Yanks drop fourth straight in battle of aces

Quick & Dirty Post-Game
The curious bullpen moves from Joe Girardi

The 2009 Yankees had quite the knack for the dramatic walk-off win, but this year is pretty much the exact opposite. For the third time in four nights they let their opponent score the winning run in their final at-bat of the game, with Reid Brignac’s .298 wOBA doing the honors in the 11th inning on Monday. For the first time all season, the Yanks dropped their fourth consecutive game, and for just the second time since June 12th, they went to bed out of first place in the AL East.

(AP Photo/Chris O'Meara)

Biggest Hit: Whaddya Think?

The first eight innings of this game were quite possibly the best eight innings of baseball I’ve watched this year, as CC Sabathia and David Price went scoreless inning for scoreless inning before giving way to the bullpen. Through some luck, stupidity, and regular old baseball, the score remained tied at zero until the first batter of the 11th inning. Sergio Mitre, supposedly one of the last available men in the bullpen, entered the game having made one appearance in the past 16 (!!!) days.

Sure enough, Mitre was wild both in and out of the zone, running the count full to Brignac before leaving a cookie changeup out over the plate that the Rays’ second baseman yanked into the rightfield stands for the game winner. I couldn’t see the ball land in my obstructed view seat, but I didn’t need to. It had the sound. Everyone in the building knew it was gone off the bat.

Worth Every Penny

(AP Photo/Chris O'Meara)

No matter how bad things get in the Yankee Universe, we know that once every five days a bonafide ace is going to take the mound with an interlocking NY on his cap. Sabathia didn’t get his 20th win of the season in this game, but it certainly wasn’t because of a lack of effort on his part. The big man carried his team through the eighth inning with a 119-pitch effort that bordered on dominant and God-like.

The Rays didn’t put a man on base until Kelly Shoppach, the same guy that broke up CC’s no-hitter back in April, singled to left, and then things got a little more messy when Sabathia walked B.J. Upton. That was all Tampa would get for quite some time though, because Sabathia buckled down to get Jason Bartlett to end the frame and then followed that up by retiring the next 11 men that followed him. Not another Ray reached base until Ben Zobrist drew a harmless walk with two outs in the seventh, but then things got interesting in the eighth.

As per their recent history, the Yanks botched a scoring opportunity in the top of the eighth, then Tampa immediately threatened in the bottom half when Sean Rodriguez singled, pinch bunter Dioner Navarro pinch bunted Rodriguez to second, and Shoppach took a pitch off his elbow. The Rays had men at first and second, but of course the one at second was the real important one. CC threw Upton just one fastball in a six pitch at-bat, getting to him to flail at a curveball in his feet for strike three and the second out. It was one of several ugly hacks Tampa took off the big man. A weak grounder to short by Bartlett ended both the Rays’ threat and Sabathia’s night.

Aside from the third inning, Sabathia never threw more than 18 pitches in an inning, and only twice did he have to venture past 15 pitches. He struck out nine, walked just two, and allowed just a pair of singles in his eight innings. You couldn’t have scripted a better outing followed the horror show in Texas. We’ve written it more times than I care to count in the last two seasons, but Sabathia has been worth every single penny the Yankees have given him, and then some. What a monster.

If At First You Don’t Succeed, Keep Bunting

I’m going to have more on this on Tuesday (maybe Wednesday), but how many times is Joe Girardi going to bunt with this team before he realizes it never works? Seriously, it backfired at least twice in Texas, and then again tonight in the tenth inning. It’s bad enough that they gave away that precious out, but they also took the bat out of Granderson’s hands so that Colin freaking Curtis could hit. And Grandy was up 2-0 in the count! There’s a complete absence of thinking there, it’s just do what the book says because that’s what people have always done. I don’t get it, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised anymore.


David Price was every bit as good as CC tonight, throwing basically fastball after fastball and fashioning eight shutout innings of his own. It’s pretty easy to forget how awesome the first eight innings of this game were, but man, it sure was a blast watching those two go at it for so long.

(AP Photo/Chris O'Meara)

That had to be a botched hit-and-run with Jorge Posada in the fifth, right? I can’t imagine they’d straight steal with him. Though I guess when you have two great pitchers on top of their game, you sometimes have to force the issue. Let’s give Jorge some props though, it was a pretty close play.

Meanwhile, that caught stealing at third base by Gardner to end the tenth inning is absolutely 110% inexcusable. He’s already in scoring position and more than capable of scoring on any single. Classic example of a kid trying to do to way too much, and he knew it because he apologized to his teammates after the game. Stupid stupid stupid.

The Bronx Bombers haven’t hit a homerun in 42 innings now (h/t Larry). The last one was Nick Swisher‘s walk-off blast last Friday. Yep.

On the bright side, Derek Jeter continues to look pretty good. He worked Price hard in his few at-bats and singled to lead off the game. It’s just too bad the rest of he team is playing like crap.

How about home plate ump Tom Hallion’s punch-outs tonight; he really puts his elbow into it, doesn’t he? (h/t Carlosologist for the image idea)

Cowbells: Immeasurably more annoying in person than they are on television. Holy crap.

The Yankees are going to make the playoffs, it’s all but guaranteed at this point. But seriously, they need to wake the frig up, and fast. They’re half-a-game back in the division and still have a magic number of 12 to clinch a playoff spot. Let’s start with one win first, that’s a pretty big accomplishment these days.

WPA Graph & Box Score

Pitchers’ duel, then bullpen adventures. MLB.com has the box score and video, FanGraphs a bunch of other cool stuff.

Up Next

Rookie Ivan Nova will try to get the Yankees back in first place tomorrow when he takes on Matt Garza. Hopefully the offense decides to show up for that one.

Quick & Dirty Post-Game
The curious bullpen moves from Joe Girardi
  • BigBlueAL

    Oh God I forgot the pitching matchup for tomorrow.

  • http://www.twitter.com/vscafuto Vinny Scafuto

    Sabathia is a beast. I also claim responsibility for this stretch of crappy play. I was at last Sunday’s game against the Jays, and didn’t get garlic fries for the first time in several trips to the Stadium. It’s all my fault.

  • stuart

    girardi should be fired. he pitched mitre and guadain in extra innings. think about that……….

    they are a combined 0 and 7, over 5.30 era cumulative and 2.00 +WHIPs…

    if they do not have mopup guys to use in addition to those 2 mops, they need to bring up more.

    girardi is a fool and should be fired and to think people are not saying this is ridiculous. he tells the media nothing and uses it as a tool so he does not need to explain the unexplanable.

    btw they pitched their ace tonight and lost the friggin game.

    but einstein whom already said logan cannot go all 3 games this series pitched in this game…

    Cashman and girardi and morons………..gaudain and mitre in extra innings.. not the 15th inning but the 10th………….

    • Jonathan

      you should read the game thread and the quick bullet comments…everyone is saying that.

      • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

        And they’re all wrong. Every single one of them.

    • Big Davey


    • http://www.twitter.com/jordan_smed JGS

      I’m not going to address most of this, because it’s utter insanity, but just to this point:

      btw they pitched their ace tonight and lost the friggin game.

      Team’s record in starts by–

      CC Sabathia: 22-10
      David Price: 20-8
      Roy Halladay: 19-11
      Francisco Liriano: 17-10
      Adam Wainwright: 18-12
      Ubaldo Jimenez: 21-8
      Felix Hernandez: 15-16 (this is just impressive)
      Cliff Lee: 13-12
      Josh Johnson: 15-13
      Jered Weaver: 15-15

      The Yankees are not going to win behind their ace every time he goes out there. That happens to every team. Deal with it.

      • http://www.yankeenumbers.com Mr. Sparkle

        I never liked the term “ace” as much as “stopper.” The guy who’s supposed to “stop” losing streaks. Hey…he did his part though. It’s not his fault the offense can’t buy a run vs. anyone.

    • RKelly39

      Wow, you really think Girardi should be fired, huh? That’s pretty amazing.

    • Cecala

      Damn that Guadain!

    • Chris

      Instead of Gaudin and Mitre, they should have pitched Swisher? He’s about the only other reliever that was available in that situation.

    • Brian in NH

      love this overreaction. Nevermind that the team was built by cashman and helmed by girardi and won a world series. nevermind that a managers impact on a baseball game isn’t nearly as big as a football or basketball coach. Yes he makes the call for pitching changes, but its not like he was out-coached by Joe Maddon.

  • http://www.twitter.com/stephen_mr Stephen R.

    This game was very unfortunate but that WPA chart is so cool. Too bad it ended the way it did. That is all.

  • Pat D

    Let’s just kill chin pubes tomorrow!

  • Kiko Jones

    I caught the tail-end of it btwn innings but the guys at MLBN seem to think Benoit balked in that 3B fiasco involving Gardner.

    • Brian in NH

      The guys at MLB Network are idiots. They routinely made inaccurate calls last night on game plays. I can’t count how many times they said a pitch was a ball/strike and they were obviously way off

  • ZZ

    I don’t think people really understand what Girardi has done the past week. He has decided that while winning the division would be nice, it is more important to extensively rest and prepare some of his players for the postseason.

    The problem with that is how inconsistent he has been in trying to achieve his goal. He has put A-Rod, apparently the entire bullpen outside of Mariano, and Posada at the top of this list. He DH’ed Teixiera against Baltimore this week so apparently he is on this list as well.

    He has on the other hand though done this at the expense of other players. He continued to play Swisher and Gardner through injuries and he has continued to run Cano out there basically everyday even though he looks like he is dragging a bit lately.

    Yet, the worst thing is that 2 of the most important players to this team’s postseason success have seen no rest. Sabathia and Mariano have not been spared at all. Sabathia is probably the person who would benefit most from this rest given how often he will be pitching on 3 days rest in just a few weeks.

    If you are going to be resting players those 2 absolutely have to be at the top of the list along with A-Rod.

    Girardi is playing this very inconsistent right now and that is very concerning. This team is heading down a path right now where they will not have HFA, something that will fairly significantly benefit them, and will have a team that will not as a whole be well rested for a playoff run.

    • iYankee(next generation from Apple)

      completely agree. I am not a Girardi fan as a manager. I think he tries to use his match ups objectively but he is quick to lose faith in players and then out think himself; as was seen by pushing CC tonight and then skipping Mo for Gaudin and Mitre.

      the 2009 Yankees over came his mismanagement, this team may not be able to.

      On the other hand, they can win on the road so playing for the AL East rather than just getting healthy for the playoffs is like winning a million dollars and complaining that it is all $20’s instead of $100’s.

    • RKelly39

      If you don’t like things Girardi has done that’s okay. But to say that this guy should be fired sounds wacky and spoiled to me. The guy won a world series last year & has done a great job this year in baseball’s toughest division with a team that has suffered numerous (non-managerial) disappointments.

      But, hey, the Yankees are supposed to win every game, so, let’s fire him. Try being a Knicks or Jets fan. You might learn to appreciate rooting for a winning team.

      • ZZ

        Did you even read my post?

        I can barely even find the letter ‘F’ in there, let alone the whole word ‘Fired’

        • RKelly39

          Sorry Ive been reading these things en masse between the last 2 posts.

        • RKelly39

          I think I was replying to the guy ahead of you, ZZ

    • Chris

      Yet, the worst thing is that 2 of the most important players to this team’s postseason success have seen no rest. Sabathia and Mariano have not been spared at all.

      Just because you keep saying it doesn’t make it true.

      Mo has thrown a total of 82 pitches in September. He’s basically pitched his normal workload.

      CC is in a similar position. He’s worked on normal or extra rest every start this year, and hasn’t thrown an exorbitant number of pitches in his recent start. He threw 119 last night, but that’s his third highest total for the season. Two starts back he was pulled after 95 pitches. Two starts before that he threw only 76 pitches.

      There’s just no evidence that they’ve been over worked.

      • ZZ

        It is not about them being overworked. I have said that repeatedly and nothing in my post implies they have been overworked. If you can find the word overworked in my post, please share it with me.

        What they have not gotten is the extra rest other players are receiving. CC in particular. It was extremely important to the team’s success last year that CC was well rested down the stretch, because of the Yankees plan to go to a 3 man rotation. This year, that is not happening. This year, other players are getting that rest that CC got, yet he is by far the most important player on this team.

        In terms of Mo. Girardi said he was going to stay away from using him for 2 innings earlier this season after his injury. Yet, he throws him for 2 innings in extreme heat in Texas the other night and then goes right back to him the next night.

        Joba Chamberlain, Robertson, Wood, and Logan have all gotten breaks and been spared in the recent days, yet Girardi had no problem sending Mariano out there for 2 innings in 100 degree weather. He had no issue with Mo throwing 3 innings in 2 nights.

        Girardi prioritized resting the rest of the bullpen over Mariano.

        • Tim

          Wrong sir. Wrong. Rivera hadn’t pitched in 6 days prior to his 2-inning outing in Texas. And he only threw 23 pitches in that 2-inning outing in Texas, which is why they went back to him the next night. Rivera has been plenty rested all season for this team. If he wasn’t resting him, he would have pitched in the game last night instead if Mitre or Gaudin.

          And as for Sabathia, the guy hasn’t been extended or asked to pitch on short rest once all season. In fact, he has been given extra rest a few times recently. Are you suggesting that they skip him once to rest him? How many days would you like to push him back in order to afford him some rest?

          Girardi has his warts, as any manager in the league does. Managing a bullpen and keeping his pitching staff fresh is NOT one of them.

          • ZZ

            The pitch count is a factor, but when you are discussing a 40 year old closer pitching in extreme heat it Texas, it is not even close to the most important factor. Nor is the rest he had beforehand.

            The most important factor is really cooling off and then warming your arm back up in that type of heat. It is a drastic process that really could have put a lot of stress on Mariano’s arm. It was a tie game on the road and there was no reason for him to put Mo in that situation. Unsurprisingly, Mariano was very fatigued the next night as a result of this move.

            Yet, Kerry Wood can’t throw 2 innings last night? Mariano Rivera can throw 2 innings in the Texas heat in a tie game, but Kerry Wood is saved. The manager you are defending found that he was fine pushing Mariano Rivera, but not Kerry Wood.

            Mariano got injured earlier this season as a result of pitching more than 1 inning. Going to him for 2 innings in that heat and then again the next night, was a risky and had little benefit.

            In terms of CC, it is as if some of the fans on this website fell asleep in September last season. CC was taken out of his starts early and got extra days between his starts for the final 3 weeks of the season. That was incredibly beneficial to him in the postseason.

  • http://kierstenschmidt.com Kiersten

    Sabathia obviously can’t handle all the pressure of getting his 20th win. Two failed attempts now. smh.

    • Cecala

      What a waste of money! Maybe if he lost weight he would get that 20th win

      • iYankee(next generation from Apple)

        Thats funny Cartman. Don’t be jealous because the pinstripes are thinning on him.

    • http://www.yankeenumbers.com Mr. Sparkle

      He’s a regular Chien-Ming Wang out there!

      • seimiya

        …. lol.

  • iYankee(next generation from Apple)

    This team tonight is what it has been all season and rollercoaster of hitting. When it is hitting it hits, but when it doesn’t it is donuts for many games. Pitching has been good all year and tonight was no exception, however, I personally think this game falls on Girardi.

    Once again he mismanaged himself right out of a game with all his “stats”. Saving Mo for a save is crap because what is the point if your team can’t score; pinch hitting Swisher for Golson was dumb because it is a double move; pinch running Gardner who seems to have re-injured his wrist with a horrible steal of third; and so on.

    On the other hand, while winning the AL East is great, I am not sure it is worth it at the expense of exhausting arms for the ridiculous 5 game series.

    Home field is nice for sports radio fodder but in the end, you always have to win on the road and this team has done that when it needs to so whether they are the wild card or not is irrelevant.

    Remember they split in NY then took 2-3 in Philly. They went to LA and up 2-0 and got the one win they needed. So it really comes down to winning when they need to and right now, while this 4 game losing streak sucks major ass, they don’t NEED to be winning to make the post season.

    • http://www.twitter.com/jordan_smed JGS

      Who are you, what have you done with iYankee, and could you please not let him come back?

      • iYankee(next generation from Apple)

        Funny! Well played and agree, must deserved.

    • http://youcantpredictbaseball.wordpress.com/ bexarama

      (reads comment)
      (sees username)
      (falls over in shock)

      • iYankee(next generation from Apple)


        Bex +1 iYankee (still cleaning shit off his head from recent removal from ass) 0

        • http://youcantpredictbaseball.wordpress.com/ bexarama

          I AM SO CONFUSED.

          But I will take this new iYankee.

          • seimiya

            I’m pretty sure he gave you a point.

    • http://kierstenschmidt.com Kiersten

      “Donuts” are frustrating, but I feel like it’s necessary to mention that David Price is like, really, really good at pitching.

    • http://www.yankeenumbers.com Mr. Sparkle

      It’s not a 4-game losing streak as much as a 7 of 8 losing streak that could very easily have been eight in a row remember.

      Hey, I don’t care ’bout Wild Card or Division…I care about getting in and it would be nice, being that they’re so close to wrapping it up, to actually doing that! Also, I know there are some injuries, but it would be nice for confidence sake to win a couple of games against playoff teams. I’m sorry, but the “we want to rest guys” answer isn’t going to hold water all month.

      For the record…going into game 145 the Yankees now have a 7 game lead in the Wild Card. In 2007, the Mets went into game 145 with a six game lead, won and expanded it to 7…the biggest lead they’d have the rest of the year. Before everyone goes nuts, yes, I know the 2010 Yankees are not the 2007 Mets. The point is, don’t assume the race is over because of the lead. Any lead can be overcome as long as the mathematics allow. That Mets team came about two pitches from going to the World Series and was 20 games over .500 and cruising at the time. If you remember, the papers and talk radio were already talking playoffs as a foregone conclusion…just like now with the Yanks. Things can fall apart quickly and when they start spiraling, as we remember with that team, it can be hard to stop.

      Are the Yanks facing a “Must Win” scenario yet? Probably not…but it’s pretty close and I just hope they’re not believing their own press.

      • Kiko Jones


        Then again, the Mets are the only team in MLB history to win the World Series after being one strike away from losing that same championship, so…it works both ways.

      • Chris

        It’s not a 4-game losing streak as much as a 7 of 8 losing streak that could very easily have been eight in a row remember.

        It could also have been just a 3-4 or 4-3 stretch. It took Mo blowing a save to lose one game, and Nelson Cruz hitting two HR to win another. The Yankees have lost four 1-run games in that stretch.

    • Tim

      Would you have preferred pinch hitting Colin Curtis over Swisher? Cause, you know, then he wouldn’t have had to make a doubel move. And do you really think Girardi instructed Gardner to try and steal third? If so, Gardner wouldn’t have apologized to the team for his bone headed mistake. And the plan prior to the game was only use Rivera for one inning in order to keep his workload down. In fact, neither Rivera, Chamberlain, nor Robertson was available last night due to pre-planned rest. Or would you rather have one of the Yankees’ greatest strengths turned into a weakness by burning out arms in an essentially meaningless game just three weeks before the playoffs?

      At least, if you are going to complain, make some sense dammit!

      • theghostofgeorge

        MEANINGLESS???? First place, MEANINGLESS? Winning the division, MEANINGLESS??? Home-field advantage, MEANINGLESS??? What kind of Yankee fan are you? This team must win NOW. It must win today; it must won tomorrow; it shoulda won yesterday. And if that braces-wearing, pussy-toad manager doesn’t understand that, we will find one who does. His players are paid a king’s ransom to WIN, not to sit on their asses resting and eating sunflower seeds. If they don’t understand that, we will find others who do.

  • It’sATarp

    i’ve defended girardi a lot but after this week i give up. inexcusable stupid managing. Pure stubbornness on his part to not try anything new and just keep going to the same shit over and over. Jeter isn’t hitting, oh wells leave him in the top of the lineup. Bunting has never worked, oh wells lets keep going to it. Then girardi decides hey it;s fine for Mo to work 2 innings in texas, but he has to give joba extra rest days after not pitching since friday? WTF? also saying swisher is not available then Ph with him, and hughes can’t come form the pen but then using him. then all of the sudden nope cna;t use joba or D-rob cuz i said it before the game. And how many times does he need to see mitre and Gaudin pitch to know they aren’t very good at it..seriously Joe? i defended you on pen management this week and today you slap us fans in the face. What the hell.

    • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

      I guarantee if you were ever given a job managing a big league team, the number of times you have to give the ball to a pitcher you have absolutely no confidence in in a big spot because you literally don’t have any other options… it would frighten you.

      Joe Girardi only has one starting pitcher who he can trust to pitch into and beyond the 7th inning. Everyone else is a wildcard who doesn’t have good stuff beyond 80 pitches anymore. Thus, his bullpen is gassed. Throw in a few extra-innings games and a mid-game rain delay and there you have it.

      You hate Girardi because he keeps giving the ball to Gaudin and Mitre. If you had his job, you’d keep giving the ball to Gaudin and Mitre as well. Because it’s all you can do.

      • iYankee(next generation from Apple)

        I agree and disagree. If you are using Gaudin and Mitre in this type of situation shouldn’t there be at least some expectation that the game will go longer than a couple of innings? Why not use Joba, Woods for 2 innings, etc.

        I don’t think that is all he can do. What he is doing is playing to win a couple more series until elimination numbers are down and then he will mail in the last few games and set the rotation and the line up.

        Girardi, while I still am not a fan, is not concerned with sweeping Tampa, just walking away with a 2 of 3 series win, which would serve the team better.

        • jim p

          Right. A guy comes in sharp for an inning. Okay, let him face one or two in the next inning. Next guy does good, bring him in next inning. Use 2 relievers a little extra instead of hoping you have the good luck to have 3 relievers all on their game tonight. Let one rest completely.

      • BigBlueAL

        The first 2 sentences in your 2nd paragraph doesnt give me much hope come October. lol

        • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

          Well, Andy should help part of that, and we still have 4 weeks to see if Phil/AJ/Javy/Nova can improve with a little extra rest and tinkering.

          • BigBlueAL

            AJ will start in the playoffs. I think the question is who will be the #4 starter and to me it would have to be Hughes by default.

            • It’sATarp

              hughes is a much better starter on the road…i think he has like 3 road hrs vs like 19 at the stadium…crazy splits.

              • http://youcantpredictbaseball.wordpress.com/ bexarama

                I also wonder what his ERA is against everyone but the Blue Jays

                • It’sATarp


                  nothing too pretty but a lot of them are small sample sizes except the 7 hrs vs the jays really stand out. even worse is i remember kay in the last 6 run outing vs the jays kept calling it a terrific outing…really man?

                • http://www.twitter.com/jordan_smed JGS

                  3.79, but we are talking about 15% of his starts here.

      • It’sATarp

        i don’t hate girardi, i’m just done defending the guy. Seriously even if you only have one guy you trust, you still have to look at who’s better. The long reliever who hasn’t pitched in 2 weeks, the reliever who is only used in blow outs or the guy that has been pretty good (outside of the texas game) in relief. The fact that he is saving mo for a save is irritating but i get since mo is 40 and can;t keep pushing him. However to be able to use mo you ahve to get past the bottom of the inning and the heart of rays order that inning, then we have the heart of our order coming up. Rays already used their 3 best reliever so you figure get thru this inning lets see what out offense can do and hopefully get to mo. And to get thru the inning it’s best if you don’t use your worst reliever available. Sure he said joba is not available but it doesn’t mean he can’t come in just cuz he said so, the guy hasn’t pitched in 2days..how much more rest does he need? and hell why was d-rob throwing in the pen earlier when he was considered unavailable. Also why would you left Colin curtis hit over Curtis granderson? Balfour isn’t a lefty and has been hit well by lefties. questionable decisions, that are pretty much indefensible when in a close game vs the division rivals and the team just got swept.

        • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

          The problem is you’re judging it by this one game. Actual big league managers have to constantly balance long-term and short term.

          • It’sATarp

            this one game was pretty much the highlight of a bad week for joe. i mean i was irked by some of his moves in texas and stuff but i put most of the blame there on the lack of big hits, but this game just really really pissed me off. yea the offense struggled here but unlike the texas game this was more due to good pitching not letting anyone on. where as in texas in two game we loaded the bases prolly over 6 times and left 57 total guys on base.

          • Tim

            Not if their name is Joe Torre they don’t. And the list of shredded arms left in his wake is a mile long.

        • jim p

          We don’t know the health conditions of the staff. Nor should we. Maybe Joba’s got a tender whatever, … could just as well be just that.

          What I object to is not pushing the hot hand for another batter or two. Hopefully having to use fewer relievers as a result. Plus, less a chance that any given reliever doesn’t have their stuff or command that night.

  • MikeD

    The Yankees are slumping. Slumps don’t last. All will be fine…hopefully sooner rather than later!

  • BigBlueAL

    Apparently Joba approaching 65 appearances is a reason for his reduced work load recently. Alrighty then. The Joba rules will never end apparently.

    • iYankee(next generation from Apple)

      Interesting. While perhaps some truth, I just think Joe has little faith in his youngsters…. unless they are Italians from Venezuela.

  • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

    Umpires should be fined or suspended for emphatic strike calls and ridiculous exaggerated toss gestures when they throw a manager out of the game.

    Shut the fuck up already. You’re an umpire. Shut your mouth and just say “Strike” like a normal person. And if you get upset when players or managers “show you up”, stop showing them up in the first place with your flamboyant bullshit when you can’t even call balls and strikes properly.

    That’s why they keep giving you lip and sass and talkback, big league umpires: BECAUSE YOU’RE AN ASSHOLE WHO SUCKS AT HIS JOB AND YET YOU STILL ACT LIKE YOU’RE BETTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE.

    Be less of an asshole and learn how to do your damn job properly, and people will be more cordial and deferential to your humble judgment.

    • http://youcantpredictbaseball.wordpress.com/ bexarama

      Your posts tonight have been. Um. “Glorious” comes to mind.

      • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

        I’m a little chippy after watching Rex Ryan and Brian Schottenheimer get badly outcoached by John Harbaugh and Cam Cameron.

        And Shonn Greene/Jerricho Cotchery/Antonio Cromartie/Kyle Wilson’s inability to make simple plays/hang on to the ball/play straight up no-penalty football was aggravating as well.

        I’ll be happier next week when we play better.

        • Hughesus Christo

          Mark Sanchez is just bad, bro.

          • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

            Mark Sanchez was not the problem tonight. Not at all.

            He barely threw the ball even though they were stacking 8 and 9 in the box and had a banged up secondary that couldn’t have possibly defended Edwards/Keller/Cotchery downfield. Schotty called a super-conservative gameplan and refused to adjust.

            And we gave the Ravens 8 first downs on penalties from third and long. That’s fucking ridiculous.

            • RKelly39

              Why did they wait until the end of the game to reintegrate Shonn Greene back into the offense? He had like 6 carries — looked like a six year old boy getting grounded. If the guy’s our #1 and I believe he’s good enough to be just that, get him back in the action, and run the goddamned football.

              And then I flip to the Yankees. smdh

              • Chris

                Shonn Greene appeared allergic to the ball tonight. I’m guessing that’s why he wasn’t out there much.

              • Pasqua

                Two fumbles and a dropped pass. That will hurt your role in a game, I’d imagine.

          • Hughesus Christo

            Let’s act like he wasn’t bad. Isn’t his knee thing more of an issue than they let on? It seems to pop up every game, and he’s only n his 2nd season.

            Finally, I want to share a theory on Mr. Sanchez and pro athletes in general. Who is the last headliner athlete to marry or seriously date a model/actress/performer and continue to perform at a high level? I came to this belief based on what we’ve seen from Andy Roddick and Tom Brady. Both were on the rise. Both reached transcendant stardom. Both started dating/marrying/impregnating starlets. Andy Roddick is a guaranteed embarrassment four times a year, and Tom Brady has been secretly small in big games for the Pats recently.

            Now, what does this have to do with Mark Sanchez? Remember his photo shoot with Hilary Rhoda shortly after he got drafted, and subsequent relationship? I’ll link, for illustrative purposes only, of course: http://www.bittenandbound.com/2009/05/19/mark-sanchez-gq-photos-with-model-hilary-rhoda/

            I can’t remember a high-profile player ever doing this so early in his career. I get the whole “Take the City” thing the Jets are going to keep trying out to comical effect, but this was a bit much. I don’t know if it’s motivation, pure distraction, getting crap from opponents/teammates, or what–but this just seems to be a bad road to travel. Mark can’t travel back in time and un-date Hilary Rhoda (and who would?) but I fear that he was set on an unfortunately trajectory very early on.

            And now the Yankee connection: Derek/Minka

            Please, hold you applause.

            • http://youcantpredictbaseball.wordpress.com/ bexarama

              Derek’s been banging actresses/models for years and has been awesome pretty much his entire career. Also, hello, Kate Hudson.

              • Hughesus Christo

                But Derek keeps it (1) private, and (2) casual, until this year.

                I can’t say that my research is generalizable to Centaurs, or CentWARs.

                Addition: Chris Webber/Tyra Banks

        • http://youcantpredictbaseball.wordpress.com/ bexarama

          (pretends I know what that means, nods)

        • Chris

          I can sort of forgive Kyle Wilson having a couple stupid penalties. He’s a rookie playing in his first game – not the end of the world.

          Cromartie on the other hand… he seemed to be torched or penalized every time they threw at him.

          • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

            It was bad. Turn your head around and look for the ball, Antonio. You KNOW they’re going to be throwing at you.

            • Pasqua

              Thank you for saying this. I thought I was going crazy. He had NO sense of the way a play was unfolding. The only time he seemed to see the ball was as it was soaring over his head. I thought I had gotten too used to Revis, but I feel better now.

  • http://www.twitter.com/tomzig Tom Zig

    On to the next one. Yanks can gain back first place tomorrow.

  • Poopy Pants

    On a positive note, at least we won’t have to read ‘they still have the best record in baseball!?!?!’ anytime anyone has any criticism of the team.

    • Jobu

      So you would rather read, “at least their not in first place”?

      • seimiya


  • Jerome S

    You know what, rather than losing to the fucking Orioles, this time we lost to David Price and a really, really good bullpen. Shit happens.

  • https://twitter.com/Carcillo_ Carcillo

    I can’t remember the last time the Yankees scored at the Trop.

    Last two games I’ve gone to, they ended up putting goose eggs up. Enough of that shit.

  • http://theyankeeu.com Matt Imbrogno

    To be honest, that WPA graph is pretty cool looking, except for the final swing.

  • Tampa Yankee

    Cowbells: Immeasurably more annoying in person than they are on television. Holy crap.

    How annoying is the Ryan Seacrest looking wannabe and the between innings things they do over there? For those of you who have never been to the Trop that would include which section does the Chicken Dance the best, spot the Chik-fil-a cow, Pepsi bottle races, etc. That place is a joke! With joke fans who know nothing about baseball!

    • Jonathan

      That is exactly like Kauffman Stadium. The fans are just drunk and know nothing and just do the classic IGNORANT chants. Yankees suck! Steroids! Cheaters! Jeter/Arod/Cano etc suck! And in between innings they have this guy that’s about 30-35 and kinda nerdy that’s going bald but he still spikes the front of his hair up like it’s a jr high dance in 2001. And he talks like a strip club announcer. He spends about 20 minutes total on the giant screen. Speaking of the giant screen, they don’t even show replays or anything cool on it. It’s the BASIC simple R H E and the lineup. It’s a joke. The whole organization is a joke. The only good part about it is they give early bird tours like an hour and half before the ballpark opens and I always just “get lost” and end up behind the Yankees dugout by myself getting autographs.

    • Carcillo

      Rusty Kath?

      I love how twice in April I ended up winning free Pepsi’s, so I actually won’t complain about that.

      I also love buying $20 tickets and sitting in the lower bowl. Always look for the empty seat towards the back row, on the far end, preferably the left end. I love having free reign to stand when I care to, instead of getting bickered at for it.

    • Pasqua

      I am hesitant to rip another stadium’s mid-inning antics when YSIII still features the YMC-fucking-A.

      • Carcillo

        The Trop does too…

  • GoTerpsGo

    Frak. The. Rays. C’mon Ivan – go get ‘er done!!!!!

  • Lucci

    This 2010 Yankee collapse will be more epic than the 2004 debacle or the 2007 Mets collapse.

    • Aaron – Long Island

      In the unlikely event that it comes to that, I am fascinated to learn how various people will react.

      • seimiya

        I’m pretty sure there’s going to be mass suicide.


    #1 fire that little jerk Girardi….. Gaudin???? Mitre?????
    #2 fire Girardi…… what happened to the rest of their bullpen?????
    #3 fire Girardi…. the Cubs need to continue their streak of not going to the series, Girardi would be a perfect Manager for a bunch of losers.
    And what about that moron Gardner! what was he thinking… obviously not thinking at all.
    I think I would have enjoyed what he usually does …takeing the first 2 strikes before taking the bat off his shoulders.
    A very unhappy Yankee fan

    • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

      I’d ask you what you would have done differently, but I already know you’ll endorse some ridiculous bullshit strategy that if you actually implemented as a manager would result in your entire team running out of gas by early August.

      • Brian in NH

        you have got to love the ridiculous overreaction here. if the yanks had made a run like the rockies have this month, then girardi would be brilliant, nevermind his team still has the second best record in baseball, and had the best until last night.

        • Lucci

          By the end of the week, the Yankees will have the third best record in baseball. They will have the fourth best record by the middle of next week. Finally, they will have the fifth or sixth best record in two weeks or so. At which point, we can all be scolded for overreacting.

          • http://www.twitter.com/jordan_smed JGS

            If we continue to lose every single game for the next two weeks, then we’ll talk. Somehow, I don’t think that is going to happen.

            • Tim

              If they continue to lose every single game for the next two weeks, they’ll still be in the playoffs.

              • Lucci

                Six more games against the Rays. Six games against the Red Sox. How many of those games will this team win? Two?

                • Tim

                  You’re joking, right? Have you seen the Red Sox play lately? You don’t flush 8 game leads with less than three weeks left in the season.

                  Unless you’re the Mets.

                  • Lucci

                    Have you seen the Yankees play recently? After the Yankees flush the rest of the series against the Rays, the Red Sox take two more from Seattle, and the Yanks continue their descent against the Orioles and Rays (next week), the standings will be much tighter. The team will have a three game lead with nine to play (six against Boston). We will see what they have left in the tank at that point.

  • jesse

    For all you Gardner fans, what the heck is he stealing 3rd base with 2 out for, can someone tell him he’s already in scoring position.

    What is Posada running for? Don Zimmer can beat him to 2nd!

    Mitre needs to be sent down to the minors where he belongs!

    • Coach6423

      He made a dumb play. It happens some times with young players..

      He was either running to try to get to scoring position, not unheard of in a well pitched game, or someone missed a sign for the hit and run.

      We are passed the point of being sent down to the minors, especially when said pitcher is out of options…

      • Lucci

        I like Gardner, but I don’t agree with the young player defense. He is 27, and he has played professionally for six years (3 in the majors, of course). An attempted steal of third with two outs is almost always the wrong decision. It is made even stranger by the fact he usually requires a fire lit under his butt to get him to take off from first base when he enters the game as a pinch runner.

    • larryf

      Dumb play by Gardner. There have been a few 2 out steals for outs that have been incredibly dumb this year-see T. Hunter (Angels). No excuse. Why can’t we have a touch of good fortune like a throw to third that gets away and Gardy scores and we win 1-0? Oh well. For as dumb as it was, it was a close play.

      There have been several times this year where he was on second with less than 2 outs and should have attempted a steal but didn’t.

    • Pete

      For all you non-gardner fans, check out his 4.8 WAR. The Yanks are paying him $100,000 per win above replacement level. In other words, they’re paying a quarter of a replacement level player’s salary for each of his wins above replacement level.

  • Frank

    I can live with Girardi’s decision to rest Joba and D-Rob in favor of Gaudin and Mitre. Im willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on that one. But having Granderson bunt on a 2-0 count with Curtis on deck is simply a head scratcher I can’t figure it out. I don’t question a manager very often, but that decision made no sense to me whatsoever.

    • Fair Weather Freddy

      I agree Frank. That was the move that bothered me most. Even worse was that Grandy was up 2-0 in the count. With a 2-0 count turn him loose there. Balfour did not want to walk him, and he was gonna get a fastball there. Maybe he catches a hold of one and hits it out or gets a hit. If its a strike, its 2-1 then put the bunt back on. Very strange moves by Girardi last night,and was shocked at the bonehead move by gardner there in the 10th.

  • http://twitter.com/cephster Ross in Jersey

    Tommy, you know what’s worse than overreacting to a baseball game? Overreacting to comments about a baseball game. The idea you think I have some personal hatred against Girardi must sound nice for your narratives attacking me, but the fact is I defend his good moves and question his stupid ones. If you want to have blind faith to him and question nothing – not even bunting Granderson – then so be it. But don’t tell me what to think like your opinion matters more than everyone else.

    • Jonathan

      Well said Ross. All he does is just roam around in the comments being a smug douche and acting like no one but him is ever right. You’d be hard pressed to go through the comments of almost any post and not find multiple examples. How dare you form your own opinion…If the game means that much to you then good, you’re a good fan.

      • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joe Pawlikowski

        Disagree. I don’t agree with everything Tommy says and I agree that there are some overreactions to certain comments. But no, screaming and yelling like a 12-year-old that your team lost does not make you a good fan. It just means that you can’t control your emotions and you’re prone to saying dumb things.

        • http://twitter.com/cephster Ross in Jersey

          That’s fine. I never said my overreaction made me a better fan than anyone else. At the same time, I don’t need to accept being personally attacked by the commenting police for what I would consider to be a mild overreaction.

          • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joe Pawlikowski

            The better fan quip was directed at Jonathan, who made the claim in the first place.

            • Jonathan

              i didn’t say freaking out like a 12 year old is being a good fan, i said caring a lot makes you a good fan. and i’m sure you guys don’t notice it as much because i assume you all are good friends, but there is a select few people on here who do the basic cyber bullying and cut down everything people say that your group doesn’t agree with. you make smug undercutting comments when people don’t agree with you. it is hands down my least favorite part about your website. the writing is great. the info is wonderful, but if you aren’t in that accepted group, you just get attacked. We’re all Yankee fans and we should easily get along, but there’s an elitist group that acts like they’re above everyone else. I’m sure i’m not the only one who notices this.

            • Jonathan

              and i didn’t say it made anyone a better fan, i just said it made him a good fan. if you’re going to attack me, at least attack what i actually said.

  • Pete

    I’ve been an avid defender of Girardi since he got here, but there was one move last night that really pissed the shit out of me. And believe it or not, it wasn’t Gaudin, and it wasn’t Mitre. It was Granderson’s bunt. 2-0 count on a RHP who throws like 80% fastballs and doesn’t have great control? A) why give him an out? B) why give him an out when you’re in a situation where your only real HR threat for the next few hitters (going all the way up to Jeter) is at the plate in a fastball count against a fastball hitter? C) Why the fuck would you have Curtis Granderson bunt and Colin Curtis hit? How is that not backwards.

    I’m not saying Girardi shoul be fired – I don’t think he should. He has, for three years in a row, managed to turn what should be the team’s only/biggest weakness (the bullpen) into a major strength. I don’t hold it against Girardi that the lineup that’s supposed to score a ton of runs (and typically does) hasn’t been lately, and I don’t blame him for Pettitte’s injury, Philier Burnez’s suckitude, or the collective century of Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, and Jorge Posada.

    I just blame him for that bunt. Don’t do that.

  • larryf

    Ok-here is an alternative and sanity helping tip that is helping me.

    Girardi feels quite sure that Nova and Hughes can only give him 6 innings max so he needed more bullpen for these next 2 games.

  • theyankeewarrior

    “We felt like we just had to stay away from some guys tonight”

    Ok. Fine. Then stop being hypocritical. Why the fuck is Nick Swisher pinch hitting when he clearly has a bum leg? Why the fuck is Brett Gardner pinch running and sliding hands-first into bases when he clearly has a hand that can’t even grip a bat? Not to mention the fact that Brett Gardner clearly fucking sucks ass at pinch running.

    If you’re going to use Mitre and Gaudin in extra innings on the road, you might as well just forfeit the game. Or better yet, just start them and let CC and the ENTIRE pen get an extra day’s rest and dominate the Rays tonight for an easy victory.

    As insane as that sounds, it’s better than throwing CC until he’s gassed, risking Posada, A-Rod, Jeter, Swisher, Kearns and Gardner’s health and still giving up on the game come the 11th inning.

    Nothing about last night made any sense.

    Besides the fact that Sergio Mitre gave up a bomb to a terrible hitter. And that Chad got out of a jam by striking out BJ “K-man” Upton.

  • http://ballcraft.blogspot.com Zanath

    I know it seems guaranteed we are going to make the playoffs, but the team needs to start playing like they might not make it. A 7.5 game lead is not insurmountable by any stretch of the imagination, especially if we don’t stop the bleeding real soon. When things go bad, they go really bad, so we need to pull it together soon.

    To be clear, I don’t think the world is ending, I’m just saying that if we don’t start playing better, this race might get a little closer than we would like.