Yankees sign ninth rounder Taylor Morton


Via Jim Callis, the Yankees have signed ninth round pick Taylor Morton for $450,000, exactly three times over slot. Coming out of a Tennessee high school, the 6-foot-3, 200 lb. righthander was inconsistent with his velocity this spring, though he did top out around 94-95 mph. Morton also throws a really good changeup and a curve, and is arguably the best pitching prospect the Yanks drafted this year based on the total package – present stuff, future projection, and command. Here’s video.

It doesn’t look like the Yanks will hand out a seven-figure bonus this year, but they’ve still gone over slot more than a half-dozen times. That’s good news though, because I’ve been pretty amazed that the Yanks managed to sign a player at the price they did on several occasions, including Morton. They’re getting some serious bargains this year.

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  1. T-Dubs says:

    D-Opp is taking bitches to school this summer.

  2. Steve H says:

    It doesn’t look like the Yanks will hand out a seven-figure bonus this year, but they’ve still gone over slot more than a half-dozen times.

    It’s like buying 5 $5 lottery tickets instead of 1 $25 ticket. Less chance at a big payday but more chance of winning. Also a quicker way to continue to rebuild the farm system’s depth.

  3. Bobby Analog says:

    Mike, why are you convinced that the Yankees won’t hand out a 7-figure bonus this year?

    • Mike Axisa says:

      The only guys left looking for seven figures (that we know of) are Williams and Rutckyj, and frankly their bonus demands are a little ridiculous. Williams wants top ten money, Rutckyj first round money. Neither player is more than a third round talent at best. The Yanks are probably going to pass on both.

      • Kevin Jordan just went Gerrit Cole on them, simply saying he’s going to college, anyway?

        • Reggie C. says:

          Jordan should go to college. He didn’t impress many scouts his senior year. I think i read a report that stated that Jordan had a bad case of something (mono?) and it sapped his strength and weight.

          Three years from now, he should be projected to go much higher.

          • Steve H says:

            But going higher 3 years from now doesn’t necessarily mean more money (adjusted for time) nor better development as a player. Also, there may be hard slotting by the time he comes out and he could end up losing a decent chunk of money, even if he is drafted higher. If it’s a money issue he’d be better off coming out now, but money likely isn’t a huge factor for him considering his family.

          • mikebk says:

            im sure he could have gotten more than Culver so probably top 20 money and while potential top 10 money would be more it is 3 years later and also delays really getting paid if you can get to the bigs.

      • I’d actually much rather the Yankees went after Rutckyj, Viramontes and Kevin Jacob (because frankly, unless it’s an absolutely absurd amount of money, Jordan is not signing). Mason Williams could succeed, but for top-10 money? Pass.

        Yes, the guys I have listed are all unrefined, which is troublesome when two are college guys. But the upside is pretty good. The two relievers have the stuff to be set-up men, and Rutckyj has big-time talent.

        Again, they’re all with huge flaws – Rutckyj is very, very raw but has big upside, is a fresh arm and a lefty; Jacob has a very unorthodox delivery, one that worries guys due to injury, and he also doesn’t hide the ball (he comes over he top); Viramontes is a nice arm with two average secondary pitches, but is he worth near seven figures? Doubtful. All these guys are worth a shot, but I’d actually go much harder after Rutckyj.

      • Andrew says:

        Yanks will sign Williams. You heard it here from me.

  4. T-Dubs says:

    Am I completely off-base in hoping that they took a relatively safe route this year so that they can just go nuts next year?

  5. Mike, do you think the Yankees will sign Mason Williams and Travis Dean? There should be enough money left to haul them in, right?

  6. jeety says:

    Where and when will these recent signings report?

  7. Reggie C. says:

    Did the Yanks go so beyond their draft budget last season that it caused a pull-back in the signing of talent?

    I think 4 signed picks last year broke 500K, whereas this year nobody but Culver and Gumbs has passed that mark.

    • mikebk says:

      it was more like 6 i believe. Heathcott 2.2, Murphy 1.25, Mitchell 800K, Stoneburner/Cotham 675K each, Deluca 500K. did i miss any?

      • Nope, it’s covered. Gotta catch’em all!

      • Reggie C. says:

        I forgotten about Stoneburner and Deluca. Stoneburner’s already in High-A, and it made me think he was a ’08 pick.

        Yeah, I think you named all the members of the +500K club. This year’s signed draft class (to date) pales in comparison dollar-wise. Talent wise too? (except on the relievers end)

        • mikebk says:

          gamel is said to be a done deal, so if they add 3 or 4 of williams, dezse, rutckyj, viramontes then talent wise it isnt that different, but it seems different to an extent since most of this years bigger salary guys havent played while we have seen last years for a year now. this group seems more raw than last year’s though which is why i hate the slot waiting game cause you lose development time.

    • Tom Swift says:

      Or are they saving money for next year’s draft?

  8. mikebk says:

    cant believe they got Morton and Encinas for a combined 750K

  9. dan says:

    what are the odds they sign josh dezse think he would be a great steal if you can get him? Does anybody have any video on this guy?

  10. dan says:

    what are the odds pirates sign stetson allie, indians sign bobby wahl
    rockies sign kyle richter? Does anybody think that these guys could be available in next year’s draft?

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