Open Thread: Do I hear eight?


(AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)

Yes, yes I do hear eight. Eight wins in a row is a new season high, and all it took was a little Marcus Thames elbow grease to make it happen. The Yanks are now a whopping 36 games over .500 with a +187 run differential, both representing the best marks in the game. I approve.

Here’s tonight’s open thread. Depending on where you live, you’ll get either the White Sox-Red Sox or Braves-Marlins on MLB Network, plus there’s more college football than I care to recap on as well. With a little help from the ChiSox, the magic number will creep down to 17 tonight. That would be a productive Saturday. You guys know what to do, so have at it.

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  1. pat says:

    An 8 game winning streak with no Alex and no Andy.


  2. SamVa says:

    Go Orioles!

    No but seriously..

    Thames is unreal. What A-Rod should have been doing had he not been injured.

  3. Dela G says:

    Let’s Go Texas A&M Aggies and Baltimore Orioles!

  4. Matt DiBari says:

    18 for a playoff spot, but (and I know this is a silly question with a 1.5 game lead) whats the number for the division?

  5. Ross in NJs phone says:

    My power is still out :( time to go hang at the bar for the rest of the night!

  6. Carcillo says:

    Is anyone else hoping Colorado somehow finds a way to the playoffs?

    I think snowed out playoff games at Coors Field is one of my favorite baseball pastimes nowadays.

  7. Frigidevil says:

    Holy crap is anyone watching the Ole Miss Jacksonville St game? Sheer ridiculousness

  8. drill me deep says:

    i will admit that i am an unabashedly huge Manny Ramirez fan. I wonder if any of RABers here would consider him as a possible DH option in 2011.

    • Kit says:

      I would say no. His attitude isn’t something I would like on my favorite team, on top of that, he’s probably an expensive DH option (I could be wrong), when we could just have Posada or keep Thames around to fill in the spot. I say his personality plays a bigger factor than money does. Again, I could be wrong, but that’s just my personal opinion. Ramirez is a great hitter, but that’s pretty much all there is.

    • bexarama says:

      I like him but he’s probably too expensive.

      • drill me deep says:

        i can’t argue the he definitely has a lousy attitude and is apt to quit on his team if he doesn’t get his way.

        my think is , if you get him on a one year incentive laden deal, say ( base on PA or postseason awards) , you pull the trigger on it.

        attitude, health and other issues aside, I simply marvel his bat control in how easy he took Buchholz’s plus plus fastball up in the quadrant and lined it with authority down the RF. such a beautiful thing to see, and when i think of it, only a handful batter are capable do aptly such on a consistent basis. he is simply a beautiful thing to behold in a batter’s box.

    • Jerome S says:

      There’s too many other decent options that a team like the Yanks can bite. Manny’s a big name, but he ain’t gettin’ any younger… or wiser.

  9. Carlosologist says:

    This should be the picture when it gets to 14.

  10. Carcillo says:

    Yankees are 34-16 in day games, good for a .680 win percentage. They’ve won seven straight day games.

    These day games are only bad because of the schedule conflicts that occur due to them.

  11. bexarama says:

    Nicky Markakis <3333

    • Steve O. says:

      I really thought he was going to have an insane breakout year this season. The Orioles have a glut of underperforming young talents. That’s a player development problem.

      • bexarama says:

        I thought Matusz was going to be friggin’ awesome. :/ Agreed with everything else you said, though. There’s a ton of talent there and I’m hoping they all don’t figure it out at once. Last thing we need is for the AL East to be even more difficult.

      • Jerome S says:

        They should have left some of their young guys in the farm for another year or so. But then they’d have no team.

  12. GermanYankee says:

    I don’t think so. Too old, too many DL-stints, too expensive, too many games played for the Roid Sox ;)

  13. Carcillo says:

    So it appears I was busting ass through an area minutes (seconds?) before a shooting occurred.

    That’s nice to know.

  14. Just caught the Seinfeld episode “The Dealership” on TV. At the end, after Jerry won’t high-five Puddy and, thus, does not get a discount on the Saab he wanted to buy, Elaine asks him why he didn’t just do the high-five. Jerry’s response:

    “And where does it end? Then everyone’s doing it. It’s like the wave at ballgames, air quotes, the phrase ‘don’t go there.’ Someone’s gotta take a stand.”

    Counsel for the anti-wave-ites rests its case.

  15. bexarama says:

    LOL @ the one person with the “We Love You Manny” sign in Boston

  16. Carlosologist says:

    See, I don’t understand why the hell Red Sox fans are booing Manny. He brought them two titles after nearly a century of not winning anything at all.

    • Carcillo says:

      …they’re Red Sox fans.

    • bexarama says:

      But he GAVE UP in July 2008!!! He GAVE UP!!!!

      Nah, the guy was a pain in the butt. I wouldn’t boo if I was a Red Sox fan, though. Like you said, he was a major part of them winning it all after nearly a century of winning pretty much nothing.

      • Kit says:


        They’re mostly ungrateful. They booed Damon (which to them is totally logical because he left for their NEMESIS THE YANKEES, *insert all of Boston hissing here*), who they simply loved and adored in 2004 for being one of their HEROES.

        Class: they don’t have it.

        • bexarama says:

          I can understand them booing Damon a lot more than I can understand them booing Manny. I mean, at least Damon went to the Yankees.

          Plus the “TRADER” sign was hilarious

          • Kit says:

            Education: Don’t have that either.

            • JM says:

              I think it’s a play on words, as in he purposely got himself traded, making him a traitor, thus “TRADER”

              • Kit says:

                When did he purposely get himself traded? Am I missing something?

                • Pasqua says:

                  He essentially staged a sit-in before going to LA and, by all accounts, faked an injury. I believe that was the year of the “knee injury”…unfortunately, Manny never seemed to know which knee it was.

                  • Kit says:

                    Oh, but we were talking about a sign meant for Damon, so I was confused. Manny was traded, but the sign we were discussing was just someone misspelling the word “Traitor”.

              • bexarama says:

                I’m talking about the sign that Red Sox fans put up when Damon went back after signing with the Yankees, not Manny.

                • Scooter says:

                  I lived up there – the local press and the bandwagon fans are impossible to take.

                  In 2004, Keith Foulke was indispensible – no Foulke, no championship. A year later, the guy was despised. I’m reminded of an Ed Harris line from Glengarry Glenross – “you’ve got the memory of a f***ing fly”

      • BadaBling says:

        Amen, I’d boo him too. I have the image of Mo throwing 3 straight pitches down the middle and Manny being Manny didn’t bother to remove his bat from his shoulder. He did give up, IMO. I’m glad he did, he feasted on pinstripe pitching now I hope he demolishes the other Sox. Go Manny!

        • bexarama says:

          Manny Ramirez played 22 games in July 2008 and hit .347/.473/.578/1.060. I remember that at-bat against Mo too, and who knows what was going on there, but I don’t think he gave up.

          • BadaBling says:

            He is a headcase, the whole translator fiasco to getting tossed on strike one (on a horrible call). A great hitter, all time great, but he has some issues. He bashed the organization and demanded a trade when the team was in contention. Not trying to defend BoSox fans but I can empathize with them here.

            • Jerome S says:

              In the words of Michael Kay, he is an “enigma…”

              Even Vin Scully came up with eloquent ways of saying that he was an egotistical, arrogant headcase, come on Kay!

            • bexarama says:

              Manny got an awful call on that, as you said. I obviously dunno what exactly he said to the ump, but it looked like he was barely arguing. It wasn’t like Posada a few nights ago, when he went friggin’ berserk.

              I do think Manny’s a jerk but I think people use on-the-field stuff to justify it when there’s pretty much nothing on the field that justifies it.

    • Steve O. says:

      All this talk about the Red Sox is pissing me off. Can someone please inform me what the hell a ‘Red Sox’ is? I don’t know of any ‘fans,’ or anything of the like.

      • drill me deep says:

        ‘The Red Sox’ is a time honor tradition that has been observed since the dawn of time by New Englanders (by that, i mean Mayflower and plymouth rock time). It is well known that since time immemorial , that New Englanders drench their firstborn sons in a blood stained sox in hopes that he will one day become stalwart in One Yawkey’s way.

        To Prospero’s Way he does not know, the Lonely red sox travels alone and alone only.

  17. BadaBling says:

    Love the 18 pic, that’s the 2 bag steal, right? Hard to tell exactly but that left me hoarse at the time. Here and now, winning streak is amazing, fan confidence poll def a solid 10! Let’s go O’s!

  18. Jerome S says:

    All I’m seein’ is the box, but damn, it looks like the O’s are hammering Shields.

    • Kit says:

      I just checked the score. 5-1 O’s is awesome. Go O’s. Oh hey, I can cheer for an AL East team that’s not the Yankees without feeling physically ill. Progress.

      • drill me deep says:

        i have developed a very unhealthy hatred , well, really loathing for the Tampa Rays this season. Without divulging any details in it, I wish they get crushed (literally) by their oppositions every night. I despite their team, FO and that joke of cowbell stadium!

        • bexarama says:

          I just don’t see how you can hate the Rays that much, dude. I dunno. Maybe I have to save the hate so I can have an appropriate amount for the Red Sox and then the Angels and Diamondbacks.

          • drill me deep says:

            it’s not healthy Bex! but i can’t help it… i think it all starts with John Maddon, he just gets on my nerves and the peskiness! uuuuggghhhhh…

            I do hate the angels and red sox, but they are kinda of none story at this point. I think the fact the Rays got off an unreal start re-channel my reservoir of hate on them, since then, i haven’t relent it.

            • drill me deep says:

              i meant Joe Maddon! sorry the hate clouded my ability to spell his name correctly.

            • bexarama says:

              Hah. I don’t like Maddon either, I think he’s arrogant and the way the Rays played that last series last year was annoying, but I dunno, I like most of the players.

              But now we can all laugh at the dumb “2010 Rays = 1998 Yankees” articles! I just can’t hate them. It’s not their fault Mr. Heard This got misty in his nether regions over them.
              …that was rather NSFW-ish of me.

        • Kit says:

          I don’t understand why you despise them. Is it because they’re tough competition, with good pitching and a decent bullpen? Their offense can be slowed down by good pitching from the opposing team (see: all the times they’ve been no-hit), but other than that, hating the Rays is giving them more recognition than they deserve.

          • drill me deep says:

            i think it’s instinctual kit, for lack of better comparison. It’s like a lioness who just took down a big ass water buffalo and ready to sit down enjoy her meal, Bang ! the Hyenas are lurking ! kinda of how i think about his divisional race, it should be over. But no no, the Hyenas are circling our hard fought prize!

        • Jerome S says:

          Calm down! I personally like the Rays – they play well (very well) and they haven’t won a world series. It’s cute. Being a fan of the New York Yankees super-mega-ultra-franchise, it’s fun to watch something different once in a while. It’s being a senior in high school and seeing all of the freshman be so excited. It’s adorable.

          But FUCK THEM if they ever actually beat the Yankees.

          • Betty Lizard says:

            Each Tampa win diminishes me,
            For I am involved in pursuit of the championship.
            Therefore, send not to know
            For whom the cowbell tolls,
            It tolls for Tampa.

            • drill me deep says:

              Hemingway is pretty ‘awesome’ IMO, so is John Dunn.

              • Betty Lizard says:

                Agreed! And I hate those cowbells . . .

                But it’s Donne.


                • drill me deep says:

                  I like Hemingway’s short story collections as well.

                  ‘The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber’is one of my favorite story of all time.

                  yeah, Donne, i have made that mistake more than a few time.

                  his prose in it’s brevity delivers such life insights for me personally.

                  • Betty Lizard says:

                    Also like the short stories, much better than the novels.
                    Although I’m a Clean, Well-Lighted Place girl myself.

                    Baseball? It’s brevity also offers life insights.

                    • drill me deep says:

                      without waxing too much poetic, baseball embodies summer,leisure contemplations, moments of anticipation. a comfortable repetitiveness that assures certainty in the ever changing swirls of life and the world.
                      It’s my favorable sport…

                      as for ‘well lighted place’ goes , i think a few dark patches are good for life, as long as one can gaze upward and see light as well.

          • seimiya says:

            Wow, I can’t ‘this’ two comments?


    • BadaBling says:

      Good, here’s to hoping Guthrie is wildly effective and keeps them off balance!

  19. Dela G says:

    Baltimore up 5-1?

    fuck yeah

  20. pat says:

    It would be reeeeealy sweet if Mike Simms-Walker has a breakout year.

  21. I just finished my one of my fantasy football league drafts (I’m in four leagues this year, with the RAB league tomorrow.)

    This league only had 10 teams in it. The league commissioner is a Redskins fan; he asked me in as a favor to round out the league. I know only him and one other guy in the league. The Redskins fan commisioner didn’t even show up for his own draft and was on autopick (and his team is full of Giants, Eagles, and Cowboys).

    Three other teams were also autopicking. One of those autopick teams had the #6 pick overall. He took… wait for it…

    Byron Leftwich.

    No, I shit you not.

    Byron. Leftwich. 6th. Overall.



    In the 4th round, the first kicker was selected (also autopick). In the 4th round.

    It was Sebastian Janikowski.

    I’ve got a feeling this league is gonna be very interesting.


    P.S. In the 15th round, I was going to take a kicker… until I realized that Clinton Portis was still on the board. I’ll take that freebie trade bait, thank you.

  22. CBean says:

    Let’s go Orioles!

  23. bexarama says:

    #mannyapology >>> #adrianbeltrefacts

    (The best thing about #adrianbeltrefacts was that the beat writers busted out all their awful jokes in a game where Beltre went 0-for-5 and Papelbon spectacularly blew a save, so it basically got spammed by obnoxious Yankee fans. Awesome.)

  24. cano is the bro says:

    I’ve watched this a billion times and i still crack up every time.

    a yankees classic?

    • Kit says:

      I’m personally a fan of the video where the Mets fan is celebrating too early and screaming “WE’RE IN THE BRONX, WE’RE IN THE BRONX!” and then the ball drops and everyone around him erupts into cheers and he’s visibly embarassed.

    • bexarama says:

      I know they play this game on Yankees Classics but it’s so not a Yankees Classic. The starting pitching and the bullpen are atrocious. Mo blows it. There’s all this doom-and-glooming during the broadcast because the Yankees were coming off getting swept at Boston. Etc. It’s like the Damon six-hit game, only that’s worse because Andy started that game and gave up a grand slam to Jose fucking Guillen. Seriously.

      But the ending… they could just play that on loop FOREVER and it wouldn’t get old.

      • Kit says:

        That game was terrible. I had to walk away from it at least twice since I was watching it with my Mets fans grandparents and mother. It just ended so…strangely. Luck was really on our side that night, and that was what made it great at the end.

        • bexarama says:

          I remember when Alex popped that ball up, I stood up from the sofa, planning to go storm into my room and yell things and then… ~Mystique & Aura~

          • bexarama says:

            I also still love A-Rod’s interview from after that game. “You just have to thank God. Or Castillo.” And after Kim mentioned K-Rod hadn’t blown a save yet in 2009, “Yeah, well, he still hasn’t.”

  25. Dela G says:

    white sox up 1-0 on the red sox early

    • Scooter says:

      Tied – Floyd just lost the strike zone, and the RS have runners on the corners.

      On the RBI single, the ball was hit pretty much AT Beckham at 2nd, but he was covering 2nd, and couldn’t field the grounder.

  26. bate says:

    As we inch closer to the playoffs, I’m beginning to get anxious about who the Yanks might face. Who would the RAB commentary prefer? Is a 5-game series with Cliff Lee still as scary considering recent performances? Would a home series with the Gardenhire-era “win once at Yankees Stadium every two years” Twins more inviting? Or would a surging White Sox that spoiled in the AL Central be easier to stomach? Right now, I’m leaning towards either of the AL Central teams, but I’m not asking so I can hear myself.

    • PaulF says:

      I’d rather face the Rangers because I think it will be impossible to have home-field against the Twins. They will finish with a better record than the Rangers.

    • Kit says:

      Cliff Lee had similar issues last year where his pitching faltered a bit in August, and by October, he was owning, so he is still really scary. I don’t remember if the problem last year was with his back though, so that might be a factor. I’d personally prefer the easiest route possible, which will be the Twins (if they hang on). Let the Rays handle Texas in the ALDS.

    • bexarama says:

      Face who we face. I’m pretty sure Cliff Lee will round into form in/by the playoffs, and Lee/Wilson/Lewis is a pretty nasty front three. Twins are really good, without Morneau to boot. I think the White Sox are worse than those two but they have really good pitching and, if everyone’s healthy, an awesome bullpen, plus look how crazy white-hot they got right before the ASB.

    • T-Dubs says:

      I take either Central team.

    • cano is the bro says:

      i’d much rather face the twins/white sox over the rangers in the first round. Cliff Lee owns us in the post season and the AL central teams are just overall easier. We have a better chance to either sweep or win decisively against the AL central teams and give the players an extra few days of rest. Also if we play the AL Central, that means the rays and rangers play eachother and hopefully that means a slugfest where both teams are worn down by the end of the series.

    • poster on another computer who happens to be a deuce bag says:

      In a vacuum, as in, if we go home field and could choose any opponent, me want Twins in ALDS.

    • Carcillo says:

      All I can say is that unlike last year, I don’t care too much about this issue this time around. In 2009, there was the Verlander factor in a 5 game series if Detroit made it, whereas Minnesota had nothing close to that. I’d go as far as to say one matchup would’ve been a tough one where pressure would be on the Yankees to win in no more than four games, whereas the other was about as much of a guarantee as you could get in baseball (that said, Minny was formidable in the series, so I’ll give them that).

      This year, both the Twins and Rangers are much better than the Twins or Tigers of ’09 were. Texas has Lee. Minny has Liriano. So there’s no difference there. Both teams have good lineups. Both teams have good rotational depth. And both teams have good ‘pen’s (and no Nathan to beat up in this time around). Regarding Chicago, they also have really good SP and Manny is going to help them instrumentally. They still have a good chance in that division, despite what I thought just a few weeks ago.

      The AL all around is tougher this year than last. In ’09, there was a clear road to the ALCS. This year, there isn’t. It’ll be fun to see how this turns out.

      But one things for certain – the Yankees are better than any of those three teams, so I’ll trust their ability to beat any of them, especially if they win the division, and thus have C.C. starting Game 1 in the Bronx, considering the guy doesn’t lose home games.

      • bexarama says:

        Totally totally agreed all around. Well said. Plus, I’ve learned never to root for facing one team, just because of Detroit in ’06 and Cleveland in ’07 (then again, I wanted to face Minnesota last year, and that turned out okay ;) ).

        And I’m surprised at how many people seem to automatically give the ALC crown to the Twins right now. I know they’re really good, but when the White Sox get hot, they get hot. They’re only ~4 games back. They’re a lot more likely to make the playoffs at this point than the Red Sox, and national analysts would rather die than say the RS’ season is over.

  27. PaulF says:

    Orioles are pitching Tillman tomorrow and pushing back Matusz to face the Yankees. I’m annoyed.

  28. sleepykarl says:

    Yankees are 21-3 without Arod.


  29. vin says:

    Haven’t seen anyone mention it yet…

    I wonder if there’s any chance Kerry Wood ever tries to start again. I haven’t been following his injuries too closely the last couple of years, but it would be interesting to see him try to use his cutter as a starter.

    Just throwing it out there.

  30. cano is the bro says:

    Marcus Thames = Boss

    my prediction has been right on the money so far. muahahaha

  31. bexarama says:

    Adam Wainwright gave up a homer to the PITCHER today? Yeah Cards are probably done.

  32. charliechoochoo says:

    Rays losing. Sux losing. Life is good.

  33. Scooter says:

    WS just pulled ahead 3-1 top of 7

    A couple of things:
    - Lackey looked pretty good tonight, but his stuff has diminished as the game wore on
    - On consecutive plays, Kalish and Drew made terrible throws that led to run #3

  34. T-Dubs says:

    Congrats to Trenton Thunder, clinched the division today. Kiddies be ballin’.

  35. drill me deep says:

    the few times i have seen Felix Pie batted,he really struck me as good hitter. He has tons of tools , maybe it will finally come to fruition.

  36. pat says:

    Hugo Weaving was really good as Agent Smith.

  37. Dela G says:

    Texas a&m winning 41-7 against SFA

    Beat the hell outta SFA!

    Sox losing, rays losing Aggies winning!

    Great effing day

  38. swisher's fauxhawk says:

    Chris Sale’s picture on MLB Gameday is hilarious.

  39. Captain Jack says:

    Cards cut Leinhart. Nuts.

  40. CBean says:

    OMG Uehara just gave up 2 homeruns back to back with 2 outs in the top of the 9th. Dear God Orioles, just end it.

  41. Captain Jack says:

    Magic number at 17 now?

  42. bexarama says:

    Robert Manuel? Who the hell are these people on the Red Sox? I can’t even hate them properly!!!

  43. Carlosologist says:

    Fun fact: If we maintain our winning percentage at .632, we will be one game worse than the 2009 team.

  44. Kit says:

    Red Sox lose. Yay!

  45. Ken says:

    Yankees win, Rays lose, Red Sox get swpet in a DH – A PERFECT BASEBALL DAY!!!

  46. Carcillo says:

    Serious question: when was the last time the Yankees had a lead of 10 or more games on the Red Sox?

    Don’t think too hard…

  47. Zanath says:

    Padres lose their…9th straight? Jeez.

  48. Carcillo says:

    Jerry Hairston, eh?

    Interesting choice, but it’s never a bad idea to honor anyone from that title team of 2009…

  49. Scooter says:

    Cain vs Lilly in LA – nice matchup

    The LA lineup is full of veteran-ness – Podsednik, Blake, Gibbons, Barajas. Still trying to figure out why a team with a real shot at a playoff spot would dump Manny. Then I remember the McCourt divorce

  50. Ross in Jersey says:

    Nothing like knocking 3 games off the magic number in one day :)

  51. charliechoochoo says:

    Bahstin is now double digits behind.

    /trying not to gloat’d

  52. pat says:

    Damn Oregon, was it really necessary to win 72-0?

  53. Jerome S says:

    What do you bet that the day ARod comes back is the day the Yanks lose?

  54. Zanath says:

    You know, I’ve seen that BP commercial like a million times so far on MLBN…and it gets more pathetic with every viewing.

  55. Carlosologist says:

    The magic number for the division is now 25. If there were a division magic number thingy in the sidebar, I would use this pic:

    Walk-off shot in Game 3 of the ALDS.

  56. pat says:

    Noel Devine is still in college?!?! WTF?

  57. Mike Nitabach says:

    Apologies if this has alrady been discussed, but how the fuck did Gardner not fucken go in the bottom of the eighth? Two outs, and Jeter’s at bat, and fuck, by the time it was two strikes, just go man!!

    • Jerome S says:

      Because we were winning and Mo was warming. No need to hurt anything on a dive, or risk the out; the game was over when they selected “Enter Sandman” on the playlist.

    • Scooter says:

      Apologies if you’ve been asked this before Mike, but have you tried decaf? F-in’ A, were the f-bombs needed there?

      Yankees have won 8 straight

  58. Jerome S says:

    Wow. The Padres lose another and the Giants still can’t win. (Bottom 4, Dodgers up by four).

  59. Hughesus Christo says:

    Who the eff is TJ Yates??????

  60. Carlosologist says:

    San Francisco leads the Dodgers 5-4. WAHOO

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