ALCS Game One Spillover Thread


The Yankees will bring the tying run to the plate in this game.

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  1. Esteban says:

    Thank you Mike for the optimism.

  2. Fresh start. The rally starts now. Doomsayers be GONE!

  3. vin says:

    How can they bring the tying run to teh plate when it’s already over?!?!11

  4. All Star Carl says:


  5. V says:

    Captain GIDP.

  6. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Surprising outcome is surprising.

  7. swisher's fauxhawk says:

    Lol, that was poetic.

  8. Esteban says:

    Captain DP rears his ugly head.

    Next inning they’ll get it done(?).

  9. Well, that covers about all the things that can go wrong.

  10. brazilian fan says:

    i’m of hte position to not renew jeter contract


  11. nathan says:

    Jetes the man

  12. iYankee(next generation from Apple) says:

    Our 1-3 hitters suck ass tonight.

  13. Ace says:

    I’m perfectly fine with letting Jeter walk this summer. Go help resurrect a new franchise and fanbase. I can’t stand seeing those GIDPs anymore. Sickening.

  14. UncleArgyle says:

    Safe to say those good at bats from the ALDS didn’t carry over for Jeter

  15. Jon says:

    Everyone that could go wrong, has gone wrong for the yanks so far this game… 5 really hard hit balls right at rangers. And yet, the rangers drop in a couple of bloop singles and turn it into runs.

  16. It'sATarp says:

    Can we take some of that money we are going to give jeter and put it toward the cliff lee fund?

  17. mbonzo says:

    Yankees need to have a big inning against Wilson in the 6th, work him to 100 pitches and feast on the Rangers bullpen. We’re in a similar situation to Game 1 in the ALDS and this is how that game went down.

  18. Tachycardia says:

    Some are shocked that people are saying CC hasn’t been an ace this postseason. I’m sorry, but he hasn’t. He’s given up 8 runs in his two starts. He put us in position to lose both ballgames. The offense bailed him out vs. the Twins. Look at the other 3 aces currently in the postseason. These are what I would call true aces. Halladay- no hitter. Lincecum- 2 hitter. Cliff Lee- 2 wins. Sabathia- 8 runs given up, 0 wins.

  19. Accent Shallow says:

    Mike, I love you man.

    (Ok, 99.6% of that is the lead in to the post)

  20. beer boy says:

    please move granderson up the lineup.

  21. poster on another computer who happens to be a deuce bag says:

    Damn, this has been a classic “Yankees in September” game for the Yankees here, huh?

    And it’s October.

    Bad luck boys.

    Cue asshole comment by Captain Jack

    • Captain Jack says:

      I think I’m going to start a music career and my first single will be “asshole comment” I’ll give you royalties if there are any.

  22. brazilian fan says:

    nice pitch by joba

  23. nathan says:

    Joba for the turn around

  24. Pat D says:

    I noticed someone, I think it was MikeD, asked where I’m surrounded by Phillies fans.

    I live in the Lehigh Valley area of PA, and I work in Allentown. My call center is within walking distance of the Phillies’ AAA team stadium.

  25. iYankee(next generation from Apple) says:

    Just remember, all they really want is a split. They lost game 1 to Philly last year 6-1 in NY… didn’t matter in the end.

    • Greg says:

      You forget the Cliff Lee factor. If we split and if we lose to Lee. We’re down 2-1 and A.J. Burnett to save the season.

      • Accent Shallow says:

        That’s two big ifs. Cliff Lee is not Mike Scott, and these are not the ’86 Mets.

        And one blessing in disguise about CC pitching horribly is that he can probably go in Game 4 now.

        • Greg says:

          That is true. And Cliff Lee is better than Mike Scott.
          Check Lee’s postseason numbers

          • Accent Shallow says:

            Postseason numbers have zero predictive value, so you’ll excuse me if I don’t care.

            He’s a great pitcher — it wouldn’t surprise me to see him throw a good game. It also wouldn’t surprise me to see him go 6 IP, 5 runs.

      • iYankee(next generation from Apple) says:

        WHAT??? AJ sucks??? ya you’re right, but had to put some positive spin on the fact that they are getting their asses handed to them by CJ freakin wilson.

  26. beer boy says:

    joba is bringing the heat

  27. Esteban says:

    Joe Sheehan
    You cannot discuss this game without bringing up the 8-10 pitches on the outside corner not called strikes for CC and now Joba.
    46 seconds ago

  28. Mickey Scheister says:

    Joba Joba he’s our man, if he can’t do it, Robertson can?

  29. Andrew says:

    who hired these guys to commentate? how is game one of a 7 game series EVER a must win!?

    • Pat D says:

      When your ace pitches that game and their ace looms in Game 3, evidently.

      Shit, even Francesa said today isn’t a must win.

    • bonestock94 says:

      That ernie jerkoff is infuriating in basketball, damn shame that virus spread to baseball

    • Tachycardia says:

      They’re just trying be overdramatic like always. People don’t give us much chance in game 3. I don’t see Burnett starting game 4 anymore. I expect CC to come back strong on 3 days rest.

  30. mike c (LETS GO YANK KEEZ) says:

    time for our starter in the bullpen to act like one

  31. Mickey Scheister says:

    Where did that miss?

  32. bobtaco says:

    Is Joba throwing a curveball? It doesn’t look like the slider…

  33. All Star Carl says:

    Joba is hitting 97 but he doesn’t like that. He likes his slider.

  34. brazilian fan says:

    wasnt that a strike?

  35. MikeD says:

    A Joba sighting.

  36. Slappy White says:

    Kit, I read some of your post from earlier and I can tell your irratated, so I will tread lightly. BUT…..I BLAME YOUR NOT SO SECRET CRUSH ON OLE NON DRINKING CJ FOR OUR BEING SHUT OUT TO THIS POINT

    CAPS LOCKED for your viewing pleasure

    cheer up buttercup:)

  37. brazilian fan says:

    lee is gardner’s brother, i’m 100 percent sure

  38. beer boy says:

    too bad cory lidle didnt crash his plane on this stadium

    • Little Bill says:

      That’s unacceptable.

    • brazilian fan says:

      wow bad feelings all around. lol

    • Mike Pop says:

      Out of line.

    • Ray the Anti-Handle says:

      Completely uncalled for. I wouldn’t mind if you were banned for this comment.

    • Accent Shallow says:

      I think it’d be rebuilt by now.

    • bonestock94 says:

      Probably the first time I actually slapped my forehead due to the internet.

    • poster on another computer who happens to be a deuce bag says:


    • Carlosologist says:

      The playoffs bring out the worst in people.

    • bexarama says:

      What the fuck is wrong with people tonight? My god, it’s a fucking baseball game.

      • Captain Jack says:

        “it’s a fucking baseball game”

        Which is what is wrong with female sports fans. ;)

        • bexarama says:

          I thought we’re all stupid, vacant ninnies who only watch because we think the guys are hot.

        • Kit says:

          Now you’re really overstepping boundaries. Not only is Bex smarter, more informed and more well versed in baseball than you are, but that’s sexist and even if you’re joking, I don’t think it’s funny and I doubt she does too.

          • Captain Jack says:

            Yeah, you’re completely right…how dare I think a guy with a 1.68 postseason K/BB or a 5.05 post season RA is a choker; and how dare I think a team 5-0 going into the bottom of the 6th is going to lose a game…furthermore how DARE I think a team with a 1-0 advantage with Cliff Lee going twice more has the advantage to win a seven game series. Completely unfounded baseless assumptions.

            • Kit says:

              I don’t even know what the fuck you’re talking about because I wasn’t referring to that at all. Throwing numbers at me won’t make me think you’re smarter. In fact, it makes you look desperate to prove a point that you didn’t make at me, so I don’t give a fuck about. I’m talking about you being idiotically sexist. Other than that, I have nothing to say to you.

              • Captain Jack says:

                “BEXY IZ SMURTER THAN U!!!!!!!!”

                Logic, reason, and facts.

                NUMBERZ DON”T MATTUR 2 ME UR JUST DESPERATE!!!!!111!!!!

                Jesus Christ.

                • Kit says:

                  Seriously, you sound like you’re twelve. I was defending her from your sexist bullshit. Which is still sexist, no matter how you cut it. Acting like a child also makes you look like an even bigger idiot.


                  • Captain Jack says:

                    For one, I like Bexy…we disagree and she probably hates me, but she’s a good sports fan. Although the Andy Pettitte thing is a little weird, though nothing compared to the man crush I have on Derek Jeter or Didier Drogba, the world needs more good female sports fans, and I have serious respect for those who deal with the bullshit from most male sports fans. I was being facetious, and some people can’t take a joke…since I realized most people here have sand in their vagina (no pun/sexism intended) I included a winking smiley face which a master of the interwebz like myself understands to be “kidding.” You brought up the other shit smarter, better versed, etc. I attacked that, you ignored that because you can’t formulate a valid response to the points. And yes, you don’t have a valid argument.

        • handtius says:

          How old are you? you need to be taught some manners. You have no respect for anyone here and don’t deserve to be aloud to comment, just beer boy.

        • At least you won’t be able to reproduce

    • handtius says:

      that’s completely unexceptionable.

  39. Cy Pettitte says:

    ok, can we please RELEASE THE BRACKMAN?

  40. Accent Shallow says:

    I don’t really have strong feelings either way about most Rangers’ players.

    But I despise David Murphy.

    • Little Bill says:

      I despise Hamilton and Ron Washington. Everyone says what great men these guys are. And somehow A-Rod is a monster. Haven’t they all shown they can change?

      • Andrew says:

        You couldn’t be more right. Just because A-Rod used a drug that effects his on-field performance he’s some how WORSE than an actual former addict and… possibly another addict, who really knows what Washington’s story is…

        People make mistakes. Sorry for the entire human population being human.

    • MikeD says:

      I don’t like him either, but I have no specific reason. Disliked him the first time he walked to the plate against the Yankees. It’s the boxy, snake-like face.

      • scottg says:

        I just can’t take these teams with their gimmicks. The antlers and the claw…I mean come on. Cowboy up! Rally monkey. Irritating.
        Almost as irritating as DJ’s DPs and these AWFUL Conan ads

  41. Mickey Scheister says:

    These terrible announcers, HEY-ZEUS!!!

    Hit him Joba!!

  42. I will give my left nut for the Yankees to win this game, just to repost all the stupid shit Captain Jack has already said.

  43. nathan says:

    Why Moseley. Let Joba out for a second inning.

  44. Slappy White says:

    I actually understand bringing in Joba , but I dont wanna see Moseley

    • Little Bill says:

      If they don’t get any closer than why not Moseley? If they get a couple next inning then I would use some of the better guys.

  45. Esteban says:

    Look how bad the strike zone was for Sabathia:

  46. Kit says:

    C’mon, offense. Couple of runs and you’re right back in it.

  47. Sean C says:

    I was wondering how long Joba was going to get to pitch tonight. I’d like to see him come back for another inning.

  48. nathan says:

    I want the typing run to the plate , just to hear the cricket noise in that booth.

    I think hate this booth more than anyone in the Rangers. Lol

  49. Ray the Anti-Handle says:

    The Yankees didn’t “take away” A-Rod. He was a trade and the Rangers were going to get rid of him no matter what. Teix went through the Braves and the Angels before he got to NY.

    And for the record, the Rangers took Cliff Lee away from the Yankees.


  50. Cy Pettitte says:

    please score some runs so I can step back from the ledge

  51. jeffon says:

    come on

  52. Gonzo says:

    Joba looked puffy in the face. I hope he’s sleeping well.

  53. ZZ says:

    What the hell is the point of watching baseball if you can’t handle yourself like an adult and restrain from throwing a temper tantrum when the Yankees are losing?

    Go challenge kindergartners to boxing matches if you want to remove doubt or adversity from sport?

    Using the c-word, referencing Lidle’s death, etc. Grow the fuck up.

  54. All Star Carl says:

    Quality at bat from Swish

  55. Andy says:

    I thought this guy walked a lot of people?

  56. Sean C says:

    These Conan blimp commercials are wearisome, but the one where he’s washing his desk is pure comedic gold. And simultaneously disturbing.

  57. V says:

    Wow, gotta love those first pitch hacks.

    • bonestock94 says:

      I’d imagine they get frustrated and try to hit 5 run homers. We have one of the more patient teams can’t bitch too much.

  58. scottg says:

    Swish, take a pitch?

  59. Hall and Nokes says:

    first pitch swinging make Elmo sad

  60. Mickey Scheister says:

    It’s time for some offense boys, do the damn thing. I’ve been as positive as possible tonight but it’s gettin late….A-Rod call Kate!!

  61. Esteban says:

    What is this strike zone? Players have to be hating it.

  62. Andy says:

    That was ball 4

  63. JDDZip says:

    I didn’t think we were going to get shutout by cj wilson to be honest

    • iYankee(next generation from Apple) says:

      Seriously, this offense has been inconsistent for two months… nothing has really changed. You have to expect more of this and hope they get better pitching from their Ace and the other starters.

  64. beer boy says:

    have fun now nolan ryan, enjoy it. prostate cancer is gonna get you sooner than later.

  65. Andy says:

    Hahaha did that inning really juts happen?

  66. RS says:

    Guys – what is up with Jeter – he looks so lethargic and doing things he never used to do. I couldn’t believe he swung at Wilson’s first pitch earlier after Gardener walked on 5 pitches. Wilson was suddenly shaky and he just swings at the first pitch for a little pop up. Then he hits into a DP with Gradener on 1st.

    Either age is catching up or he has some kind of injury. This isn’t the Jeter we know.

  67. V says:

    Thanks guys. Too bad Granderson can’t bat 1-9.

  68. scottg says:

    arod can’t leave fast enough tonite

  69. Ace says:

    Frustrated that this team has rolled over and died today. I know its no one’s fault and stuff like this happens, but agitating nonetheless.

  70. cjc says:

    man they look just awful

  71. JDDZip says:

    Its okay, we’ll get them tomorrow. If we manage to stop them from a shutout it’ll be ok

  72. first time lawng time says:

    Fact: CC Sabathis IS an ace. One bad start doesn’t say otherwise. So he gave up 5 runs in 5 innings to Texas. Big effing deal. Ever thought that maybe the 8 days of rest made him rusty?

    Fact: One bad start doesn’t mean he’s going to pitch poorly in a couple days. He’s a good pitcher, had poor command (due to rust), unlucky bloop hits and an untimely homer to the MVP.

    Also, IT’S ONE GAME! Teams have come back from 1 game deficits. Even 3 game deficits!. One game does not foreshadow how the team will play the other 6.

    Their crappy offense tonight? Gee, I don’t know, maybe they’re a little rusty after not playing for week. The only thing I’m worried about are Jeter and A-Rod’s at bats. Those could be a little better IMO.

    Fact: It’s one game, that still is not over. And if they do lose? Big fucking deal. Get over it. It’s just a game. Just be happy that you’re going to wake up tomorrow in a home and not on the streets struggling to find food.

    They’re the Yankees they’re not going to go home and surrender and cry about a (likely) loss. They’re men. They’ll forget about it and try to dominate tomorrow.

    Ugh whatever I’m like already over it.

  73. It'sATarp says:

    man can’t wait to see cliff lee after how great we did vs CJ wilson.

  74. Ray the Anti-Handle says:

    Sigh, the Yankees aren’t doing a good job following the scouting report on CJ Wilson. They’re not even giving him a chance to be wild.

    And *gulp*, Dustin Moseley…

  75. nathan says:

    Lol that graphic said ALDS

  76. iYankee(next generation from Apple) says:

    C’mon, no one should be surprised at anything other than CC pulling an AJ.

  77. mbonzo says:

    Moseley is in. This is automatically a win.

  78. Jake H says:

    Terrible job by the offense in this game.

  79. Calling 3 shutout innings for Moseley, and resulting calls from Captain Jack saying he should have started the game.

  80. Cy Pettitte says:

    Moseley has a Hughesian back of the head hair poof going on now

  81. Al Yankee says:

    So the top of the order is pretty good tonight…

  82. scottg says:

    is this the time when we say, ok, get it all out, it just can’t get worse so it must get better?

  83. Andrew S says:

    Brooks Conrad playing third base?!!?!

  84. RS says:

    And now Arod boots an easy one – they look like old, disinterested millionaires who are playing out the string

  85. beer boy says:

    excellent, choke-rod is back.

  86. bonestock94 says:

    Good, just get all the evil out in one night. It’s like a large bowel movement. The gods will repay us with 7 IP 1 ER AJ Burnett.

  87. first time lawng time says:

    Ugh. You know a game is not your game when your gold glove third basemen has an error.

    It happens. Just get all this crap out of their system tonight.

    They haven’t played in a week. They’re just getting back into the groove of things. Not a big deal.

  88. Now playing the Texas Rangers, the Cincinnati Reds!

  89. It'sATarp says:

    If we lose this series, does our chances of getting lee goes down? since we’re probably going to see the need of having another ace in rotation justtt in case one ace isn;t having a good day.

    • No, I’m pretty sure Lee will go to whatever team gives him the most money. It’s not like the Yankees aren’t a perennial winner.

      • Pat D says:

        Olney said Yanks will get Lee for 5 years, 115 million.

        Sounds realistic to me. Anyone think that the Rangers can really afford that? New ownership be damned, they can’t make that committment.

        • It'sATarp says:

          doesn’t that double their payroll? honestly Texas i think is so high on themselves right now they might offer lee a crazy contract which he would accept. Then like Arod they are going to regret it in a year or two when everyone else on their team sucks.

        • Accent Shallow says:

          Olney said Yanks will get Lee for 5 years, 115 million.

          I really think anyone who pays Lee anything close to this will deeply regret it.

        • Captain Jack says:

          After their first WS Victory they’ll have the added fan base, since the Cowboys now blow.

  90. Believer says:

    Effin Nightmare, no?

  91. JohnnyC says:

    Texas crowd exhibiting their class and eloquence.

    • first time lawng time says:

      It’s hardcore redneck territory down there. Don’t expect anything but the best from Texas!

      • Pat D says:

        Yea, and they’re all frustrated Cowboys fans, too, so you’ve got to consider that.

      • JohnnyC says:

        I like the fact the broadcast crews never mention the boorishness of these anti-Yankees chants. Like if they ever heard a Yankee Stadium crowd chant “Rangers Suck!”, they’d ignore it? Tim McCarver would probably do a 3 inning dissertation on how disgusting NY fans are.

  92. mbonzo says:

    Moseley looks really friggin good. WTF!?

  93. jeffon says:

    Damn Alex. we need you locked in

  94. Carlosologist says:

    I hate being the only rational Yankee fan in my house. I routinely hear my dad call A-Rod a fag when he makes an out. I also hear him say the game is over in the fifth inning (to be fair, he’s been following the Yanks since the 70s. He’s seen more baseball than I have in my whole life).

    Le sigh.

  95. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Why can’t we ignore the trolls instead of 325235235 people responding to them?

    It’s obvious they are trolls so don’t waste comments on saying them to shut up when it won’t work. It’s a bitch to load. Pretending to be trolls too should be kept at a minimum.

  96. poster on another computer who happens to be a deuce bag says:

    Boy, what a shame. They had the pitching matchup and really shit the bed.

    Good luck, Hughesie.

  97. claybeez says:

    Nice job by Moseley and Joba.

  98. Kit says:

    Nicely done, Mose.

  99. Al Yankee says:

    Here comes da BOOM

  100. Cy Pettitte says:

    Dustin = Ace

    rotation is now Moseley/Hughes/Andy/Moseley/AJ/Moseley/Moseley

  101. Sean C says:

    Well, the bullpen has looked good so far. I’ll take whatever I can get. A couple hits/semblance of a rally and runs would be pretty cool as well.

  102. On the board, baby. Ain’t over yet.

  103. JerseyDutch says:

    Don’t ya know?

  104. Kit says:

    ROBBIE GOES BOOM. Four runs, guys. Get it going.

  105. Accent Shallow says:

    Robinson Cano — still incredibly talented.

    Nice somebody showed up.

  106. tom says:

    Someone forgot to tell Robbie the game is over

  107. Esteban says:

    Dontcha Know!

  108. claybeez says:

    Thing Of Beauty

  109. mbonzo says:

    YEA!!! Moseley’s magic made Cano do that.

  110. Cy Pettitte says:

    Ribbie! I’ll take it

    you’re turn now Mr. Thames

  111. Ivan says:

    someone was ready for a fastball damn.

  112. Al Yankee says:


  113. bonestock94 says:

    Fuckin a, here we go. Good timing to start a Cano hot streak too

  114. YankeesJunkie says:


  115. Carlosologist says:

    Robbie we love you long time!

  116. Andrew S says:

    Who’s phrase is “Slam range”??

  117. Dtrainhell says:

    OK. What is with all these dumb-ass braided necklaces all over MLB this year? I thought this was a game played by adult men.

  118. mbonzo says:

    Darling saying that Gerry Davis has been spot on. UGH maybe if you’re rooting for the Rangers.

    • JohnnyC says:

      Why would Darling root for the Yankees? Grew up a Red Sox fan, played for the Mets, saw the Yankees completely obscure the accomplishments of the 1986 Mets by sustaining a mini-dynasty…he’s in a long line of envious haters.

  119. MikeD says:

    One run down, four more to go…well, I guess five.

  120. RS says:

    Let’s face it though – Texas looks really good – confident, swinging well, solid in the field, smart manager. And they haven’t used Lee yet. Should be a very tough series.

    • Carlosologist says:

      It’s 6.2 innings into the game. Who knows, they could fall apart and make six errors tomorrow night and strike out ten times.

      • RS says:

        Yeah, and martians could land and disrupt the game, but both scenarios are unlikely. Texas is a solid team, playing with a lot of confidence. Not a tight, psyched out bunch like Minnesota was.

    • bexarama says:


    • tom says:

      It’s easy to look good when the guy starting against you throws 30+ pitches, many way out of the zone, and gives you a three-run lead in the first

      No one ever doubted they’re a worthy team. But they’ve had circumstances fall their way tonight

    • You mean the team that’s winning 5-1 and playing at home looks good and confident, and their manager is smart for keeping in the lefty who had been pitching a shutout for 6 innings?

      Yeah, doomed!

      • Captain Jack says:

        And they have two Cliff Lee starts left.

      • first time lawng time says:

        I don’t think he was being irrational. Most of what he said were facts. They’re team is in good position to win tonight, and they have their ace coming. We’ve got an injured Andy, homer prone Hughes and A.J.

        However, Andy was nice in the ALDS, Hughes was dominant at HOME against the Twins and Sox. And A.J. could be dominant.

        IDK where I’m going with this, but I think he’s being rational in saying that this series won’t be as easy as it was against Minnesota.

        • He’s putting the “looks confident” “swinging well” and “smart manager” narratives on this game, which is silly. What team winning 5-1 doesn’t look confident? It doesn’t mean what he’s trying to make it sound like. We’re not losing because the Rangers are the more confident team…

          • first time lawng time says:

            I know. That was a little silly. But I think the intent of his comment was that it “should be a tough series>” That’s hardly irrational to say. Maybe the context was, but that part in general is fine.

  121. Ray the Anti-Handle says:

    DAMN! I muted the game during the commercials and completely missed that HR! =(

  122. Captain Jack says:

    Robinson Cano’s season was really fun to watch this year…glad he’s still making October, still kinda fun…and Jesus Christ that was a shit call.

  123. Camilo Gerardo says:

    We were unsurprisingly too patient, and they were surprisingly patient.

    anyone, Tying run coming up this game? I think so

  124. mbonzo says:

    Another great call by Gerry Davis.

  125. Esteban says:

    Another great call by the ump.

  126. bonestock94 says:

    Good pitching is good pitching. Yanks didn’t have much to squander today.

  127. iYankee(next generation from Apple) says:

    Jorge, just awful

  128. Camilo Gerardo says:

    and I would like to see the ump’s chart tom. Just saying

  129. Ray the Anti-Handle says:

    Ump is being inconsistent on that corner for both teams.

  130. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Would this lead be Neftali proof?

  131. Ace says:

    I wonder if baseball players do anything to get each other pumped up when they’re down like they do in basketball and football. Like just walk around screaming and getting everyone jacked up to go out and get it done.

  132. cjc says:

    this is hard to watch

  133. Esteban says:

    What a corny name- The Vocal Minority. Seriously? That name could only come from Texas

  134. tom says:

    Please…no more pictures of Bush

  135. Jon in CUO says:

    I’d like to see the reaction in the Bronx if they showed Dubya on the big screen.

  136. Pat D says:

    You know, this game has just really been a whole batch of unlucky breaks, right?

    I’m not that close to a TV, but haven’t we seen:
    –a tight strike zone
    –Hamilton’s HR barely getting out
    –bloop hits before the double

    Obviously the offense has been a whole lot of suck, but it’s not quite as bad as we’re making it out to be, right? Of course this is of little consolation if the score holds.

    • JerseyDutch says:

      We’ve basically had every bad break today. Makes me believe that things will fall in line from now on.

    • To be fair CC pitched pretty poorly, it could have been a bit better but also a lot worse.

      This is still just one game, and doesn’t assure the Rangers of anything. People just need to stop overreacting.

      • RS says:

        Hey come’on – we’re New York baseball fans – when we lose we get pissed and talk about it being the end of the world. When we win we are just mildly relieved of our anxiety until the next game starts. The only day in the year when we are truly happy is the day they win the championship, if and when that happens.

        J-E-T-S, jets, Jets, Jets

    • tom says:

      Absolutely. No one in the press would buy this analysis, since to them it’s all you won or you lost — but, as big a lead as it seems Texas has, you wouldn’t have to tweak much to reverse the score. Imagine, one of the Yanks’ hard-hit balls with two on split the outfielders instead of the one Texas got. Very different game.

  137. JerseyDutch says:

    Mose trying to look badass. Good to see.

  138. Cy Pettitte says:

    Dustin = Super Ace

  139. Carlosologist says:

    Hamilton struck out looking twice? Pigs must be flying in Arlington.

  140. Ray the Anti-Handle says:

    That was an incredible pitch.

  141. MikeD says:

    Nolan looks like he’s been hitting the pasta since he called it quits. Wonder what he could hit on the radar gun today?

    • Sean C says:

      100… kilometers per hour…

      • Esteban says:

        I bet he could hit 70+

        • MikeD says:

          The reason I ask has more to do with Sandy Koufax, but I’ve linked Koufax and Ryan in my mind since I was a kid because of how hard they threw.

          About fifteen years ago I had dinner with a guy who used to be the PR Director for the Dodgers through at least part of the 1980s. He mentioned Koufax, so I stopped him (his first name is Steve) and said, “Steve, I have a question regarding a story I remember reading in the Sporting News about ten years ago about Koufax in Spring Training from the mid to late 80s.” Steve stops me and says, “I know exactly what you’re going to ask me.” So I reply, “okay, I’m game.” Steve says, “So you want to know if Koufax threw 90 mph while he was coaching for the Dodgers in spring training.” Steve was right. I wanted to know if that was true. Koufax hadn’t pitched in basically twenty years, wasn’t in pitching shape, was in his early 50s, and had retired because he had arthritis in his left arm. Anyway, Steve replied, it was true, because he was there and actually placed the story. So that got me to wondering how the F hard to Koufax throw in his prime?

          • MikeD says:

            …and by extension, I’m not so sure that Ryan, even overweight and now in his early 60s, might not still throw in the 80s.

  142. Kevin says:

    Lance berkman will hit a HR in this game…. i got a feeling

  143. bonestock94 says:

    Yea that scary texas homefield advantage has yielded a whopping 1 playoff series win. Fucking tools.

  144. Carlosologist says:

    I’m no RABbi, but I honestly don’t want to see any political comments. It’s a fucking baseball game, don’t bring your political views into it. Just watch and enjoy/be frustrated.

  145. Cy Pettitte says:

    burned my CC jersey, just ordered a Moseley jersey, overnight shipping

  146. first time lawng time says:


    I’m obviously joking LOL

  147. mbonzo says:

    Come on everyone.

  148. Accent Shallow says:

    I want Conan to be first against the wall.

    Worst dude.

  149. Ray the Anti-Handle says:

    If they come back to win this game, Moseley has to be up for player of the game. Incredible relief work that no one would have expected.

  150. bexarama says:

    Moseley is pitching great. Clearly this is just a bizarro game and all will return to normal next game as the Yankees will romp. Obvs.

  151. JFH says:

    well, moseley is giving us a chance.

  152. first time lawng time says:

    How about another spillover thread for goodluck?

  153. Hall and Nokes says:

    This is the inning! Here comes the pain.

  154. Mickey Scheister says:

    GRiT GRuTNER!!!! LETS GO!!! Mash this lefty with close to 100 walls this year!

  155. bonestock94 says:

    Damn that felt good

  156. Cy Pettitte says:



  157. Sean C says:


  158. Mickey Scheister says:


  159. RS says:

    ok – here we go!

  160. Kit says:

    Nice, Brett. Be careful, though, don’t want you hurt.

  161. Esteban says:

    Grit Gutner hustles out a scrappy hit.

  162. swisher's fauxhawk says:

    Gritty, gutty play by Gardner.

  163. mbonzo says:

    GRIT BABY! First to Carrie ever got excited about a Yankee hit in the whole playoffs.

  164. Captain Jack says:


  165. Ray the Anti-Handle says:


  166. ZZ says:

    Huge play by Gardner. Take advantage.

  167. Rarely do you see a player slide in to first and say it was a smart move. That was a smart move.

  168. JFH says:

    great hustle, but i hate diving headfirst into first.

  169. JerseyDutch says:

    Jeesh, love ya BG but don’t slide into first…

  170. Carlosologist says:

    This is where we feast on Nolan Ryan’s outdated pitching policy. We take advantage of a tiring Wilson and we bring it to a tired Neftali.

  171. Kit says:

    C’mon, Capitan. See some pitches, do some good.

  172. Doug says:

    way to work the count derek

  173. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Steal please. Steal, steal, steal. It will be a GIDP if you don’t. Steal, steal, steal.

  174. bonestock94 says:


  175. Kevin says:


  176. JerseyDutch says:

    And we were saying?

  177. mbonzo says:

    YEA!!! Take Wilson out of the game!

  178. Cy Pettitte says:



  179. Mike Pop says:

    Leaving Wilson in = mistake.

    Yeah, still long way but we believe!

    We believe!
    We believe!
    We believe!

  180. Captain doing work. Don’t look now, we’re only down 3…

  181. handtius says:

    Jeter is a washed up nobody who could lick the snot off his upper lip.

  182. Sean C says:

    I just jumped off of the couch and fist pumped.

  183. Ray the Anti-Handle says:


  184. Gonzo says:

    Can we get a bloop and a blast?

  185. Esteban says:

    Not over folks

  186. Ace says:

    Jeter has made me look like a fool yet again. I bow my head to you El Capitan.

  187. Zooboy says:

    Do Gardner’s feet actually hit the ground? Wow. That dude is f-a-s-t.

  188. Pat D says:

    Well, I’m heading for home. No more Phillies fans to deal with till Monday.

    And now they’ve scored again. C’mon guys, YOU CAN FUCKING DO THIS!!!

  189. RS says:

    Jeter is back! I take it back. He is the MVP. Sign him for 15 years with Arod money….

    : )

  190. mbonzo says:

    Suck it Nolan Ryan! Thats why you take pitchers out when they’re tired dick!

  191. tom says:

    Wait — I was just told Jeter was done. Are we saying some judgments might have been made prematurely?

  192. Kevin says:

    at the very least get jeter in and we are in bloop and blast territory, but i demand oh so much more

  193. Kit says:

    Rally time, guys. More runs, please.

  194. Greg says:

    Ok, Yankees. You’ve regained my attention

  195. ZZ says:

    Time for the middle of the order to go to work. This is the game right here with the big boys coming up. Have to get Jeter home at the very least.

  196. Mickey Scheister says:

    RUN BRETT, RUN! Capt CLUTCH!! Comebacks a bitch if you rock antlers and coke.

  197. Cy Pettitte says:

    Quick Cashman, 5 years/80mil before his price just keeps going up

  198. ZZ says:

    Wilson should have never been pitching to Jeter. That was really stupid move by Washington.

  199. Just get it to A-rod…

  200. Gonzo says:

    It looks like the bats are starting to get their timing right after the long layoff.

  201. Carlosologist says:

    GGBG! The headfirst slide followed by coming all the way around. why isn’t he leading off?

  202. Esteban says:

    Despite looking completely hittable, Darren Oliver has been pretty good.

  203. Mickey Scheister says:

    6 outs left to score 3 runs!! We can do it!!!

  204. Bombers says:

    Let’s. Do this thing boys and girls

  205. mbonzo says:

    Martin Lawrence is pitching.

  206. Ivan says:

    If Lee doesn’t scare me, imagine Darren Freakin Oliver…

  207. Hall and Nokes says:

    Hey, maybe this time Oliver will blow the game for someone else just like they blew the game for him in 1996.

  208. Mickey Scheister says:

    Doesn’t Tex mash Oliver or is that Cano?

  209. JerseyDutch says:

    This is third time round the order, right? Seems like we always come alive then.

  210. mbonzo says:

    Swisher needs to take some of that Jeter acting class.

  211. Mickey Scheister says:

    Darren, don’t be scared!

  212. Adam says:

    Wow, remarkable about Oliver starting in ’96 series. Maybe Rusty Greer will make an appearance as well.

  213. Jake H says:

    A-Rod grand slam would kill Texas fans.

  214. Ivan says:

    That wasn’t a .

  215. Mike Pop says:

    I don’t know about strike 2.

  216. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Where the FUCK was this called before?

  217. poster on another computer who happens to be a deuce bag says:

    The umpire wants Texas to win, at least.

  218. Ray the Anti-Handle says:

    Gerry Davis has been awful. Call your tight zone, but call it consistently.

  219. Esteban says:

    Let’s fucking GO

  220. ZZ says:

    Teix looked great from the right side in the division series and has been much better from that side this season.

    This is their big chance.

  221. Adam says:

    Tying run to the plate!

  222. Carlosologist says:

    IBB to get to A-Rod? :D

  223. swisher's fauxhawk says:

    Well, there’s the tying run.

  224. JFH says:

    tying run at the plate.

  225. Getting interesting… good thing the Yankees don’t give up as quickly as the fans, eh?

  226. tom says:

    And the top of thread prediction comes through

  227. Doug says:

    tex 2-for-4 with walk vs. oliver

  228. Kevin says:

    LETS GO BABY!!! walk it out oh walk it out…

  229. Greg says:

    Axisa you are a genius

  230. bonestock94 says:

    Tying run at the plate. Tex. Too poetic not to happen.

  231. handtius says:

    this game is so over, you don’t even know how over it is.

  232. YankeesJunkie says:

    Great walk by Swish

  233. cjc says:

    come on Tex give us a game wrecker

  234. Sean C says:

    You can see it in Texas’ dugout, and in the fans, they are worried about this.

  235. Mickey Scheister says:

    Mr. Axisa called it, tying run up!

  236. Ray the Anti-Handle says:

    I will cry laughing if Tex and A-Rod help take the lead.

  237. Captain Jack says:


  238. Ivan says:

    Tex could of pulled a Jeter their.

  239. Oliver falling behind in the counts.. please keep doing that.

  240. UncleArgyle says:

    Darren Oliver is a man. He’s 40

  241. poster on another computer who happens to be a deuce bag says:

    oh, what dram here at the Ballpark in Arlington!

    /Michael Kay’d

  242. Jake H says:

    Swish looks pretty pissed.

  243. Mickey Scheister says:

    These announcers are so fucken rooting for the Rangers it’s sickening!

  244. mbonzo says:

    Grand slam please!

  245. JobaWockeeZ says:

    A-Rod will the salami, calling it.

  246. Ray the Anti-Handle says:

    Make them pay Centaur, make them pay.

  247. A-Rod's Hip says:

    gotta love this team…

    no matter the outcome, u just gotta love how this team ALWAYS finds a way to come back and get the tying run to the plate

  248. JFH says:

    lets go a-rod.

  249. bonestock94 says:


  250. Doug says:

    arod 6-for-21 vs. oliver w 2 HRs. shocked if oliver stays in

  251. Esteban says:


  252. Kit says:

    Alright, Alex, you can do it, baby.

  253. Loaded for Alex… just need a base hit.

  254. Adam says:

    Hmm…any other Darrens in the bullpen? Darren Dreifort perhaps?

  255. Kevin says:


  256. tom says:

    Well, Oliver handled his two batters.

  257. swisher's fauxhawk says:

    Centaur mode: Engage.

  258. Ivan says:

    Oh yeah, time to crush some hearts.

  259. YankeesJunkie says:

    “Is this their moment, can they score, they always score/”

  260. Greg says:

    A-Rod vs the Irishman

  261. Doug says:

    arod 0-for-2 vs. o’day with 2 Ks

  262. Cy Pettitte says:



    let’s do this Arod, time for some payback for all the boos

  263. poster on another computer who happens to be a deuce bag says:

    Holy shit, this would have to be one of the best comebacks in playoff history if they really pull it off…

  264. Sean C says:

    It’s time for A-Rod to re-establish the post-season heroics.

  265. Pasqua says:

    Bum-bum-BUUUUUUM! This is getting good.

  266. TNeloms says:

    “The Yankees will bring the tying run to the plate in this game.”

    Nice call.

  267. Tachycardia says:

    Here we come just like I said! We’re one hit away from winning this ballgame.

  268. YankeesJunkie says:

    Well it did not take very long for this game to go from being over, to just beginning.

  269. ZZ says:

    Bases clearing double.

  270. V says:

    Holy crap. Three chances at one big hit.

  271. Accent Shallow says:

    Axisa, you are a prophet from your mother’s basement.

  272. Mickey Scheister says:

    Let’s go! Cmon Alex, a base hit!

  273. Leo says:

    I would love a grand slam but a base hit would still do A-Rod!

  274. Kevin says:

    base hit baby!!!

  275. Just like that… a one run game. FUCK YEAH!

  276. Doug says:

    arod baby

  277. bonestock94 says:


  278. Ivan says:

    OOOOOOO Yeah.

  279. Ray the Anti-Handle says:


  280. JerseyDutch says:


  281. Kit says:

    YEAH!!!! Your turn, Robbie. One more run ties it.

  282. Carlosologist says:


  283. Chris says:

    Fucking un-clutch stat padder!

  284. Cy Pettitte says:



    let’s go Ribbie, get us the lead

  285. Adam says:

    Smoked, this game is ours….

  286. handtius says:

    THIS GAME IS SO OVER!!!!!!!!!

  287. JFH says:

    a-rod! lets go cano!

  288. iYankee(next generation from Apple) says:

    OMG that about took his fucking head off…

    So apparently in baseball you play 9 innings.

  289. A-Rod's Hip says:

    this is just what we do

  290. swisher's fauxhawk says:

    I was told by you guys that this game was over in the first inning, though.

  291. ZZ says:

    Oh yeah. Oh yeaaaah.

  292. Camilo Gerardo says:

    that was your triple play ball, but you are not a third baseman

  293. smurfy says:

    Darren “it’s a brand new” o’Day

  294. Esteban says:

    Are we still doomed or not?

  295. YankeesJunkie says:

    FUCK YOU ALEX!!! If it not a homer, then you should die!!!



  296. BigBlueAL says:

    Michael Young just pulled a Roger Dorn. lol

  297. Mickey Scheister says:

    That was fucken awesome!

  298. Adam says:

    Ron Washington is the gift that keeps giving…

  299. Ray the Anti-Handle says:

    Darren Oliver with the infinite ERA. That always amuses me.

  300. Accent Shallow says:

    Well, I did not think this would happen, but I am ok with it.

  301. Chris says:

    Hmmm… looks like the predictions about the ridiculous pitching changes was right on the money.

  302. Crow is about to be served… stand tuned for further developments…

  303. Kevin says:

    I got a berkman kinda feeling… its odd

  304. Tachycardia says:

    Never, ever give up! If the two runners on base score we will win this ballgame. Texas has a trash bullpen, all we had to do was get CJ out!

  305. Camilo Gerardo says:

    sucks to be o’day, one pitch and he’s out

  306. JerseyDutch says:

    Never count this team out. Never.

  307. Pasqua says:

    I want. To Crush. Their spirit.

  308. nathan says:

    Lets keep it rolling.

    I love comeback baseball.

  309. Andrew S says:

    if we pull this out Texas will be pretty demoralized

  310. Captain Jack says:

    I LOVED THAT, don’t get me wrong…but I’ve been getting sick of Rangers fans lately and really wanted the Granny.


    Yes, I know I’m an asshole, no one reply to this comment unless it’s “I understand”

  311. Doug says:

    7 BBs in 9 IPs. take one robbie

  312. Mickey Scheister says:

    Take that George W! (I still love u tho)

  313. Jake H says:

    please Robbie, destroy this lefty

  314. JobaWockeeZ says:

    0 outs.
    0 outs.
    0 outs.

  315. Adam says:

    Robbie loves the side arming lefties, if I’m not imagining things…

  316. Ace says:

    Its moments like this I wish I was back living in NYC. Keep hope alive!!!!!!

  317. Reggie C. says:

    Alex. Rodriguez.


  318. UncleArgyle says:

    Cano V. LOOGY. lets go.

  319. Kevin says:



  321. Doug says:

    one time baby

  322. Carlosologist says:


  323. Adam says:


  324. Reggie C. says:


    TIED GAME!!!!

  325. YankeesJunkie says:

    Well, if the game goes extras how long till Washington needs to use regular players to pitch.

  326. JFH says:

    effing cano!!!!!!!

  327. Accent Shallow says:

    Robbie Cano is so absurdly good.

  328. JerseyDutch says:


  329. Cy Pettitte says:




  330. A-Rod's Hip says:

    DON’T YA KNOW!!!!!

  331. Jake H says:

    Thank you Robbie!

  332. Kit says:

    Naysayers, CAN I GET AN AMEN?!

  333. Ray the Anti-Handle says:

    FUCK YES!!!!!! TIE GAME!!!!!

  334. nathan says:

    Wow !! This is amazing.

  335. tom says:


  336. handtius says:

    so over…..so fucking over…the yankees just suck.

  337. bonestock94 says:

    head = exploded

  338. chu-hi says:


  339. smurfy says:

    I loved that bobble by mvp centerfield

  340. Greg says:


  341. YankeesJunkie says:


  342. Reggie C. says:

    Kerry Wood – MO.


  343. Mickey Scheister says:

    Yes, yes YEP! Hovys home!

  344. Doug says:

    talk about overmanaging

  345. Adam says:

    Next victim please.

  346. Ivan says:

    Man, and their is no outs.

  347. iYankee(next generation from Apple) says:

    My mother just yelled at my dad and I and took the remote to turn it off because we were not watching and just listening to the radio,,

    Then she pulls rank and says, “you damn Yankee fans need to listen to Yogi. Shame on you!”.


  348. ZZ says:

    Just a flyball.

    That’s all they need with the Wood-Rivera combo looming.

  349. nathan says:

    I think i like Ron Washington. He might be worse than Torre at this BP management.

  350. Tachycardia says:

    Ron Washington gonna break Girard’s record for # of pitchers used in one inning.

  351. BigBlueAL says:

    The TBS booth is very silent and depressed right now.

  352. tom says:

    So Berkman pinch hits here, yes?

  353. Jake H says:

    This game is killing me!

  354. YankeesJunkie says:

    5 pitchers=0 outs

  355. Esteban says:

    I almost just ripped my shirt off after that hit. I need to relax.

  356. smurfy says:

    Ron Washington is going to pull another rabbit out of his hat.

  357. V says:

    This is crow I’m willing to fucking eat haha

  358. Cy Pettitte says:

    Dustin Moseley = ALCS MVP

  359. Accent Shallow says:

    Am I asleep and dreaming now?

  360. Ray the Anti-Handle says:

    Mike, you are a prophet.

  361. Casper says:

    Wow I wish I didnt jump off that bridge 2 innings ago

  362. Zooboy says:

    Fun Fact: we have Dustin Moseley to thank.

    (And Grit, and Jete, and Swish, and Tex, and A-Rod, and Cano, and…)

  363. Chris says:

    It’s never good (for the team pitching) when you bring in the 5th pitcher of the inning and still haven’t gotten an out.

  364. Patrick says:

    Wow…and this all started with Gardy’s hustle and Jeter finally not GDP’ing. Let’s go, boys.

  365. chu-hi says:

    this is like cc’s 1st inning but with every pitcher on the rangers.

  366. Doug says:

    berkman for thames?

  367. cjc says:

    hells fuckin yeah hows that pen working now Ronny

  368. Adam says:

    *insert Ron Washington cocaine, needs to walk out to mound a lot joke here*

  369. Jordan says:

    Pffffffffft. And there goes the air getting sucked out of the Ballpark at Arlington.

  370. SouthernYankeeFan says:

    Wow. Could this be a record for longest time passed to throw three pitches?

  371. JobaWockeeZ says:


  372. YankeesJunkie says:

    This game is headed straight to Yankees Classics.

  373. It’s almost like 90% of the fanbase shouldn’t have given up in the 4th inning?

    So, where do I donate my kidney?

  374. nathan says:

    Look at that. The booth has gone quiet.

    Ron Darling wants to cry.

  375. Mickey Scheister says:

    So at least the roster isn’t at 40 men, he can’t change the pitcher after EVERY basehit.

  376. Doug says:

    another lefty…holland

  377. Camilo Gerardo says:

    haha, smoltz looks pissed

  378. Esteban says:

    John Smoltz looks PISSED.

  379. handtius says:

    new thread! new thread! new thread! new thread! new thread! new thread! new thread! new thread! new thread! new thread! new thread! new thread! new thread! new thread!

  380. Pasqua says:

    I don’t get into the whole body language debate too often, but those boys on the Rangers bench look shocked beyond belief.

    …and this pleases me to no end.

  381. Reggie C. says:

    Jon Smoltz looked pissed for 30 seconds right there.

  382. Brooklyn Ed says:

    holy shit, the last 7 innings was freaking dreadful. C’mon Yanks, get the lead, then hand the ball to MO.

  383. V says:

    Wow, if they pull this game off, it will be in SPITE of CC. It’s about time the Yankees bailed him out, lol.

  384. Kevin says:

    is it berkman time???

  385. JFH says:

    smoltz is having flashbacks to 96

  386. JerseyDutch says:

    It’s too bad this game was over in the first inning, eh?

  387. claybeez says:

    Big ups to all the believers. Realists, not optimists. And you haters can suck a…(/Censored)

  388. icebird753 says:

    Derek Hollands a really good pitcher, guys. Just saying. What a game

  389. Henry the Horse says:

    Quick! New thread; “The Yankees will win this game!”

  390. Hall and Nokes says:

    still more work to be done out there.

  391. YankeesJunkie says:

    Rangers fans have to be in disbelief at this point.

  392. nathan says:

    A HR will ice it

  393. Adam says:

    Shouldn’t Holland just change his name to Darren?

  394. Kevin says:

    boo a lefty, i was wrong oh well next game haha

  395. Ivan says:

    Lets break more hearts shall we…

  396. RS says:

    ok guys – my comments tonight were officially stupid – thank you Ron Washington for leaving your best pitchers in the pen and letter us beat up on waiver wire guys.

  397. Accent Shallow says:

    Why would they bring in Rapada to face Cano over Holland?

  398. UncleArgyle says:

    He brought in a lefty? Make him pay Mr. Thames

  399. V says:

    So NOW the umpire gives that inside pitch.

  400. handtius says:

    thames….3 run blast?

  401. Jake H says:

    Please just get the run in.

  402. Kit says:

    We don’t need anything big, Marcus, just get those runs in.

  403. Ray the Anti-Handle says:

    Wait wait wait wait wait. Did Washington just bring in a LEFTY to face Thames??

  404. Chump says:

    The look on Smoltz face is priceless. Haven’t seen him look like that since his last game as a Red Sock.

  405. MikeD says:

    That was the funniest line of the night. “Holland threw a pitch and he’s still in there.”

  406. A-Rod's Hip says:

    gotta love this team.. i’m almost in tears.. i seriously don’t take this team for granted..

  407. Sheesh, brutally long day at work today. Just got home.

    So, did I miss anything?

  408. cjc says:

    not to get ahead of myself but I hope we get good Kerry tonight

  409. dkla says:

    awesome body language in the texas dugout

  410. Doug says:

    in play marcus

  411. Greg says:


  412. SouthernYankeeFan says:


  413. JerseyDutch says:

    Yankees take the lead!!!!!!

  414. dkla says:

    this crowd is like a casting session for “dr t and the women”

  415. Carlosologist says:

    Marcus Thames: ALCS MVP

  416. Esteban says:


  417. JFH says:

    i am so happy right now.

  418. Adam says:

    What a team, what a team…

  419. Ray the Anti-Handle says:

    Mr. Thames!!!

  420. Captain Jack says:


  421. Mickey Scheister says:


  422. nathan says:

    Can i have one more BP move !!

    All with no outs to boot.

  423. bobtaco says:

    New York Vampires! Undead baby!

    Deep and Thick.

  424. Kevin says:

    you cant get them out!

  425. V says:

    Thank you, Ron Washington. Thank you.

  426. Cy Pettitte says:


    happy thames are here again

  427. Adam says:

    haha, did Frankie just do the Rangers’ claw thing?

  428. Dave G says:


  429. Kevin says:

    happy thames are here again!

  430. cjc says:

    yeah baby yeah come on Jorge keep the train rolling crush those antlers and declaw these fucking pussies

  431. AndrewYF says:

    I am just laughing with every hit the Yankees get.

    Bring in a lefty to pitch to Marcus Thames. Is Ron Washington on someth…oh wait.

  432. smurfy says:

    Left fielder couldn’t pick it up this time. Nice shakin’ the bush, Marcus.

  433. YankeesJunkie says:

    Yankees have now made it worth staying up till 5 AM. WOOOHOOO!!!!

  434. Camilo Gerardo says:


  435. SouthernYankeeFan says:

    HA even the announcers can’t believe it

  436. Doug says:

    someone give an iv to nolan

  437. Literal Jim says:

    LoL at that shot of Nolan ryan.

  438. claybeez says:

    Add On!

  439. JerseyDutch says:

    LOL. Nolan Ryan looking like someone just shot his dog.

  440. nathan says:

    U know what Ron Darling and Smoltz look more disappointed than Nolan Ryan

  441. Hall and Nokes says:

    Oh my goodness. That was priceless.

  442. Ray the Anti-Handle says:

    Also, Ron Washington is going to get KILLED by the MSM and Texas media for “overmanaging” this inning.

    • Mickey Scheister says:

      He’s not the villain, the Yankees are I’m sure the three non called strikes will be what the MSM focuses on.

  443. Mickey Scheister says:

    If this sticks, Moseley with the win….who woulda thunk it.

  444. ShuutoHeat says:

    Hey, I thought the game ended and we were doomed?!!?!

    God I feel like puking after devouring lots of pizza and beer. BUT I FEEL GOOOD!! CAUSE THE MFYANKEES are KILLING IT!!! The folks in the booth are going to swallow their cyanide pills soon!!!

  445. MikeD says:

    The President doesn’t look happy, and by that I mean Ryan.

  446. handtius says:

    there’s that 5 run inning.

  447. Stand up and eat crow!

  448. Esteban says:

    So Smoltz, Ryan, and Bush are unhappy. Keep it going.

  449. Reggie C. says:

    Holland’s allowed to throw 2 pitches?? WOW.

  450. JFH says:

    nolan ryan looked like someomne shot his dog.

  451. Ivan says:

    Somewhere out there, TJCS has jizzed all over the place…

  452. yanksgirl33 says:

    i texted my friend right before the jeter double that the yanks were failing to do their job of being the bright side in my otherwise ultra frustrating day and were actually making it worse – I TAKE IT BACK!!!!!

  453. Double G says:

    The look on smoltz face was fantastic. That made the post season so far!

    PS. The gritster is awesome

  454. smurfy says:

    All the wind goes out of Texas.

  455. RS says:

    “it all started with Brett Gardener” – finally a reasonable remark – it was an awesome hustle play and you could feel it change the mood for NY

  456. Carlosologist says:

    Nolan Ryan is going to beat the shit out of everyone, Ventura-style, after the game.

  457. claybeez says:

    Come on, Po – finish em!

  458. Jake H says:

    If the Yankees win this game it is going to destroy Texas’ confidence.

  459. JobaWockeeZ says:

    The ump wants to go home. Fuck off.

  460. Kit says:

    More runs, you guys. Not to get greedy, but you’re in a prime position here. *clap clap*

  461. Adam says:

    Bring on spillover threat part deux.

    and Mike, be sure to predict something again… gotta keep the luck rolling

  462. Pasqua says:

    I love that I know something good has happened when I refresh this page and suddenly everything SLOWS down.

  463. cjc says:

    are you kidding what a bad call

  464. Captain Jack says:

    I like that TBS has this PitchTrax so people can see how incompetent umpires are.

  465. Camilo Gerardo says:

    nice, give him another fb, holland

  466. Doug says:

    well, you know holland’s staying in there for grandy and gardy

  467. nathan says:

    Lets do what the Rangers could do. Finish this off.

  468. Doug says:

    crap. so close

  469. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Close, nice try JoPo.

  470. Esteban says:

    SHitttt, just missed a homer there Georgie

  471. Accent Shallow says:

    Two feet from being the dagger.

  472. V says:

    Boooo Posada BOOOOOO hahaha

    Man, I was hoping for a total soul-crushing HR.

  473. MikeD says:

    So close, but that’s Yankee small ball. Advance the runner with a near HR.

  474. Greg says:

    Good job Robbie

  475. JerseyDutch says:

    Almost, Jorgie.

  476. Carlosologist says:

    What the hell is an “out”?

  477. Ray the Anti-Handle says:

    Oooo, so close Jorge. He’s having great ABs tonight.

  478. ShuutoHeat says:

    Sooo… all the fans with the stupid antlers can go screw themselves with it! You heard me!!!!

  479. YankeesJunkie says:

    Nice base running for Cano, sets the Yanks up for another run.

  480. Doug says:

    need a tack on here

  481. Reggie C. says:

    This Holland kid throws pretty hard. I swear he was once a SP prospect. What happened?

  482. dkla says:

    our team lacks fight
    manager’s nose is white

    deep in the heart of texas!!!

  483. Kit says:

    C’mon, Curtis, you’ve been awesome.

  484. smurfy says:

    Guess the yanks are that good, that these announcers can root like that against.

  485. Doug says:

    ump flinched

  486. Camilo Gerardo says:

    weeeooo, nice take, curtis

  487. ShuutoHeat says:

    LOL, they packed extra lefties for us too!!

  488. YankeesJunkie says:

    Nice call ump.


  489. Jake H says:

    I guess I will take 6 runs in this inning if that is all we get.

  490. Ivan says:

    Really the 1st bad AB all inning, and even Grandy pushed it to a full count.

  491. ZZ says:

    That was a great sequence by Holland. Have to tip the cap there.

  492. Carlosologist says:

    Gardner will finish what he started (in a good way).

  493. kunaldo says:

    can i be the first to say:

    Suck it V. Suck it long, and suck it hard.

  494. smurfy says:

    One more ounce of grit, please.

  495. It'sATarp says:

    that was a nasty pitch…

  496. bonestock94 says:

    Good thing I sacrificed that rooster

    • Camilo Gerardo says:

      I watched Paranormal Activity during the first 6 innings, sorry guys and gals..

      but a question: it is fake, right?

  497. cjc says:

    man that strike 2 call on Jorge has killed this rally fucking umps

  498. Mickey Scheister says:

    Awwww, poor booth. They seem so terribly sad. Sensitive thugs, they all need hugs, while they prey and prey on our downfall, everytime they hit the ground they bounce up like round ball!

  499. Kevin says:

    come on bgards 1 more big hit

  500. nathan says:

    A double would be nice.

  501. Mickey Scheister says:

    “Painted the corner?” NO YOU DUMB FUCK, it was OUTSIDE!!!

  502. Doug says:

    gardy really needs to bat leadoff with all the pitches he sees

  503. Captain Jack says:

    Wood or Mo for six outs?

  504. Kit says:

    Almost. Keep it where it is, bullpen.

  505. handtius says:

    guess we’ll have to settle for 5 runs.

  506. Cy Pettitte says:

    who do you bring in Wood or Robertson?

  507. JerseyDutch says:

    All right, boys. Three outs and we go to Mo time.

  508. Adam says:

    Six more outs…

  509. YankeesJunkie says:


  510. Ivan says:

    Well that was a fun inning rite guys.

  511. dkla says:

    do not let them off the deck

  512. smurfy says:

    That shattered-bat line single by Marcus was my favorite.

  513. ZZ says:

    Got the lead. That’s all that matters. Wood to Mo. If Wood’s mechanics are off gotta have a quick hook.

  514. bonestock94 says:


  515. Greg says:

    Use Mo for 4 if necessary

  516. Doug says:

    it’s wood

  517. Captain Bawls says:


  518. JFH says:

    who is coming in? d-rob? wood?

  519. first time lawng time says:

    “The Yankees will bring the tying run to the plate in this game.”

    FYI,everytime I have seen you write this. it happens.

    Just an observation.

  520. UncleArgyle says:

    ok bullpen, do yo thang

  521. Esteban says:

    So is it KRob or Wood for the 8th?

  522. 6 more outs, let’s do this. And tack on more runs next inning.

  523. Carlosologist says:

    We are going to ride Wood into the ground. I honestly think he’s been the best Bridge to Mo since Joba in 2007.

  524. first time lawng time says:

    What if our bullpen is rusty from the days off?

    Or am I just being irrational?

  525. YankeesJunkie says:

    The Rangers message board must be a mess now.

  526. No walks please… tight zone..

  527. poster on another computer who happens to be a deuce bag says:


    That crow is damn tasty.

    I will never make a prediction ever again ever.

  528. cjc says:

    come on Kerry strikes

  529. Doug says:

    get robertson up already

  530. Greg says:

    Get him out now

  531. Ivan says:

    Seriously Wood cut the fuckin crap/

  532. Well, get up Mariano…

  533. swisher's fauxhawk says:

    Yeah, that was a bad start.

  534. UncleArgyle says:

    man thats just horrible.

  535. V says:

    Get Robertson up now.

  536. Esteban says:

    Well that was ideal.

  537. bobtaco says:

    How short is the leash, Joe?

  538. MikeD says:

    Okay, we need the good Wood here, not the bad Wood.

  539. cjc says:

    come on god damnit don’t swing the door back open

  540. Ray the Anti-Handle says:

    Goddamn, no one has a clue what Gerry Davis is going to call for those outside corner pitches.

  541. Jake H says:

    Wood should not be pitching here. He has no control.

  542. Mickey Scheister says:

    Not the best start but Wood is a strikeout pitcher.

  543. JerseyDutch says:

    Get it together, Wood.

  544. Kit says:

    Can’t watch…*covers eyes*

  545. YankeesJunkie says:


  546. BigBlueAL says:

    Girardi better have a short leash with Wood tonight.

  547. first time lawng time says:

    Get Robertson and Mo warming.

  548. Doug says:

    has no idea where the ball is going

  549. ZZ says:

    Get Wood out of this game.

    He is flying open. Get him out.

  550. cjc says:

    fuck this guy come on man strikes please

  551. JerseyDutch says:

    Nice pick.

  552. Adam says:


  553. ZZ says:

    Wow. What a huge break. Wow.

  554. Cy Pettitte says:



  555. Accent Shallow says:

    How do you get picked off by a RHP in that situation?

    What an amateur.

  556. Ivan says:

    WTF was Kinsler thinking….good for us though.

  557. Esteban says:

    That’s one way to erase the runner.

  558. Carlosologist says:

    lol dumbass

  559. Ray the Anti-Handle says:

    Good shit.

  560. UncleArgyle says:

    thank you very much.

  561. Captain Jack says:

    Suck it Ian.

  562. MikeD says:

    Ahh, yes, as I expected, the overly agressive Rangers will hurt themselves.

  563. Greg says:


  564. claybeez says:

    Love it! 5 outs to go.

  565. AndrewYF says:

    Wow what is it about the Yankee opponents and just completely crapping the bed?

  566. BigBlueAL says:


  567. Camilo Gerardo says:

    fuck yea, Wood. Sea Aggresivo, Guardabosques!!

  568. ShuutoHeat says:

    WAHAHHAHAHAHAHA I fell out of my chair on the pick off, I think I might have injured something but the pure joy of that pick off.

  569. YankeesJunkie says:

    ….lost for words, but thanks.

  570. Mickey Scheister says:

    So when the Rangers get the outside call, they “Paint the corner” but when the Yanks get an outside call, “Good job by Posada framing the outside pitch.” I LIVE IN ATLANTA AND HATE TBS!!!


  571. Chump says:

    Is Wood injured?

  572. cjc says:

    gift thanks

  573. A-Rod's Hip says:

    oh my.. oh my.. Kinsler.. ouch

    great for us!

  574. V says:

    Wow thank you Ian.

  575. Eirias says:

    Flawlessly done.

  576. nathan says:


    Rangers cashed all their base-running good luck checks against the Rays.

  577. Kit says:

    Alright, Ker-bear. Just two more outs.

  578. UncleArgyle says:

    Its like the last scene in “Rookie of the Year”.

  579. JobaWockeeZ says:

    One out is all you need.

  580. tom says:

    I was just going to write that I’d been relaxed for several innings but Wood was tying my stomach in knots…

    and then Kinsler bailed me out

  581. Hall and Nokes says:

    that’s one pair of antlers to hang on the wall

  582. Esteban says:

    Gerry Davis has been generous this inning.

  583. ZZ says:

    Girardi needs to get Wood out of this game. His mechanics are not right.

  584. Ivan says:

    Come on Kerry.

  585. Reggie C. says:

    Not loving Wood’s outing so far.

  586. Mickey Scheister says:

    Not a single pitch in the “blue”

  587. first time lawng time says:

    Mo for 4?

  588. Cy Pettitte says:

    4 outs

  589. Adam says:

    Good cutter there…

  590. bobtaco says:

    Bring in Mo?

  591. swisher's fauxhawk says:

    Ian Kinsler: True Yankee?

  592. YankeesJunkie says:

    Just one more out Wood.

  593. Carlosologist says:

    Guys, Mo was 0-2 against the Rangers this season. He was 0-2 against Boston in 2004. This obviously means that Mo can’t do shit against the Rangers and we’re doomed.

  594. Kit says:

    D-Rob for an out? Kerry’s kind of shaky.

  595. JerseyDutch says:

    Here comes Dave “Island”

  596. Cy Pettitte says:

    Dave Island with the intel

  597. smurfy says:

    mmmm, mighty good, that wood. Is it Norwegian?

  598. MikeD says:

    YESMo would have given us that shot hours ago.

  599. Mickey Scheister says:

    Wood’s outing so far, a walk on four pitches, a hard hit ball right at the first baseman and a great pickoff. Strike this fool out Wood!!

  600. Camilo Gerardo says:

    finally a cb to slow him down

  601. Adam says:

    It’s nice that Washington also burned the fastest legs on his bench here.

  602. Esteban says:

    Wow all of a sudden, Gerry Davis has expanded his strikezone.

  603. YankeesJunkie says:

    Now the ump is giving the Yanks strikes on the outside. I will take, but rather have the umps be consistent and right.

  604. JDDZip says:

    A-Rod def deserves a lot of credit for what he did, but I think Dustin Moseley could def be considered one of the MVP’s for the game.

  605. handtius says:

    Wood walked him on purpose just so he could show off his pickoff move.

  606. Cy Pettitte says:

    3 outs

  607. Ivan says:

    Kerry Wood lets go…

  608. Adam says:

    Nasty…three outs.

  609. JerseyDutch says:

    Me likey.

  610. Esteban says:



  611. Doug says:

    fist pump

  612. Greg says:

    K’d him

  613. Tank Foster says:

    Kerry’s got WOOD!

  614. poster on another computer who happens to be a deuce bag says:

    Mo. Time.

    Un-fucking-believeable. What a game. What a team.

  615. Mickey Scheister says:

    Pad that lead boys, top of the order! I love 5 spots, they make me smile!

  616. Ray the Anti-Handle says:

    Great job by the bullpen.

    • Kit says:

      Seriously. Moseley was phenomenal. I know we give him a lot of crap, but honestly, he kept the game where it was and deserves some serious props.

  617. Kit says:

    Alright offense, pour it on and give Mo a comfy lead.

  618. YankeesJunkie says:

    Texas now has to score on The One.

  619. JFH says:

    if i ever have another son, i am naming him ian.

  620. Doug says:

    cantu’s 0-for-5 with 5 Ks vs. mo…who they have on the bench to ph?

  621. V says:

    I can’t complain about the strike zone tonight anymore. Kerry got the three biggest gift calls of the entire ballgame.

  622. So where’s JM? I thought the Yankees were getting shut down tonight.

  623. ZZ says:

    Gerry Davis and Ian Kinsler really bailed Wood out that inning. His front shoulder was flying open like against Minnesota in the 3rd game.

    The good news going forward though is that he was able to self correct on the mound after Eiland came out to talk to him for that last at bat.

    The great news is no harm no foul.

  624. Slappy White says:

    Could the booth be a little less enthusiastic ? They’re gonna wake my wife

    • bonestock94 says:

      Did you see what smoltz looked like when they went into the booth? People getting diagnosed with terminal diseases look happier.

  625. Cy Pettitte says:

    Feliz coming in to give us a few insurance runs?

  626. What. A. Game. This is why we watch, and why we don’t give up.

  627. chu-hi says:

    missing those “yankees sucks” chants from ranger fans.

  628. BigBlueAL says:

    Sweeney Murti just tweeted that the Rangers havent gotten a hit since Young’s 2-run double in the 4th.

  629. Slappy White says:

    Between innings , Id like to show my appreciation for that smokin hot blonde behind home plate

  630. Accent Shallow says:

    If Holland is pitching tonight, maybe they are committed to starting Hunter in Game 4. I’m alright with that decision.

  631. whozat says:

    Bengie Molina looks like an Autobot in that getup.

  632. Doug says:


  633. bobtaco says:

    Jeterian, bitches!

  634. Cy Pettitte says:

    el capitan, gat damn

  635. Mickey Scheister says:

    Derek Jeter, you are a good baseball player.

  636. Captain Jack says:

    Someone wants to get paid….way to go Jetes.

  637. Esteban says:

    Jeter Sucks

    /I only looked at the first three ABs’d

  638. Holy cow, that ball was CRUSHED. EL CAPITAN!

  639. Zooboy says:

    Captain my captain!

  640. tom says:

    Will someone please remind Jeter he’s finished?

  641. handtius says:

    jeter is so washed up. can’t even get the ball over the centerfield wall.

  642. JerseyDutch says:

    Damn, Captain. Nice wood.

  643. poster on another computer who happens to be a deuce bag says:

    But guys, I thought Jeter was totally finished and the Yankees were doomed?

  644. MikeD says:

    I hear a let’s go Yankees chat.

    Hamilton either misjudged that, or was way too shallow.

  645. Adam says:

    El Capitan!

  646. Greg says:


  647. Slappy White says:


  648. ShuutoHeat says:

    Heeeey look whose BACK!!!


  649. claybeez says:

    Fuck, there he goes again, sucking Cash in to a 4-yr deal.


  650. Carlosologist says:

    Don’t disrespect Jeter holmes.

  651. smurfy says:

    boy, they should demote him to corporal. All his fancy deakin’.

  652. China Joe says:

    NO BUNT!!!

  653. Esteban says:

    Why? WHY? WHYYYYY?

  654. Captain Jack says:

    Fuck you Girardi.


  656. UncleArgyle says:

    Can we take off the bunt please?

  657. Mickey Scheister says:

    Not sure if Swisher knows how to bunt.

  658. JerseyDutch says:

    Damn, just swing, Swish.

  659. A-Rod's Hip says:

    the Rangers bullpen would welcome us giving them outs in the meat of our order…

    smh.. bunting

  660. He’s already in scoring position, don’t fucking bunt!

  661. Kit says:

    …Why does Kerry Wood look attractive to me with that haircut.

  662. YankeesJunkie says:

    Swisher just wants to get castrated with all these bunt attempts.

  663. Esteban says:


  664. Accent Shallow says:

    Amateur move on that bunt. Oy.

  665. SouthernYankeeFan says:

    Way to go Joe. give em a free out

  666. Adam says:

    So ridiculous…what a wasted at bat.

  667. Cy Pettitte says:

    stop trying to bunt, we suck at it

  668. kunaldo says:


  669. V says:

    Goddamnit Swisher. You’re a good hitter. Stop being a fucking idiot.

  670. JerseyDutch says:

    Just awful. Swisher should never bunt. Ever.

  671. handtius says:

    that’s why you don’t bunt a power hitter.

  672. Kevin says:

    wtf… really? the middle of the order and you dont trust them to get a base hit?

  673. Carlosologist says:

    This is why you don’t bunt. Like ever.

  674. Ivan says:

    WTF Swisher!!!! Swing the Fuckin Bat god dammit…

  675. whozat says:

    ANd that’s why that’s a moronic play. Just stupid, stupid, stupid.

  676. UncleArgyle says:

    They deserve that. So stupid

  677. Wow, it’s almost like he shouldn’t have tried to fucking bunt.

  678. Hall and Nokes says:

    This is the ALCS guys. A.

  679. AndrewYF says:

    Who. The FUCK. Told Swisher to bunt. And don’t give me crap about him doing it on his own. Someone told him.

    I HATE THAT. It’s almost Ron Washington-esque.

  680. ZZ says:

    I defended the bunts in Minnesota, but that’s terrible.

  681. C says:

    Why, why, why?

  682. smurfy says:

    Swish surprises me. He usually does everything right.

  683. cjc says:

    you know what you fucking deserve that you ass

  684. Greg says:

    Bad execution by Swisher
    I agree with the bunt call

  685. swisher's fauxhawk says:

    Man. It’s like bunting isn’t a good idea with this team or something.

    Wonder when Girardi will figure it out.

  686. YankeesJunkie says:

    Swisher needs to be castrated.

  687. Meat Loaf says:

    What is more wrong – the strike zone or the PitchTrax on TBS?

  688. nathan says:

    which is more criminal

    Swisher’s bunt


    Kinsler being picked off

  689. Mickey Scheister says:

    JESUS CHRIST, when will he learn? It took 6 players to get one out last inning and they GAVE them an out with nothing outta it. WE LET EM OFF THE HOOK!!

  690. Slappy White says:

    We are NOT a small ball team

    We ARE Deep and Thick

  691. MikeD says:

    One thing that’s more depressing than seeing the Yanks are going to bunt is the failed bunt. 33% of the offense gone in a pointless AB.

  692. Camilo Gerardo says:

    blowhorns still get you kicked out, right?

  693. TNeloms says:

    “Tachycardia says:
    October 15, 2010 at 10:59 pm
    Here we come just like I said! We’re one hit away from winning this ballgame.”

    Haha. Let’s see:

    “Tachycardia says:
    October 15, 2010 at 8:21 pm
    And Cliff Lee is looming in game 3. I don’t like our chances anymore.”

    “Tachycardia says:
    October 15, 2010 at 8:33 pm
    One hit here and the ballgame is over.”

    “Tachycardia says:
    October 15, 2010 at 9:09 pm
    If that run scores from 3rd this game might be over.”

    “Tachycardia says:
    October 15, 2010 at 9:37 pm
    Ballgame. Way to go CC, our supposed true ace. The whole series rests on Phil tomorrow.”

  694. Ivan says:

    I have a hard time believing that Joe called Swisher to bunt there…

  695. Sunil says:

    I agree, good call bad execution. swisher looked scurred.

    • whozat says:

      That’s because he SUCKS AT BUNTING. It’d be like asking Brett Gardner to play shortstop and then getting mad when he doesn’t know where to be on a pickoff play.

      It’s the ninth. If you want a bunt, fucking put in Golson and have him do it!.

  696. Ray the Anti-Handle says:

    Look at those Rangers fans waving the white towels! They know Mo is coming, so they’re just going to give up.

  697. Esteban says:

    Just got under that one. Good thing Swisher tried to bunt though,

  698. Jordan says:

    WOW, I hate TBS

  699. UncleArgyle says:

    only pitchers should bunt

  700. tom says:

    So, even if Swisher had got the bunt down, he wouldn’t have scored on Teix’s short fly.

    Whereas Swish might have driven him in himself.

    Just dumb.

  701. V says:

    Thanks for the extra out, Swish.

  702. Greg says:

    Why is everyone angry at the bunt.
    That would have been a run on the flyball

    • Cruz has a cannon and that was like 50 feet behind second base, you’re nuts. What if Swisher hit a 2 run bomb? He DID have 29 of them on the season, you know.

    • C says:

      Because Swisher’s a very good hitter, and it doesn’t make sense to take the bat out of his hands.

    • first time lawng time says:

      If he didn’t bunt there’s a chance he could’ve scored Jeter on a hit or even a homerun. We don’t know what would have happened if he swung.

    • Pasqua says:

      A) No, I don’t think it would have been a run, as it wasn’t very deep. B) People are angry at the bunt because of exactly what happened. Swisher can’t bunt AND it’s a dumb idea to give up outs, especially with 3-4 due up.

    • whozat says:

      Because you play the team you have.

      He put Golson in for defense anyway, if you REALLY want a bunt, fucking pinch hit and have him do it!

  703. Ivan says:

    Ugly AB’s by Swisher and A-Rod.

  704. Mickey Scheister says:

    Did he say MO looks scared? BLASPHEMY!!!

  705. tom says:

    Really wanted that 7th run. Mo in Excelsis and all, but my stomach could use a break.

  706. Jake H says:

    failed bunt cost them that inning of getting a run.

  707. iYankee(next generation from Apple) says:

    For all the beauty of the 8th, horrible AB’s by 2, 3, 4…. HAVE to get that run in.

    c’mon MO

  708. Doug says:

    vs mo: moreland 0-for-1 with K, andrus 1-for-2 with 3B, young 7-for-22 (.682 OPS)

  709. JerseyDutch says:

    Just three Mo outs to go…

  710. Yankeedoodle says:

    Girardi gets my vote as baseball`s worst manager after that bunt call unfuckingbelievable

  711. dkla says:

    mo, mo, mo

    /moses malone’d

  712. I would very much like this game not to get to Josh Hamilton.

  713. Camilo Gerardo says:

    Vamos, Mariano! ayayhayaya

  714. ZZ says:

    That sucked but Mariano Rivera is on the mound with a 1 run lead.

    All is well.

  715. Mickey Scheister says:

    STRIKE ruled a ball

  716. Esteban says:

    Stupid little roller. Your 3″ grass is supposed to stop that.

  717. poster on another computer who happens to be a deuce bag says:

    Mother fucker.

  718. Ace says:

    DP right here Mo. Do this.

  719. first time lawng time says:

    Wasn’t even hit that hard, just found a hole.

  720. YankeesJunkie says:


  721. Ivan says:

    Come on Mo, show these hick mothafuckers who’s God.

  722. J-Livin' says:

    Alright, no panic yet but let’s pull the DP.

  723. Don’t do this to me Mo…

  724. Mickey Scheister says:

    Hard hit double play!!!!!!!

  725. Kit says:

    DP, Mo. I don’t want to cry on your behalf.

  726. MikeD says:

    Thought that was an out off the bat. Shift.

  727. swisher's fauxhawk says:

    Ugh, too much smallball for my tastes.

  728. Ray the Anti-Handle says:

    LOL at A-Rod, distracting Andrus.

  729. Doug says:

    now that’s a bunt

  730. Ivan says:

    Fuck I was hoping that would roll foul but whateva’s…

  731. smurfy says:

    nice, if awkward throw, Tex

  732. YankeesJunkie says:

    Nice play by Tex and Cano.

  733. Esteban says:

    Giambi never would have made that play. Thank god for MT

  734. Mickey Scheister says:

    Only 2 outs to go! C’mon Mo!

  735. Kevin says:

    come on mo!!! here we go…

  736. Carlosologist says:

    We are two outs and three wins away from going back to the World Series. EXCITING

  737. Steve O. says:

    This is insane. I get home from a four hour drive to the Yankees being down 5-0 in the 7th and an hour later, they take a one run lead. Ridiculous.

  738. Camilo Gerardo says:

    give him the change

  739. smurfy says:

    Capt Young and the time of Truth.

  740. ShuutoHeat says:

    Nail biting!

  741. Ivan says:

    Wow nervous time…

  742. Esteban says:

    My heart is pounding

  743. Jake H says:

    finish it like the Chalupa!

  744. Mickey Scheister says:

    Throw to second!!

  745. Esteban says:

    Strike plz Gerry Davis

  746. SouthernYankeeFan says:

    and that was strike 3

  747. Mickey Scheister says:

    Where the FLIP did that miss?

  748. bobtaco says:

    Fucking umpire.

  749. ShuutoHeat says:

    Lets give some credit to that kid screaming “Lets go Yankees” loud enough for the broadcast to pick it up.

  750. Captain Jack says:

    So…have post season umps ever had this shitty a zone? Or am I overreacting?

  751. poster on another computer who happens to be a deuce bag says:

    Come on Mo. Come on.

  752. cjc says:

    terrrible just terrible fucking umps

  753. LB says:

    strike 3! wtf

  754. Doug says:

    too much of the plate there

  755. bexarama says:

    C’mooooon ;____;

  756. Esteban says:


  757. Adam says:

    One more…

  758. Ivan says:

    1 more to go…

  759. J-Livin' says:


  760. handtius says:

    man…this is getting nerve racking.

  761. V says:


  762. Hall and Nokes says:

    wait, I didn’t know that you could recover from a bad call and still strike the guy out.

  763. smurfy says:

    ho, ho , ho. Gotta go to MO!

  764. Doug says:

    hamilton 1-for-4 vs. mo

  765. poster on another computer who happens to be a deuce bag says:

    GOT HIM.

    I fucking love you Mo.

  766. YankeesJunkie says:


  767. UncleArgyle says:

    ok Mo, running in scoring postion, AL MVP up. Go to it

  768. MikeD says:

    That was the third time he had Young struck out. This time Mo took it into his own hands.

  769. FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  770. JobaWockeeZ says:


  771. JerseyDutch says:

    Holy shit!

  772. claybeez says:

    YES YES YES !!!

  773. LB says:


  774. Pat D says:


  775. bobtaco says:

    Great win or Greatest WIN®?

  776. SouthernYankeeFan says:

    MO how i love thee

  777. Carlosologist says:


  778. Ray the Anti-Handle says:


  779. Jake H says:

    BOOM, that just happened.

  780. swisher's fauxhawk says:

    Mo giveth’, Mo taketh’ away.

  781. Cy Pettitte says:

    what. a. fucking. game.

  782. Mickey Scheister says:


  783. Ivan says: