Boras and A-Rod divorce

Burnett and Vazquez looking to quell rotation worries
Game 134: Get off our mound

It seems like an odd time to do so, but Craig Calcaterra of Hardball Talk reports that Alex Rodriguez has fired longtime agent Scott Boras. It actually happened a month ago. Jay Reisinger, who has acted as both A-Rod‘s and Andy Pettitte‘s counsel in dealing with PED matters, will take over as A-Rod’s full-time representative. I’m not sure how much this changes things, since Alex likely will never negotiate a player contract again. But as Calcaterra notes, Reisinger is “the point of contact between A-Rod, the union, the league and the Yankees.  That has made him the defacto agent.”

Burnett and Vazquez looking to quell rotation worries
Game 134: Get off our mound
  • Pat D

    And it’s not as if Scottie didn’t get his great commission from ARod’s deal.

    But it is still satisfying to see someone give him the ax.

    • Ross in Jersey

      I never really did understand why people hate Boras so much. With the notable exception of Johnny Damon, he gets the most money for his clients. Isn’t that what he’s paid to do? He’s not hired to be a nice guy or give team/fan friendly discounts.

      I guess he represents greed and that’s why people dislike him. But if I were a ballplayer I’m pretty sure I’d want Boras working for me.

      Interesting that A-rod would choose now to get rid of him though. Maybe he felt like it was pointless to keep employing him when his services likely won’t ever be needed again.

      • Anthony

        He has also gotten players to miss out on deals by getting to greedy as well.

      • Pat D

        You hit the nail on the head: he’s the personification of greed to us average fans who aren’t these hugely successful players. Yea, I’d want Boras working for me if I was a player, but I’m not, so…I can easily dislike him.

        I also think people just have an overall negative view of agents anyway, mostly thanks to things like Jerry Maguire, Entourage and Drew Rosenhaus.

      • DF

        What really irritates me about Boras personally is the bombastic claims he makes and the apocalyptic mentality he seems to employ. For instance,

        “Boras argues Damon has historic durability and “the body of a 30-year-old.” Damon has played 140 or more games in 14 straight seasons.


        “Greg Maddux was the unique pitcher when it came to durability,” Boras said of another client. “And [Damon] is the Greg Maddux of position players when it comes to durability.”

        Or, his tactic of taking teams down to the wire, which it seems to me he does just because he can. Essentially I think he makes dishonest arguments in bad faith while being needlessly antagonistic, and it rubs me the wrong way.

        • Ed

          Or, his tactic of taking teams down to the wire, which it seems to me he does just because he can.

          He doesn’t do it just because he can. He does it because teams panic at the last minute. When they’re up against a deadline, they fear being left with nothing. At that point, teams often offer the most they can possibly afford rather than just the most they want to spend.

          It was especially effective when teams used to be unable to resign their free agents if they didn’t sign them by a certain date. The date was late enough that most free agents had already signed contracts, so the impact of losing out was far more immediate than it is with draft picks.

        • Ross in Jersey

          Negotiations always go down to the wire though. Hell, Revis might miss regular season games in an effort to get the most money possible from the Jets. It’s a negotiation tactic, not something unique to Boras.

          And sure, he exaggerates the abilities of his clients sometimes. That’s all just fluff. His job is getting the most money for his clients, and he does that better than anyone. I can’t fault him for that.

        • bexarama

          “Does Scott inflate his clients’ performance a bit? Sure, but that’s just what makes him the best,” said free-agent reliever Scott Schoeneweis, who Boras compared to a left-handed Mariano Rivera, the second coming of Goose Gossage, and “Jesus Christ, only with a better slider” at various points throughout the afternoon.

          (It’s not real, obviously, it’s just funny)

      • Mike HC

        I’m with you. Some fans hatred of greed seem to be misplaced. They side with the owners and not the laborers. I think athletes deserve all the money they can get from ownership, and if holding out, and negotiating like Boras, is what it takes, I say all the more power to the players.

        • Ross in Jersey

          Yeah, true.

          This was kinda talked about on WFAN the other day – how normal, blue-collar worker fans tend to side with ownership over fans. Wouldn’t it make sense, from a psychology standpoint, that people who collect paychecks would side with those who do the same? But it seems the overwhelming majority side with ownership and don’t want players to make obscene amounts of cash.

          • Ross in Jersey

            ownership over players, that is. Typo.

        • Kiko Jones

          I love how people who would, in a heartbeat, ditch their job for one that pays a $100/wk more can complain about ballplayers making as much money as they can, in the short window of opportunity they have to do so.

          Baseball players make too much money, sure. But I’d rather they get it, than ownership accumulate more and more.

      • Yankeegirl49

        I have been saying that for years. His clients do not work for him, he works for them, and is only doing the job he is paid to do.
        I don’t hate him at all, I admire him for doing whatever it takes to get the best deal for his clients.

    • Yankeefan

      Don’t feel sorry for Boris. He is still going to get paid for the next seven years of A-Rod’s contract.

    • Robin

      check out this website and you will see why most people do not like Boras!

  • zzzz

    good. keep the focus on playing the game, not promoting your brand name.

    • Esteban

      You think A-Rod has had that problem recently?

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder
    • Pat D

      See, I always thought it was supposed to be a parallel to when Luke screamed “Noooooooo!!!” when Vader tells him the truth about his lineage.

      Of course it just came off as incredibly awkward. Because George Lucas is not a good director.

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

        Of course it just came off as incredibly awkward. Because George Lucas is not a good director Hayden Christiensen is not a good actor.

        Fixed. (Although, you’re probably right as well.)

        • Thomas

          Actually it is James Earl Jones doing the voice. He is a pretty good actor.

          Lucas is a lousy director.

        • chriskeo

          Hayden Christiensen is not a good actor.

          I’m pretty sure he played Anakin in the later trilogy, while the scene referenced is from Episode V.

          Note: I am still not disagreeing with your claim.

          • Pat D

            No, what tsjc linked to is from the end of Episode III. I was making a comparison between that scene and a scene in Episode V, however.

            But yes, I think we can all agree, Hayden Christensen = bad actor.

            • Thomas

              Apparently, Christensen does a very good job in the movie Life as a House (though I haven’t seen it).

              I have however seen the movie Virgin Territories starring he and Mischa Barton. I will say that movie is so bad (and his performance in it) that it make his performance in Star Wars seem on par great actors like Bogart and Hepburn.

              • Pat D

                He was a real whiny turd in Shattered Glass. Though I think that was an accurate portrayl of the person he played.

                • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

                  Yeah I was about to mention that movie, too. I actually thought he was pretty good in that movie but, in retrospect, it seems more like a case where the movie was good for him than a case of him being good for the movie. Looks like that was just a good role for him, it played to his strengths. Every other role… Not so much.

                • Thomas

                  Yeah, I’ve heard he was pretty good in that too.

                • Andy In Sunny Daytona

                  He was the bomb in “Jumpers”, yo.

  • Dela G

    Smart Move, Alex. Boras’ ass should’ve been fired after that horrible fiasco in ’07. I still can’t believe he (boras) wanted the 252 mil deal because he wanted exactly 2 times Kevin Garnett’s all-time record 126 million dollar contract.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

      In 2007, Scott Boras got Alex Rodriguez a contract worth as much as 305M over 10 years.

      He shouldn’t be fired over that, he should be fellated over that.

      • Pat D


      • Thomas

        All while the only team competing for his service was one that said they wouldn’t resign him if he opted out.

    • Ed

      Boras’ ass should’ve been fired after that horrible fiasco in ’07.

      A-Rod had the largest contract ever by a large margin. After the offseason when that contract was signed, no other player had managed to get even half what A-Rod did. Boras managed to top the previous contract by about 10% in guaranteed money, about 20% if he collects all the bonuses.

      He also did it in a way that made A-Rod look like the good guy – he “crawled back to the Yankees and realized he had to make up for the lost Texas money.” And people were happy that A-Rod “only” got a max of $300m, instead of the $350m Boras was touting as the starting point of negotiations.

      And all this for a player already nearing the end of his prime years.

      Boras was a genius. He deserved every cent he earned.

      • Mike HC

        The part you are forgetting is that he probably deserves every penny, and is making/will make far more money for the Yanks than the Yanks will end up paying him.

        • Ed

          Whether A-Rod is worth the contract or not depends entirely on how well he ages. He’s signed until he’s 42, which history suggests is a very bad gamble. We’re already seeing that his hip could make him decline far faster than we expected.

    • A.D.

      A-Rod somehow got paid more, despite not having a market & alienating the one team that would pay him.

      Hank should have been fired after that fiasco.

      • Sweet Dick Willie

        Hank should have been fired Fredo’d after that fiasco.

  • larryf

    ARod will be the greatest 43 year old 3rd baseman in AL history.


  • A.D.

    Best situation for Boris, he’s already gotten paid off the contract and less work for him.

  • Mike HC

    Do agents also negotiate advertisement deals? Post playing career business opportunities? Coaching contracts?

    Maybe some agents do and some don’t? I don’t know. But it is possible Boras is missing out on more money, other than just his playing contract.

    Either way, it was obvious Boras and ARod did not have the best of business relationships, but both sides were able to come out pretty good during their time together.

  • vin

    It’s interesting to think what would have transpired if Hal had been the only one running the show in ’07. Would he have re-signed Alex if he opted out? Would Alex not have opted out if he thought Hal wouldn’t bend? Where would Alex be playing? Would the Yanks be suffering with Mike Lowell at 3rd?

    • whozat

      Nah. He’d have been on the DL most of the year and Beltre would be playing 3rd :-)

  • j_Yankees

    Didn’t A-Rod and Boras have a bit of a falling out after the opt out?

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

    I’m not sure how much this changes things, since Alex likely will never negotiate a player contract again.

    Yeah, but next year ARod’s gonna opt out again and sign a new 12 year, 475M deal with 60M in merchandising incentives for passing Hank Aaron in career RBIs and XBH, Pete Rose in career hits, Babe Ruth for career pitching wins by a member of the 500 HR club, Barry Bonds for career petty swipes and potshots taken at by Mike Lupica, and Leo DiCaprio for career number of mediocre blond actresses dated.

    Can he pull that off without Boras? Doubtful.

    • Steve H

      Can he pull that off without Boras and Hank? Doubtful.

  • damn yanks

    This is a pointless move, Boras still gets all of his commission from the 300 million dollar deal, so this is nothing more than a cosmetic move by arod…

    This is a non story

  • MikeD

    Boras can be annoying as a fan because he’ll say things that we know aren’t true (he knows it too) and he always seems a threat to move one of your favorite players to another team for the most money. If he bothers Yankee fans, imagine how fans of other teams must feel. We generally benefit from this because we sign more of the big-name free agents.

    Boras is doing his job and his does it well. If I was an athlete and I was seeking an agent, he’d be one of the first I’d interview.

  • Memories Off Anime

    You know, I swear I’ve seen a report of A-Rod splitting with Boras before he signed the current deal. I gotta agree, there really is no point of this..