Gerry Davis set to lead ALCS umping crew

The Rangers' Weaknesses
Knowing George M. Steinbrenner III

Twenty-seven year MLB veteran Gerry Davis will be the crew chief for the ALCS, Major League Baseball announced today. This is Davis’ 21st career postseason series and his eighth League Championship Series. Joining Davis around the bases and in the outfield will be Brian Gorman, Angel Hernandez, Fieldin Culbreth, Jim Reynolds and Tony Randazzo. MLB has yet announced the home plate umpire rotation for the series.

By and large, Davis and his crew are a great of controversy-free umpires, and one of them — Culbreth — drew the ALCS last year. But the inclusion of Angel Hernandez raises some eyebrows. Hernandez was one of the who resigned in 1999 but managed to retain his job despite being bad at it. He has constantly ranked among the dregs of the MLB umps and was voted third-worst by the players in 2006. Yankee fans may remember him as the ump who ejected Joba Chamberlain for missing Kevin Youkilis with a pitch and the guy responsible for some early-season gripes from Red Sox fans.

The Rangers' Weaknesses
Knowing George M. Steinbrenner III
  • Tom Zig

    I wish I had a job that rewarded me for being bad at it.

  • Ross in Jersey

    I posted this link on twitter awhile ago that basically says Gerry Davis had the smallest strike zone in the majors in 2007.

    • Jeremy

      You’d have to think that’s not a bad thing given that he’ll probably be behind the plate for game 1 when Wilson is pitching, given that he already has a high walk rate. CC is better equipped to deal with a small zone than a guy who already has command issues.

    • Pat D

      What about this year?

      • Ross in Jersey

        I couldn’t find anything more recent. I imagine it’s a pain in the ass to get and analyze all that data, and why would his strike zone change anyway?

        • Pat D

          Foolish optimism?

          Hopefully he’s working the plate Game 1 then, since Wilson walks guys anyway.

          • Ross in Jersey

            Heh, yeah, I wouldn’t mind him squeezing CJ a bit.

            • Zack

              CJ walks enough guys without bad umps, want him out there for Lee so he’s out by the 6th

        • Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-Blog

          He learned the error of his ways and decided to change his stripes?

          Nah, only refs wear stripes.

  • Pat D

    Why am I thinking that Culbreth has been rated pretty badly? I remember his name, and, frankly, I only know the names of umpires who are pretty bad, involved in some kind of controversy or in a league of their own (Cowboy Joe). So Culbreth’s name is sticking in my mind.

    Can anyone back me up on this?

    • JGS

      Fieldin Henry Culbreth III’s name is also very distinctive.

    • Ross in Jersey

      Nothing really comes to mind. His name is kind of unorthodox, maybe that’s why he sticks out to you.

    • Thomas

      Just to throw out a possibility, you might remember him because his first name is Feildin, which is very bizarre and baseball related.

  • Adam B.

    Yep Angel gets it, but Jim Joyce sits at home.

    • Rebecca-Optimist Prime-Mrs. OBP Jesus Maquinito

      Maybe Joyce gets the NLCS?

      /grasping at straws

      • Pat D

        Or the World Series.

      • General Tso’s Chicken

        hey are you gonna do a chat today? you said you do another before the ALCS

  • General Tso’s Chicken

    Oh no! Not the Angel of Errors! No! Not that!

    • Big Stein

      I guess Hitler was busy.

  • guest

    Isn’t Randazzo infamous for something? Or is it (again) just the name?

    /ethnic stereotyped

    • Sam

      He uh, knows a guy who knows a guy, if you catch my drift
      /it’s Phil Cuzzi
      //because they’re in the mafia obvs.

  • Sam

    Angel Hernandez? Seriously? (language)

  • Yank the Frank

    It’s a fact, umpires strike zones are directly in line to the size of their penis. Look it up in Baseball Erectus.

  • Jerome S.

    As much as we dump on umpires, I’d imagine that it’s a difficult job requiring a lot of skill to do correctly. A ball moving at 90 + miles an hour, usually with movement, and an invisible zone? Sounds painful to have to make 100+ calls a night.
    That being said, all umpires in major league baseball should be able to mostly accurate, and when they’re not (in certain cases) we should have instant replay.

    I just think it’s unfair to suggest that an umpire is trying to blow the game.

  • Carcillo

    Gerry Davis was the crew chief in the World Series last year. Gorman was also on that crew.

  • Mister Delaware

    Only question is whether Hernandez will grab for the spotlight in the field or wait until he’s behind the plate.

  • Carcillo

    When I think of Angel Hernandez, I think of the guy from Chicago who was doing Take Me Out to the Ballgame, and afterwards said he’d talk with the umpire (Hernandez) after the game after a blown call cost the Cubs a run, or something like that.

    It was an obscure event in 2001 involving two teams I don’t care about, so pardon the vagueness of my recollection.

  • I Voted for Kodos

    If an umpire is doing his job the right way, there should be very little reason for those watching the game to know his name. You might learn the names of the good ones after a while, but it would probably take repeated viewings for their name to stick out.

    Angel Hernandez is the first umpire I could ever name. He seems to have one gigantic, hilariously bad screw up in every game. I have no idea how he has a job.

  • Pasqua

    Angel Hernandez is the epitome of “Look-at-Me-Umpiring.” I loathe him on the baseball field. Loathe him. He loves to interject himself into the narrative of a game.

    How players can resist hitting him in the face remains a mystery.

    Vegas should have an over/under on how many times Angel Hernandez removes his mask to stare down a player or coach over the course of a game. I’ll set it at three-and-a-half.