In the news: Metro-North stop, Gov. Paterson’s tickets


As the Yanks enjoy an off-day this evening, we’re going full steam ahead with some notes on Yankee-related news. We start in the Bronx with Metro-North. Now in its second season of use, the new Metro-North stop has been dubbed a success. Ridership is up this year over last, and the station is seeing an average of 3219 customers for weekday games and 3819 for weekend contests. As the cops have been closing streets around the stadium after the game and making driving more difficult, seeing ridership creep upwards at this new stop is a welcome development. I have more on the Metro-North station at Second Ave. Sagas.

Meanwhile, Gov. David Paterson is learning the hard way that baseball and politics do not often mix. New York’s beleaguered lame-duck governor has faced a series of ethics inquiries into his staff’s requesting five tickets to Game 1 of the World Series for free. Over at the Biz of Baseball, Jordan Kobritz offers up a summary of the scandal and highlights how the state’s Public Integrity Commission has recommended that Paterson pay a fine of $96,375 for both the ticket request and his subsequent denials concerning his office’s role in the affair. The case has since been referred to the Albany DA’s office, and Paterson could face criminal charges for his role in this matter.

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    Metro north was great until they dropped direct service back to CT on the new haven line like a month in. Now it’s not really worth it for me.

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