Aceves not yet ready to rejoin the Yankees


Shortly before the game, work leaked out that Alfredo Aceves was alive and well and in the Yankee clubhouse. I had fleeting thoughts that he would be activated after a lengthy stint on the DL due to back problems, and we would be saved more appearances by Chad Gaudin (or Sergio Mitre). The Yankees, however, have different plans. As’s Tim Britton reported, Brian Cashman is not quite ready to activate Aceves yet, and the team hopes to have him make at least one more rehab start and possibly two. “He’s a guy that’s just knocking out the rust,” Cashman said before the game. “The belief is he’d benefit and therefore we’d benefit from him getting a few more outings.”

So far, in 5 innings for AAA Scranton and AA Trenton, Aceves, who may still need surgery this winter, has looked sharp. He’s allowed a run on one hit while striking out six. Although Aceves may be ready to go, the Yankees are probably trying to stretch out his rehab to maintain some roster flexibility. By holding him back until September 1, the Yankees can activate Aceves without having to sacrifice Gaudin’s or Mitre’s spot on the Major League. Since Aceves’ back appears to be a ticking time bomb, keeping those two sacrificial lambs around gives the Yanks some depth during the pennant drive.

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  1. Zanath says:

    Gaudin will clearly be the one to go. Girardi likes Mitre, and he hasnt been awful out of the bullpen (aside from today). He hasn’t been good either, but he’s been better than Gaudin.

  2. Steve H says:

    keeping those two sacrificial lambs around gives the Yanks some depth during the pennant drive.

    Not a big fan of their performances the past two days, eh? It’s funny but that is the true value they provide. While the Yankees won’t intentionally throw them out there expecting them to get hurt, they’ll certainly take less care of their arms than they will of Hughes, Joba, D-Rob, etc, etc, etc.

  3. YankeesJunkie says:

    I think Aceves should stay in the minors til teams expand. It is nothing against Aceves, but it just gives the Yankees another pitcher in September.

    • Counterargument: If we dump Gaudin and add Aceves and then rosters expand, we’d be able to have the following pitchers with the big league club in September:

      Starters (7): CC, AJ, Vazquez, Hughes, Moseley, Nova, Pettitte (mid month)
      Relievers (10): Mo, DRob, Wood, Joba, Logan, Mitre, Aceves, Albaladejo, Sanchez, Marte (mid-month)

      That’s a lot of pitchers, even without Gaudin

      With either Moseley or Nova probably going to the pen, we’ll have a deep bullpen even without Gaudin, deep enough that we probably wouldn’t miss him and we wouldn’t be able to keep everyone rust-free if we kept him and pitched him. The only thing Gaudin really does is let us keep Albaladejo or Sanchez down at Scranton helping them compete for their title.

      Meh. Either way, no big whoop.

  4. crawdaddy says:

    The guy hasn’t thrown a pitch in a major league game since early May. I think he needs a few more rehab outings too.

  5. Zack says:

    Obviously getting ahead of things but, if he does need surgery after the season, could he be ready to go in ST or longer?

  6. dutchsailor says:

    Just a reminder. Both Trenton and Scranton will likely be in their respective playoffs. So any players coming from those teams will probably be delayed in being called up at the beginning of September. But that is another reason to keep Aceves in the minors until then. He could get called up even if, say, Nova was still at Scranton.

    • That’s true, but the other day Mark Newman said that a pitcher or two would come up to join the big club right away on September 1st. That probably means Nova and either Albaladejo or Sanchez leave Scranton without waiting for the minor league playoffs.

      There’s lots of good options at Trenton to come up to Scranton and help them compete for their title (like Noesi, Warren, Pope, or Cox).

    • crawdaddy says:

      The Yankees brought up some guys last September despite SWB and Trenton being in the playoffs.

      • vin says:

        Yeah, winning big league titles is all that matters. If Albaladejo can help take some of the load off K-Rob, Wood, and Joba then that’s more valuable than a AAA title. Same can be said of guys like Miranda or Nova.

  7. ShuutoHeat (GGBG > Crawford) says:

    Better safe than sorry and better to be late than to never make it.

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