Open Thread: Off to Texas


Almost. (AP Photo/Jim Mone)

The Yankees are off today, prepping for a flight to Texas to take on the slumping Rangers. Josh Hamilton and Cliff Lee are both banged up, and they’ve won just three of their last ten games. Of course that means very little, because Texas still has enough firepower and good enough pitching to beat anyone, anywhere, at anytime.

As the Yanks get ready for that matchup, use this for your open thread. The NFL season starts tonight, with the Saints taking on the Vikings in an NFC Championship Game rematch at 8:30pm ET on NBC. Baseball-wise, either the Cardinals-Braves or Rangers-Blue Jays will be on MLB Network depending on where you live. Chat about whatever you want, just be cool.

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  1. Carcillo says:

    Anyone see how the Rockies won this time around?

    It would’ve been even better with anyone BUT Greg Amsinger on the call.

  2. Carlosologist says:

    Of course that means very little, because Texas still has enough firepower and good enough pitching to beat anyone, anywhere, at anytime.

    I fear nothing. Let’s go beat the Rangers and show them who the class of the AL is.

  3. I didn’t realize that J.B. Cox has actually been suspended for the rest of the year because of his meltdown yesterday. Guess it’s safe to say he’s pitched his last game as a Yankee prospect.

  4. John Lindsey, career minor league games: 1,571
    John Lindsey, career major league games: 1


  5. Nuts says:

    Anyone know what Keith Law said about Betances?

    • ZZ says:

      I felt dumber after reading it, so you may want to save yourself.

      • Yeah, I don’t get how having premium velocity, a workhorse build, and three good pitches (albeit that you don’t have complete control over yet) all still only at 22 equals “not a true frontline starter upside”.

        • ZZ says:

          It was really just a very strange write up. How you determine that a pitcher has poor command after watching him only one time is beyond me. Strange is being very kind. Law made himself look really stupid with that write up.

          • a plethora of pinatas says:

            Isn’t Law a Red Sox homer?

            • Tom Zig says:

              No. He just hates everyone. He’s one of the more fair and balanced at ESPN

            • ZZ says:

              He rated the Red Sox system ahead of the Rays preseason and is still clinging to hope that Lars Anderson is a top prospect. So yeah.

              Most these guys get fed information by the Red Sox front office and scouts, so they push Red Sox prospects. A lot of organizations like the Yankees don’t give them information.

            • Esteban says:

              I think he became more familiar with the Red Sox organization as he lived in the Boston area for a few years. But, not, he’s not a Red Sox homer. He grew up a Yankees fan, and only gave that up when he joined the Blue Jays organization.

              • ZZ says:

                If he is more familiar with the Red Sox organization and therefore giving out unbalanced information (while at the same time peddling it as balanced) homer may not be the best word, but it is certainly not fair and balanced as asserted above.

  6. ZZ says:

    Jamal G was commended by a number of posters for his analysis in the game recap this morning of the pinch hit situations of the 7th inning of yesterday’s game. Since I like to rain on people’s parades ;) I am going to comment on it.

    That analysis is very incomplete. You would have to enter it into a probability model with the various scenarios of achieving the desired outcome for it to really mean anything. In this case, meaning taking into account all the factors (hitters, handedness, pitcher, number of outs, upcoming players in the lineup, etc.) and determining the probability of scoring a run or runs (the desired outcome).

    Personally, I don’t feel like spending the time going through that. However, just off the top of my head the the scenario Girardi went with and Jamal agreed with did not seem like it was all that probable to result in a run. Since Cano was on 1B given the respective batters and matchups Girardi went with, chances are a HR was not going to be hit. Overwhelmingly the likelihood would be that the Yankees would have to string together multiple hits/walks for a run to score.

    Between Berkman vs a LHP, Thames vs a RHP, and Cervelli vs a RHP multiple hits being strung together is pretty far fetched. It probably would have been best to simply maximize Berkman’s potential at bat with Thames and hope for an extra base hit or HR from Thames vs a LHP because he fares so well against them. Also, if Thames does not hit a HR, but just single or walk for example you still have 2 outs to work with to get Cano home from 2nd as opposed to only 1 out which is what happened.

    Finally, if someone else wants to do the analysis a major problem you are going to run into are Berkman’s career numbers vs LHP which were used in the post by Jamal. While generally baseball fans point to larger samples being better than smaller samples that is not always the case. It is one of the major reasons evaluating baseball players is so difficult. Baseball players really can dramatically change over time and often rapidly where their career numbers don’t really mean anything today. Berkman has really looked bad over the past 2 seasons vs LHP. It is not even just his numbers, which consist of a small number of at bats, but just as a batter vs LHP watching him support those numbers. It is why scouting is so incredibly important in MLB. You need to know who that player is now and not who he was 5 or 10 years ago.

    • While generally baseball fans point to larger samples being better than smaller samples that is not always the case. It is one of the major reasons evaluating baseball players is so difficult. Baseball players really can dramatically change over time and often rapidly where their career numbers don’t really mean anything today. Berkman has really looked bad over the past 2 seasons vs LHP. It is not even just his numbers, which consist of a small number of at bats, but just as a batter vs LHP watching him support those numbers. It is why scouting is so incredibly important in MLB. You need to know who that player is now and not who he was 5 or 10 years ago.

      Repeated for emphasis. The sample size stuff is a purely statistical way of looking at players, and while the general notion has value, it isn’t the be-all end-all that some make it out to be. I’d rather look at a tiny smattering of 20 PAs of a specific Pitchers vs Batter match up than whatever that player does vs generic R/L pitchers in situations that have nothing to do with the one at hand. If the numbers don’t tell me much, I throw it out. But if they jump off the page, even in a small sample, you’d be silly not to use them. Some batters own certain pitchers and vice versa.

      BTW-Batter vs Pitcher numbers on BR also give you the type of hit. So while a player may be 3-16, you could look deeper and see if his outs were hard ones, and if his hits were just lucky bloops.

    • Magnus Stultus says:

      Good Stuff Z. On a simpler level, it kind of reminds me of poker. It’s a game of circumstance. I can’t tell anyone how I would play a particular hand without gathering all the incomplete informations first.

  7. Jerome S says:

    Stealing home?!

    Rocktober FTW

  8. Esteban says:

    Mike have you seen Betances in person before? What do you think of Klaw’s scouting report versus Frankie Piliere’s scouting report

    • Nuts says:

      I would be willing to hear anyone’s take on this.

    • Carlosologist says:

      I don’t have ESPN insider, so can you perhaps quote what KLaw said?

      • Esteban says:

        I’m not sure if you guys allow this, and delete it if you must, but here you go carlos:

        “Dellin Betances has a big size advantage on Drabek and a better changeup, but otherwise he was the inferior pitcher in every category. He sat mostly 91-93, touching 96 once and dialing up to 94-95 a handful of times. His changeup has good fading action and arm speed and is probably an average pitch in the majors right now, but he had to guide it to throw it for strikes. He throws a hard-breaking curve at 80-85 but had absolutely no feel for the pitch, failing to finish it, leaving it up or having it back up on him.

        Betances also doesn’t get great extension out front and a slightly early release point may be behind his inability to command the curve, although his command in general was well below average. He also made two errant throws with men on base and generally seemed to lose focus with a guy on first, even though with a man on third he was able to bear down and focus on the hitter. He’s just 22, has good arm strength and has a workhorse, top-of-the-rotation body, but the poor command and secondary stuff put him far from any kind of high-end starter ceiling.”

        • yankees1717 says:

          not sure about what happened, but how much better could drabek have been if betances won the game?

          • whozat says:

            depending on a myriad of other variables, anywhere between “not at all” and “a whole lot”.

            Just knowing that Trenton won doesn’t tell us much about how the respective starters pitched. All we know is that Betances pitched at least 5 innings, left with the lead (or, the lead was taken before another pitcher took the mound for Trenton), and that Trenton did not relinquish that lead before the game ended.

          • MattG says:

            I was at the game: Drabek was awesome. One walk, a stolen base, and a single burned him. Trenton as 1-for-1 with runners in scoring position off him. With any sort of luck, he would’ve matched Dellin’s zeroes.

            As for Dellin, I saw exactly what Law saw (and I wrote about it in the open thread, about 10:15). He had the Fisher Kings totally baffled with the fastball and change, although I did notice him slow his arm on one changeup, and the curve didn’t excite. He didn’t need it, but presumably he will at more advanced levels.

            I will say I don’t know how to evaluate a pitcher’s command in person. A couple of inches make a difference, and while I can see that on TV, I can’t see it live, and I have no idea how the scouts do it. I’ll just have to believe Law on this one.

    • I think they’re viewing him from two different perspectives. Frankie is looking at him from a prospect standpoint, how his development is coming, how he’s looked now that he’s healthy and where he can go from here.

      Klaw is clearly of the mind of evaluating prospects for what they might translate to in the big leagues. And he’s right – the stuff that gets out A ball hitters won’t do the job against major league talent. His biggest indictment of him seems to be his command of the curveball, which Frankie doesn’t seem to disagree when he mentions that Betances “has to avoid getting lazy with his finish or else he’s very prone to hanging it up in the zone. That happened on a couple occasions against Clearwater.”

      So, in the end, I think it’s just a matter of perspective. Law obviously doesn’t have as much time invested in scouting the Yankee system as Frankie does, so take his analysis for what it is.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      There’s really nothing in KLaw’s report that we didn’t know already. He might have been harsh by saying he didn’t have front of the rotation potential, but it’s not like he called him a #5 guy.

      • It’s also worth noting K-Law is obviously referring to Dellin’s AA debut. That’s the one where he committed the two throwing errors.

        I’d hate to think someone is drawing conclusions about the type of pitcher he is or will be based on a circumstance like that, yet that appears to be exactly what Law is doing.

      • Magnus Stultus says:

        This is complete irrelevant to Keith Law’s analysis of Betance . But He struck me as an arrogant ,condescending piece of sh&T ! I think he is a Harvard boy also which made me think subconsciously the dude is bias in his evaluations for all things other than the Sox. Once again, he struck me as a royal douche bag.

  9. Two part question for everyone:

    1- Do you think Colby Rasmus will be available this winter?
    2- If so, what level of interest would you like Brian Cashman and company to have in him?

  10. Johan Iz My Brohan says:

    Pettitte looks great in the videos that Mike Ashmore got of his Trenton start.

  11. NFL Picks:

    I don’t know if this exact combination of W/L per team is possible given the actual schedule, but the total number of wins and losses for all 32 teams is accurate.

    Jets 11-5
    Patriots 10-6
    Dolphins 7-9
    Bills 5-11
    Chargers 10-6
    Broncos 8-8
    Raiders 8-8
    Chiefs 5-11
    Ravens 11-5
    Steelers 9-7
    Bengals 7-9
    Browns 6-10
    Colts 12-4
    Texans 10-6
    Titans 9-7
    Jaguars 3-13

    Cowboys 9-7
    Redskins 9-7
    Giants 8-8
    Eagles 8-8
    49′ers 11-5
    Cardinals 6-10
    Seahawks 4-12
    Rams 3-13
    Packers 12-4
    Vikings 9-7
    Bears 8-8
    Lions 5-11
    Saints 12-4
    Falcons 11-5
    Panthers 7-9
    Buccaneers 3-13

    -Jets over Texans
    -Chargers over Pats
    —Jets over Ravens
    —Colts over Chargers
    ——Jets over Colts

    -Redskins over 49ers
    -Cowboys over Falcons
    —Packers over Redskins
    —Saints over Cowboys
    ——Packers over Saints

    Jets over Packers

    MVP: Peyton Manning
    OPOY: Chris Johnson
    DPOY: Darrelle Revis
    OROY: C.J. Spiller
    DROY: Ndamukong Suh
    Coach: Rex “Let’s Eat A Goddamn Snack” Ryan

  12. Carlosologist says:

    Fact: Pedro Feliz and his .234 OBP is hitting seventh in the STL lineup.

  13. Steve O. says:

    My Fantasy Football team: Mind you, ten team league and I had the ninth pick.

    QB: Drew Brees
    RB: Frank Gore
    RB: Jamaal Charles
    RB/WR: Jahvid Best
    WR: Roddy White
    WR: Steve Smith(NYG)
    TE: Greg Olsen
    DEF: Eagles D/ST
    K: Garrett Hartley

    BN: Mike Sims-Walker
    BN: Felix Jones
    BN: Dez Bryant
    BN: Robert Meachem
    BN: Thomas Jones
    BN: Michael Bush
    BN: Matthew Stafford

    Should I start Jahvid Best against the Bears over Felix Jones vs the Redskins and Mike Sims-Walker vs the Broncos and Champ Bailey?

    • BigBlueAL says:

      Damn 9th pick and you wound up with those 3 RB’s, Brees plus White, Smith and Sims-Walker at WR?? Wish I was in that league!! lol

      Dont touch that starting lineup, that is perfect for this week. Maybe Sims-Walker for Steve Smith but thats pretty much flip a coin, if its a PPR than definitely stick with Steve Smith.

      • Steve O. says:

        It’s not PPR, but I’ll probably keep Smith in there because of the Panthers shaky secondary. As much as it pains me to say that as a die-hard Carolina fan. I lived in NY for about 7-8 years, so I have a soft spot for the Giants. Sims-Walker gets to face Bailey in week one.

        Thanks for the advice, I’m a sucker for reassurance.

    • Bryan W says:

      Stick with Jahvid Best against the Bears. Chicago gave up 126.4 rushing yards a game in ’09. Lucky getting Brees on the 9th pick. Was anyone dumb enough to pick Mark Sanchez ahead of him?

  14. Cy Pettitte says:

    Petteitte gave up 0 runs, 2 hits over 4 innings, 4 SO’s 0 BB’s, looks like everything went ok

  15. BigBlueAL says:

    I find it hilarious how most people (Yankee fans obviously) are jumping all over Keith Law for his report on Betances today. After reading that and his chat today the first thing I said to myself was I cant wait for all the Yankee fans who love and value prospects more than the actual Yankee players themselves will get all up in arms over this.

    First of all for people who think he hates the Yankees, he is the person who I referenced to a while back that in his chat he said Montero has a Frank Thomas type ceiling as a hitter. You cant give a much higher praise on a prospect than that. This is a guy who actually worked in a front office of a MLB team and is pretty highly respected so to just ignore his evaluation and rip him by calling him a Yankee hater is idiotic.

    After saying that of course he could be wrong in his evaluation obviously since to me the evaluation of baseball prospects is the biggest crap shoot and guess work imaginable. There have been a million players (both hitters and pitchers) who have dominated in all level of the minors and still been beyond awful in the majors. The only thing that is spot on is guys who havent succeeded in the minors dont have a chance in the majors so I do think minor league stats is a way to weed out the players who dont have a chance in hell of making it in the big leagues.

    Sorry for this rant, I just get so frustrated and flabbergasted by fans who literally get more excited by reading the box scores and stats from the minor league teams than they do from whatever the Yankees do. Not only that they talk about these players as if they see them every day and know exactly how they will pan out in the future. Guys talking about the Yankee rotation in a couple of years featuring CC-Hughes-Betances-Brackman-Banuelos just make me laugh my ass off. Anyway rant over, time to hopefully watch Adrian Peterson run wild tonight since I have him on 2 of my 3 fantasy teams!!

    • Steve O. says:

      I feel like he was being a tad pessimistic, but I thought he was being honest for the most part. Pretty much he was saying that his command is off, and that you need a combination of control and command to succeed.

      It put a small damper on things, but also added some perspective.

    • ZZ says:

      Well, first in regard to Thomas, Law compared Montero’s swing and his build to him. It was much less about his ability to become Thomas and much more about his style. Anyway, a 4 year old could tell you Montero has huge hitting ability and a dramatically high ceiling. He is a special prospect offensively. Heaping praise on him is not groundbreaking news.

      Law may be a former executive but the way he evaluated Betances would not suffice under any circumstance if he were still in that position. His former position is irrelevant in this circumstance, because of how ridiculously little leg work he did to evaluate Betances. He made a long term projections based on one start. To evaluate a pitcher in the manner Law did after watching him one time can hardly suffice as an evaluation and more of a gossip piece to get page views.

      If you have watched Betances progress this year you have to be an idiot to not see he at least has front of the rotation potential. Scouts have been all over Betances this season. Someone linked an article on lohud a few weeks back where Nick Cafardo said scouts are ga-ga over Betances. Just a random tidbit in his weekend article. Cafardo probably couldn’t pick Betances out of a lineup with just Casey Kelley and Dellin in it, but he has has heard of the kid because of how impressive he has been.

      Law didn’t do his job on this one and you can bet he looks pretty stupid to the real scouting community over his statements from one game.

      • BigBlueAL says:

        You are really offended by Law’s evaluation huh.

        He couldve said Betances will be the next Roger Clemens and it still wouldnt have mattered. If Betances ever pitches for the Yankees that is when we could start really judging him, until then I could care less to be honest how positive or negative the scouting reports on him are.

        In reality the only scouting reports and evaluations of Betances that matters are the ones from opposing teams who have major league players that the Yankees may want to trade for and if the Yankees are willing to trade Betances for that player hopefully the other team has a high opinion of him so the trade gets made.

        • ZZ says:

          I am not offended by Law’s evaluation at all. I don’t like Law and never have.

          I do like to blast him whenever I can, because many baseball fans put so much stock in what he has to say. This was a great opportunity to do that.

      • Pete says:

        This. It was silly of KLaw to base his entire analysis on a single late-season start. Betances has sat 94-96 in the past, touched 98, and this season his control, if not necessarily command, has been exceptional.

        The one thing I have noticed with KLaw is he does sometimes tend to leave projection out of his analysis. I think he likes to let players develop before making the call on where they’ll be, but it does sometimes tend to hamper his opinions of prospects who’ve got a long way to go, especially if they’re not that young. KLaw tends to be very good at projecting where a player would stand on a major league field at the moment, but he tends to be pessimistic about players who are further away.

    • Pete says:

      He never said that Montero has a Frank Thomas-like ceiling as a hitter, and never would. He compared his swing mechanics to Thomas. Montero has never shown anywhere near that level of patience at the plate

      • MattG says:

        Actually, this was covered a few days ago, and someone went and got the exact quote. The first sentence or two specifically compared their mechanics. The next sentence or two actually did insinuate that might not be the end of the comparison. He did not out and out say he’d become Frank Thomas, but he certainly implied that Frank Thomas isn’t impossible.

    • Pete says:

      I doubt that rotation ever happens, but it’s not all that far off. I could see CC-Lee-Hughes-Banuelos-Brackman in two years.

      • BigBlueAL says:

        Of the 3 “B’s” I would bet that maybe 1 of them eventually becomes a permanent part of the Yankee rotation in the future. For people to assume that 2 if not all 3 will be fixtures of the Yankee rotation in a couple of years is to me hilarious.

        • Pete says:

          Who assumes that? I’d love to see it, but I certainly don’t assume that it’ll happen.

          • BigBlueAL says:

            Not saying you assume that. There have been numerous times throughout the Dotf threads this year where people have talked about all 3 of those guys being in the rotation in 2012-2013.

            Since the Yankees are not a small-market, low-budget team Im not exactly sure why I would want to see them with a rotation consisting of basically 3 rookies. The last time they kinda tried to do that it was pretty much a disaster.

            I could see 1 of them making it sure but any more than that and I personally would be pretty surprised.

            • Pete says:

              If none of those guys can make it in the Yanks’ rotation, then yeah. If all three of them were able, then it would make a ton of sense – the amount of money saved there could be spent elsewhere for a higher return

              • BigBlueAL says:

                It is alot easier to integrate young position players into the major league team than it is to integrate young starting pitchers, especially 2 or 3 at a time as the Yankees found out in 2008 and hell even last year.

                Not saying that they should try to trade all of them but I assume that the best of the trio will eventually get a spot in the Yankee rotation while the other 2 if they make it will pitch out of the bullpen or get traded.

  16. Come to think of it, I don’t know if I can fill one hand with announcers–of any sport–that I like. Wow.

  17. bob says:

    nice andy 4 inns 2 hit ball

  18. My soph. year roommate at UConn thought that half the players in the NFL came straight out of HS and was incredulous when I told him they were just saying their HS’s and went to college.

  19. mike c says:

    oof the vikings are going to have a disappointing year

  20. Scott says:

    in his chat today he said that he would rather have kelly over betances or banuelos

  21. MonmouthYankFan says:


    I know tonite is kickoff night, but regarding the Yanks going all out for for the division title. If the season ends today, I think they play texas and the rays play minnesota.

    Anybody have any thoughts on which is the lesser evil?

    If Yanks play Texas, that might mean cliff lee twice in five games.

    But it also mean texas face sabithia twice as well

    • Carlosologist says:

      The thing is that if we play Texas, they take us on at the Stadium. Sabathia is kind of good at the New House. We’re good at the New House. I am not at all worried about the Rangers, especially if they don’t have Josh Hamilton. Minnesota I fear less. They’ll probably play Tampa at Target Field. The Twinkies are unstoppable at home. They can probably take out Tampa in a sweep.

      • Carcillo says:

        You’ve said this twice now. Small sample size certainly, but the Rays played a four game series at Target Field in early July, when the Rays were on the heels of an AWFUL 12-20 stretch.

        They took 3 of 4.

        That doesn’t mean what happened then will happen again, but I wouldn’t be that quick to figure the possibility of a sweep. That, and obviously the matchups aren’t set in stone yet. If the Rays win the majority of the head-to-heads left, then it might be the Yankees looking at playing the first two games of the ALDS at Target Field, albeit against a team they have always been successful against.

        • Carlosologist says:

          That’s my mistake for calling a Minny sweep this early. Anything could go wrong for these teams in the next two weeks. I apologize for my shortsightedness.

  22. Scott says:

    Keith laws chat my bad

  23. Bryan W says:

    Andy Pettite only threw 51 pitches tonight in his rehab start. I think its likely he makes another start in the minors to get his pitch count up around 75-80 before he comes back. The results of his start tonight are very encouraging that he will be back at full strength.

  24. Carcillo says:

    Is the bloom off Atlanta’s rose?

  25. Anthony Murillo says:

    I really wonder who’ll Girardi demotes once Pettitte returns. I would hate to see Nova demoted to bullpen duties although his arm could be very valuable coming out of the bull pen.

  26. Scott says:

    haha at least not over at espn or baseball america

  27. Slappy White says:

    Just when I thought he couldnt get any douchier (if thats a word), Chris Berman grew the most out of place mustache evaaaah

  28. baseball fan says:


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  29. This just in: Brett Favre stuck around one year too long.

  30. Cecala says:

    Watch the game be awesome now that Jersey Shore is on and I am going to miss it…

    PS any Brett Farve just having fun/being a kid out there comments yet?

  31. Magnus Stultus says:

    1.Anyone thinks that John Buck will get some love from Cashman this off season.

    2. In the event of Cliff lee does not wind up in NY, what other options Via free agency do you like?

    3. Do you think NY will go after a full time DH?

    • Cecala says:

      1) Probably not, he is probably going to have a nice market because a lot of teams need a decent catcher. Plus why lock up the backup spot if they want to promote Montero.

      2) Depends if Pettitte retires. Honestly I would rather use an in house option instead of overpaying for not Cliff Lee like what Boston did for Lackey. Brackman is on the 40 man and if he starts in AAA he could deserve a call up. Also we can ride out Nova and worse comes to worse trade for one at the deadline.

      3) No

  32. Magnus Stultus says:

    Matt Kemp for Gardner ,Romine and Drob, would you pull the trigger?

    • Cecala says:

      Yeah but the Dodgers would laugh then hang up

    • Chip says:

      Yeah, and Cashman would say no takesies backsies

    • MattG says:

      The Kemp love on this board is unwarranted. He’s actually not that good. At least I thought he wasn’t so good, so I dug into Fangraphs just now, and yep, I’m right. He’s a lousy CF, who probably just found his proper BABIP level, with some really disgusting plate discipline values. Look at that Z-contact: 78.9%? That’s really poor (for comparison’s sake, the tateriffic Curtis Granderson has a Z-contact of 90.4%, which I think it pretty average).

      That said, the package being offered doesn’t warrant any love, either, but I’d rather hold onto Romine for something really useful.

      • Steve H says:

        He’s miscast in CF.

        But other than that, the dude is full of promise. He’s a year younger than Gardner. And I have no idea why after 1658 AB’s with a .361 BABIP you think he’s normalized based on his most recent 528 AB’s and his LD% is in line with his first 3+ years. I’d love to buy low on him, but I think the Dodgers will be too smart.

        • MattG says:

          I think that because the Z-contact and contact rates are shit. I can’t believe a guy with so little control of the strike zone could really manage a .361 BABIP.

          I never trust players that can’t connect with balls in the strike zone. My feeling? He’s full of promise in precisely the way of Alfonso Soriano, and we’ve already seen his best.

  33. Betsy says:

    “Aside from CC, nothing is guaranteed for anyone,” Cashman said. “Some guys who are starters now may wind up pitching out of the bullpen. We’ll make that determination based on how well they perform down the stretch for us.”…

  34. Betsy says:

    I suspect Nova is going to get a post-season start. I think it’s way too early to crown him for pitching well – let’s see how he does during a full MLB season – but as teams don’t know him, he’s likely to at least pitch decently.

    I think the Yankees want AJ to start because he has the potential to dominate, so I can see Nova and AJ being the #3/#4

  35. Betsy says:

    However, that said, I don’t think the chances of AJ dominating are that good – he’s been one of the worst SP in baseball all year. Mostly, I think the Yankees trust him after last post-season and I think they are worried about Phil (for various reasons).

  36. Chip says:

    Warren was a stud in relief tonight, send him to teh 8th!

  37. seimiya says:

    Can somebody explain to me what it means when someone gets a hit, because they “didn’t try to do too much with it”? I’m hearing this with frightening frequency. Often, these people who “don’t try to do too much” also “play the game well.”

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