A Game Three loss wouldn’t change CC’s schedule

NLDS Game Thread: Braves @ Giants
The Killer B’s: Who is coming first?
Awww, the big guy's tired. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

Let’s make this clear right now: In no way, shape, or form am I saying that a Game Three loss would be beneficial to the Yankees. It would be quite the opposite actually. No one wants a series to extend longer than necessary, especially in the very first round. However, what I am saying is that if the Yanks do in fact drop the game later tonight, it’s not the end of the world. All of you smart people already know that’s the case, simply because CC Sabathia and Andy Pettitte would be going in Games Four and Five with just a single win needed to advance. I’ll take my chances in that situation every day of the week.

The biggest consequence of losing Game Three would be having to start Sabathia on Sunday night on three day’s rest. Even though CC’s a horse and has proven to be up to the task on more than one occasion in the past, everyone involved would still like to avoid that situation just out of common sense. He wasn’t sharp in his Game One start and potentially compromising his command even more because of short rest is not something worth rooting for. Let’s save those bullets for later, basically.

Like everyone else, I’ve been working under the assumption that if Sabathia does indeed have to start in a Game Four against the Twins, it would throw off his schedule for the next round should the Yankees advance that far. Well, it turns out it won’t matter at all. Through the miracle of bad scheduling, the first game of the ALCS won’t be playing until next Friday, the 15th. Sabathia would be able to start against the Twins on Sunday, and then again on Friday in the ALCS on his regular four day’s rest. How about that?

I certainly don’t want to get ahead of myself here, because we’ve learned the hard way that no series lead is safe. The Yanks have to come out tonight and play like it’s Game Seven, holding nothing back because tomorrow is a day you don’t want Minnesota to see. The comfort of being able to have Sabathia still pitch the first game of the ALCS while still throwing him in a potential Game Four of the ALDS is just that, a comfort. It’s not part of the plan, it’s the break glass in case of emergency plan right now.

The Yankees have put themselves in a great spot with their two wins on the road at Target Field. They can afford to play like every game is their last this weekend without all the risk, and they’ll still be set up for the ALCS regardless of what happens. They’ll have to beat the Twins one more time before we can really concern ourselves with the next round though, so let’s hope they finish off the sweep tonight and make all of the worrying about Sabathia moot.

NLDS Game Thread: Braves @ Giants
The Killer B’s: Who is coming first?
  • http://twitter.com/ngoral Jake LaMotta’s Left Hook fka Johan
    • http://twitter.com/ngoral Jake LaMotta’s Left Hook fka Johan

      Fo realz? Image HTML doesn’t work for non-admins? FTL


      • http://twitter.com/ngoral Jake LaMotta’s Left Hook fka Johan
        • Dream of Electric Sheep/ still haven’t register /too lazy

          I don’t get it … it looks like a yawning grizzly bear. I get the yawning part . The bear seem to be an arbitrary animal even though I think it infers to the market but still arbitrary in the context of this article

          random thoughts’d

          • Esteban

            CC is a bear? Or I didn’t get your sarcasm

      • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

        Uh, hell no. This place would go to shit in less than two minutes if we allowed anyone to post an image.

        • http://twitter.com/JoeRo23 The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

          It would be the RABocalypse.

          • James

            Can we at least admit that photo of the bear is effin hysterical…

  • Brooklyn Ed

    regardless, Duensing has more pressure than Phil does going in tomorrow night. Duensing has to try to stop them. If he blew it, then that’s it for the Twins. Phil will just pitch to contact, and keeping the Yanks in the game..

  • mustang

    Game 3 lost would only mean that the Yankees haters get a little more gas to fuel the 2004 memory nothing more.

  • Dream of Electric Sheep/ still haven’t register /too lazy

    A Game Three loss wouldn’t be the end of the world
    No, Mike, It wouldn’t be when you are up 2-0 !

    Being a wise ass’d

  • Big Stein

    I thought losing the division and/or HFA was supposed to be the end of the world?

    /yankee doomers

  • Big Stein
    • Accent Shallow

      Lenny Bruce, like Generalissimo Franco, is still dead.

  • PaulF

    I don’t want CC to have to pitch. He’ll be fine n game four and on full rest in Game 1, but he might start feeling it a bit when he goes on short rest in games 4 and 7 of the ALCS. I’d much prefer 8 days rest before back to back starts on short rest.

  • ZZ

    Like everyone else?

    The schedule has been out for weeks now. I am not sure how this wasn’t obvious. One of the main motivating reasons people have been advocating since the playoff schedule came out that Sabathia should start game 4 is this exact reason.

    • Sayid J.

      Yea… I was gonna say… I was pretty confused when people were talking about CC not being able to start game 1.

  • alittleblackegg

    That’s a real nice strand rate you’ve got there, Brian Duensing. I’d be a shame if something were to happen to it…

    • RCK

      Hahahaha! This comment is pure win!

      I llol’ed, if you will.

  • Dream of Electric Sheep/ still haven’t register /too lazy

    Onto baseball, Duensing looks like he has decent fastball 90-92 and a real good change up. Given the Yanks problems with peeps they never faced before and change up. I see trouble waters ahead.

    Hughes will have a tall task against a power hitting LH lineup with the short porch. I specifically think Thome will be a tough match up for Hughes.

    Actually, I am favoring the Twins in this game.

    • http://www.twitter.com/deanezag Zack

      They faced him last postseason, something like 4.2 IP 5ER I believe

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      They’ve faced Duensing before. Last year in the playoffs, smacked him around good in Game One.

      • Dream of Electric Sheep/ still haven’t register /too lazy

        My bad then. I saw a few videos of Duensing on MLB.com, He looks pretty impressive. I think Hughes will be challenged tomorrow for sure. Should be interesting…

    • http://twitter.com/cephster Ross in Jersey

      You must have a really short memory, because he was the game one starter last year in the ALDS. They’ve seen him before and they beat him around pretty well.

      • Dream of Electric Sheep/ still haven’t register /too lazy

        firstable, that’s like year ago ! I would put that under long term memory category !

        second, I was high during the MN series in the casino LY. So that’s probably the reason.

        • http://twitter.com/cephster Ross in Jersey

          The 2009 postseason was pretty memorable to me :)

          • Dream of Electric Sheep/ still haven’t register /too lazy

            For sure dude ! I remember the LA and Phil series vividly , but just not the MN one for reason alluded above.

    • Carlosologist

      We faced Duensing last season in the ALDS. He got shellacked (4.2 IP, 7 H, 5 ER, 3/1 K:BB).

    • https://twitter.com/Carcillo_ Carcillo

      Not only have the Yankees faced Duensing before, Derek Jeter fucking owns him.

      2 home runs against him.

  • phily

    How the hell can they schedule game one for next friday. What in the world I am going to do.

    Didn’t they use to see when the series were ending and then put out the schedule. We may have 4 sweeps and may mean no baseball for most of the week.

    If anything if a game 5 is tuesday then game one alcs should be thursday.

    I work in advertising but this pisses me off.

    • http://www.yfsf.org AndrewYF

      “Didn’t they use to see when the series were ending and then put out the schedule.”

      How would they sell tickets ahead of time? Not everyone who goes to the games lives within an hour, you know.

      • phily

        a few days advance, they set the start times so do the same things with dates. It is the playoffs and people know they have to be flexible.

        But no matter, I just hate that many days without baseball.

        • Sayid J.

          Well people can’t always be flexible… you can’t just tell people to buy tickets for a game and “we’ll let you know what day and time it is later”

    • http://kierstenschmidt.com Kiersten

      Game 1 of the CS should be scheduled for after Game 5 of the DS. The chances of the DS going to Game are slim, so if it ends at Game 4, there are still 2 off days. And if it does take a team 5 games to win, well then that’s the price, not having a travel day. That was it actually gives a team that needed 5 games to win a disadvantage over a team who swept.

      • http://kierstenschmidt.com Kiersten

        Wow, that typing was awful and I’m actually sober, just tired. I really should log in so I can edit my posts.

  • NYGinCO

    Maybe RAB guys need a night off too. Whats the point of this post? To discuss CC’s schedule? “A Game Three loss wouldn’t be the end of the world” is not what i expected to see on the eve of the clincher here. Just a thought. Love this blog.

    • Sayid J.

      Pretty sure this post was originally going to be about how a win tomorrow was imperative because it would allow CC to pitch game one of the next series, but then they realized that CC could pitch game one regardless of the outcome of tomorrow’s game and they just stuck with the post. Shit happens.

    • Sean C

      Would you have preferred a “Yankees could throw CC on a possible game three clinch whilst in a complete, and desperate, panic mode” because everyone else in the rotation is a big “?” (as the narrative went)? That would’ve made for CAPTIVATING reading. Just be thankful you had something to read at 1 in the morning on a Saturday.

  • CBean

    Having to go to CC wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen but I’d really like to cinch it tonight when I get to be there.

  • Joe

    Cmon, why post an article like this BEFORE the game? Give us the reasons why the yanks SHOULD win, and if they don’t, THEN you can tell us why it wasn’t a big deal…. Be real and say that you got some tix for game 4… Really not a knock against this piece, but we do not want to get into that mentality when we’ve seen what can happen when you get too comfortable w/ a series lead (you all know what I mean)…..

    • Betty Lizard

      we do not want to get into that mentality when we’ve seen what can happen when you get too comfortable w/ a series lead (you all know what I mean)…..

      Actually I don’t know what you mean.

      While I believe in a participatory universe, even I don’t believe that having fans be too comfortable can (significantly) influence the outcome of a game. :-)

      Now, if the Yankees were too comfortable, that’s a different matter, but there is no evidence that they are, is there? They sure seem to be playing with gusto (grit, even!) to me.

      From my point of view, this is exactly the sort of article we should have BEFORE the game, in an attempt, at least, to calm down the “oh nos!” Chicken-Little-ites on the blogs while the Yankees go about their business trying to win Game 3. But I don’t think our comfort–or stress–level matters one whit.

      • Joe

        “in an attempt, at least, to calm down the “oh nos!” Chicken-Little-ites” is what’s going to need to happen AFTER a loss… Right now most fans are pumped b/c the Yanks are up 2-0 and comin home… Those Chicken-Little-ites that you refer to can be found in Minny right now…

        Again I don’t mean to criticize, but as a fan I have always thought that you never want to push the issue…It’s like saying that a pitcher is going to have a perfect game or celebrating before the fact, it never does any good. Even though whatever we do might not have any input in the result of these events, why force the issue?

        • Betty Lizard

          Well, the threads I read sometimes have tons of Chicken Littles during the game . . . during an inning . . . during a pitch sequence!

          It’s like saying that a pitcher is going to have a perfect game or celebrating before the fact, it never does any good.

          Well, the Hopi might disagree. But I do get what you mean.

          • Joe

            “Well, the threads I read sometimes have tons of Chicken Littles during the game . . . during an inning . . . during a pitch sequence!”

            True dat! They can get annoying sometimes….

  • http://kierstenschmidt.com Kiersten

    Losing would be bad cause it would end our postseason win streak vs. the Twins and that is a streak that I like very much.

    We’re in their heads, man.

    • Sean C

      Of course, the uniform changes and all that other nonsense that has been reported upon speaks to this. It is a ridiculous narrative, but it exists none-the-less. I didn’t really figure the “been there done that” narrative that surrounds the Yankee lineup would actually come into play, but I really don’t see an excuse or evidence to the contrary. The Twins just can’t seem to beat the Yankees. I’m completely ecstatic that the Yanklees have played this well so far. They’re up 2-0, they’ve got this.

    • detroit_yankee

      It’s more than just being in their heads — you could see it in their ABs in Game 2…they were pressing (desperate) and the look in their eyes when they only scored 1 with the bases loaded was priceless.

      It’s as if they go into each game now thinking: what will happen to us today?

    • Hughesus Christo

      They’re also just… better than them. I see a lot of Twins talk that seems to act as if they ply enough times they will magically win just because. The Yankees are better in the rotation, on offense, on defense, and in the bullpen. What else is there to say?

  • dan

    I am there with my son,joe and I GOT MY BROOM.