out there!” LOL

    Bill Lee = LOSER! And any asswipe who wants to defend him = BIGGER LOSER!