Surprise, surprise: Nick Johnson’s wrist hurting again

Yankees limited Vazquez between-start work
Game 118: Johnny's Back

Via Brendan Prunty, Joe Girardi said before today’s game that Nick Johnson‘s surgically repaired wrist is once again barking. The first baseman/designated hitter had resumed baseball activities at the end of last month, though I think it’s safe to assume those have been put on hold for the time being. Even if he was able to come back as a pinch hitter walker in September, it would have been a nice little boost down the stretch. I guess we might as well forget about that now.

I was all for the NJ signing back when it happened, but it was obviously a huge mistake in hindsight. For shame.

Yankees limited Vazquez between-start work
Game 118: Johnny's Back
  • Marc

    Who the hell is ever going to give NJ any kind of money/chance in the future. He just can’t be depended on.

    • mustang

      He found the Yankees didn’t he.

    • Sweet Dick Willie

      Any sane offer would have to be a base salary of the league minimum, with bonuses based on plate appearances.

      • Bob Stone

        Exactly right.

      • Pete

        Call me crazy, but I’d take deal if I were Cashman haha

  • Matt on Earth

    Wow. Surprise, surprise.

  • crawdaddy

    Actually, I’m surprised that Cashman made such a mistake. Live and learn.

    • Ross in Jersey

      Nick Johnson, when healthy, is probably worth 3 times as much as he signed for. Cashman tried to buy low on a professional hitter who has one of the best eyes in baseball. It was documented how his long injury history were very much freak accidents and not chronic problems. He got hurt anyway, it happens.

      • mustang

        “Nick Johnson, when healthy,”

        NJ should trademark these words he made a fortune off them.

      • mustang

        “history were very much freak accidents ”

        Didn’t he get hurt once this year because he wore the wrong cleats? i think it was in Spring training. The man is a walking accident.

        “who has one of the best eyes in baseball”
        To bad all they have seen is the ER.

        “He got hurt anyway, it happens.”
        Yes, but not at 90% rate.

        Thank you I’m here all week.

    • mustang

      Winn and Park.
      I’m not, but shit happens,

  • Pete

    Ok honestly, I’m starting to think they shouldn’t have bothered trying to rehab him. Just have him stand up there and and no-swing his way to 3 WAR

    • Marcos

      Yeah, he can just foul off pitches with his right hand and a really light bat!

      I actually think this could work… Mmm…


  • Chris

    It would be disappointing news if anyone was expecting him back this season (or ever since he won’t be back next season), but did anyone believe he would recover and contribute down the stretch?

    • boogie down

      I did, since the injury first occurred so long ago. Sucks, but hey, that’s how the cookie crumbles sometimes.

  • Tom Merritt

    Flush this guy down the nearest toilet and be done with it!!!

    • FIPster Doofus

      Yeah! Let’s flush the guy who gets on base 40 percent of the time down the toilet! Fuck you, Nick!

      • BklynJT

        Unfortunately his O.DL.P is 100%.

  • Rey22

    This is what happens when you play Party in the USA as your walkup music.

    /doesn’t matter

    • Pete


  • http://deleted How Ya Doin

    BUT HIS OBP!!!

    • mustang


      Yes the OBP Jesus!

    • Pete

      is what has made him just as valuable (/not valuable) as Matsui this season.

      • mustang

        Can you please just STOP!

        The guy has barely played. Can we take the stat. goggles off for one moment.

        • bexarama

          NJ doing nothing this year doesn’t mean Matsui’s having a good year or that resigning him would’ve worked out that well.

          • mustang

            See below.

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

          Not playing at all = playing and sucking

          • mustang

            More like Not playing at all and wasting 5.5 million plus 1.5 million on your replacements and minor leaguers.


            • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

              Hideki would have also cost that same amount of money.

              This complaint of yours is nonsensical.

              • mustang

                No the nonsensical part is to predict (and that’s all your doing here) that a player like Matsui can be less valuable then a player that barely saw the field.

      • mustang

        You have NO idea what Matsui would have done playing in a home field like Yankees Stadium in a line up like the Yankees. I know what NJ did BARELY PLAYED!

        • Steve H

          Playing a lot, and playing poorly doesn’t help anything.

          See Cervelli, Francisco

          And being in Yankee Stadium in the Yankees lineup wouldn’t make Matsui hit the ball any better.

        • bexarama

          Matsui had a .950+ OPS away from YS last year and an .820ish OPS at YS last year. Just saying.

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

          You have NO idea what Matsui would have done playing in a home field like Yankees.

’s Hit Tracker does. It says that one of his fly outs hit to right field at Angel Stadium would have cleared the wall at Yankee Stadium, giving him one extra homer…

          … but five of his homers to centerfield at Angel Stadium would have been harmless flyouts at YS3, taking his season homer total DOWN from 15 to 11.

          Has Nick Swisher failed to produce for us? Yes. Would Hideki Matsui also have failed to produce for us? Also yes.

          Shit, in the long run, we were BETTER SERVED having Nick and no Hideki, because Nick getting injured enabled us to have Marcus Thames and Lance Berkman at DH, and the two of them together will have outproduced Hideki by season’s end.

          Quite easily, in fact.

          If I could build a time machine, I’d go back in time and not sign Nick Johnson, but I sure as fucking hell wouldn’t sign Hideki Matsui in his place, because Hazmat is toast. He’s dead. He’s done.

          • mustang

            Dude, lotto numbers please since we can now predict everything.

  • BklynJT

    To be perfectly honest, Cashman should of knew better than to risk trusting such an important position (DH for NY Yankees) to someone who is sooooooo injury prone. The only reason people were so hyped about the signing was because they were temporarily delusional (maybe even including myself) thinking that NJ would actually have an injury free year…. All the organization needed to do was run a simple risk analysis against NJ’s injury history to tell that the potential reward was NOT worth the signing. This isn’t a prospect, we shouldnt be aiming for High Risk High Reward talent, but instead consistency. It was a bad move, then and now.

    • mustang

      We have a winner !

      • BklynJT

        Irregardless if you think his injuries were “freak accidents” but the fact remains that he is damaged goods. Once you injury something, it usually doesn’t come back to 100%, especially for athletes, and there is high probability that the injury can reoccur.

        2000 – Strained muscle in his right hand checking his swing. Out entire season .
        2002 – Bone bruise in left wrist occurred during a caught line drive. Out 24 games .
        2003 – Stress fracture in his third metacarpal bone in his right hand. Out 61 games .
        2004 – Lumbar strain. Out 46 games . Returned, fractured right cheekbone. Out remainder of season from August 20th on .
        2005 – Suffered right heel contusion trying to avoid a tag. Out 24 games .
        2006 – Fractured right femur in a collision on September 23. Out remainder of season and entire 2007 season .
        2008 – Injured right wrist tendon sheath swinging a bat on May 13. Out remainder of the season.
        2009 – Strained right hamstring. Out 15 games .

        • Poopy Pants


        • mustang


  • Jersey Johnny

    In other breaking news, Elton John is gay.