Sherman: Yanks still looking for an utility infielder

It's official: Lance Berkman is a Yankee
Olney: Yanks still open for business

With their designated hitter and fourth outfielder issues solved, the Yankees are still on the hunt for a backup infielder according to Joel Sherman. They’re obviously looking for a guy that could handle shortstop and third base without a problem, plus someone who could outhit Ramiro Pena. That last part won’t be so difficult, Pena’s got a .223 wOBA this season.

The trade deadline is just over two hours away (4pm ET), but remember that deals can still go down in August after some waiver shenanigans.

It's official: Lance Berkman is a Yankee
Olney: Yanks still open for business
  • j

    hopefully the Yanks can still nab Jeff Keppinger…

    • Guy

      He’s probably the best option. Very versatile and a solid bat.

    • jmas12

      With Berkman and Kearns already on board, I’m worried the Yanks may load the bench with too much age and power potential over defense and speed. Yes, Pena’s bat is pretty rough, and by no means is he lightening on the bases. But he is a defensive wiz who can play 3 infield positions, some outfield (if absolutely needed), can handle the bat well enough to move guys into scoring position…

      You figure by adding Berkman and Kearns we’re going to send down Miranda and Curtis, just because I don’t think they’d cut ties with Thames. That would leave us with a lot of righties on the bench, which could work since we’d be loaded on lefties and switch hitters in the lineup. But I would think you’d want at least one potential lefty on the bench, even if it is Pena in a switch-hitting role. Obviously Curtis would be preferable, but I have a hard time believing they’d cut Thames loose.

  • Jobamania aka EvoLuTioN

    what names are you thinking of?

  • Johan Iz My Brohan

    Eduardo Nunez?

  • Brooklyn Ed

    like I mentioned before:

    I think Cashman should inquire about Joe Inglett as a potential bench piece. With limited playing time, he still bat for average with a .355 OBP. He could basically play every position besides catch. He could be a major upgrade of Pena offensively.

    Or, there’s Kelly Johnson.

    • mikebk

      neither of which can play SS.

      • theyankeewarrior


        The guy they acquire will strictly be a backup to Alex and Derek. His ability to play SS and 3B is the most important part. Then, they hope he hits better than Ramiro.

        Which is not hard to do, as pointed out in the post.

      • Brooklyn Ed

        Inglett could play SS.

        • mikebk

          and the evidence of that is his 11 career innings there?

        • theyankeewarrior

          If he can play SS then I assume he’s on the short list. Yummy.

    • Mike Axisa

      I’d be down for Inglett. The .355 OBP isn’t a fluke either, his career mark is .350.

      • Brooklyn Ed

        most definitely…when he played 105 games with the Jays 2 years ago, he maintained a .395 OBP. that’s awesome!!!

        • Scooter

          That would be great – but I’ll take the career average OBP happily – along with the versatility to play OF and IF

          Two other alternatives:
          Willie Bloomquist (righty bat; no power, poor OBP)
          Mike Fontenot (lefty bat poor against lefties, but has pop)

          Inglett would be the clear winner

  • j_Yankees

    Anything not named Ramiro Pena will do just fine.

    • Jose the Satirist

      Adam Everett

      • j_Yankees

        ::tips cap::

  • Cecala

    Do the Pirates have a decent utility guy?

    • phughesisgod

      No. But, they do have 2 nice relievers that I would take a look at.

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

        Ronny Cedeño isn’t an upgrade over Ramiro Peña at the plate, but he’s probably a better defensive shortstop.

      • Dirty Pena

        If Carrasco is one of those guys, he gone.

        • mikebk

          meek and hanrahan.

  • Guy

    Mike Aviles from Kansas City?

    • Guy

      Although he probably doesn’t have enough experience at 3B.

      • Brooklyn Ed

        Aviles played a total fo 164 games at 3B in the minors. so yes, he does have experience.

        • Guy

          Then I’d say he’s a good option. He has a solid UZR at SS and is hitting .292. Plus he’s born in NYC.

  • mikebk

    bring back alberto gonzalez.

  • UnNamed Yankee Souce

    How about Stephen Drew, Augie Ojeda or T. Abreu from Arizona?

    Maybe Drew for McAllister?

    • UnNamed Yankee Souce

      How about Craig Counsell!!!! Someone call the Ninja right now.

      • Scooter

        He’s got teh grit, teh clutchness, veteran-ness, and a belly full of guts – the Bubba Crosby of infielders

        He’s also 40

    • Steve O.

      It’d take too much for Drew, and he’s not good. Ojeda’s terrible, maybe a bit better than Peña at the plate. Tony Abreu is also terrible, and can’t play Short.

      In all, Drew isn’t as good as the prospects we’d surrender, Ojeda is terrible, and Abreu sucks.

      Any questions?

  • Abbott’s Arm

    Mentioned this in off-topic:

    Good idea or bad idea:

    Yanks swing a trade for Miguel Cairo…

    He can play all over the infield – 9 games at 1B, 1 game at 2B, 26 games at 3B (I assume he can play shortstop)

    He been hitting decently –
    .300 AVG – and these numbers come in only 130 ABs
    3 HR
    17 RBIs
    .370 OBP
    .423 SLG

    I’m sure there is some other backup infielder that the Yankees could find if they needed bench help but Cairo can’t hurt….and he’s an upgrade over Pena

    • mikebk

      problem is cincy is in a race.

    • Steve O.

      Bad idea.

      Dude’s playing way over his head. He’s due for a serious regression.

      He also can’t play short and the Reds probabaly will have a high pricetag. He also had two stints with the Yankees, if I’m not mistaken.

    • Thomas Cassidy

      That guy is still in baseball? I’d rather take Enrique Wilson. Just kidding. I like Inglett and Aviles. If you can’t get those guys, then I really don’t know who would be that much of an upgrade over Pena. Maybe Keppinger.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

      Miguel Cairo, what’s he, like, 45?

      I could hit him.

  • dc1874

    melvin mora..for free…

  • UnNamed Yankee Souce

    Jamey Carroll?

  • UnNamed Yankee Souce

    FINALLY! Kerry Wood a Yankee! Maybe we can give the Indians CHoP!

  • Jobamania aka EvoLuTioN

    Mariners Approached Braves About Figgins
    By Tim Dierkes [July 31 at 2:35pm CST]

    2:35pm: The Mariners approached the Braves about taking Chone Figgins off their hands, tweets ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick. Crasnick adds that the Braves are also making a late bid for a reliever.

    Have we found our new utility guy? :D

    hahahaha just kidding

    • UnNamed Yankee Souce

      Nice thought, but damn that would be $$$$.

      Chone Figgins = Tony Phillips