Marte may be headed for shoulder surgery

On the verge of a sale, Tampa Yanks could move to Orlando
Open Thread: Do I hear eight?

The Yankees have been without the services of Damaso Marte since before the All Star break because of a sore throwing shoulder, and now it sounds like the lefthander might be headed for the surgeon’s table. He felt some discomfort when he tried to throw in Chicago last weekend, but it’s unclear what the extent of the surgery would be. Perhaps it’ll just be a routine clean up instead of a full blown reconstruction. Either way, it doesn’t sound like the Yanks will get their second lefty back for the playoffs, which is a shame because he really crushed lefthanded batters this year (.146/.200/.268 against).

Shoulder surgery is never a good thing, but we’ll always have the 2009 playoffs, Damaso.

On the verge of a sale, Tampa Yanks could move to Orlando
Open Thread: Do I hear eight?
  • pat

    Bummer. Good thing the FO doesn’t behave like fans otherwise Logan would have been water boarded and we’d have no lefty in the pen.

  • whozat

    That extension seemed like a big overpay at the time, and it just gets worse :-/

    Oh well. Yanks can afford mistakes like that.

    • pat

      Riiight. Cash knew he was going to get injured and miss the year so he extended him anyway.

      • whozat

        He got the extension after 2008, right at the beginning of the FA signing period, for 12MM. It seemed like an aggressive overpay at first glance, and has just gotten worse as the market for mid-tier players has collapsed over the last two offseasons. And his injuries have only exacerbated the situation.

        Gimme some credit. I’m not a reactionary cash-basher.

      • bonestock94

        3/12 for a middle reliever is questionable regardless of health. They can certainly spare it though.

        • a plethora of pinatas

          3/12 for a LOOGY is detestable

      • JMK

        Gotta disagree with my favorite RAB deviant, pat. Regardless of any premonition that Marte would be injured, extending him needlessly when he was essentially not even a set-up man – and a type-A (if memory serves) – to a 3-year deal was a poor one. I think most thought so at the time.

        No one has said Cashman is the suXor or anything, just that it appeared to be a mistake to many at the time and it turns out it largely has been. You don’t win them all.

        • BadaBling

          Didn’t he have a player option or 1 year left and instead they signed for multiple years at a respectable rate based on the option or remaining year? Or was that marker I was sniffing not grape scented and I need to put it down.

          • drill me deep

            the option was 1 for 6 mil i believe, they made nice nice to 3/12.

        • pat

          Still disagree. Maybe if it were 3/9 it would be more palatable? I think for a team constantly in the playoffs, with a manager who luuuuurves mixing and matching, having a guy who can virtually neutralize some of the most dangerous LHB in the league late in games (Mauer, Morneau, Hamilton, Ortiz, Thome etc. etc.) is worth the slight overpay. Id rather have that weapon in the bullpen than not. Plus, we didn’t have any legitimate late inning LHP bullpen options anywhere else so our leverage was minimal.

          Was an overpay? Yes, I’ll admit that. I certainly don’t think it was a mistake though.

          • BadaBling

            I think if he was signed as a straight up FA at 3/12, that’s a mistake but from a 1/6 to a 3/12 it’s easier to swallow. Considering he was def gonna get paid 1yr/6m, I’m sure in some respect they felt they saved some cash from a year to year standpoint while having a solid lefty option for Mr. Mix & match, Joey G for 3yrs. He was on point in the playoffs and was a nice option when everyone else stunk it up early in this year. Hindsight is always 20/20, the injuries make it bad, still not a bad move when it was done, IMO.

    • MikeD

      So knowing what you know regarding how Marte helped the Yankees in the World Series, would you not sign him and risk losing the World Series so you could save a few million? Answer carefully.

  • bonestock94

    Bummer, hopefully Logan can keep it up.

  • Gonzo

    Even a debridement could mean a return of a much lesser Marte. Hopefully he can juice it up for the ’11 playoffs.

    • drill me deep

      shoulder surgeries are tricky, worst case scenario, you might not see Marte pitching in a yankee uniform.

      • Gonzo

        Yeah, that’s why I am rooting for a debridement or less. Anything more, and his career is in jeopardy. And not the good Alex Trabek jeopardy.

        • drill me deep

          no, i think internally yankees brass prolly had along the same thought, and hope time will mend him to the point that they can squeeze another post season out of him.
          they knew the severity of his injury for awhile now, i had to believe.
          fortunately our pen has been lights out, it would be nice to another lefty, but eh, shit happens.

  • Chris0313

    Obligatory Jose Tabata comment

    • vin

      Phil Coke would’ve gotten all those big outs in the playoffs last year. It was the right move to make at the time, and it didn’t turn out so bad since Marte was so money in the playoffs last year. Either Phil Coke would’ve been trusted getting those outs, or they would’ve overpaid for a LOOGY somewhere else.

      • vin

        *would NOT have


    • whozat

      Obligatory Xavier Nady response

      • JMK

        No love for Ross Ohlendorf?

        • Gonzo

          Future GM Ross O!

  • vin

    If both Aceves and Marte can’t pitch in the playoffs (and assuming Andy can pitch), the staff is looking like:


    1 of:
    Royce Ring (he’s eligible, right?)

    Still more than enough to get the job done. The more I think about it, the less surprised I’d be if Javy goes to the pen. Two reasons – he’s been pretty awful in the rotation of late, and has actually looked pretty good coming out of the pen. I bet Mr. Hughes gets skipped once or twice this September to keep him fresh for October.

    • David in Cal

      Vin, don’t you think CC has also pitched well enough to be on the post-season squad? ;)

      Seriously, I totally agree with your post.

  • YankeesJunkieinMadrid

    Sad that Marte is out for shoulder surgery for the year he was just dominant in the playoff for the Yankees in 2009. However, Logan has proved effective with tough lefties as seen throughout his career. Mariano, Robertson, and Wood are worth trusting in the 7th inning beyond. However, it will be up to guys like CC, Andy, and Hughes to get the job done for the Yankees and go 6 innings and keep the Yankees in the game.

  • It’sATarp

    luckily we found boone Logan. What an unexpected surprise

    • YankeesJunkieinMadrid

      Sadly, the best part of trade.

  • drill me deep

    i pretty much thought something was up with Marte when he was lame for the majority of the season.had zero expectations for Ace and Him since they went on the shelve.
    Marte pretty much has gone the steve karsay way, good living if you can get it. at least , NY got some playoff sweetness from him.

    • drill me deep

      i truly believe that whatever was ailing Marte since last spring has never been cured… eventually time did not heal and culminate in potential surgery.

  • mike c

    i would rather go with logan at this point anyway. if he holds up, eiland should get major credit for the work he’s done with this guy, and k-wood as well

  • Captain Jack

    I recall the parade when they got the keys to the City, I think it was Michael Kay who said:

    “one of the best relievers in baseball when he’s healthy and if you don’t believe me just ask Ryan Howard”

    Contract worth it.

    • drill me deep

      what’s 4 million? a NJ- Ho park, meh, CAshman is used to blowing steinbrenners’ money. it’s whatever.

    • rbizzler

      Word. Neutralizing the Phils second best offensive weapon in high leverage situations on the way to a World Series victory is justification enough for the dough.

      And yes, it is a shame that he cannot stay healthy.

  • nathan

    Still confused why Cash$$ made that 3 yr deal