Introducing the Yankees Attitude Matrix


During the talk with Bernie Williams yesterday, one point stood out to me. Bernie talked about the attitude required to succeed on the big stage of New York. You need to be even-keeled, he said. Naturally, I asked him if he played with anyone who had that attitude, but failed as a Yankee. Yes, he said, and it can be doubly troublesome. If you have an even-keeled attitude and aren’t producing, you can be perceived as not caring. Lord, how many times have we heard people say that?

This leads to the Yankees Attitude Matrix. There are essentially four states of a player in New York. Either he has an even-keeled attitude, or he’s fragile. On the other end, he has either good numbers or bad numbers. Here’s what the combinations mean.

Bernie and Derek Jeter obviously fit in the upper left quadrant. A.J Burnett and Robinson Cano circa 2008 fit into the lower left. A-Rod used to be in the upper right, and I don’t think anyone exemplifies the bottom right better than Javy Vazquez. After all, he’s been here twice.*

*This is not to say that I believe that Vazquez is fragile. That’s just the perception.

So the next time you hear the media talk about a player, just understand where they fall on the matrix. It will make life a lot easier.

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  1. first time lawng time says:

    Bernie and Derek Jeter obviously fit in the upper right quadrant

    I think you mean…left?

  2. Paul O’Neill breaks the matrix (like a water-cooler).

  3. Peter says:

    Don’t you mean Jeter and Bernie belong in the upper left (not upper right)? What about AJ and Cano? Rwally in the bottom right?

  4. seimiya says:

    Um, I think you got your left and your right screwed up.

  5. first time lawng time says:

    Nice chart but posadas a a fragile choker lol whatevs

  6. Introducing the Yankees Attitude Matrix

  7. bexarama says:

    I love this chart but A-Rod’s a choker lol whatevs

  8. vin says:

    Which players epitomize the 4 quadrants?

    Jeter, Alex
    IPK(?), Javy

    And does this matrix apply only to relevant players? What about Darrel Rasner? Does he not care? I think we need to flesh this out a little.

  9. I eagerly await the Yankees Fan Attitude Matrix.

    It will be terribly awesome (and awesomely terrible).

    • Thomas says:

      Simple version
      R = Reactionary
      E = Even keeled
      B = Feels Yankees are doing bad
      G = Feels Yankees are doing well

      G—Cracked out happy (eg philhughes65)——Incredibly confident (eg TJSC)
      B—The sky is falling (eg Rose)——————-Cashman is the Suxor (eg Bo)

  10. brockdc says:

    David Justice: Doesn’t care AND true Yankee.

    Matrix destroyed.

  11. MikeD says:

    The “Doesn’t Care” category is interesting. I remember a few years back when Tom Glavine’s career was coming to an end on the Mets, he would get criticized by members of the NY sports media because he seemingly “didn’t care” when he’d got his ass kicked in a game. It didn’t matter this was the same Glavine who while marching toward 300 wins was known for being undisturbed by any game situation, and was lauded for having “ice water” in his veins. Ahh, the NY media. Gotta love the stupidity. I’m sure they’ll be saying Mariano Rivera doesn’t care when his numbers start to slip.

  12. Thomas says:

    Shoot! This is a reply fail.

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