Open Thread: Manning Bowl


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Thankfully the sports gods have given us plenty of ways to get the frustration of the latest Yankee loss out of our minds. For first time in what, four years?, Peyton Manning and his Colts take on brother Eli and the Giants. Not that I’m qualified to make predictions, by my money’s on Eli. No particular reason why, just an uneducated hunch. The game starts at 8:20pm ET and can be seen on NBC.

If you’re still yearning some baseball, the ESPN Sunday Night Game features a pair of non-contenders in the Tigers and White Sox (Bonderman vs. Danks). That sounds very easy to pass up. Enjoy the game, y’all.

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  1. Softball Week Two because I know you’re just sooooo interested:

    Five innings at catcher, 0-1, two walks (ie, I’m Nick Johnson. Even have the injury–perennally sore shoulder to go with it!). We won by 24, and are now 2-0.

    I probably take it a *little* too seriously.

  2. Esteban says:

    Jets Pats still on though.
    I guess the Jets aren’t terrible and Mark Sanchez doesn’t suck as the media were telling us?

  3. Johan Iz My Brohan says:

    Peyton’s chick: 7.5-8/10

    Eli’s chick: 5.5-6/10

  4. bexarama says:

    For those who care about baseball (not that I’ll be watching Tigers/White Sox because… out of it and out-ter of it) and are nerds like I am

  5. ZZ says:


    My female intuition senses that your are upset with me. Therefore, I think it would be a good time for an airing of your grievances. Let it begin!

  6. Carlosologist says:

    I’m just starting to get into football, and I’d like some help as to what statistics I should look at for the offensive positions (QB, RB, WR, etc) and the same for defensive positions.

    I’m also a Jets fan, just letting everyone here know. :P

  7. Reggie C. says:

    I see what the Miami dolphins did today … and how important a role Karlos Dansby played. I really wish Jerry Reese had been able to sign Dansby.

  8. I like these Jets. Where were they last week?

  9. I’m surprised the national game wasn’t TB/LAANA

  10. Steve H says:

    If either Manny or Beckham score a run tonight I win my league and $250. They are both on the bench. I’m going to “lose” 8-8. Unreal.

  11. pastadivingarod says:

    Eli takes down Peyton with everything he has taught little brother.

  12. My backyard is getting carpet bombed by fucking acorns. I need the Janitor’s squirrel army here.

  13. Steve H says:

    I bet the Vikings are pretty happy they gave Favre that extra $7 million this year.

  14. Jack says:

    2005 NLCS on ESPN Classic. Poor Brad Lidge.

  15. Esteban says:

    Kyle Wilson and Cromartie really stepped their games up in Revis’ absence. Very impressive 2nd half by the Jets.
    Randy Moss’s catch was pretty absurd though. One handed it like it was a baseball

  16. Whoa, did you see what happened to Colvin? Impaled by a bat?!

  17. Steve H says:

    Nothing would be better than having Manny hit a pinch hit HR tonight to help me beat a Red Sox fan and win $250.

    Do it Manny.

    • Dream of Electric Sheep says:

      Has Manny gone yard with the White Sox yet? I put him in the Berkman category, I am still wishing on a Puma big fly.

      • Steve H says:

        Yeah he’s got one. I actually only need him to score a run, but HR is likely the only way that’s happening him since he’s on the bench. Manny hasn’t been great with the Sox, but he’s sporting a nice .426 OBP.

  18. Ivan says:

    Eagles won today, but already I do not like the defense so far this year. Plus, playing a division where all 3 teams have capable Qb’s, Im kinda worried.

    However, Mike Vick is playing tremendous, Im surprised that he has throwed the ball so well so far. And I gotta say, Vick can sure entertain, man he still got those ridiculous moves.

  19. Ivan says:

    What a bad lose if your a Redskin fan…Not that I shed a tear for you guys lol..

  20. Esteban says:

    Does anybody here use advanced football statistics? Are they as applicable as advanced baseball statistics? They certainly haven’t caught on like they have in baseball.

  21. Frigidevil says:

    Gooooooooooooooooooo G-men!

  22. Reggie C. says:


  23. That was certainly not fun.

  24. Kevin G. says:

    Well… that sucked.

  25. I’m ready to predict a winner tonight.

    Offense: a shitload
    Defense: 0

  26. Dream of Electric Sheep says:

    Ugh, that was almost too easy for Colts. Peyton and no huddle precision is no joke.

  27. Carcillo says:

    Best part of the next seven games: the Yankees cannot be walked off.

    Seriously, they equaled their regular season walkoff loss output of 2009 just on this roadtrip. The silver lining being that means a brutal 3-6 roadtrip could’ve just as easily been 6-3 or 7-2 perhaps, but still, nothing is more annoying than walkoff losses.

    Then again, the Red Sox have had 10 of them, so I guess we can’t complain too much.

  28. Carlosologist says:

    Because it’s a boring Sunday evening, I decided to post my thoughts on realignment. I think the divisions should be more geared to a geographic setting. I think that means eliminating the AL/NL East and West and replacing them with a Northern and Southern division. This would allow the good teams that cannot contend because of one or two teams being better to compete and allow them to enter the playoffs.

    The new divisions under my (probably batshit insane) idea:

    AL North:
    Red Sox
    Blue Jays

    AL Central:
    White Sox

    AL South:

    NL North:

    NL Central:

    NL South:

    Any thoughts on this?

    • Esteban says:

      I don’t think it’s a great idea putting west coast and east coast teams in the same divisions. given unbalanced scheduling.

    • Reggie C. says:

      Are you doing away with the mandatory 18 (or is it 19) times the Yanks have to play in-division teams? If so , and and the Yanks dont have to make it out to Seattle a bunch of times, then the idea does intrigue.

      Splitting the Braves from the Phillies and the Rays from the Yanks would be good for baseball.

      • Carlosologist says:

        That’s the exact thing I was going for when I thought of this: No more 18 games against a division rival.

        The only problem is that I don’t know how the schedule will work out with this new system.

    • I’m way more interested in adding two more teams, going to eight 4-team divisions, NFL style, and adding some extra wildcards in super-short series with byes for the top two teams than in your idea.

      Kudos for developing it, though.

      • Carcillo says:

        I hate the idea of bye’s in baseball. It just doesn’t work well at all. How many times has a team won their LCS via sweep, and waited a week before playing again, only to come out flat and rusty in the World Series?

        • Esteban says:

          Or healthy and rested?

        • If the bye was, say, a three day rest (allowing the teams to give breathers to the fatigued guys and set up their pitching however they like), that’s a reasonable amount of rest. I don’t think you’d get rust.

          Have the two best teams get byes, and have the two worst division winners and the two wild cards play best of three series in three days with zero off-days.

          The two division winners get all three games at home.

          The wildcards get appropriately punished; the two best teams get appropriately rewarded, and the two other division winners get a big home field advantage against the WC’s.

      • I’m not a fan of adding extra playoff teams, but adding two other teams to the league could offset my bad taste. I’d rather just go back to two divisions, division winners + two best teams (regardless of division) make the playoffs.

      • Carlosologist says:

        Now that I look at my idea, I can see that it’s set up more towards the NBA style of three five team divisions (Pretend the D-Backs are in the AL South).

        I’m intrigued by your idea as well, but I would set up the playoff system more towards the NBA style with eight playoff seeds.

        If we were to apply the current standings to the NBA style playoff system, we would get this (AL only):

        1 New York vs 8 Oakland/Detroit
        2 Tampa vs 7 Toronto
        3 Minnesota vs 6 Chicago
        4 Texas vs 5 Boston

    • Carcillo says:

      I read an idea a while ago, that I immediately liked. Two divisions, and the division winners and two best records aside reach the playoffs. That could mean either two playoff teams from each division, or three from one, and one from the other. If memory serves, the divisions would’ve been something like this (AL only):

      AL East: Yankees, Red Sox, Rays, Jays, O’s, Tigers, Indians

      AL West: Royals, White Sox, Twins, M’s, A’s, Rangers, Angels

      The biggest problem here would be that one division only goes from New York to Detroit, while the other goes from as far as Chicago to Anaheim. But that’s a problem in all sports, so I dunno what could be done to alleviate that.

      Under this scenario, if we were to presume all things remained the same, it would be the Yankees, Rays, Twins, and Rangers in the playoffs. Hmm, sound familiar?

    • Jerome S says:

      The AL gets the D-Backs so that the NL South doesn’t look like an Indian Slum.

    • Brad Toughy says:

      I don’t like the multiple time zones in each division. That would lead to a brutal travel schedule for teams. Travel schedules are already pretty intense.

      Disclaimer: I don’t think there’s a need for realignment.

  29. Reggie C. says:

    HOLY SHIT. That was a quick 3 and out.

  30. Ivan says:

    Wow Giants dodge a bullet their.

  31. Dream of Electric Sheep says:

    Giants need to find a way to pressure Peyton more. Thank you Wayne , that looks like a TD there.

  32. (scanning NFL box scores)

    The Cowboys and Bears played today. One of those offenses is coached by Mike Martz.

    One of those offenses had 20 rush attempts for 36 yards and FIFTY-ONE pass attempts 374 yards.

    It wasn’t the Mike Martz team.

    I apologize to anyone who I recommended give Felix Jones a fantasy start. That Dallas OL is putrid, and Jones/Barber/Choice are all nonstartable until they demonstrate a committment and an aptitude to run.

  33. Did I just hear someone drop a Warren G. Harding High reference?

  34. Carcillo says:

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 2-0.

    Raise your hand if you saw that one coming…

  35. Dream of Electric Sheep says:

    Haha, Dwight Freeney wears a Yankee hat.

  36. Jerome S says:

    You know what?

    Manny Ramirez is pretty good in my book.

  37. Dream of Electric Sheep says:

    Ugh, come on, more Bradshaw please.

  38. The Mariners are on pace to score 513 runs. EVERY. OTHER. TEAM, even the 51-win Pirates, has already outscored them.

  39. Yo Quiero Montero (formerly LarryF) says:

    I was at the Yankee game today and through a personal connection to the orioles front office we sat in the equivalent of the Guiliani seats! Anyway, in the first inning I teased Adam Jones in the on deck circle that he couldn’t surprise bunt the run in from 3rd. He tossed the weighted donut and said “watch me”. First pitch he bunted in Roberts. A cleanup hitter!

  40. Frigidevil says:

    I hate when people say no pun intended after an obvious pun. Please Al Michaels, explain to me how ‘they were ready to throw him out of Dodge’ was NOT a pun about how crappy Matt Dodge was last week. If you say something like that by accident, NPI is appropriate, but that was such a reach.

  41. Mike HC says:

    What a great league the RAB Fantasy Baseball was. And not only because I was the winner of the Premier League, ha. Seriously though, one of the best leagues I have ever been in. I would like to thank Axisa for putting in the time to set the league up.

    Good luck to all next year! Looking forward to defending my title.

  42. Tom Zig says:

    Disclaimer: Arbitrary endpoints:

    Since the last game of the Toronto series (the day the the recent run of bad luck started) the Yankees have left 115 runners on base and grounded into 13 DPs. So about 8.7 runners LOB and 1 DP per game. That’s pretty rough. Here’s to hoping that will change tomorrow.

  43. Steve H says:

    Austin Jackson is below .300 for the first time since April 11th.

    Here’s betting hit he hits <.275 next year.

  44. Carlosologist says:

    So I’m planning a baseball-related trip with my friends and we decided to go to Baltimore and catch the four game set between the Yanks and them. Any sights we should see while we’re down there?

  45. Mickey Scheister says:

    Peyton Manning is good at football, Eli Manning always has a dumb look on his face. One team has a good defense thus far and one sucks at life. Who knew the Colts had any kind of running game, not the Giants, so far.

  46. The Giants could score on the kick return then open the second half with a score and be right back into the game! They could do this.

    /wishful thinking

  47. Mickey Scheister says:

    First Half Manning Comparison

    Eli: 3/8, 17 yards, 0 TDs & 1 Int
    Peyton: 13/16, 154 yards, 2 TDs & 0 Ints

    Wonder how this one is gonna end, maybe a Manning makes a comeback maybe a rout. Who knows! You can’t predict football! Anything can happen in the WW…er..NFL. Look Vick and Sanchez lead their teams to wins and the Cowboys and Vikings can’t buy a win.

    • Dream of Electric Sheep says:

      Even if Eli and the offense does come around. You have to stop Peyton pretty much in every possession. It’s over baring some kind of minor miracle.

      We might have to hire Goldberg to body slam Peyton illegally to make that happen.

      • Mickey Scheister says:

        I know realistically it’s not gonna happen. But if Rey Mistero can defeat men twice his size then, with his team on his back, Bradshaw can pick up the Giants and carry then to 25 unanswered and win this one.

        • Dream of Electric Sheep says:

          Extreme sound reasoning on your part, Mick :) I bet you Ray Misterio would have been good baseball player.
          He would most like out grit Gardner has UZR of +14000 as a LF.

          On a slightly less facetious note , When you look at all the physical specimen in NFL , one can’t help but wonder if a few of them could be really good at baseball and dwarf even some of the ‘greats’ in the game today.

          • Mickey Scheister says:

            Mistero would make Ichrio look like a cross between Pat Burrell and Marcus Thames in the field. They wouldn’t be able to track his UZR, just off the yelsabar.

            • Dream of Electric Sheep says:

              He has some nifty moves for sure. Though , I am slightly puzzle by the fact he is named Misterio. There is nothing Misterio about him except he wears a mask always. He needs to have a gimmick or some kinda sign (see prince).

              Even fucking Batman had the sign via those lights. Zorro as well. They need to work harder to enforce that mysterious image.

              Like a duality of men kinda of shit… rev it up.

          • Mickey Scheister says:

            To reply to your serious part, I agree but alot of the NFLs fastest and strongest guys are high draft picks who get more money and get to play right after their drafted. Can’t blame them, money talks. Guys like Reggie Bush or Randy Moss imagine them in the outfield.

  48. Mickey Scheister says:

    I do not want my kids playing football, seriously they need better helmets. I know concussions can happen in any sport but someone every week has one. You can point at Posada and Cervelli and say they’ve each had one but it took Jorge what 15 years to get one and Cervelli is, well, Cervelli. It’s terrible, Kolb last week, Witten this week, most NFL players have had some sort of concussion or rather will. Such a violent game, I for one enjoy baseball more.

  49. pat says:

    It’s not a good sign when your left tackle is doing his own spin moves.

  50. Mickey Scheister says:

    Peyton: “Hey Eli, did you like that 51 yard play action TD? I rule, You drool!!”

    Eli: “Whatever Pey, how about that 54 yard strike I fired to Manningham. I don’t drool, mom told you to stop making fun of me geez whiz.”

  51. Kiersten says:

    So I just started a new job and at this job, we have to use a machine to clock in an out. But I work on a deadline and in the week I’ve been here I’ve finished anywhere between 9 and 10:15. So I’m done for tonight but I need to stay here til 9:40 to get 40 hours for the week. I don’t know if they just give me 40 hours if I’m slightly under? I mean it’s silly for me to sit here if all the work is done, but I don’t wanna lose half an hour’s pay when I’m just gonna go home and sit on my ass anyway.


    and in other news, Dolphins are 2-0 wooooooo!

    • Mickey Scheister says:

      Are you salary? If so normally you still get your 40 regardless what u work. I know I can work 60 hours and still get paid for 40 or work 20 (like last week) and still get my 40.

      • Kiersten says:

        No, I get paid hourly, but I’m a full-time employee.

        • Mickey Scheister says:

          Milk that clock then, I would. You shouldn’t get paid less because your awesome and can do a job in half the time that Red Sox fans can. You could always “double check your work” for the duration of the time needed to hit 40. Colts are crushing the Giants, your not missing anything, I promise.

    • Dream of Electric Sheep says:

      Couldn’t you ask whomever is in charge there?

      • Kiersten says:

        My boss doesn’t work Sundays and he told me NOTHING when I started. Plus he just sits at a desk in the middle of all our desks like the rest of us and I feel weird going up to him in front of everybody and asking stupid questions.

  52. bonestock94 says:

    Just got back home from camden yards.

    1. Andy Pettite looked beast after the first inning. He is as hot in person (no homo).

    2. If I was blindfolded I would’ve thought I was at Yankee Stadium.

    3. Driving a combined 7+ hours and shelling out $200+ just to see your hero blow a save kinda blows.

    4. I’m beginning to reevaluate my irrational love of Lance Berkman.

  53. Steve H says:

    Andruw Jones can make me $250 if he can just get Manny in.

    Against Phil Coke too.

  54. Carlosologist says:

    LOL Detroit sucks.

  55. Hughesus Christo says:

    Yep, Giants’ offensive line still sucks.

  56. pat says:

    Of fucking course. I knew Nicks would catch a garbage time TD and fuck me. UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

    • Hughesus Christo says:

      I started Eli AND I benched the Steelers D/ST.

      Luckily, I discovered the secret to fantasy football and it didn’t even matter.

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