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It’s getting to be that time of year again, Old Timer’s Day. Yeah, it feels like last year’s just ended, but sure enough the 2010 edition is just a week and a day away. The usual cast of characters will be in attendance of course, but there will be at least one rookie Old Timer this year according to Ed Price: Cecil Fielder. Big Daddy spend a season and a half in the Bronx, and is known more for the 13 homers he hit in the second half of 1996 than the 13 he hit during the entire 1997 season. He also hit a stout .308/.390/.519 in 14 postseason games in ’96, playing first regularly over Tino Martinez in the World Series. I’m looking forward to seeing him.

Here’s tonight’s open thread, if you happen to be home on this Friday evening. Talk about whatever you want.

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  1. Carlosologist says:

    I think I’ll be able to score tickets to the Rays series. It’ll be fun, as A-Rod will start his march to 700 from there.

  2. Brad Toughy says:

    Just swapped Garza for Uggla. Sold low on Garza, but Uggla’s not a terrible return.

  3. Paul Canales says:

    I hate waiting till 10pm to see my damn Yankees.

    • I’m in London until the 15th and this week is brutal. I haven’t seen a single game this week simply because I can’t stay up until six a.m. and get up two hours later every night.

      • Brad Toughy says:

        Go the other way next time. I spent a month in Australia last summer and the Yankee games were on while I ate breakfast!

  4. I think the title of this open thread should be changed to this

    “Cliff Lee traded for Smoak-type bat. Penny inexplicably not part of deal”-Peter Gammons

  5. Brian in NH says:

    Montero watch lives on!

    • jim p says:

      It wasn’t good to put Jesus through the stress, though. Look what happened to the last Empire that did that.

  6. Carlosologist says:

    Strasburg gave up a leadoff homer to Andres Torres. It hit off the facade.

  7. Dela G says:

    man this is great news the yankees didnt get cliff lee. They keep teh jesus, and just having 1 pitcher and 3-4 non scary pitchers doesn’t phase me one bit. Ask the 2009 phillies what happens when all you have is a cliff lee and 3 dwarfs (i mean i’m talkin bout pedigree)

    i know it may hurt the cashman for the day, but he’ll appreciate this non-trade when the yankees win their 4th consecutive title in 2012 with lee pitching and montero at C/DH

  8. pat says:

    Lol at Rangers fans who think this is a huge difference maker for them. He can’t pitch every game of a playoff series, and you cant play every game at home. Not to mention all signs point to this being a rental.

    • Kiersten says:

      I feel like this was incredibly stupid for the Rangers. They’re pretty much a lock to win the West and I don’t think Lee is going to be enough to get them past the Division Series for the first time ever, let alone win a World Series.

      • Mike Axisa says:

        Remember, teams like that aren’t the Yankees. Texas hasn’t been to the playoffs in what, 12 years? They went all in because that playoff berth means a ton for the team and their fans. Same with the Brewers and CC Sabathia in 2008.

        • pat says:

          /does not compute

        • Dirty Pena says:

          I LOVE the Rangers playoff history:

          1996 ALDS vs. Yankees: win Game 1, lose 3-1
          1998 ALDS vs. Yankees: lose 3-0
          1999 ALDS vs. Yankees: lose 3-0

          That is their entire playoff history as a franchise

        • Kiersten says:

          Wait, there are teams that aren’t the Yankees?

        • ARX says:

          So rather than hang onto their young talent and try to build a multiyear contender, just throw said talent away in hopes of one good run, and leave yourself worse off long-term?

          If we were talking about a team that was literally one ace away from being prohibitive WS favs, maybe, but the most teams do it, I’ll never understand that mentality.

          • Will (the other one) says:

            Don’t forget, though, Texas’s farm system is out-of-control loaded. For most teams, this deal would have represented selling the entire farm; for the Rangers, it doesn’t come close.

            • Brad Toughy says:

              Especially since they held onto all their top-end talent aside from Smoak.

            • ARX says:

              True, but they’re already in first place, and West is pretty much toothless. Realistically, Lee is the difference between winning the division by 10 games instead of 3-5; I still don’t see them making it past the ALDS against any AL East team, and re-signing him will take a miracle.

              Good for them that they have talent to spare, but unless they’ve fooled themselves into thinking they’re contending for a title, I just don’t see how this is worth it for them.

              • Whitey14 says:

                It’s also the difference between being able to gradually begin resting your starters and your pitchers with 2-3 weeks left in the season so they can be well rested for the playoffs and not having to cram all the rest into the last 2-3 days of the season when you finally clinched because you didn’t go out and make this deal. When you can add Cliff Lee to your team for a few months, and possibly entice him to stay (although this is doubtful based on the money he’ll require), without decimating your farm system, you do it.

    • ColoYank says:

      It’s time for Yankee fans to take a deep breath, sit back, and watch the best team in the majors. I wonder if Cash will pull off a deal on the rebound.

    • FIPster Doofus says:

      I’ve already had someone tell me the Rangers have both the best rotation and best team in baseball because of this move. Sigh.

  9. Drew says:

    Take note Prince, it could be you in 20 years. We could use a Vegetarian DH.

  10. Drew says:

    So I posted this in the off-topic thread.. Haven’t been around much lately and completely forgot about the 7PM Open Thread. Anyway, commence venting:

    Dan Gilbert deserves to own a bottom of the basement NBA team that ends up losing money. You reap what you sew.

    What a classless ass… You’d think a guy his age, in his tax bracket, would show a bit more class.

    Also, if Lebron “Gave up, check the film,” why the F would you want so desperately to re-sign the guy? It just doesn’t add up, ass. I hope he enjoyed the ticket and merchandising sales while he had it, it will never be seen again in C-land.

    Your team sucks to an amazing degree, so you draft the top talent in decades and you assume the rights of that player for the next 20 years? Not how it works, chief.

  11. Gonzo says:

    How about that roller-coaster ride!
    It was tense, some were happy, some were upset, I was torn, and then BAM, Maury says “you are notg the father!”

  12. phughesisgod(Save Jesus!) says:

    Soo, now that the earlier crisis was averted, who do you guys think the Yankees will acquire before the deadline? All I would like to say is, please, for the love of god, do not trade for a starting outfielder, unless Granderson, Swisher or Gardy get hurt.

    • Drew says:

      Eh, we could easily rotate one of the four between OF and DH if we do acquire someone.

    • Kiersten says:

      Crisis? I wouldn’t call acquiring the best pitcher in the AL a crisis, but ok.

      • ColoYank says:


        Any scoop on the other players who went to Seattle? Was this just a “Smoak and mirrors” deal?

        • Mike Axisa says:

          Beaven’s 6-foot-7, 21-years-old, and walks no one (~1.0 BB/9 career). And he’s in AA. He’s superlegit.

          The others are org players. One of them is/was in big time legal trouble after raping a minor league baseball groupie a few years back, so yeah.

          • Brad Toughy says:

            I heard that Beavan’s lost some velocity and is a fringe MLB starter – 5th starter potential.

            • Raf says:

              Callis calls Brevin a solid #4
              Don’t see Adams as regular on contender. Beavan could be solid No. 4. @aarontagg: Why Beavan over Adams ?

  13. I’m liking the #5 hitter for Scranton-Wilkes Barre tonight.

  14. pat says:

    Time for Plan B. Get Cincy on the phone, ask if they want Montero for Arroyah.

  15. Frank says:

    Anyone have the scoop on Seattle’s starter tonight, David Pauley?

  16. Congrats to Seattle GM Jack Z(can I buy a vowel)ic for getting this deal done. Apparently he approached the Yanks, the story leaked out allover the place (from one side or the other) and he started a bidding war that netted him at least one terrific prospect in Smoak, a good pitcher in Beavan and possibly some other useful parts. It’s at least comparable to what he gave up for Lee before the season, and could turn out to be even better. Did a nice job playing the marketplace to his advantage.

    From the Yankee POV, they really didn’t need him, they keep Montero and helped get a potential playoff opponent to overpay for a rental (which hurts Texas long term) and now they don’t have to face Lee tonight. So it kinda worked out for them as well, at least for now. If they have to face Lee in the playoffs (which they probably wont in the ALDS) I may have to reconsider that.

    • Kiersten says:

      Eh, Yanks faced Lee in the playoffs last year and that seemed to work out alright. I’m not worried.

      • We lost both of those games. If it was the ALDS, we could have easily lost the series.

        I know some don’t think this tips the balance of power much, but it makes the Rangers far more dangerous in the playoffs IMO. They have a shut down bullpen, dangerous lineup, and now an ace. A few balls bounce the wrong way and the Yanks are playing golf.

        • bexarama says:

          We lost both of those games. If it was the ALDS, we could have easily lost the series.

          Well, no, because we would have already won as it was 3-1 when Lee took the ball in Game 5 (and didn’t pitch that well in Game 5). Does it make the Rangers a lot more dangerous? Yeah. Are they anywhere close to unbeatable? Hell, no.

          They have a shut down bullpen,
          I know what you mean but someone didn’t see last night’s Os/Rangers game =P

        • Dirty Pena says:

          A few balls bounce the wrong way and the Yanks are playing golf.

          You could say that about any playoff series though.

  17. jim p says:

    Texas Pitching. Anyone know if they’ve seen ill or no effects from last year’s no-limits style of using their arms?

  18. “Big Game” James Shields looks like a Geico Caveman.

  19. mustang says:

    Not that I dislike the kid, but I don’t think Montero will make it to MLB as a Yankees. I just think he is going to get trade somewhere a long the line.

  20. The Nationals originally hoped Wang would make his 2010 debut in mid-June. While he has not experienced any setbacks, the Nationals have not been able to target a return date because of the unique nature of his injury, General Manager Mike Rizzo said. Wang suffered a shoulder dislocation more typical for a football player, Rizzo said, similar to the injury Drew Brees overcame.

    “It’s a little difficult to pinpoint a true rehab schedule for a baseball player,” Rizzo said. “We have that issue. He doesn’t have any pain. It’s just such a unique surgery that he had that any kind of rehab calendar would have been hard to get. There’s not much experience with this injury.”

    The Nationals are not even certain of Wang’s upcoming rehab schedule, let alone when he may return. Last week, Wang’s representative said Wang was hoping to debut by early August. Rizzo, though, said it’s not possible to know exactly.


    For some reason, I was wondering about what’s going on with Chien Ming Wang today. Here’s an update.

  21. Mariano's Pimp Hand says:

    I was in Tampa to see the Yankees during spring training in 1997. Tino was at first practicing pick-off plays with various pitchers. After a bit Fielder lumbered out to replace Tino at first.

    He missed 3 of the first 4 throws and looked like he was having a tough time just bending over. After the fourth throw went by him I yelled out, “hey, where did Tino go? Get him back out there.” Fielder turned and looked right at me, I thought he was going to be pissed. Instead he let out a big laugh and covered his face with his glove.

    Fortunately, he only played first a handful of times that year.

  22. 5:59pm: Sherman tweets that the commissioner’s office has no issues with Texas adding payroll since Lee still fits into the club’s budget. It is also presumed that Lee’s starts (or his hand in keeping Texas in playoff contention) will lead to increased ticket sales.


    I didn’t expect Bud to block this deal. They want the team sold and that shiny coat of Cliff Lee-paint along with a nice playoff run will help move things along nicely.

  23. Carlosologist says:

    I wish someone would post Ichiro’s ASG rant. That alone would make the game less boring.

  24. bexarama says:

    Liriano implosion :(

  25. Kiersten says:

    Looks like Boston’s gonna gain a game on the Rays tonight.

  26. http://www.radaronline.com/exc.....en-it-here

    Amazing how this gets labeled a ‘Racist’ rant, when the other 99.9% of it was grossly sexist. As if the rest of it was OK, but that one n-word was the explosive part. Also, it’s pretty obvious that this is a relationship that has gone horribly bad, and people say lots of stupid, hurtful things in those situations.

    • Count Zero says:

      Dude — you’re not actually trying to defend that piece of garbage are you? She has a restraining order on him because he beat the crap out of her while she was holding their 8-month old daughter. He’s on tape saying she got what she deserved. If he wasn’t who he is, he would be in jail.

      I get your point on the headline, but honestly — this guy is trash all the way. He’s proven he’s a racist and a bigot multiple times over, and there’s no question he has a serious alcohol problem. I refuse to even watch a movie with him in it at this point just on principle.

      Mel Gibson makes your average racist neighbor look like Gandhi by comparison and based on the way he mangles history in movies he directs or produces, he has an IQ of about 80.

      • No, I’m not trying to defend him. He’s said some awful things in the past that I don’t defend one bit. He’s also an alcoholic, and really should get treatment for that because I suspect that has a lot to do with his actions and behavior.

  27. pollo says:

    Anyone know why Noesi was pulled? Is he hurt?

  28. Bob Stone says:

    I read a blurb on ESPN that the Cliff Lee deal could get nixed by Texas’ Bankruptcy Court Trustee. Has anyone heard any other info on this topic?

    • Brad Toughy says:

      I haven’t seen anything, but I wouldn’t count on it.

    • Mariano's Pimp Hand says:

      They apparently have a salary cap imposed on them by the court. The $2.5MM that the Mariners are paying towards Lee’s salary was to keep them under that cap.

  29. http://www.eluniversal.com.co/.....no-yanquis

    Apparently, the Yanks have signed a Catcher out of Columbia

  30. Reggie C. says:

    If Justin Smoak is the newest Mariners 1B, does this mean Chris Davis plays full-time 1B for the Rangers?

  31. Ivan says:

    This is the perfect analogy to what LeBron James did to the city of Cleveland:


  32. 28 this year says:

    Regarding todays trade, the leaks to the press definitely came from the Mariners. Joel Sherman had most of the details and he still had details even when the Yankees were out of it. Clearly someone in the M’s organization had the press knowing everything.

    • If you’re going to leak and do it right, you give the info to somebody from the other city, so it looks like it’s coming from their side. Jack Z is a smart guy, I’m sure he knows how to play the game.

      I’m also not totally convinced the Yankee interest was 100% legit. By dangling Montero, they got Texas to give up Smoak and a good AA starter, which hurts them long term. When a trade is “imminent” and doesn’t happen, I smell a rat. How many times were the Red Sox “very close” to landing Johan Santana? About every two weeks back in 07. Johan (Lefty fly ball pitcher) never made sense for the Sox, and I always thought those rumors were designed to make the Yanks panic, which (thankfully) they didn’t.

      • bexarama says:

        I do think part of the Red Sox’s interest was trying to get the Yankees to up their deal but it’s a bit wrong to characterize Johan as just a “lefty fly ball pitcher.” At the time, he was easily one of the best pitchers in baseball (though 2007 was the beginning of his sorta decline from one of the top five pitchers in baseball if not the best, to a darn fine but not ZOMGAMAZING pitcher). Anyone would have been interested. I’m sure they would have pulled the trigger if they felt the price was decent.

        • When I say “Lefty fly ball pitcher” I’m referring to Fenway Park, where his career ERA was in the mid 5s IIRC. He wasn’t a fit for the Sox, especially with his velocity beginning to dip that year and those fly balls figuring to travel farther, along with fewer SOs. He was a good fit for the Yanks, not so good for the Sox.

          I never believed their interest was legit, and if they really wanted him they could have pulled the trigger on an offer, so I think I was proven right.

          • bexarama says:

            Gotcha, in general.

            I’m referring to Fenway Park, where his career ERA was in the mid 5s IIRC.

            Lackey had terrible numbers in Fenway. Cliff Lee has awful numbers in Arlington.

            • Yeah, I know. It’s always hard to say how much of that is the opposing team’s lineup and how much is a pitcher not pitching well there. It’s just something to consider FWIW.

            • BTW-When I say their interest wasn’t legit, that assumes a fair market price tag. Of course they would have taken Johan for a dirt cheap price, as would the Yanks or anyone else who could afford his salary.

  33. Hall and Nokes says:

    The Braves are having an awful defensive game for a team with no errors.

  34. Carlosologist says:

    Matt Cain is getting wrecked by the Nats. He’s given up 2 legit bombs to Adam Dunn and made an error.



    • Hall and Nokes says:

      I don’t miss Melky in pinstripes often, but when he jumped up out of the dugout after Infante’s HR, I missed him for a few seconds.

      • forensicnucchem says:

        I don’t miss him at all. He also looks a little plumpy, even more than he was with the Yanks.

    • Mr. Sparkle says:

      That’s good news considering in my 14 team, huge roster roto league, I actually have to start Melky as one of my five outfielders. Now if Eric Hinske gets into the act, that would be awesome. Yeah, that’s right. My league is so thin, he’s my starting third baseman!

  36. Mr. Sparkle says:

    That LeBron James “The Decision” show got a 12.8 rating. What the hell is wrong with people? The second he announced it, it was on every crawler on every sports and news channel. Why would would anyone actually sit and watch such contrived B.S.? I’m convinced that a show titled “Test Pattern: The Reality Show,” and was actually just a test pattern for an hour, would get a 5.0 rating. Sad thing is it would probably be more entertaining than anything else on ESPN.

  37. Ross in Jersey says:

    lol dude Melky looks like he’s put on some pounds! It looks like him and Jose Molina swapped body types in the offseason.

  38. “It’s a sham,” Huff told CSNBayArea.com by phone Friday morning from Washington, D.C. “To me, the All-Star Game is retarded.”

    “It’s so backward, it’s a joke,” said Huff, a 33-year-old veteran of 11 big-league seasons who has never been an All-Star. “I mean, if you want to make the game mean something and be so important with the World Series thing, why are you letting the fans pick the starters?

    “If the game’s that big of a deal, it should be the managers and players picking the team, because they really know who the best players are. Let the fans pick that last guy in the internet thing. That’s enough. The way they have it now, though, with the fans picking the starters, it’s either the most popular players or the guys on the big-market teams — the cities with the most fans, like the Yankees and Boston and Philly — just dominating the voting.”


    Folks, this is what happens when you give a boy a girl’s name. They get very bitter.

  39. Kevin in Delectable Princeton says:

    Adam Dunn will be in the Hall of Fame. Agree or disagree?

    • Ross in Jersey says:

      Eh….. tough to say. Great offensive player but his defense sucks. .905 career OPS is great though, you can pretty much pencil him in for 40/100 every year now. He’ll probably need to keep playing to rack up the homer totals, only at 336 in 10 years so far.

      I still say no though, I don’t think the writers will like his lack of defense or K rate

    • Mr. Sparkle says:

      Disagree. He doesn’t hit for average and strikes out way too much. I like my HOFers to hit a lot higher than .250 for their career. Plus, he can’t field. Home runs, walks and RBI are his strong point, but in order to make up for his shortcomings, he’d have to produce prodigious numbers in my book.

      I also like to look at what I call “Hall of Fame Seasons.” The type where you look back and say, “Wow, that’s a really good year.” I see maybe one of those and if I even wanted to be generous…maybe four. I’d like to see at least ten for a guy to be considered for the HOF, unless there are other circumstances involved. I can’t think of any for Dunn. He’s a sub-par fielder, has never been close to the best player in the league or all of MLB or maybe even on his own team and isn’t a stand out personality, much like Kirby Puckett was.

      My final personal test on borderline guys is the “first reaction” test. Mine is “no.” But, he’s still young. I might change my mind if he keeps it up for another five years.

  40. So I am sick on this Friday night… but I am gonna watch Miracle, then the Yankees… so I’m happy

  41. Mike in Atlanta says:

    Have the Yankees signed anyone in the International Signing Period?
    Apologies if big announcements were made and they went right under/over/around me.


  42. Brad Toughy says:

    And Jose Molina goes deep. Probably earned himself the DH again tomorrow.

  43. agel dark says:

    RIP G.Steinbrenner

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