Yankees limited Vazquez between-start work


Via Pete Caldera, the Yankees have “sharply limited” Javy Vazquez‘s work since his last start due to concerns about the utter lack of life on his fastball. Pitching coach Dave Eiland referred to it is “less volume, less intensity,” which for all intents and purposes means they had Javy scale back his between-start throwing hoping it would take care of this dead arm phase. The righthander’s velocity has been down all season and even moreso in his last few starts, but with Andy Pettitte on the shelf and a slim lead in the division, they can’t exactly skip him a start or two right now.

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  • Jose the Satirist

    Would the Yankees ever consider taking him out a bit earlier in the next couple games? Maybe if he is around 85 pitches try and lean on the bullpen a bit more?

    • T-Dubs

      You’re probably more likely to see this after Sept. 1st when you could put in a Nova or Sanchez type to eat the last few innings without needlessly using your primary relief weapons.

      I’m for it though.

  • MikeD

    It would be nice if the Yankees could skip one of Vazquez’ starts, but that would pretty much require Pettitte to return. No way I’d recommend having Moseley and Gaudin comprise 2/5ths of our rotation for one turn. Looks like Andy’s still a couple weeks off.

  • Pablo

    To be honest, I think Javy Vazquez is not doing what he should be doing with the Yankees. I mean, almost every game he starts is either a bad game, a loss, or a game that another pitcher has to clean up. I don’t want to speak bad of him, but I think that Sabathia, Pettitte, and Hughes are the top pitchers. Would the Yankees ever get another, solid pitcher to make up for Burnett and Vazquez?