MLB investigating Nova, DeLaRosa

Sanchez dealing with some kind of arm injury
Pettitte feels fine after bullpen session

Via Baseball America, Major League Baseball is investigating both Ivan Nova and Wilkin DeLaRosa for allegedly injecting each other with B-12 shots while the two were teammates last season with Double-A Trenton. B-12 is not on MLB’s list of banned substances, but only licensed physicians are allowed to inject the medication without a subscription. And, of course, they want to make sure neither player injected themselves with something other than B-12.

I honestly don’t know what happens from here, if there’s a penalty or something since it’s not a banned substance. Hopefully nothing comes of this.

Sanchez dealing with some kind of arm injury
Pettitte feels fine after bullpen session
  • Not Tank the Frank

    Lovely. Just put the syringes away kids.

  • Ross in Jersey

    Needless to say but.. now would be a really bad time for Nova to get suspended. If he’s going to get suspended at all.

  • Chris

    Hmmm… based on the results it looks like Nova got the good stuff and DeLaRosa not so much.

  • JobaWockeeZ


  • Johan Iz My Brohan

    Can WLDR take a double-penalty/fine and leave Nova free of any of the consequences?

    If anything, I’d say there is a fine.

  • southeryankeefan

    How does MLB even hear about this

    • Ross in Jersey

      Seems pretty obvious that someone on Trenton ratted them out.

      • 24fan

        Snitches get stitches.

      • steve

        “ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, i’m telling mom- er, i mean MLB on you two!”

    • PhillyMatt

      “Dance spider, ya prick you. He’s a rat, the whole family is a bunch of rats.”


      • tomaconda

        You’re funny!

        • Bryan

          What do you mean I’m funny?

          • Old Spice Guy

            Look at your comment, now back at mine. Now back at your comment now back to mine. Sadly it isn’t mine, but if you start posting legitamite comments it could look like mine. Look down, back up, where are you? You’re scrolling through comments, writing the comment your comment could look like. What did you post? Back at mine, it’s a reply saying something you want to hear. Look again the reply is now diamonds. Anything is possible when you think before you post.

            • JobaWockeeZ


              • Chris

                Maybe the first time he posted it today…

                • Steve H

                  Yeah. Not exactly sure what his deal is.

                  • JohnnyC

                    He’s showing progress. Got rid of the spelling errors and misplaced commas. Soon, he might have full use of his fingers and toes again. We can only hope.

            • theyankeewarrior


            • Angelo


            • MikeD

              I’m on a horse.

          • tomaconda

            im just sayin….. ya know…. funny

  • Yank the Frank

    I can hear the chants now “B-12, B-12”

  • Poopy Pants

    More proof that Nova is a real classy guy.

    • Not Tank the Frank

      More like “assy” amirite!!! Cuz he took a B-12 shot in the….

      Foget it.

      • Poopy Pants


    • Steve H

      What is the other proof?

      • Mike Axisa

        There is none, Poopy Pants just likes to complain and make shit up to back his opinion.

        • Poopy Pants

          I hit a nerve.

          • Steve H

            Do you have anything to back up your claim?

            • Poopy Pants

              Not really. He rubs me the wrong way. I’m not a fan of people who act like gansta/tough guys on the mound when they themselves don’t have to step in the batter’s box.
              Bautista might have overreacted, but so did Nova, in my opinion.

              • Angelo

                He didn’t act like a “gangsta/tough guy” he was simply responding to Bautista’s stupidity. Many people would have responded in a similar way. You don’t have to be very tough/gangsta to do that, but then again why am I even responding to you.

                I guess you just hate the way Nova looks. I guess you can assume he’s an ass without knowing anything about the guy. That makes perfect sense.

              • Zack

                Does Beckett act like a “gansta” on the mound? Or is he more of a “tough guy”?

                • Dax J.

                  I’d love to hear his answer on this question. Can he be a douche and a gansta at the same time? Or do you think he’s just a douche?

                  • Zack

                    A douche, a gangsta, AND a bulldog at the same time? Or too gritty?

                • Poopy Pants

                  Beckett just IS a complete douche.

              • Dirty Pena

                Do you ever say anything positive about anyone remotely associated with the Yankees?

                • Poopy Pants

                  Of course, but I refuse to be a non-thinking homer that wants people to throw at Bautista’s head because he was mad someone threw at his head (this idea was running rampant the other day). I WOULD, however, fully support a ball being thrown at Youk’s head every time, just to watch him cry. Then again, he literally hangs his head over the plate.

        • Poopy Pants

          I’d like to apologize for the Willie Bloomquist comment the other day. I had no idea you would be so bothered by it.

  • Dehy Dre

    too cheap to renew their subscriptions, eh?

  • Poopy Pants

    Allegations of Nova banging Mindy McCready in 3…2…1…

    • Anthony Murillo

      Maybe whomever ratted them out in Trenton “mis-remembered”?

  • http://deleted Richard Deegan

    WTF? One of the few pure vitamins with no known side affects, available as tablet, pill or powder over-the-counter without a prescription in any supermarket or drug store, supposedly requires a prescription for the liquid form? Oh Brave New World!!!
    This is definitely from a new Monty Python episode, right?

  • FIPster Doofus

    I wonder if this increases the likelihood of Cash putting a claim in on Kuroda.

  • GermanYankee

    Seems like Nova and de la Rosa are idiots. What else can you say about people that inject each other shit like that. I hope they can be suspended even though B-12 isn’t on the banned list. They’d deserve that.

    • Zack

      They deserve to be suspended for taking a non-banned substance and failing no drug test?

      • GermanYankee

        yeah, just because they’re idiots and do stuff like that.

        • Kulish

          If they can be suspended because, “they’re idiots and do stuff like that” can we suspend you for that stupid comment?

  • Rob Has no Innings Limit


  • Shaun

    B-12 is a vitamin that you can buy in any walmart, target, mall, and grocery store. It’s found in foods such as liver, eggs, energy bars, and countless others. He probably shoudn’t have been using needles but B12 is as necessary and harmless to the body as Vitamin C, and Calcium. Don’t worry the MLB can’t do anything for a legal and harmless vitamin that poses no advantage to a ball player (unless you count intestinal health, or the health for unborn children and their mothers).

    • dr mrs the yankee

      They are being investigated in case it’s something else. What I’m taking away from this is that MLB is hoping they’ll confess to PED sins.

  • vinny-b

    Poopy Pants: get a new screen name.

  • DallasGreen

    they are stupid kids and should be bitch-slapped a fine by the team for just that reason..

  • Tank Foster

    I think if they were willing to weild syringes and needles, the promise must have been for something more than B12. Nice try…..