Game 137: Guess who’s back?


(AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

Gardner, LF
Jeter, SS
Teixeira, 1B
A-Rod, 3B
Thames, DH
Posada, C
Granderson, CF
Golson, RF
Pena, 2B

And on the bump, Phil Hughes. Enjoy the game.

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  1. FachoinaNYY says:

    Fuck yeah!!!

  2. Slappy White says:

    Welcome Back Centaur

  3. LawStudent says:

    ….back again. Arod’s back. Tell a friend!

    Here’s hoping he stays healthy.

  4. FachoinaNYY says:

    I can’t wait to see the A lineup with Swisher/Berkman…

  5. Zanath says:

    Cano getting the day off I guess?

  6. Ivan says:

    Look it’s that selfish, cancerous, stat padder bastard back with the Yankees….YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. vin says:

    There seems to be only 1 position player spot up for grabs for the playoff roster. My guess is it’ll be down to whether they decide to take a 3rd catcher, 2nd backup infielder, or 5th OFer (not counting Thames).

    Maybe Golson plays his way onto the team as the 5th OFer (pretty useless) and pinch runner (more useful). I’d hate to see a 3rd catcher because the illusion of Cervelli handling certain pitchers appears to have dissipated, thankfully.

    I’d hate to see Nunez make the team, just because I don’t want to see Axisa go on a killing spree.

  8. vin says:

    Hopefully we see some Whitey and Thurman today.

  9. Slappy White says:

    Cant believe we’re 21-3 without him. Thats beyond explaination

  10. Poopy Pants says:

    Does anyone know who is coming off the books for the Sox after this season? V-Mart, Papi, Paps?
    I’m wondering how much money they will have to throw around and compete with the Yankees re: FA’s.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      V-Mart, Ortiz, Varitek, Hall, Beltre for sure. Lester, Pedroia, and Youkilis are all getting raises through their contracts. Papelbon’s up for arbitration, so he’s getting a raise. Ditto Ellsbury and Buchholz.

      • Poopy Pants says:

        Wow. Thank you very much.

      • Tosh says:

        VMart and Beltre are sure to get some nice extensions. Ortiz probably will at a discount tough. I think they’ll still be in ‘Yankee territory’ so I don’t think they’ll go after Lee or Crawford since John Henry is ashamed of it.

        And they’ll want a spot open for another ace in their staff in Kelly.

        • bexarama says:

          Dunno if the Red Sox resign Beltre. I think Boras finds him a big, multi-year contract elsewhere.

          • Tosh says:

            He’s a top 5 AL WAR player so I think they’ll get him. I don’t think the 3B market can adequately replace him nor do I think they have a prospect that can take over.

            But I hope you’re right. I can’t stand him and I don’t want the Sox resigning a good player.

          • Pat D says:

            The Red Sox may not be able to let him go. And yet at the same time, I’d be terrified of giving him a big contract since he’s had two big seasons and a lot of mediocre seasons.

          • Ivan says:

            Yeah and some sucker will pay him alot of money. The Marineers fell for that trap years back.

          • vin says:

            This. Especially if they re-sign VMart and feel like he should get starts at 1B with Youkilis moving to 3rd.

            They have some flexibility, but they really need to resolve their catching situation. They have a solid, but not spectacular outfield when healthy. Like the Yankees, they were planning on relying on their infield for much of the offense.

    • bexarama says:

      Others will know more than me, but definitely V-Mart and Ortiz, and Beltre too. I don’t think Papelbon is going to be a FA.

    • vin says:

      About 68 million coming off the books. Ortiz has a pretty big club option. Beltre has a 1 mil player option. Lowell, VMart, Varitek are their big FA’s. Papelbon will be in line for an arbitration raise. He may get non-tendered or traded because he’s already making 9+ mil this year. Will be interesting.

      • Poopy Pants says:

        That’s pretty darn thorough. Awesome.
        IMO, last offseason seemed to be all about making room for Mauer this coming offseason. Luckily, that didn’t work out for them.
        It will be interesting to see how it all unfolds.

        • vin says:

          Yeah, totally agree with the Mauer thought. He would’ve been a complete game changer – much like Tex was for the Yanks.

    • Kevin G. says:

      They don’t need Cliff Lee. They already have 5 aces.

      • drill me deep/ jebadiah Gammons says:

        if you were to count the grand wizard Wakefield, Timsy and the budding kelly, one can assume they have 7 Aces. you do not want play high stake poker with this team.

    • drill me deep/ jebadiah Gammons says:

      Papi,Vmart,Beltre are the big ones, that’s like 35 mils right there. Pap will be offer arb IMO. but fear not, Poop, one only need to gaze upon the rosey cheeks of Kalish and Nava to assure that youth and energy have gained another year of Grit,Gut and Grizzle under the tender nurture of Theocracy. With Kelly the wunderkind strutting around the corner, The red Nation can manifest their destiny without the benefit of any big free agents.

      This, Jebadiah Gammon will assure you, wounded souls of New England.

  11. Carlosologist says:

    A-Rod! Now the lineup is deeper and thicker than it was for the past few weeks.

  12. vin says:

    The Yanks are really lucky that Thames has been killing it the last 2-3 weeks. They’ve been able to withstand the Tex, Swisher and Alex absences. And now they can give Cano a day off without opening up too big of a black hole. Golson and Pena in the lineup may seem awful to us, but seriously, go look around the league.

  13. Fred Lemond says:

    Keep it going

  14. Not Tank the Frank says:

    I’m too lazy to look it up but I’d venture to say Hughes has faced the Blue Jays more than any other team this season. I know he wants a bounce-back outing but it’s going to be tough against a lineup that has seen him so much.

  15. Steve O. says:

    Let’s get greedy, boys.

  16. How many articles about how the team can’t win with A-rod and his hollywood personality if we lose today? I say…. 5.

  17. vin says:

    Is anyone else surprised to see Jeter hitting 2nd? There’s the whole Jeter hitting into too many DP’s thing, but also because Gardner is very unlikely to gidp. Also, Jeter is at his best when he can be aggressive and swing early in the count. If Gardy is on base, that may curtail Jeter’s aggressiveness.

    I guess the concept of the 1B holding Gardner on and opening up a hole for Jeter outweighs the negatives in Girardi’s mind.

  18. Cy Pettitte says:

    BG has a cannon, made that pretty close

  19. Wow, looked out on the replay.

  20. mikebk says:

    Gritner with the cannon.

  21. James A says:

    A little Mariano cutter right there


  23. Paul Canales says:

    Hughes just won the game

  24. mikebk says:

    excellent pitch there

  25. Greg says:

    Great pitch

  26. Cy Pettitte says:

    I love that Bautista is having an awful series, making the wins that much sweeter

  27. Pete says:

    hughes having a little trouble holding that curve

  28. Cecala says:

    I really hope the Yankees win today, not because of the general fact I always want them to win, but if they lose the mass amount of articles about A-Rod hindering the Yankees ability to win.

  29. Jake H says:

    WTF are you thinking Phil?

  30. Sheesh… that was tagged

  31. vin says:

    I miss crappy Vernon Wells.

  32. Greg says:

    Use the fastball too much and he got burned

    • Scooter says:

      Posada was set up away – it could have been a cutter that didn’t cut. Maybe Jorge was looking for a cutter like the Bautista strikeout pitch.

      Hill’s double was on a bad curve.

      Phil needs to work in the curve and change today.

  33. Pete says:

    I seriously don’t understand that call. 0-2 to a FB hitter and you call a FB? Why?

  34. in girardi we trust says:

    Sterling is so God dam decieving

  35. Cy Farnsworth says:

    …well, fuck.

  36. Cy Pettitte says:

    Hughes has so many 0-2 hits off him or 0-2 to 3-2 counts, hopefully he can develop a put away pitch for next season

    • Greg says:

      That cutter to Bautista should be ok for an out pitch but he needs to throw it more

    • Steve O. says:

      He has put away pitches, I just think he needs to trust his stuff more. Instead of consistently trying to overpower someone, try to go offspeed, or a breaking ball out of the zone. I think it’s a pitchability issue, not a pitch not being good enough issue.

  37. larryf says:

    This is our top speed lineup. Gardy/Nunez/Golson/Pena/Grandy. We can beat you so many ways. Saw Montero go deep in the first and hit 2 doubles. He is a hitting monster. We will be back in this game of course…

  38. James A says:

    Well we all know that 2 run homers in the first arent always a good thing

  39. Zanath says:

    That just wasn’t a smart pitch. I know it was a mistake, but all of these Jays hitters are fastball hitters, especially Vernon Wells. I think a curveball would have been a better choice in that situation.

  40. CBean says:

    Ok offense go to work!

  41. Cy Pettitte says:

    .317 BA, .449 OBP as a leadoff hitter…if Joe moves him back to 9 I will be pissed

  42. Ivan says:

    Hughes needs an out pitch.

    YAY Gardner.

  43. Jake H says:

    Wow I’m shocked that Jeter hit into a double play.

  44. Captain double play strikes again. Christ. It’s not even like he makes it hard for them to turn it. I could do that.

  45. Ivan says:


  46. in girardi we trust says:

    typical Jeter. he has GOT to be lower in the lineup. Sadly it’ll never happen.

    • Mike HC says:

      If only Jeter was batting lower in the lineup the whole year, then we would have the best record in baseball … oh wait. Or at least we would have had an 8 game winning streak right now … oh wait, nevermind.

      • JMK says:

        Things are going well, therefore it’s foolish to improve…?

        • Mike HC says:

          My point is that it would not be an improvement to move Jeter down the lineup. It would hurt the team for multiple reasons, in my opinion. And Girardi seems to agree with me.

          • Tosh says:

            Giving Jeter less AB’s is an improvement.

          • JMK says:

            Meh, I think a lineup of Gardner, Swisher, Teix, Alex, Cano, Posada, Berkman/Thames, Granderson, Jeter makes more sense.

            I see your point; I just disagree.

          • Zack says:

            What are the multiple reasons it would hurt the team?

            Would Jeter become a clubhouse cancer? Would fans call into talk radio? Would the MSM play the Yankees are Disrespecting Jeter storyline?

      • Tosh says:

        Wait what? That logic says that we are in first and have an 8 game winning streak because Jeter is high in the lineup. What you said is completely irrelevant.

  47. larryf says:

    Jeter either takes 2 pitches and Gardy steals or drop him down to 7 or 8. Enough already!

  48. Mike HC says:

    That is something that annoys me, and not only Michael Kay does it:

    When they say, “No Yankee has ever done this … since 2004.” Why start with “no Yankee has ever done this,” why not just say “the last time a Yankee has done this.”

    I’m sure I’m the only one this bothers, but it is just annoying. 2004 is not even that long ago. And Nick Johnson did it last year.

  49. cano is the bro says:

    omfg another damn double play

  50. Rosco says:

    I would rather see Gardner run on the first pitch every time even if he gets caught then to see that.

  51. Matt Montero says:

    Oy Vey! Should we shvitz about cecil pitching again?

  52. CBean says:


  53. Cy Farnsworth says:

    I miss A-Rod’s old batting music (the ridiculous “This Is Why I’m Hot”)

  54. Jake H says:

    I got to say that if Jeter was such a team player he should go to Joe and say he wants to be moved down. He is killing this team

  55. Paul Canales says:

    innings like this are ass

  56. Rosco says:

    Anyone know how many DP’s Jeter has hit into this year?

  57. jon says:

    So what has to happen for jeter to get moved down the lineup

  58. larryf says:

    14-15 years of Jeter gives him great leeway to make us all suffer this year…

    • Steve O. says:

      This. Larryf is right. Jeter’s track record of being the active hits leader, and supreme BA has come before his lackluster season. I’m not shocked, really. Not to say that I don’t have a problem with it.

      • Zack says:

        I’m not shocked they’d give a veteran time to fight through a slump- but it’s September.

        But if people want Jeter to move down in the lineup, then shouldn’t Cano and Arod switch spaces ttoo?

        • Steve O. says:

          Seniority is a bitch sometimes. Every manager values seniority. Every. Single. Manager.

          • Zack says:

            Oh I get that. But managers skip starters in the rotation, because that’s what’s best for the team. No different than batting order.

            • Steve O. says:

              The batting order is sacred, my friend. Plus Jeter’s offense isn’t crippling to the Yankees. Which is why a drop in the order may not seem ‘justified.’*

              *Justified, as in the manager sees his production as not too detrimental to the team to not slight Jeter. If the manager thought that Jeter’s talent was having an incredibly negative effect on his team, then trust, Jeter would drop.

              • Zack says:

                “Plus Jeter’s offense isn’t crippling to the Yankees.”

                So that defends having your 2nd worst offensive player hit 1/2? And having blind faith in the manager isn’t trust, it’s an excuse.

    • Mike HC says:

      If suffering means having one of the best shortstops in the American League in a down year for him, then I love to suffer.

  59. Scooter says:

    A good curve to Buck. That’s a start

    • Scooter says:

      And a good curve to McDonald

      Still – he’s going 90% FBs. Flash is right – when you get lefties 0-2, throw the change

  60. CBean says:

    Yay, more innings like this please, Hughes.

  61. Mike HC says:

    File this under, “I’m sure I’m the only one who cares about this”

    But I always notice that gorgeous Yankee waitress in the camera shot when a lefty is up. Usually, the staff go about their business and don’t pay attention to the game. But a couple of games ago, a lefty let go of the bat and just missed hitting that waitress in the head, and she was all shook up. Now, whenever a lefty is up, the waitress and other staff stop what they are doing and watch the game, presumably for safety reasons now.

    That was kinda interesting to me.

  62. Not Tank the Frank says:

    In a way, I’m encouraged by what Phil Hughes has done this season. He’s been pretty good overall without any consistent secondary pitch to speak of. His curve, cutter, and change are bound to improve.

    • JMK says:

      How is it a safe bet that he’ll improve his change if he never throws it?

      • Not Tank the Frank says:

        I’m sure he’ll work on those things in the offseason and ST. The changeup to me is less of a concern than the cutter and curve. His curve HAS TO improve. It’s awful.

        • JMK says:

          The scouting report was the curve was top-notch. Haven’t really seen that this year. Hope you’re right, man.

          We heard that the reason he won the job was his changeup improvement, when in reality he’s worked largely off his fastball and cutter. The fastball’s been good, the cutter a pleasant surprise overall, but the curve seems worse than it had in the past, the changeup non-existent.

  63. JMK says:

    Damn, Mickey-D. At least he can’t hit worth a lick.

  64. in girardi we trust says:

    Sounds like the Jays brought the leather today.

  65. Slappy White says:

    Alot of people consider Jeter the ultimate team player and ARod a selfish player, but Alex switched positions just to come to the Yanks and Derek wont even talk about a position change as he gets older. there is no way he would go to Girardi and ask to be moved down in the order, although if he was such a team player, he should……just my opinion


    • larryf says:

      good point but keeping him at short will allow us to see more jumpthrows on balls hit to his right (one step) and 360 pirouette throws on balls hit to his left (one step). We can look forward to it these next 3-4 years….

    • drill me deep says:

      we don’t know whether or not that convo has taken place or will be taking place in the next contract negotiation.

      I will simply say this, I have little problem in letting Jeter walk after this season. allocate that money somewhere other than giving it to 37 SS. I will roll with Nunez and another stop gap SS to back up.
      I could care less if he is approaching 3000 hits. he is very mediocre this year and might never be much more than he is now.

      • Slappy White says:

        Theyll NEVER let him walk… way

      • Chris says:

        Jeter >>>> Nunez

        This year and probably for a number of years in the future.

        Jeter is having a down season only by his standards. He’s still one of the most valuable SS in the AL. If there were a quality replacement out there, then I’d be ok with letting Jeter walk, but there’s not.

        As for the initial point, why on earth should Jeter move off of SS? His defense is average and his offense is average. If you move him to another position his offense suddenly looks well below average and there’s not guarantee that he will play better defensively. What position could he play next year where the Yankees don’t already have a better option under contract?

  66. drill me deep says:

    it seems to me the Yankees has prioritize Hughes mastery over command of FB before fine tuning his secondary pitches. I think more utilization of changeup will help this him a long way in becoming of even better pitcher.

    • whozat says:

      His curve was his touted secondary offering coming up. I’m wondering why it’s not an effective weapon for him and what he can do about that.

      • drill me deep says:

        The problem with curve you can’t always throw strike with it. poor command can also lead to gofer balls. People are apt to lay off his curves and gear for his FBs. since it seem to me he throw 70 percent of time. Hughes will need the change up going forward. it will benefit him a great deal.

        • whozat says:

          The same exact reasoning applies to changeups. You can’t always throw them for strikes, bad command leads to poor results, etc.

          My point is that he has, supposedly, had an excellent curve in the past. It was his out-pitch in the minors, and his command of it (coupled with good command of a plus fastball) is what elevated his prospect status. The change up was something he worked to develop over the last year.

          He’ll need SOME plus offspeed offering. I don’t care what it is. However, given that he had great success with the curve coming up, one wonders what happened with that.

          • drill me deep says:

            good point about hughes needs a plus curve. the point of a change up is not the fact it’s easy to throw strike with, rather, if you have good command of fb and good arm speed action on your change , you don’t need to throw it for strikes . A hitter would offer at it because it travels on the same plane as a fb. Hughes has excellent control of his FB, that’s why a change up will help him vitally. that said, a good changeup.

  67. Captain Jack says:

    A-Rod’s back yet Ramiro Pena still plays…sigh…

  68. Greg says:

    I’ve got that sinking feeling…

  69. Slappy White says:

    im sick of seeing that nasty aorta….fuck the smokers quit line

  70. Scooter says:

    First changeup! (Snider swing and miss)

  71. gxpanos says:

    Change-up sighting! A swinging strike.

    Or was it a cutter?

  72. Cy Farnsworth says:

    How can Michael Kay acknowledge that run support is the only reason for high win totals in one breath, then tout wins as the most important pitching stat in the next?

  73. James A says:

    Golson, Pena, Gardner next inning
    can you say back-to-back-to-back?

  74. Slappy White says:

    Seeing Golson out there makes me wonder why am I seeing Golson out there ?

  75. larryf says:

    Was at the game yesterday and saw some of the players leaving the stadium after the game. Pena driving a pretty spiffy Porsche SUV. Oh to be a backup infielder with no power!

  76. Ivan says:


  77. in girardi we trust says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me

  78. Greg says:

    Another 0-2 fastball

  79. JMK says:

    I liked Aaron Hill better when he was hitting like Ramiro Pena.

  80. Cy Pettitte says:

    ugh, come on Hughes….another 0-2 shot

  81. Wil Nieves #1 Fan says:

    Hughes is a girl.

  82. God dammit. All the blue jays do is hit home runs. So annoying.

  83. gxpanos says:

    Teeeeerrible pitch.

  84. Jake H says:

    I don’t understand Posada and Phil’s utter lack of wasting a pitch.

    • Greg says:

      That wasn’t Posada’s fault. He was setting up down and away and Hughes completely missed

      • Jake H says:

        Why would you call for the fastball is the question. Show another pitch, make the hitters think about something else. Yes both pitches tailed to the middle but you can’t just throw the fastball.

  85. Poopy Pants says:

    Yankees fans were cheering and high 5-ing each other in the bleachers after the HR? Wierd.

  86. Ivan says:

    Dat 3rd strike is always da hardest for Phil.

  87. JSquared says:

    More 0-2 Fastballs Please.

    • Steve O. says:

      All of that is just a hypothesis that can’t be tested. Jeter could very well bounce back next year. It’s interesting, sure, but don’t take this as the gospel or anything.

      • Big Ben says:

        Not taking it as conclusive, just sharing the theory put out there by a reasonable baseball (for lack of a better term) authority…and maybe helps rationalize/explain the frustration of his of-late suktitude

      • drill me deep says:

        SteveO, the observations of Jeter plate mechanisms are factual. The hypothesis here is more or less whether it’s a product of age rather than injury.
        to that end, i will say he has as good as of chance of not bouncing back.

  88. Wil Nieves #1 Fan says:

    0-2 to 3-2. I love this sort of stuff.

  89. Hughesus Christo says:


  90. Jon in Cyclist-Unfriendly Orlando says:

    Greg Maddux, on 0-2, career: 11 home runs allowed. (per JoPoz)

  91. Pat D says:

    Hughes’ splits are always amusing to see.

  92. Pat D says:

    Carlos Pena was considered a top prospect that, for some reason, needed a few years and several organizations to figure it out.

    The comparison to him being a late bloomer and Jose Bautista being a late bloomer is not very accurate, methinks.

  93. vin says:

    If Hughes gets a postseason start, it has to be on the road, no?

  94. Ivan says:

    I think Hughes should learn a splitter…but thats just me.

  95. Wil Nieves #1 Fan says:

    Whenever Hughes gets an 0-2 count, I think he should just throw 3 intentional balls. Then go for the put away.

  96. Greg says:

    So do we blame A-Rod for the end of the streak?
    I know it’s early but…

  97. James A says:

    Hughes either needed to get that fastball way way up or bounce a curve there
    he obviously has a plus fastball, but the Jays are just sitting on it and theyre going to run into a few
    this is where he needs to either get comfortable enough with his cutter or his change that he can use them in any count

  98. Cy Pettitte says:

    How low does Jeter’s BA have to go before they have to stop airing those “Jeter’s got an edge” commercials?

  99. Slappy White says:

    ARods name on the line-up card is KILLING the Yankees

    just kidding but 21-3 without him is really wierd

    • Scooter says:

      Kay loves the fallacy of the predetermined outcome… why can’t he love the “post hoc ergo propter hoc” fallacy?

      Golston turns on the FB, and turns on the jets

  100. in girardi we trust says:

    Way to go hook nose.

  101. Cy Farnsworth says:

    Golson’s got some serious wheels. I thought he would be toast at second.

  102. Cy Pettitte says:

    wow, nice hitting by Golson there

  103. James A says:

    I went to a SWB-Pawtucket game where Golson went oppo for a 3 run dinger
    hes got more power than you’d think

  104. Wil Nieves #1 Fan says:


  105. Not Tank the Frank says:

    Not going down 4-0 that’s for damn sure. Let’s go Yanks!!

  106. Wil Nieves #1 Fan says:

    Ramiro the Hero staying hot. Me gusta.

  107. gxpanos says:

    EL OH EL.

    Golson and Pena get on.

  108. Cy Farnsworth says:

    On the one hand, I hate bunting in that situation.

    On the other hand, awesome bunt by Pena.

  109. Scooter says:

    The real Scooter would be proud of Pena there

  110. Cy Pettitte says:

    Ramiro the hero, very nice bunt

  111. Pat D says:

    Maybe Pena isn’t so dumb after all?

  112. CS Yankee says:

    Baltimore strikes first in the first against the Rays. I hope they kill today then get killed for the next three. Sorry, Buck

  113. in girardi we trust says:


  114. gxpanos says:

    Also, that bunt sounded like a wiffle bunt.

  115. larryf says:

    Golson can fly and Pena contributes. Speed is good even in this, the station to station long ball era….

  116. cano is the bro says:

    ok now get some runs in before jeter can hit into another DP…

  117. Wil Nieves #1 Fan says:

    On the board. I’ll take it.

  118. Slappy White says:

    Jeters gonna homer here

  119. BadaBling says:

    Nicely done! Now please no GIDP. Send Pena and give Tex a shot!

  120. Tom Zig says:

    *checks the pitching matchup*

    *sees Brett Cecil*

    *rolls eyes and prays for hanging changeups*

  121. Joe West's Music Career says:

    Shut up Michael Kay. Shut up Shut up Shut Up!!!!

  122. Scooter says:

    Take a page from Joe Torre and hit and run here to help Jeter out

  123. Slappy White says:

    The fuckin chicken comes first but the question is who has sex with the rooster

  124. Doug says:

    good job jete…keep the inning alive

  125. Pat D says:

    Kay history fail.

  126. CBean says:

    Alex needs to be productive today just so they’ll shut up about how the team did without him.

  127. larryf says:

    Derek will have 3 more years to show frustration Kay-don’t you worry.

  128. BadaBling says:

    Don’t be scared of Tex give em a strike homie!!

  129. BadaBling says:

    Such a powerful swing and a little nubber, foul. Here it is…

  130. Pat D says:

    Why are comparing this game to last year’s game against Baltimore?

  131. pat says:


  132. Tom Zig says:

    a game tying HR by A-Rod here would be an excellent addition

  133. Cy Farnsworth says:

    Cody Ransom would’ve hit a game tying homer.

  134. in girardi we trust says:


  135. Greg says:

    SHould the blame begin

  136. BadaBling says:

    Fuck a change-up, 89 ain’t sexy…99 is bitch now throw the heater!

  137. Paul Canales says:

    this is madness

  138. Cy Farnsworth says:

    Maybe 2001 for the trivia question? Both Clemens and Moose were up around 20 wins.

  139. James A says:

    Random thought, but what guy currently starting for a big league team would surprise you most if he threw a no-hitter?
    I say Rodrigo Lopez

  140. Scooter says:

    Another changeup sighting – grounder to first on 1-2

  141. Greg says:

    Honestly, who should we blame if the streak ends?

  142. Doug says:

    another missed location

  143. boogie down says:

    What’s the quiz question today?

  144. Cy Farnsworth says:

    See Phil? Isn’t it easier when you throw a breaking ball every once in a while?

  145. Jake H says:

    change up for the most part has looked good.

  146. Scooter says:

    Not to be a jerk, Flash – but on the strikeout pitch to Buck, Phil missed his location – was supposed to be inside, and was more outer half

    Another out on a changeup to a lefty (on 1-2)

  147. I’m so, so, so tired of talking about Phil’s pitch selection, honestly :(

  148. Pat D says:

    Jorge reminds us that he, too, is a master of the DP!

  149. cano is the bro says:

    ENOUGH with the damn double plays!!!

  150. CBean says:

    Could they at least not make the inning so easy for Cecil?

  151. Mike HC says:

    How the fuck does Clay Buchholz have a 2.25 era in the AL east with only around 100 k’s in 150 innings and a 2 to 1 K to BB ratio? And in like his rookie year. Is he really that good? Or just lucky this year? He is making Hughes look bad.

  152. Pat D says:

    Here’s a question:

    If the White Sox beat the Red Sox today, they will pass the Red Sox in the Wild Card standings. So if the Yankees lose, does their playoff magic number actually go down then?

  153. Doug says:

    yeah kay, worked real when moseley gave up the lead

  154. drill me deep says:

    Hughes and AJ really has lot of similarity to Burnett

    Burnett’s arsenal 93mph (average) mph fb and a good secondary curve .
    problem, he has poor command of fb and curves. Hitter sitting on FB , bang he gets hammer by a good fb hitting team !

    Hughes’s arsenal. 93-94 fb and a decent secondary curve. very good control and command of fb , throws 70 percent time. Decent control of curve.
    problem, he throws way too much fbs. on those occasions where he miss in the zone against a dead red team like Toronto. Bang….way too predictable even if he attacks the four quadrant with it.

    the only thing that left me wonder is, why aren’t Eiland or the catcher calling more changeups? is this a organization philosophy thing in Hughes case? with Burnett, maybe he is too dumb to ever adapt period, is calling his own shots.

    either way, they both can benefit in throwing the change up with more freq. actually, it might be vital in a year or so.

    • Cy Farnsworth says:

      I disagree. I think that Hughes stays away from his curveball because he doesn’t have full confidence in it as an out pitch.

      I think that Burnett stays away from his curveball because he’s constantly behind in the count.

      • drill me deep says:

        Burnett has poor command of his FB and 90 percent of time he can’t throw his curve for strike. it doesn’t take a genius to a scout to advise any team to sit dead read on him. I am surprise with his diminishing Velo he is not getting hammer more !

    • pat says:

      Hughes has poor fastball command? He has the same bb/9 as CC.

      • drill me deep says:

        huh? he has good command of his FB, as he normally attacks the four corners of strike zone with it. my problem is , predictability , he throws way too many of them. A changeup that lives mostly on the same plane will benefit him a great deal because his fb command. it doesn’t have to be a good one, but just decent. hitter would offer at it even it is thrown for strike.

      • Humdinger says:

        Just because a pitcher doesn’t walk people, doesn’t mean he has good command of his pitches.

  155. seimiya says:

    If they did it 24 years ago, it’s not “never been done.” Hasn’t been done in a long, long time, yeah. Been done, though.

    • JimAbbottFan says:

      It’s the usual tactic to make a stat sound more profound than it really is.

    • Mike HC says:

      hey. I just commented on that above. I will re post here because someone finally agrees with me, ha:

      “That is something that annoys me, and not only Michael Kay does it:

      When they say, “No Yankee has ever done this … since 2004.” Why start with “no Yankee has ever done this,” why not just say “the last time a Yankee has done this.”

      I’m sure I’m the only one this bothers, but it is just annoying. 2004 is not even that long ago. And Nick Johnson did it last year.”

  156. Slappy White says:

    The hot waitress looks very sad

  157. James A says:

    Was that Jose Bautista who was just picked up on the mic?
    I heard someone say, I only have 103 rbis, i could use a few more

  158. Cy Farnsworth says:

    I’d say that Hughes has thrown a few more than 2 bad pitches this afternoon.

  159. Total Dominication says:

    Strand ‘em Phil, keep us in the game!

  160. Doug says:

    montero can’t be as bad as that, right?

    • larryf says:

      Montero will soon be here and Jorge will be a memory. Jorge never hit 20 HR’s at age 20. Heck, he didn’t even catch until he was 23 I think. Jesus is awesome!!!! I think he hit a ball 475 feet Friday night to left center. I was there…

  161. Cy Farnsworth says:

    Solid job by Hughes working out of trouble. 1 run is acceptable there.

  162. Steve O. says:

    So I’ve been offered Brett Favre for Brandon Marshall and Chad Henne. Should I accept or decline? I’ve got Big Ben, but he’s suspended for 4 weeks.

  163. JM says:

    They gotta score 2 here

  164. Pat D says:

    Go Irish!

  165. Slappy White says:

    Another “who gives a fuck” moment by Kay

  166. Total Dominication says:

    Gardy with another walk. Fucking base clogger.

  167. Steve O. says:

    Just keep it going, Jeter.

    • Cy Farnsworth says:

      No need to push him and go into the playoffs with their best player hurting.

    • Mike HC says:

      Thanks for reminding me. He is on my fantasy team, and it being the playoffs, I’m done without him. Even if I win this week (which it is looking good), odds of me winning next week are slim. Let alone my competition has just about every pitcher on his staff with a two start week.

      It was a fun year while it lasted, ha.

  168. CBean says:


  169. Cy Pettitte says:

    Teix HR please

  170. Slappy White says:

    scared to pitch to Jeter…

  171. Total Dominication says:

    Jeter can walk?

    /I keed, I keed

  172. Total Dominication says:


  173. Scooter says:

    4-1 Orioles… thanks, Buck

  174. Cy Farnsworth says:

    Come on Phil.

  175. Literal Jim says:

    Time to shut down Hughes for the year. Bullpen time.

  176. Bleh. Doesn’t seem to be our day. Oh well, couldn’t expect the winning streak to last forever.

  177. cano is the bro says:

    god i hate the blue jays and their homeruns. Its the only way they freaking score runs

  178. Esteban says:

    Has Hughes hit the wall?

  179. Mike HC says:

    For everyone worried that ARod would have taken the blame for this loss, I think it is safe to say the MSM media will be swan diving off Hughes bandwagon instead, and maybe rightfully so.

  180. JMK says:

    The fan made a nice grab there.

  181. Pat D says:

    It’s wonderful how he can’t keep the ball in the park here, but he can on the road.

  182. JMK says:

    Umm…Hughes has not been fantastic today, broadcaster guys.

  183. Total Dominication says:

    I just tuned in last inning, and I find it hard to believe he’s been fantastic.

  184. Wil Nieves #1 Fan says:

    Am I missing something? Hughes has been fantastic today?

    • JMK says:

      No. He hasn’t been as bad as the box score indicates, but he’s been nowhere close to fantastic. Nowhere.

      • Mike HC says:

        Exactly. He has definitely been victimized by the homerun ball and not been getting hit around, but that still does not equal pitching fantastic.

    • Scooter says:

      Gotta lay a lot of the blame on pitch selection

      He doesn’t need to throw a lot of changes and curves – but against a lineup that loves fastballs, he needs a change of speed.

      The double to Lind was on a pitch that was decent – inside FB – but the batter was sitting FB

      • drill me deep says:

        that , it really isn’t that complicated.

        • Yes it is, it’s easier said than done. I love how people like you say “JUST THROW MORE CURVES DUH” and act like it’s such a simple fix.

          • drill me deep says:

            Ross, the execution is the complicated part of any pro sports, else, you and I will be playing.

            • So, say that. Hughes is 24 years old.

              • drill me deep says:

                huh? he is 24 years old.
                the assertion is simply this, if hughes mixes more curve and change up against dead red hitting team, the result could possibly be better than the bottomline today.

                That idea in itself is not so complicate to appreciate. no one is calling him a disappointment.

          • Scooter says:

            Hughes’ curve was inconsistent – but the change was decent. Mixing those in – especially the change against lefties – could help a lot, even if neither is a plus pitch

            If he can improve those pitches, it could help him a ton. There’s no guarantee he CAN improve them, of course

            • Reggie C. says:

              How could he be considered a top-of-the-line pitcher if he’s only got ONE CONSISTENT plus pitch – the FB.

              The man needs to improve the change-up or curve. Clay Buchholz at similar age flashed a much more varied arsenal than Hughes has at age 24.

  185. Total Dominication says:


  186. Total Dominication says:

    Soooooo close.

  187. Man, Granderson has been smoking the ball lately, even against lefties. I’ve said it before – he’s going to have a huge 2011.

  188. CBean says:

    I really thought that might get out.

  189. Steve O. says:

    I’m hoping for an IF single.

  190. Cy Pettitte says:

    “I think we might have overstated Phil Hughes” – Oh really Kay?

  191. Hughesus Christo says:

    A 2 run Sac Fly? Unheard of! Outrageous!

  192. Slappy White says:

    If you take the free skin cancer test and they say you have it, do you stay and enjoy the game ?

  193. Total Dominication says:

    Sergio Mitre and huge part of ballgame should be mutually exclusive.

  194. Total Dominication says:


  195. Cy Pettitte says:

    wow, Mitre trying his hardest to put this one out of reach

  196. White flag from Joe I guess

  197. cano is the bro says:

    really mitre?

  198. Slappy White says:

    Nobody warming up ? WTF?

  199. a plethora of pinatas says:

    I don’t get Girardi’s hard-on for Mitre. Hopefully there’s a better option next year.

  200. James A says:

    I know this game has sucked, but shouldnt it be against the rules of fandom to boo a team on an 8 game winning streak with the best record in baseball?

  201. Jerome S says:

    Four run lead and this team and its explosive offense has a chance, a chance… could have gone with any skilled reliever we wanted too.

    But no.

    • Mike HC says:

      Its not looking like its our game. But you are right, there is a chance, a small one.

      • Mike HC says:

        I see what the slant of your post now. Girardi likes to use everyone in his pen. Some disagree, but he always seems to get all 25 men on the roster some playing time.

    • Steve O. says:

      I have no problem with going with Mitre there. Getting the bullpen a day off in a probable loss >>>>>>>>> Working the bullpen to try to stay within shouting distance of the lead.

  202. Mike HC says:

    Considering the lineup we have ran out there, and with Javy, Aj, Hughes, Moseley all struggling (well, the later isn’t struggling, he just, is) and Pettitte still out, this 8 game win streak was all the more amazing.

  203. Total Dominication says:

    That could have been a shitload worse. Now we need to score 2 runs at least.

  204. pat says:


  205. bob says:

    not going to win every game rays will lose and red sox will sweep rays

  206. Jerome S says:

    Thank Mo.

  207. Slappy White says:

    That Kate Smith sounds hot

  208. a plethora of pinatas says:

    Overbay is either really bad or really good. Looks like the bad player showed up.

  209. Total Dominication says:

    Can we pinch hit someone for Golson?

  210. Ivan says:

    Lucky you got a hit there Pena, I did not want you to swing on 3-1.

  211. Esteban says:

    Golson and Pena have more hits than the 1-4 batters now. This is silly

  212. drill me deep says:

    holy smoke ,Pena is rocketing towards 240 avg that is fucking amazing!
    the dude has knack of hitting slow ground balls in places where they aren’t any fielders!

  213. Total Dominication says:

    Time to feast on an inferior bullpen.

  214. the other Steve S, says:

    What are they afraid of? A double play?

  215. Wil Nieves #1 Fan says:

    Driving that train, high on cocaine. Casey Janssen is ready, watch your speed.

    /Grateful Dead’d

  216. Steve O. says:

    Jeter, just get on base. That’s all I’m asking.

  217. the other Steve S, says:

    that was pathetic

  218. Total Dominication says:

    Back-to-back Tex and A-rod now. Please.

  219. Wil Nieves #1 Fan says:

    That was just bad. That pitch wasn’t even in the tasteful high strike area.

  220. Steve O. says:

    Bah, Jeter loves the high FB.

  221. drill me deep says:

    just be grateful he only made one out this time.

  222. Wil Nieves #1 Fan says:

    Tex, A-Rod and Cano should all finish with at least 100 RBIs. And possibly Swisher. 4 players with 100 RBIs…how neat!

  223. a plethora of pinatas says:

    Here comes the A-Bomb!!!!!!!

  224. Pat D says:

    Single, so pathetic.

  225. Wil Nieves #1 Fan says:

    This is still all A-Rod’s fault.

  226. the other Steve S, says:

    sweeter than sweet

  227. Eirias says:

    He just wanted to be on base for Thames.

  228. Wil Nieves #1 Fan says:

    Oh shit, Thames is up. Shit’s gonna get nasty.

  229. Cy Pettitte says:

    Time for Dr. Thames, PhD to go to work

  230. Reggie C. says:

    Colby Rasmus requested a trade from STL. Wow.;id=4153

  231. drill me deep says:

    i believe the Rod is doing some preliminary drilling before doing sweet deep drilling… AJ, get the fucking pie ready, i feel it.

  232. pat says:

    Busting him inside to set of the outside junk?

  233. Man, A-rod was in such a good position to yell “HA!” again.

  234. Wil Nieves #1 Fan says:

    Thames pop out. Way to go A-Rod.

  235. Wil Nieves #1 Fan says:

    Mike Lupica tomorrow: “Alex should have stole signs, but he didn’t and Thames ended up popping up. The Yankees can thank Alex for losing the game.”

  236. a plethora of pinatas says:

    What’s the over/under on runs Mitre gives up this inning?

  237. Wil Nieves #1 Fan says:


  238. swisher's fauxhawk says:


  239. a plethora of pinatas says:

    TB 5, Balt 4

  240. drill me deep/ jebadiah Gammons says:

    i am thinking this puny 4 four can definitely be overcome by these sons of the Bronx. AJ, get the pie ready , fosho!

  241. drill me deep says:

    jebbaaaadiaheeez, damn PoPo, back me up on this.

  242. Cy Pettitte says:

    wow you really have to try hard to mess that up Hill

  243. Cy Farnsworth says:

    C’mon Swish.

  244. Total Dominication says:

    Cano is on deck, right?

  245. Wil Nieves #1 Fan says:

    Cool that wasn’t ball 4 or anything.

  246. Cy Farnsworth says:

    Swisher did not look good out of the box.

  247. Total Dominication says:

    Damn. Come on Puma!

  248. Total Dominication says:

    O’s up 7-5!

  249. drill me deep/ jebadiah Gammons says:

    Puma is sir pounce a lot less on the right side.

  250. Total Dominication says:

    That’s not good.

  251. Jerome S says:

    I’m gonna start a conversation here: I would honestly, right now, rather see Pena or Nunez in the lineup than Jeter.

    • drill me deep/ jebadiah Gammons says:

      not Pena , he is like the ultimate slappy slappy non hitter, I would rather see Nunez than Jeter at this point. He is showing me a more potent bat , though he is pretty hacktastic.

    • Steve O. says:

      There is no debate. Jeter >>>> Nunez >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Pena.

    • NYY-SWISH says:

      I like Nunez at the moment. He knows how to put together a solid at-bat. While I desperately want to bash Jeter, I’ll do my best to restrain and suggest a drop to 8 in the lineup. Either that or allow Nunez the opportunity to show his stripes. I believes he’s earned a shot in A-Rod’s absence.

  252. Cy Farnsworth says:

    Web gem!

  253. Cy Pettitte says:

    You always get one a game from Mark, never fails

  254. Steve O. says:

    Well, this is looking like a loss. Good thing, the Yankees are a lock for the playoffs, and don’t have a third team breathing down their necks.

  255. drill me deep/ jebadiah Gammons says:

    it’s time to invoke the spirit of Jobu, the jays have left us with little choice.

    anyone got a bucket of popeye’s chicken ?

  256. Cy Pettitte says:

    O’s up 8-5 now

    glad Cash let the Rays take Qualls and we took Wood

    • drill me deep/ jebadiah Gammons says:

      as the great Suzyn would say ” bless Buck and his little heart. John, can you explain this?”

  257. Mike HC says:

    Lee will miss his next start with a sore back. Maybe he is not such a sure thing this off season.

  258. seimiya says:

    “Texy.” Really? Really?


  259. swisher's fauxhawk says:

    It’s time for the “Suck up to Michael Kay” minute.

  260. Cy Farnsworth says:

    “I don’t want it to be about me.”

    Of course not, Michael.

  261. seimiya says:

    Have I mentioned that I love Jonathan Albaladejo?

  262. Carlosologist says:

    Can we come back from being down four? I think so. We’ve been killing the ball as of late, so it’s not out of the question.

  263. swisher's fauxhawk says:

    That clownface is oddly accurate.

  264. Cy Farnsworth says:

    Despite the 4 run deficit, it’s worth pointing out that Kevin Gregg sucks balls.

    We aren’t done yet.

  265. Cy Pettitte says:

    leadoff double, nice, i smell a comeback

  266. a plethora of pinatas says:

    Jeter with the GIDP….just kidding

  267. Esteban says:

    At least it will be difficult for Jeter to hit into a DP here.

  268. Cy Farnsworth says:

    Haha, “a Jeterian out.”

  269. Cy Pettitte says:

    contribute, dammit

  270. Esteban says:

    Gameday says strike 1 was a comically bad call.

  271. Cy Farnsworth says:

    Damn. Two hard hit flies, two outs.

  272. Carlosologist says:

    Damn you camera angles with your deception.

  273. Greg says:

    Well, we’re done

  274. Carlosologist says:

    That didn’t look like a strike.

  275. Esteban says:

    Seems to have been some terrrrible called strikes that inning.

  276. drill me deep/ jebadiah Gammons says:

    jobu told me , no popeye chickens , no come back. oh well…

  277. seimiya says:

    I listened to it while cleaning my bathroom. They were about equal in funness.

  278. Total Dominication says:

    It had to end sometime, let’s go O’s!

  279. Jerome S says:

    Am I the only one who’s been getting pissed off by the way that Jeter’s playing lately?

    • drill me deep says:

      I was a Bernie /O’neil fan. I have nothing invested in Jeter emotionally. I think he has made excellent money for great service rendered for the last 15 years.

      but i am fully ready to say goodbye to him, he looks old and ordinary.

      being piss does little unfortunately, he will bat 2nd and continue to play his mediocre brand of baseball ( lately, less than that) for the remainder of the season. I am more pissed with fact that Popeye chicken does not deliver.

      • Kit says:

        Not to be rude or mean, but can you do me a huge favor, drill me deep, and properly capitalize and punctuate your sentences. As you can see by the way others post here, there’s kind of a high bar set for posting in terms of coherency, and most of your sentences lack that. I’m just saying this to help you out in a friendly way. Sorry if it came off as rude.

  280. Jerome S says:

    TB lost, 8-7.

  281. seimiya says:

    Papelbon blows the save. 5-5 in the ninth, two outs for the Chisox.

  282. bob says:

    if red sox lose this game the rays will sweep red sox win rays get sweep

  283. Zanath says:

    Papelbon blowing saves is probably the most satisfying thing in all of baseball, IMO.

  284. Scooter says:

    Screwed up thing at Fenway – the fans were doing the wave while Papelbon was blowing the save.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I find the wave annoying at any time. In the top of the 9th, it would make me go just about postal

  285. Scooter says:

    WS take the lead – Manuel walks in the go-ahead run.

    Beckham missed some serious cookies in that at-bat, and Hawk is enjoying himself

  286. Wil Nieves #1 Fan says:

    7-5 I love that shit.

  287. Slappy White says:

    The look on Papelbons face in the dugout was priceless. Oddly Ive never seen Mo with that look. I guess ole Paps isnt better than Mo after all

  288. Scooter says:

    Matt Thornton back off the DL… throwing some gas (97)

    You wonder how his command will be

  289. Scooter says:

    One out

    98 mph FB on the outside corner

  290. Wil Nieves #1 Fan says:

    “HE GONE!!!!”

    lmao I hate Hawk so so so so so much.

  291. Scooter says:

    Two down – really high fastball
    McDonald helped him out

  292. Slappy White says:

    Its a good day when we can lose and nobody gains any ground on us

  293. Wil Nieves #1 Fan says:


  294. Kit says:

    White Sox win it 7-5. Boston got swept.

  295. Slappy White says:

    Now, what do we want in this Red Sox- Tampa series ? Im thinking Sox are so far done we want them to sweep (as much as it makes me sick to say it )

  296. Big Ben says:

    Chicago White Sox came into Fenway and ended the bloodied sox’s season! Woo-Hoo!!!

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