Fan Confidence Poll: October 4th, 2010


Record Last Week: 2-4 (31 RS, 36 RA)
Season Record: 95-67 (859 RS, 693 RA, 98-64 Pythag. record), finished one game back in AL East, won Wild Card
Schedule This Week: ALDS Game One (Wednesday @ Twins), ALDS Game Two (Thursday @ Twins), ALDS Game Three (Saturday vs. Twins)

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Given the team's current roster construction, farm system, management, etc., how confident are you in the Yankees' overall future?
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  1. Voted 9. The team is rested going into the playoffs and as healthy as they’ve been at any point during the season. That’s the main goal for the regular season, isn’t it?

    The division would have been nice, I would have liked to see them going into the playoffs playing better baseball, but those are things that only make fans feel better and really have nothing to do with how they’ll play in the postseason. I didn’t agree with the regulars and Robertson/Joba being used late yesterday, but all in all I thought Joe had a good week managing the team.

    • B-Rando says:

      Totally agree with your first paragraph. Yes the Yanks have stumbled to the post season, but the point of resting the regulars and not pegging the gas to the finish was to come out of the gate in the playoffs swinging. I’m ready for some playoff baseball!

  2. ChrisS says:

    I don’t care much for the state of the rotation heading into the playoffs and it causes me great concern.

    • steve s says:

      If you are being honest about the Yanks this year what ChrisS has stated is really the heart of the matter. The Yanks are going into the post-season with a rotation of 1. They’ll be lucky to beat the Twins, hard-pressed to win the next round and no realistic chance to beat the Phillies. Other than that, “Let’s Go Yankees clap, clap clap, clap clap!!!”.

      • If you are being honest about the Yanks this year what ChrisS has stated is really the heart of the matter.


        The Yanks are going into the post-season with a rotation of 1.

        Not fucking remotely. CC is the only sure bet to give us a good start, but Pettitte and Hughes are both very good bets to give us good starts, and Burnett’s been a decent bet recently as well. You’re drastically overstating the rotation concerns. Hughes and Pettitte are very good pitchers capable of giving us very good starts; Burnett can look shitty or fantastic at the drop of a hat.

        They’ll be lucky to beat the Twins,

        Even with our shaky (but not craptastic) rotation, the Twins will be lucky to beat us, not the other way around. Their lineup is mediocre and struggles against lefties, which we have. The Twins have fattened up on crappy AL Central dreck and looked utterly pedestrian against the rest of the league. They shouldn’t scare anyone, particularly us.

        FWIW, the Twins have had a losing record against the AL East for 4 years straight now.

        hard-pressed to win the next round

        We always dominate the Rangers and played the Rays to a virtual draw this year. You’re boverreacting.

        and no realistic chance to beat the Phillies.

        Jimmy Rollins, is that you?

        Other than that, “Let’s Go Yankees clap, clap clap, clap clap!!!”.

        That’s the only non-irrational thing you said in the entire post.

        • ecks says:

          Wait, you were being sarcastic about your reaction to the first sentence in his post?

          • No, I was being serious.

            I agree with ChrisS and steve: the postseason rotation is a concern. Hughes and Pettitte are good but not certainties; Burnett is capable of greatness but far too unreliable to be counted on.

            The postseason rotation is concerning.

            That being said, we’re not doomed to fail just because we have concerns in our rotation; we have enough offense and a good enough bullpen to overcome any bad performances from our non-CC starters.

            The only two teams of the 8 that don’t have rotation concerns are the Phillies and Giants, and they have offensive concerns just as significant (or moreso) than our rotation concerns. It balances out.

            All things considered, we’re still the best team and the one most likely to win 11 games.

            • It should also be noted that every team, ever, in the history of baseball has had concerns going into the postseason. I’m sure every team has had concerns about the rotation going in the playoffs.

              • JGS says:

                Not the 2009 Red Sox

                John Kruk

                • Gonzo says:

                  I actually don’t know why I watch Baseball Tonight. Maybe I am a sadist. When they were signing off, he just decided to bash the Yankees in a way that made it sound like every other team is complete.

                  Did Gene Michael or The Boss do something to him back in the day?

            • ecks says:

              Ah, alright. I was thrown off when you said that his last comment was the only non-irrational thing in the entire post.

              I agree with everything else in the rest of your post. I can understand why people don’t feel very confident heading into the playoffs – we’ve played like shit recently.

              What I don’t understand is how this recent run of crapiness suddenly brainwashed people into thinking the Yankees are a crappy team, doomed to failure in the postseason… Like how people, before last year, would point at A-Rod and say “unclutch” because of his recent offensive struggles in the playoffs, forgetting that he’s hit very well in his playoff career up until the latter half of the ALCS, and his aggregate career numbers in the postseason reflect this as well.

              I’m not saying we WILL win; hell no. There’s that saying about how you can’t predict baseball after all. But to not have confidence at this point in time is a lack of faith I find disturbing…

              • I can understand why people don’t feel very confident heading into the playoffs – we’ve played like shit recently.

                What I don’t understand is how this recent run of crapiness suddenly brainwashed people into thinking the Yankees are a crappy team, doomed to failure in the postseason…

                All of that.

                Fun Fact: We actually had the best pythag W/L record this year (97-65). Yes, even better than the Phillies.

                • JGS says:

                  Well, Pythag is based off run differential. Back when their whole roster was hurt, the Phillies couldn’t score runs if their life depended on it–they got shut out three in a row by the Mets! Plus, they picked up Roy Oswalt halfway through the season.

                  I agree that people who think the recent run of crappiness dooms the Yankees to fail are nuts, but I don’t know that citing the run differential is the way to go when comparing the Yankees to the Phillies.

        • steve s says:

          You used “decent” and “Burnett” in the same sentence and you call me irrational! The days of the good AJ and bad AJ were the good old days compared to what he is bringing to the table now.

        • Captain Jack says:

          Burnett is fucking awful…he allowed four runs to the PawSox. The Twins have a solid team, and Joe Nathan isn’t around to blow leads in the 9th, so the past three years really don’t have much of an impact on this year’s Twins squad. The Rays won the season series this year, and in a short series with Cliff Lee (who walked like 18 batters all year) and CJ Wilson will likely neutralize the lefty heavy lineup. Kearns has looked like garbage as of late, so I’m not too confident against Texas…especially if Josh Hamilton plays.

          • All of that sounds like a “you” problem.

            And for the record, implying that the Twins will somehow be better off at not blowing leads with Nathan not around (which, of course, means that it’ll be Fuentes/Capps/Rauch tasked with not blowing the lead) is the height of irrational panic.

            • Captain Jack says:

              1.) Burnett IS terrible…fact.

              2.) Joe Nathan had a knack of blowing leads to the Yankees…fact.

              3.) The Twins’ record against the AL East the past three years has nothing to do with this year’s Twins squad.

              4.) The Rays won the season series…fact.

              5.) The Rangers’ two superb lefties create issues for two of the team’s best hitters in Curtis Granderson and Brett Gardner….fact.

              All facts, all causes for concern, whether or not other teams have bigger issues is debatable. Sounds like a good article to me…compare the Yankees issues to every other team’s issues going into the post season.

              • Perspective FTL.

                I’m done with you; you’re a lost cause.

              • Chris says:

                Saying fact doesn’t actually make something a fact.

                • Captain Jack says:

                  1.) AJ Burnett’s 2010 6.99 K/9, 3.76 BB/9, 4.83 FIP, 1.0 fWAR, 1.511 WHIP, 82 ERA+, B-Ref WAR of Zero…he’s barely above replacement level anyway you look at it. That’s pretty goddamned terrible if you ask me.

                  2.) Look at his line against the Yankees…he DOES blow leads against the Yankees on a fairly frequent basis.

                  3.) This is a different Twins squad than the 2007-2009 Twins squads, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say that the previous year’s squads have very little to do with this year’s squad.

                  4.) The Rays went 10-8 against the Yankees…winning the season series.

                  5.) CJ Wilson had a 3.56 FIP and a fWAR of over four, Cliff Lee walked 18 batters over 212 innings…Granderson and Gardner sported a .647 and .725 OPS (okay, not as bad as I thought) against lefties. Cliff Lee’s amazing command somewhat disarms the one of the Yankees’ best skills…patience.

      • Chris says:

        The thing is, there really isn’t a team in the AL that has more than one sure thing starter.

        Would you really put Carl Pavano ahead of Andy Pettitte?

        And even if you do give a slight advantage to the other teams’ rotations, the Yankees offense is significantly better.

      • Sweet Dick Willie says:

        no realistic chance to beat the Phillies

        Should the Yanks meet the Phils in the WS, the Phillies would most likely be favorites. So what does that mean? Nothing, nada, zilch.

        In sports, the under dog wins quite often.

        • ecks says:

          I wonder why they’d be called the underdog if they were the ones who won quite often…

          If they were the favorites, of course it would mean SOMETHING… but it doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily win. Which is what I think you were trying to say.

    • JFH says:

      agreed. cc has been consistent all year. pettitte is an unkown variable right now. hughes is OK, but has not been great during the 2nd half. aj is hit and miss, but more miss this year.

      if our starters actually show up, we have more than a fighting chance. but, i have not seen enough over the past two months to make me believe that they will turn on a switch and start pitching really well.

  3. larryf says:

    7. I would like it to be higher. Our pitching is not as good. We have only one lefty in the pen who Joe usually has used up by the 6th. Marte and Coke were better. We have been crap with RISP and there will be less RISP in the post season. If Swish/Tex/Cano don’t step up this year I don’t see how we can count on winning again. Andy is also more of a question this year.

    Can Alex do it again for us?

  4. jsbrendog (returns) says:

    unlikely playoff hero, i’m calling it right now, boone logan (with a close second being fat elvis)

    • larryf says:

      Can’t be Boone. Joe won’t let him pitch more than an inning a game even if he does well. Fat Elvis/Puma/Leno has a better chance to give us the “Matsui effect”

  5. Captain Jack says:

    Three. The rotation going into October is garbage, They were facing the PawSox with a rotation of Wakefield, Dice-K, and Lackey and managed to lose two of three while playing mostly the A line up. Phil Hughes matches up poorly with Pavano (ugh), and CJ Wilson or Matt Garza if they get passed the Twins. If they don’t get Cliff Lee in the offseason things could get messy.

  6. Tackaberry says:

    I voted a 9. It is a new season. All 8 teams have question marks. The Yankees have just as many concerns as the other teams, but they have the players to get to 11 wins first.

    I have faith that Pettitte and Hughes show up and play well behind CC. The offense, Cano keeps rolling along, A-Rod, Berkman, and Granderson are heating up, and the rest will be there in the postseason. Our relievers had some trouble yesterday, but that seems to happen in every game they play against the Red Sox.

    The Yankees have an amazing chance to bring home #28 and I think they will.

  7. nsalem says:

    The King may get the CYA but CC will get us the ring (with his ability to deliver on short rest big time.) because he is the best pitcher in baseball. CC wants it the most and he will deliver. Worried about our catching D big time. Hope Brett see’s the lefties instead of Kearns. Hughes will step up big time. Andy will be fine.

    • “The King may get the CYA but CC will get us the ring (with his ability to deliver on short rest big time.) because he is the best pitcher who qualified for the playoffs in baseball.”

      Fixed. Also:

      “CC wants it the most and he will deliver.”

      I’m pretty sure all 200 men on all 8 playoff rosters “want it” equally as much.

      • nsalem says:

        CC has the ability to win multiple big games on 3 days rest like no other present day pitcher. This maybe a key ingredient if the Yankee’s are to repeat. CC has shown he is capable of doing it, Felix may or may not be able to History shows that there are many great HOF pitchers who can’t perform on short rest. Yankee POV right now, CC>Felix.
        Most certainly some MLB’s want it more than others.
        ie Ruben (why is winning so important over here) Sierra
        Manny (do we have to win every year) Ramirez
        Kevin Brown, Milton Bradley, Jose Guillen & Kevin Appier

        • CC has the ability to win multiple big games on 3 days rest like no other present day pitcher. This maybe a key ingredient if the Yankee’s are to repeat.

          No argument here.

          CC has shown he is capable of doing it, Felix may or may not be able to History shows that there are many great HOF pitchers who can’t perform on short rest.

          But “may or many not be able to” shouldn’t mean that you hold the fact that he hasn’t done it against him. He hasn’t had opportunity to prove that he can or can’t do it. You can’t fault Felix for not having done something yet that he’s never had a chance to do at all.

          Yankee POV right now, CC>Felix.

          What does that have to do with the question of who’s the better pitcher? Sure, in the Yankee POV, CC’s better than Felix, because we have CC and we don’t have Felix. It’s a tautology.

          Most certainly some MLB’s want it more than others.
          ie Ruben (why is winning so important over here) Sierra
          Manny (do we have to win every year) Ramirez
          Kevin Brown, Milton Bradley, Jose Guillen & Kevin Appier

          All of those players wanted to win titles, and wanted to win very badly. Thinking that they don’t want to win as much as others is asinine.

          • Pete says:

            Manny Ramirez: 2-time World Champion, World Series MVP, no-doubt HOFer despite PEDs

            whether he wants the trophy more or not doesn’t really matter to me if he’s more capable than just about anyone of actually bringing it to the team.

          • nsalem says:

            Yes Felix won the CYA, but I would still rather have CC because I know he can carry the workload and Felix’s ability to do that has not been proven. I don’t hold it against Felix, but many great pitchers have show than they
            can not deal with the kind of workload a Yankee No. 1 starter would need to carry for them to be WC in 2010.
            Therefore from the Yankee point of view he’s the best pitcher possible. It’s not tautology.

            You are so wrong. CC pitched four or five times in a row (0n short rest) for the Brewers a team he could have felt little obligation to.
            He placed his team over money and his future well being.
            I doubt players I mentioned would make the same decision.
            Most of these guys have begged out and given no effort multiple times in their career. They care about their paychecks not winning. For you to believe otherwise is incredibly naive and childish. Just like any other working environment some care much more than others.

      • Gonzo says:

        I’m pretty sure there are better pitchers than CC that made the playoffs. Not trying to be a d*ck, but there is some talent out there.

  8. Mickey Scheister says:

    This is the lowest I’ve voted in a while because I’d like to see the RISP boogerbears be lifted and some solid pitching from someone not named CC. The offense seems to have hit a small stride the past couple of games, let’s hope that carries over to Target Field and beyond. I’d like to see CC, Hughes then Andy to spilt up the lefties and let Andy pitch at home and Hughes on the road. The whole home/road spilt for Hughes and the HR/9 make me feel this way.

  9. Johnny O says:

    Seems like I’m late to the party, but I gave a 9. Rested team, not the worst matchup, and it’s playoff freaking baseball so how can’t you be fired up. Playoffs are all a semi-crap shoot so why shouldn’t Yankees fans be more optimistic than any other team out there. We’re the defending world sereis champs for chrissakes!

    Now let’s god eat a goddamn snack.

  10. ecks says:

    Regarding the Phillies; they’re 7th in runs, 11th in OBP and 12th in SLG in the majors. We’re 1st in runs, 1st in OBP, and 3rd in SLG.

    H2O (as they call it) scares me, but not enough to make me write the Yanks off completely. If good hitting does indeed beat good pitching (and vice versa), then that’s why we play the games.

  11. seimiya says:

    9. Yeah, pitching questions exist, but most of them aren’t about CC or Hughes. Plus, best offense in baseball. Plus, great records against the Twins. Better record against their starters. People are healthy.

    This team was made for playoff baseball and we’re gonna smash it open. :D

  12. Mike HC says:

    I’m still at a 10. The rating is not only about this postseason, but the overall future. The Rays and Phillies seem particularly strong this year, but the Yanks are also very strong. Plus, no team in baseball is willing to spend more to keep this level of play up. And, the Rays will fall off next year with all their free agents. Things are looking good for the Yanks.

    • vin says:

      I like and respect your optimism. I’m still at a 9, just because I’m saving my 10 for after the WS is won. I agree with you on the Rays dropping off a bit next year. Throw in Cliff Lee, Montero, the Killer B’s and things are looking good in Yankee-land.

  13. RCK says:

    I’m always a 10 during the playoffs. I believe!

  14. Ivan says:

    For all the concern with the Yankees especially in the rotation, they still arguably have the best rotation in the AL and 3rd best overall of the 8 qualifying teams in the postseason. Look evem im worried about Pettitte and Hughes a little bit, however if Pettitte is healthy and knocks off the rust, and Hughes pitches to what his capable of, then that’s 3 legit starters you ride with, not to mention the best bullpen in baseball.

    It also helps having the best offense in baseball too.

    Nevertheless, I am surprised that Yankee fans have been overreacting the Yankee’s performance the last 3 weeks of the season. Yes they have played poorly, but so have the Rays that everybody have called the best team in the AL. Every team has flaws, however, the yankee’s flaws isn’t so bad as other teams, and their strength’s are really, really, really good.

  15. gc says:

    I’m under the impression that the Phillies, although their three big starters are good, might just be an illusion of sorts. They got REAL fat this past month whooping up on the likes of the Marlins, Nats, Mets and Braves (who, let’s face it, stink). When those heralded starters have to face line-ups like what the AL can throw at them (NY and Tampa especially), I feel it might not be as easy for them as their fans and the “experts” think. Still, the NL is so shitty I feel that Philly should steamroll into the WS pretty easily. They’ll be overconfident, and they can definitely be beaten.

    • Hughesus Christo says:

      If I know anything in this world, I know that Roy Halladay ain’t AL-caliber.

      • Pete says:

        Roy Halladay frightens me. The Phillies lineup against CC, not so much.

        The thing about Halladay is that the Yankees can’t Abreu him out of the game early, and can’t expect to feast on walks. But when you’ve got Teix (33), A-Rod (30 despite playing only 137 games), Cano (29), Swisher (29), Granderson (24 despite playing only 136 games), and Posada (18 in <400 ABs) in your lineup, you've got a shot at 2-3 runs. Hopefully, with CC pitching, that'll be enough.

      • seimiya says:

        I’m not gonna go that far, but I’d be very, very curious to see Halladay pitch in the AL. I think his numbers are too good to not be an AL pitcher, period, but I’d be interested to see where he matches up in comparison to CC, Felix, Price, etc, when given AL competition.

        • BigDavey88 says:

          Is this sarcasm or what? Unless I’m not understanding what you are trying to say…

          … Roy Halladay has pitched in the AL his ENTIRE CAREER until this year. And he was kinda-sorta all-worldish at it

          Am I missing something?

      • CBean says:

        Wait I’m confused? Halladay pitched in the American League until this year and has an AL Cy Young award in 2003. Are you confusing him with someone else?

  16. Pete says:

    Cliff Lee, David Price, Roy Halladay.

    Those are my only concerns. Against no AL playoff club are Pettitte, Hughes, and Burnett and absolute, head-to-head, undeniable advantage. But with the only possible exception of Philadelphia, which isn’t even a guarantee to make it to the WS, there isn’t a team out there for whom you can look at the #2-#4 starters AND their offenses and say that they can reasonably be favored against the Yanks.

    The Yankees have played like shit for a month. This is absolutely true. But that shouldn’t change peoples’ opinions about the club going into the postseason. We’ve seen the low end of the spectrum of what this team is capable of. We see that every year. Usually, though, that month or so of mediocre play comes in April.

    I think it’s important to consider how this month of suckitude happened. Remember, A-Rod and Pettitte both missed a whole bunch of September, Cano looked gassed for most of the month, Swisher was banged up for a lot of the month, and the team absolutely shat the bed with RISP. Did Burnett suck in September? Sure. But it’s important to remember that Nova, Mosely, and Vazquez all did, too. CC sucked in one of his starts. Why does that matter? Because it made the rotation seem worse than it really is.

    Let’s take a closer look:
    CC – should not be a concern in October, especially against all of the lefty-heavy teams we’re likely to face.

    Andy – certainly a concern, but I, for one, believe that he is lined up for a good first round start against the Twins and all of their lefties, and if he has a nice start could certainly get on a roll. All in all, I’m not expecting a dominant October from him, but I’m not overly worried.

    Phil – innings are a concern, certainly, but he did have a very nice outing against boston his last time out, and is probably as stable a #3 as there is in the Postseason, outside of Philly.

    AJ – AJ had an absolutely horrendous month of June, but has since then been off-and-on AJ, rather than the all-off AJ we tend to perceive him to be. Since July 17 he has had 4 dominant outings, 7 more tolerable-to-good outings, and a bunch of stinkers. He hasn’t had those electrifying games like he has had from time to time over the course of his career, including last season, so he inspires significantly less confidence than last year. But as a 4th starter, I’ll certainly take a guy who miiight dominate, could certainly have a solid start, could definitely have a meh start, and might throw a stinker. With all the rest the BP will be getting, I don’t see him giving up 7+ runs or anything like that in a postseason game, and I think the ‘pen can navigate 5+ innings if absolutely necessary.

    What people need to appreciate is that our offense is capable of putting up at least 4 runs against every single playoff team’s #2-4 starters, and should be able to pound out 5-7 when you factor in bullpens as well. So can our #2-4 guys plus our bullpen hold teams to fewer than 5 runs in the majority of their games? I think they can.

    It won’t be a cakewalk, and while the Yanks are probably about as good as last year, all things considered, the competition – namely the Rays and Phillies, is undoubtedly steeper. Nonetheless, this team should be favored, if only slightly, over all other teams. I’d give the Yankees at least 3-1 odds of winning it all, much better than I’d give any other club.

    I think people let the frustration-generating but not particularly predictive RISP stats and the shitty starts of Sirs Not-Appearing-In-This-Postseason (Nova, Gaudin, Vazquez) in September affect their confidence a little too much. The RISP trend was frustrating, but there’s no reason to expect it to carry over into the playoffs, and, as I have (in a most me-like fashion) explained above, the rotation should be a concern but not to the point of excessive worry.

    I voted 9.

  17. bexarama says:

    I’m a 9 (well, in confidence poll terms, definitely not in terms of looks). And eternally grateful for the existence of tsjc.

  18. bonestock94 says:

    7. On paper we should win it all, but I’d be surprised if we did.

  19. Tom Zig says:

    I voted an 8, like I have been for most of the season.

    Despite a shitty September, the Yanks are a good team. I’ve seen a lot of comments about the Phillies this year and all I have to say is 2009 Cardinals.

  20. Jorge says:

    It’s the playoffs. These are the New York Yankees. 10. FTW.

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