• cliff

    matt dodge: fail

  • swisher’s fauxhawk

    Matt Dodge = Suck

  • Pat D

    At least Al Michaels isn’t calling this game so that he didn’t make a “Get out of Dodge” joke for the third time this year.

  • Pat D

    Giants need to get some pass rush!

  • swisher’s fauxhawk

    Manning to ham for 6.

  • Pat D

    Giants D not coming up with any big plays here.

    • Pat D

      Giants D heard me badmouthing them.

  • UWS

    Giants-Lions, eh?

    It’s a trap!!

  • Reggie C.

    There are any number of sites online streaming any NFL game. Granted the quality is not like watching the game from my 40 inch Samsung LED, but oh well.

    If Eli can throw 1 more TD pass, my fantasy team will be very happy.