The pursuit of 600 and ticket prices

Deadline dealing: D-backs listening on Haren
Game 95: No Swish

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Via our partners at TiqIQ comes a chart showcasing the downward trend in weekend ticket prices. Even as A-Rod sits on the precipice of his historic 600th home run, ticket prices haven’t, by and large, increased this weekend. In fact, they seem to be trending downward.

The obvious question is why? Shouldn’t prices move up as history nears? One factor pushing prices down could be general A-Rod malaise. At the Pinstriped Bible, Steven Goldman posits that the cheapening of the home run milestones combined with the inevitability of A-Rod’s reaching the mark and general coolness toward him have combined to lend the act an air of something less historical than it otherwise would have. Sometimes, the media drives this narrative, but even without A-Rod’s PED revelations, 600 is just another number.

On the other hand, A-Rod is the youngest player in baseball history to reach 600, and as last night’s crowd reaction to his eighth inning double showed, the fans want to see him launch this home run. I blame the Royals and the weather. First, the Royals are an uninspired opponent. They’re 41-54 with few inspiring players and no gate attractions. These prices aren’t too out of line with any other weekend summer game, and the Royals don’t draw fans to the game. With rain in the forecast tonight and a heat advisory bringing another 95-degree day tomorrow, the ballpark is a less appealing place to roast away under the sun.

For those looking to get in on the A-Rod action, TiqIQ has seats in prime zones. You’ve got Field Level outfield seats for tonight under $60, Saturday bleacher seats for under $20 and Main Outfield seats less than $45.

Deadline dealing: D-backs listening on Haren
Game 95: No Swish
  • Steve H

    Another aspect could be that A-Rod is going to hit many more historic HR’s, so it lessens the value of this one. If he was 43 years old and retiring, #600 would be a bigger deal, but since he’s got a great chance at #700, #600 will be forgotten in the future.

  • cactusmaz

    What’s being missed is that home run records in general were cheapened by Sosa, McGuire, Bonds and the like.

    It will take quite sometime before the public truly embrasses someone who is approaching a mark such as Aaron’s 755.

    It will have to be an exraordinary individual, with barely a blemish on their personna.

    It truly is just a number now.

  • http://riveraveblues Rosie

    While many Yankee fans are excited about Alex’s pursuit of 600 homers, I think his being a steroid user has taken a lot of luster off his pursuit.

    • r.w.g.

      I was actually hoping the site would just ignore Alex.

      I’m happy to take big home run seasons from currently him seeing as how he’s a massive albatross. But I don’t think his career numbers should even be acknowledged.

      Between his own admissions, what Jose Canseco had to say about him, and the stink emanating from whatever Gene Orza gave him a heads about, I don’t really take the guy seriously.

      • bexarama

        A Yankee site ignoring a Yankee reaching a pretty important milestone. Right.

  • Little Bill

    It’s an arbitrary number. If it were the HR to take the all time lead it would be different. 600 isn’t as big a deal anymore.

  • mike c

    plus the yankees have awesome field box seats for 50% off this weekend, just got an email yesterday about it

    • TiqIQ

      Mike, we saw that ‘Rock On Weekend’ Promo as well. Currently, the cheapest seats available for Saturday via that promo are in section 121a, row 20 and will put you out $321.50, with fees. On RAB Tickets, the cheapest tickets in section 121a, row 17 are 293.15, with fees.

  • Januz

    The number 600 is basically meaningless (I don’t remember going crazy over Griffey jr with that number either (And no linked him to steroids)). As for the overall chase, Arod may or not pass Bonds or the rightful HR holder (Hank Aaron), but the taint of drugs will mar that record. However, if and when Albert Pujols gets there, that will be something different. There is nothing tainted about Pujols, and he will go down as the greatest hitter since Ruth with appologies to Williams, Mays, or Aaron. (I still think Griffey jr had the most all-around ability of anyone not named Mays or Ruth).

    • bexarama

      There is nothing tainted about Pujols,

      Yeah you can’t say that definitively.

      • Ubu

        “There is nothing tainted about Pujols….”

        ……BWHAHAHAH!!! ROFLOL!!

        Hope you’re not serious Januz. I can imagine his current hitting coach is bewildered by the “vitamins” his star pupil is digesting on a daily basis. Please, can’t wait for his downfall and how the so-called non anti-Yankee media will basically ignore or use the tired phrase- “No one cares anymore about steroids…..unless it’s those F##$% Yankees”.

  • dan genovese

    how much people sell tickets that they have purchased from the yankees does not matter.the yankee ticket prices are insane….i pay 100 a seat to sit upstairs.anywhere else that would put me near the rail…..the yankee payroll shoud be min. of 250 million and they shoud be in on every international free agent.they print money. have u noticed they do not sell out anymore……….at 100 a pop i donot want chopped liver.

  • dan genovese

    in addition,it is the royals,and 100 degree in the shade…you think there may be a couple seats available…….there all on the secondary market….from guys like me who paid the yanks in full in dec.

  • dan genovese


    • TiqIQ

      Dan, The Yankees Average $118/game at home and the Red Sox average $124 at home. Fenway has about 10,000 less seats than Yankee Stadium, which obviously drives up prices. The next closest set of teams are the Phillies, Cubs, and Dodgers whose average ticket prices are in the $70-$80 range. Hope that answers the question.

  • Poopy Pants

    Reasons? It’s disgusting weather in NYC, A-Rod’s a cheater and 600 is just a number.

    • Joe

      that only 6 people have surpassed and soon to be 7.

      • Andrew518

        600 is still an important number that I’ll be interested when someone who isn’t known to have taken steroids/HGH comes close to surpassing. Is that person in the game now? Probably not, but that’s what (used to) make the number so special.
        Admiditly I’m pretty embarrassed by Yankee fans general reaction, if A-Rod wasn’t a Yankee they certainly wouldn’t be giving him a standing ovation. I completely understand the desire to see something historical happen, but I wouldn’t consider this a great story to tell the grand kids. Remember that Yankee fans booed their own player (Maris) in his chace of Ruth’s record, was that appropriate, I’m not sure, but I think it a better response than that of the present.

  • Ace

    Maybe I’m in the minority, but I could care less. After getting busted for PEDs there’s no way to know how many of those HRs were blasted while on steroids.

    Just hit 600 and get it over with. I’m actually pleased its not getting much coverage. Less pressure on A-Rod and no ESPN hype machine.