Montero exits game with apparent wrist injury

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The big story of the night is Jesus Montero, and for all the wrong reasons. The Yanks’ best prospect was hit by a pitch in the left wrist during his first at-bat tonight, and had to be taken out of the game. I don’t know how serious the injury is or anything really, so let’s just hope he was removed as a precaution. Montero’s season ending injury last year was a finger on his left hand, so this isn’t the same spot or anything like that.

Update: Montero was seen in the dugout with his wrist taped. That’s good news because it means he wasn’t in the hospital.

Update Part Deux: It’s a bruised forearm and Montero’s day-to-day. Good news.

Here’s a quick round up of tonight’s minor league action, it is Saturday night after all…

  • Triple-A Scranton is still playing because of some rain delays. Nothing worth mentioning has happened beyond the Montero news above. Click the link to go to the box score if you so choose. Jason Hirsh was the starter.
  • Double-A Trenton won. Austin Romine picked up a pair of hits (including a double), as did Brandon Laird. Lance Pendleton was strong like bull, giving up just two hits, two walks, and zero runs in seven innings of work while striking out a batter per inning.
  • High-A Tampa lost. Corban Joseph singled and drew a walk, his seventh in the last ten games (just two strikeouts). Bradley Suttle singled and drove in two. Graham Stoneburner struck out six in five innings of work, allowing just a pair of hits, a pair of walks, and one run.
  • Low-A Charleston lost. Slade Heathcott picked up a pair of singles while Neil Medchill and Rob Lyerly each went deep. Lyerly picked up a hit in all for at-bats. Michael Solbach allowed six runs in just under five innings of work.
  • Short Season Staten Island won. Eduardo Sosa walked and singled, Kevin Mahoney had two hits (including a homer) and two walks in four plate appearances, and Jose Mojica doubled twice. Nothing exciting on the mound at all.
  • Rookie GCL Yanks lost. Cito Culver singled and stole a base. Matt Richardson struck out six in just three innings, but he also allowed six runs in the process. All of those runs were unearned. I’m convinced that this team has the worst collection of pitching and defense in professional baseball. You don’t expect much out of the kids at this level, but sheesh, they seem to be extraordinarily bad this year.
Dan Haren Rumors: Asking price vs. selling price
Royals slap around Mitre to top Yanks
  • Sweet Dick Willie

    Jason Hirsh was the starter.

    Who’s Jason Hirsh? The guy sitting next to you on the couch? Never heard of him.

    • JoeC

      Jason Hirsh? Who’s that? your brother in law? Don’t call me with that nonsense

    • Jason Hirsh

      I am somebody who doesnt like to be dissed by the likes of a Sweet Dick Willie. Sweet Dick Sounds like somebody who likes him some 40 malts..

  • bonestock94

    Ugh, hope it’s not too bad. I guess dealing with injuries and getting banged up is all part of the process of preparing for the bigs.

  • ledavidisrael


  • thebipolarbunnirabbit

    Montero is hurt? Life is worst.1

  • Angelo

    Sounds like Montero’s injury might not be that bad.

  • JLew

    Its a bruised forearm.

    • JLew

      Wow, ignore my redudancy.

      • Angelo

        Haha, beat you by a few minutes.

  • Joe

    Hopefully, he is only out a couple of games and is back in the lineup towards the end of the week.

    • Angelo

      Sounds like that’ll be the case. Probably 5 games tops.

  • Jimmy

    I’m guessing this has been covered before, but apparently I’ve missed it… why isn’t Gary Sanchez playing?

    • Bailey1

      Sore right wrist.

  • Coolerking101

    What the scouting report on Pendleton? Does he have any plus pitches?

    • Joe

      he is 26 in Double A so I don’t really consider him a prospect but I heard he has good command.

  • JLew

    I hate lag.

    • JLew

      This reply system is malfunctioning for me-meant to be a reply to Angelo fml