Miranda, Curtis sent to Triple-A


In a pair of unsurprising moves, Juan Miranda and Colin Curtis were sent back to Triple-A Scranton this afternoon to make room on the roster for Lance Berkman and Austin Kearns. They both did an admirable job plugging holes during the summer, particularly Curtis, who never seemed to have a bad at-bat, but the Yanks simply needed to get better players and more production out of the designated hitter and fourth outfielder spots. They’ll be back in September; don’t worry.

For the number junkies among us, Lance Berkman will don 17, and Austin Kearns will carry 26 on his back. I guess John Flaherty and El Duque won’t live to see their pinstriped numbers retired.

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  1. Total Dominication says:

    Juan Miranda, we hardly knew ye.

  2. forensicnucchem says:

    So glad the totally useless Marcus Thames is still on the roster…

    • ZZ says:

      Being able to mash LHP on a team that has a few players susceptible to LHP while having significant experience as a pinch hitter/bench player seems like uses to me.

    • Total Dominication says:

      season.287 .391 .426
      lefties300 400 440

      not useless

      • forensicnucchem says:

        Did some research today. Since April, Thames has hit .184/.295/.184 against lefties. Yes, that’s ZERO extra base hits in 3 months.

        And yes folks, that’s worse than Granderson.

        Lefty mashing again???

        • ZZ says:

          How many at bats has he had vs LHP over that time span?

          • forensicnucchem says:

            Only 38. But, if that’s supposedly his only value, then it doesn’t matter. He’s on this team to do one thing, which he hasn’t done well in 3 months and because of that hasn’t gotten many chances for it.

            Somebody who can run and/or play OF defense isn’t worth more than that???

            • Total Dominication says:

              If they can’t hit for shit, then no, they’re not.

            • ZZ says:

              You are using 3 months to try to make your point that over a significant period of time Thames has not hit LHP.

              That is extremely misleading in this argument.

              The only thing that matters is 38 at bats which is nothing and is extremely susceptible to fluctuation with a hit or two.

              Also and of course, 38 at bats certainly does not override 674 career at bats vs LHP in which he has a .509 SLG.

              The question I should ask you is, what purpose does Colin Curtis serve on this team with Austin Kearns on the roster and his ability to play the OF competently?

            • I Voted for Kodos says:

              Only 38. But, if that’s supposedly his only value, then it doesn’t matter

              But, see, it does matter. His performance over 38 ABs does not mean that he’s worthless. He’s hit lefties very well in his career, and 38 bad ABs do not mean he’s lost that ability. They also don’t mean that he’ll continue to hit them poorly in the future.

        • Total Dominication says:

          obp by month

          April-17 pa 650
          May 45 pa-375
          June (14 pa’s)-130
          July15 pa- 380

          Much better than Curtis or Miranda!

        • Dirty Pena says:

          I did some research just now.

          Since his career started .261/.335/.509. Yes, that’s EIGHTY TWO extra base hits in 674 at bats.

          • forensicnucchem says:

            What do the career numbers have to do with where his career is right now?

            Ken Griffey has pretty good career numbers, maybe they should’ve traded for him.

    • j_Yankees says:

      Useless? wow really?

      i have a DH, a CF and now a 4th OF that aren’t hitting LHP. and Thames who MASHES LHP is useless?

      things like this make me laugh.

      • forensicnucchem says:

        Sorry, Thames isn’t hitting lefties either, read the reasoning before criticizing.

        • I Voted for Kodos says:

          Your reasoning is flawed though.

          A bad SSS stretch does not mean that his ability is gone, it means he’s had a bad stretch of time.

          • forensicnucchem says:

            It doesn’t mean it’s not gone though. One fluky good 2 week stretch doesn’t mean he should be kept all season hoping he’ll have another fluky 2 week stretch.

            Park has had good stretches, should he have been kept? I’m sure even Randy Winn had good stretches, well, maybe not, but you get the point.

            • Finding out whether or not Marcus Thames can still hit lefties like his career line says he can >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Anything Colin Curtis is going to give you, ever.

              • forensicnucchem says:

                At the beginning of the season, maybe. Not at this point though. That ship has sailed and he doesn’t get the time to really hit them in a groove anyway.

                I know it’s only one more month till rosters expand anyway, but leaving him with a roster spot based on going 10-16 in April is pointless.

                Look, I’m against Granderson facing lefties as much as anyone, but clearly Thames is showing that he’s not the solution. Sorry if my 38 AB’s don’t mean as much as the 16 AB’s in April. It’s not like it’s more than twice as many or anything.

                Chan Ho Park has ok numbers as a reliever in his career, they should’ve kept him to keep seeing if that comes back…

                • I know it’s only one more month till rosters expand anyway,

                  Do you?

                  • forensicnucchem says:

                    You’re right, questioning this means I have zero baseball knowledge, especially since it doesn’t agree with your viewpoint.

                    And also, sure, in a division with the 2 best teams in baseball (and another of top couple after that) with a 1 game lead, one month won’t have any affect on the outcome of the season.

                    • I’m not saying you have zero knowledge. I’m saying, if you acknowledge the fact that rosters expand in a month, doesn’t the possession of that knowledge compel you to consider the shortsightedness of DFAing a guy like Thames just to keep Curtis in the bigs when one month later, BOTH OF THEM could be on the team, contributing equally?

                • Chan Ho Park has ok numbers as a reliever in his career, they should’ve kept him to keep seeing if that comes back…

                  You know what? If we would have traded for Kerry Wood and the options were either to DFA Park or demote some fringy, AAAA kid in the pen who would have been the pitching equivalent of Colin Curtis (like, say, Romulo Sanchez), I would have fully endorsed demoting Sanchez and giving Park another two months to see if he can turn it around.

                  Because having both Park and Sanchez is better than having only Sanchez. Having both Thames and Curtis is better than having only Curtis.

                  Assets should be hoarded and kept until the last possible moment. You don’t DFA a veteran with a track record of success just to keep some scrub non-elite kid in the majors when that kid still has minor league options, allowing you to keep both the vet AND the kid as emergency fallbacks.

                  Shit, even Randy Winn turned it around post DFA and has been a valuable contributor to the Cardinals.

                  • forensicnucchem says:

                    Randy Winn has also hit under .200 in his last month and a half. A couple good games doesn’t/shouldn’t save a whole season roster spot.

        • j_Yankees says:

          piggy backing on what others have said. 38 ABs isn’t enough to completely ignore what he has done until that point and say he is worthless.

          if 38 ABs is enough to call someone worthless then we have lots of worthless folks in baseball.

      • B-Rando says:

        Yes, 38 ABs is a short sample size. However, continuously stating that Thames “MASHES” LHP doesn’t seem to be as valid as an argument after that stretch. Everytime Thames comes up in conversation that seems to be the go to response, he “MASHES” LHP. He doesn’t play everyday, he’s not racking up ABs. 38 ABs occupies a relatively long time for a player like Thames.

        Now I would by no means state Thames is useless. I would say the correct move was made and Thames should be given his shot to show what he’s done throughout his career. However, if this trend continues, there may be more value in someone like Curtis occupying that bench spot.

  3. Brian says:

    Why is Thames still around? What purpose can he possibly serve? Is there a requirement that every MLB team needs one really bad player on the roster?

    • Total Dominication says:

      See above.

    • Because everything Colin Curtis can possibly give you is duplicated by Austin Kearns, but Marcus Thames does things that Kearns does not.

      Thus, when Kearns was added, Curtis became more superfluous than Thames did.

      Also, demoting Curtis lets us keep both Curtis and Thames under team control for the rest of the season. We can’t demote Thames, we’d have to cut him.

      Having both Thames and Curtis in our org >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Having only one of Thames or Curtis in our org.

      I don’t get why people don’t get that concept. Don’t DFA potentially useful pieces until absolutely necessary. It’s not necessary to dump Thames yet.

  4. GermanYankee says:

    btw: Chad Tracy opted out of his minor league contract.

  5. bronxbrain says:

    forensicnucchem: I suspect that Kearns’s arrival leaves Curtis without a role on the team, while Thames’s career of mashing lefties preserves his value as a PH/ocassional DH. But I salute you for sticking to your guns while nearly everyone on this list dismisses your opinion as simply wrong. RAB is not the easiest place to dissent.

    • Carlosologist says:

      Use the reply button, it keeps the conversations in line.


    • suspect that Kearns’s arrival leaves Curtis without a role on the team, while Thames’s career of mashing lefties preserves his value as a PH/ocassional DH.


      RAB is not the easiest place to dissent.

      Eh, whether you agree with the board mainstream or disagree with the board mainstream, you still have to defend your point. RAB regulars will argue against their own general set of beliefs when someone says something too extreme in either direction.

      Some points don’t get defended as vigorously because they’re fairly settled terrain, having been debated in prior months/years of RAB’s existence, that’s all.

      • bronxbrain says:

        I thought that forensicnucchem defended his point well, even if it didn’t convince me.

        RAB undoubtedly features the most insightful contributors among all the baseball discussion boards. Without question, it features the wittiest and most stylized conversation. I lurk here regularly. But I don’t post often, mostly because my opinions rest on gut perception–which is largely dismissed here as insubstantial, too subjective–rather than on sabermetric analysis. In short, I wouldn’t excel by the rules of the game played at RAB.

        Again, I think that this board is the smartest one going. It just doesn’t leave room for intuitive argument.

      • And most of us regulars are more than ok with admitting when they were wrong.

        For instance, I was wrong about Brett Gardner.

        But as TSJC said, bronxbrain, having an unpopular opinion is fine, even encouraged. When you have no basis or saying it is where the problem develops. Back up your point with statistics, reason, logic, realism and folks here reasonable.

        Say something hyperbolic, stupid, inflammatory and you’ll get chided, and justifiably so.

      • laughingatritards says:

        That is like voting against your own interest in order to preserve an ideology, even when that ideology is clearly flawed. Kind of stupid.

    • forensicnucchem says:

      Well, thank you at least for that.

  6. Bryan says:

    Molina actually wore 26.


  7. Januz says:

    These trades show why Cashman will one day be in the builders wing of the Hall Of Fame (HOF). He is already GM for 4 Titles (Watson was GM in 96), and one more should secure his place in the HOF. Adding Berkman, Kearns & Wood is nothing short of brilliant, and is exactly what is needed to beat out the Rays (And I think without those trades, Tampa would have won the division, and been the favorite to win the Series). A Grade of A+.

  8. laughingatritards says:

    forensicnucchem – this is RAB, there is no place for dissent. However, the bandwagon of ass kissing is always recruiting.

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