Friday Notes: Pitching Coach, Payroll, Lineup, CC, More


Joe Girardi and Brian Cashman spoke to the media via conference call today and hit on a few topics, so lets’ round it all up. All the info below comes courtesy of RAB fave Marc Carig

  • Girardi and Cashman have brainstormed about potential pitching coaches, but so far they have not yet reached out to anyone nor have they scheduled any interviews. Cashman doesn’t expect the process to move quickly, which is kinda surprising. He added that bullpen coach Mike Harkey and Triple-A Scranton pitching coach Scott Aldred are candidates for the job.
  • Cashman on hitting coach Kevin Long: “I think he’d like to stay. We’d like to keep him. I think he’s exceptional at what he does.” K-Long’s contract is up, and I suspect he’s seeking a considerable raise and multiple years. He deserves it.
  • “Nothing’s really going to happen until I sit down with my bosses,” said Cashman. He’ll meet with Hal Steinbrenner and whoever else on Monday and Tuesday in Tampa. The 2011 payroll will be hashed out during those meetings.
  • Beyond pitching, Cashman doesn’t think the team “needs a lot of changes.” The only change they need as far as the lineup goes is for certain guys to get back to performing up to their full potential. That’s the biggest upgrade they could make.
  • “Our lineup is maybe something that could change next year,” said Girardi. I think that’s code for “Derek Jeter won’t keep hitting leadoff if he doesn’t get on base more than 34% of the time,” or at least I hope it is.
  • CC Sabathia was dealing with his knee issue since early in the season, and it had no bearing on why he wasn’t used in relief in Game Six of the ALCS. They suspect it may have affected his mechanics, which is kinda crazy since he still had a Cy Young caliber season. Sabathia had surgery to repair the minor meniscus tear in his right knee today and will need three weeks to rehab, as expected. It won’t hurt his offseason training at all, he usually doesn’t start throwing again until after Christmas anyway.
  • As far as leaving for the Cubs, Girardi said he “didn’t really think about leaving the Yankees.” The idea of him bolting for Chicago was mostly fan and media speculation, anyway. Two and two made three, then we tried to squeeze it into four.
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  • mko

    As far as the lineup maybe changing:
    I propose Cano hitting 3rd, knowing full well that his next season might not be as good as this one, and sliding Tex down to 5th. And maybe even further down during his slump to start the season.

    What do you guys think? Don’t “big power” but “lower average” guys hit 5th usually anyway? Maybe you could do an analysis if that would have led to more runs being scored, if something like this is possible? Or maybe do it next March so it’s fresh on everybody’s minds?

    • whozat

      Tex generally has a higher OBP than Robby, indicating that it makes more sense to bat him higher.

      That said, while Tex is sucking in April, could totally make sense to move Cano up.

      • mko

        You’re right, I didn’t consider the OBP. But this year Robbie was superior there as well, who knows how it will develop.

      • Joe P

        I completely agree. I was so frustrated during April 2010 when Cano was red hot and Tex was doing nothing but continued to bat 3rd. Makes no sense.

  • Jerome S

    Kinda looking forward to the new pitching coach.
    I feel oddly optimistic about AJ’s 2011, so a new coach will probably help.

    • Thomas

      Just to throw it out there. Burnett sucked when Eiland was on his leave of absence and Harkey was the interim pitching coach. A new pitching coach might not be the solution or it may take another year or two.

      • I am not the droids you’re looking for

        Maybe I’m being unduly optimistic but I have to think that on a simple regress to the mean basis AJ simply has to have a better season in 2011. And with his stuff – even diminished – it could be a *much* better season.

        • Slugger27

          a regression, yes…. but not a big one

          aj had poor luck on balls in play and a low strand rate… but his K rate plummeted

          he’s not as bad as 2010, but im still not sure 2009 aj is coming back. its likely itll be somewhere in between

      • Not Tank the Frank

        Burnett sucked no matter who coached him. He sucked the entire year minus April and a couple starts in July. He sucked last year too only he had more strikeouts and better luck on fly balls.

        • FIPster Doofus

          I definitely don’t think Burnett sucked last year; he was solid in the regular season and came up with some big playoff outings. It’s fair to say just about everyone would take another 2009-type season from him (200-plus innings, 4.04 ERA/4.33 FIP/4.29 xFIP, 3.4 fWAR, and 8.48 K/9).

        • steve (different one)

          Saying AJ sucked in 2009 is nonsense.

      • http://twitter.com/kschmidt2 Kiersten

        Yeah but a month isn’t exactly long enough to work with him. Maybe someone new will be able to help during ST.

  • steve (different one)

    I have inside info on the new yankee pitching coach. It’s whomever Cliff Lee wants them to hire. J/K. Sortof

  • Hughesus Christo

    Sub of the Day (revolving DH)

    You’re welcome

    • Doug

      you can’t put jeter 2nd. would hit into 30+ DPs with his groundball rate as it is

    • Thomas

      I’d go

      Swisher (vs. Lefties)/Granderson (vs Righties)
      Rotating DH

      This is to start the season. Obviously if players do poorly or well, I’d switch them around.

      • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

        8. Jeter

        Good luck with that shit.

        • Thomas

          In the ends, it’s Jeter’s choice. I’d tell him, he can either take one for the team and bat at the bottom of the lineup while making more money than anyone else would pay him or he can bat at the top of the lineup making quite a bit less in Pittsburgh.

          Also, I was going under assumption I ran the Yankees. I highly doubt he bats anything other than 1 or 2, but would love to be proven wrong.

      • http://www.blogs.thetenthinningstretch.com the tenth inning stretch

        I know it won’t/probably shouldn’t happen, but how awesome would it be to slide Adam Dunn’s name in between Teixeira and Posada?

    • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

      You’re welcome

      No thank you.

    • http://twitter.com/kschmidt2 Kiersten

      Jeter batting second? Did you actually watch any Yankee games this season?

  • Doug

    “The only change they need as far as the lineup goes is for certain guys to get back to performing up to their full potential.”

    unfortunately, for some of the guys, that full potential probably peaked 2-3 years ago.

  • http://www.blogs.thetenthinningstretch.com the tenth inning stretch

    Does anybody know anything about Curt Young? I’ve heard his name connected with the Yanks’ opening, and it seems like a good fit since Oakland’s young pitchers have been very good.

    • http://mystiqueandaura.com Steve H

      I don’t know much about him, but Oakland’s young pitchers have been good because they’re pretty damn talented (and play in a big park). I don’t know how much of their success can be attributed to Young. He might be awesome, but as with most hitting and pitching coaches, there’s no great way to determine their worth. I know the Sox were interested in Young as well though, so he at least is well thought of in the game.

  • Sal

    Do you guys think Cashman will make a quick strike offer with Lee like they did with CC? And will Lee drag out his response several weeks like CC did?

    • http://www.twitter.com/deanezag Zack

      Yes. Yes.

      • radnom

        Damn you.

        Although that response practically wrote itself.

        • http://www.twitter.com/deanezag Zack

          Yeah, not reason for Lee to take the deal right way; use your leverage, just like CC.

    • radnom

      Yes and yes.

      • Xstar7

        Yes and NO. Shakin’ things up a bit

  • Granderslam

    So while I am aware that Girardi’s reference to a potential lineup change indicated repositioning his players, does anyone think he hinted the possibility of new players coming in to change things up?

    • http://twitter.com/kschmidt2 Kiersten


    • http://www.twitter.com/deanezag Zack

      If he said changes to the roster then I’d say yes, but saying ‘maybe changing the lineup’ some pretty much like just swapping some positions.

  • Dream of Electric Sheep/ still haven’t register /too lazy

    The Yankees has committed way too much dollars and years to most of the positions on the field. I don’t see any major lineup changes in the foreseeable future sans within.

    If I can trade Gardner and plus for kemp I do it. As far as Jeet goes, I would love to dump his salary and age for Nunez plus a ML back up like Omar and use that money to find a player who will be worth of his fld value. But the Yanks won’t.

    • Xstar7

      I don’t think Nunez is everything you’ve cracked him up to be. I think at best he’ll turn out to be a Gil Mcdougald type player which isn’t bad but don’t expect him to be Jeters replacement.

      • Dream of Electric Sheep/ still haven’t register /too lazy

        I think maybe Nunez can be ML an average SS. The point is more about not overpaying Jeter which in dealing with reality is inevitable at this point.

        • Dream of Electric Sheep/ still haven’t register /too lazy

          * an ML average

        • Xstar7

          I think Jeter Is going to get overpaid but not grossly overpaid. How does 3 years 45 million sound to you?

    • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

      If I can trade Gardner and plus for kemp I do it.

      You can’t.

      • Dream of Electric Sheep/ still haven’t register /too lazy

        unless the plus is greater than Gardner and Kemp is available.

  • Dream of Electric Sheep/ still haven’t register /too lazy

    Curt Young is a good candidate, I hope the Yanks go after him.

    • pat

      +1. That’s who I’m voting for.

      • Dream of Electric Sheep/ still haven’t register /too lazy

        FWIW, a couple ppl I have spoken with whom has knowledge in the industry have recommended Curt and Aldred as a internal replacement.

  • Leo in Houston

    Jeter has to down to 6th or 7th–at least.
    A-Rod will stay 4th.
    Tex might be 5th and Cano 3rd, but prob Tex stays 3rd.
    I’m not at all sure Cliff Lee ends up in Bronx.( if Rangers lose WS, Yanks chances go up IMO ).
    If we don’t get Lee, what is plan B ???

    • Xstar7

      Zach Greinke if the royals don’t ask for too many prospects in return.

  • Yo Quiero Montero (formerly LarryF)

    Can’t bat Jeter second after Gardy. Time to move down Captain. Cano can bat 2nd or 3rd as long as he mashes in the first inning. I prefer 3rd after Swish/Grandy but second would be kind of cool and some have said your best hitter should bat second or fourth.

  • Andrew Brotherton

    I think it should be
    1. Granderson
    2. Swisher
    3. Cano
    4. Tex
    5. Arod
    6. Posada
    7. Montero
    8. Jeter
    9. Gardner

    Curt Young is my vote too

    • Yo Quiero Montero (formerly LarryF)

      not bad. I like a lefty batting after Gardy. Gives a slight edge to the base stealer. Jeter after Gardy would be the worst.