2010 Arizona Fall League rosters announced


Hard to believe that we’re already talking about the Arizona Fall League, but here we are. According to Frankie Piliere, the Yankees are sending Austin Romine, Brandon Laird, Corban Joseph, George Kontos, and Craig Heyer to the desert this year, with a few other roster spots still open. Pitching coordinator Nardi Contreras said the team was sending four pitchers (one starter and three relievers), so I presume those open spots are for the other pitchers.

Manny Banuelos, a logical candidate for an AzFL assignment because of his appendectomy, can’t play in the fall league because his winter ball rights are still controlled by his former team in Mexico. If anything, he’ll pitch for them.

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  • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

    Heyer gets to go to the desert? That’s a nice little bump up in prospect prestige, methinks.

  • vin

    Fun Fact:

    Corban Joseph has stolen 16 bases in his young career. He has been caught stealing 18 times, however. Maybe he’s got a little Cano in him.

    • Andy In Sunny Daytona

      He’s lazy?

      /old meme’d

      • vin

        Yeah, but he might win a batting title some day. And he really reminds me of Rod Carew. Oh, and he’s probably going to win a gold glove this year.

        There’s 3 more.

  • vin

    I just realized how bad a start Laird has gotten off to in SWB.

    .215 .237 .312

    3 bb’s against 25 k’s in 97 PA’s. Only 5 xbh. Hopefully next year he can turn it around in AAA.