Open Thread: World Series Game Four


Oh Frenchy. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

So now we have ourselves a series. The Rangers grabbed Game Three thanks to Colby Lewis and that royal pain in the ass Mitch Moreland*, and Neftali Feliz even managed to find his way to the mound. Tonight’s pitching matchup features Tommy Hunter vs. Madison Bumgarner, which is an easy win for the Giants on paper. Insert cliche about not playing the games on paper here. Hopefully it’s an exciting game, and I’m still rooting for a Game Seven, so a Texas win wouldn’t be the worst thing in my world.

Anyway, here’s your open thread for the game and whatever else you want to talk about. The late football game has the Steelers at the Saints, which should be worth watching between innings. You guys know what to do, have at the thread and enjoy the games.

* Seriously, where the eff did this guy come from? Dude was riding buses in the minors in late July, and now he’s putting together ten pitch at-bats in the Fall Classic. Texas almost turned him into a pitcher for cryin’ out loud.

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  1. With significant help from JGS, I completed the Sunday crossword. BOOM.

  2. Steve H says:

    Lets go Giants.


  3. JerseyDutch says:

    Best analysis of the Yankees I’ve ever heard: http://video.adultswim.com/car.....texas.html

  4. JGS says:

    So after benching The Machine, the bottom of the Giants order is Ishikawa-Renteria-Schierholtz. Yeesh

  5. Nuke Ladoosh says:

    I’m actually in NYC tonight because this was supposed to be the night the Yanks captured number 28. Really.

  6. JohnnyC says:

    Good thing FOX and Cablevision settled in time to broadcast the 2nd lowest-rated World Series game of all time to the clamoring 3 million Cablevision homes. I’m sure Bud Selig is just loving it.

    • bexarama says:

      Shhhh, this is the World Series everyone wanted!! It lets us see how good the WS can possibly be without those stupid Yankees.

      • JohnnyC says:

        It also let’s us see exactly how many of the owners are marketing geniuses rather than just corporate socialists. Very, very few of them, including Selig, seem to have learned the real secret of the NFL and NBA’s success — talk about parity but internally push for a core of super franchises to be the brand leaders (you really think Stern was upset to see LeBron, Wade, and Bosh end up together in Miami?). The best narrative in sports is the underdog toppling the massive, perennial favorite. The second best narrative is the dynastic franchise surpassing its own excellence yet again.

    • JerseyDutch says:

      Do you think this guy will print a retraction? Nah.


    • Jenny says:

      can you post a link to the ratings story. it should interesting

  7. Carlosologist says:


    I think the Yanks should go after Iwakuma. He would add depth to the rotation and would be an OK failsafe if for some reason we don’t sign Clifton Phifer.

  8. bexarama says:

    So I’ve heard a lot of analysis saying the Rangers were almost definitely going to go with Cliff Lee in this game if they lost last night. Why that case, but not this one? It’s a lot different with a 2-2 series than a 1-3 one. It’s not that you can’t come back from 0-3, but it’s a big hole. Then again, maybe Cliff Lee simply doesn’t know how to prepare himself for three days’ rest or he’s still bothered by his back.

    (This is totally babbling, whatever)

    • Kit says:

      Yeah, I think it’s the latter. I thought it was kind of suspicious that they were planning on going with three starters and suddenly changed it to four. It’s not like Hunter is the absolute worst, but Hunter over Lee is just not an improvement unless there is something horribly wrong with Lee on short rest. Maybe it was the re-injury concern or maybe they know something the rest of us don’t, but I think had the lost yesterday, it would’ve been a sweep (and I would have enjoyed this a lot more).

  9. mustang says:

    A lost from the Rangers tonight will go along nicely with that Cowgirl beat down today.

    • The uglyness of the Jets game was made better by the knowledge that they are not the Cowboys

      • mustang says:

        My sympathy on the Jets games as a Giants fan I’m well aware of how ugly a game can get when the wide receivers decide to avoid the football.

        Didn’t you hear the Cowgirls are going to have a top 10 pick next year and they are going to be great forever and ever and live happily ever after. Until then I get to enjoy watching them get their heads handled to them.

  10. candyforstalin says:

    do the yankees really view nunez as jeter’s successor?

  11. tom says:

    In last night’s game, all the runs scored on home runs. Does anyone know, is that commonplace in the World Series, or something that happens only infrequently? Seems like the kind of thing some stathead would be right on.

  12. Betty Lizard says:

    I admit it. I love Lyle Lovett.

  13. bexarama says:

    Can we go back in time a year? That WS game ruled

    • Betty Lizard says:

      Bexy, did the Good Fairy NOT give you the “Rewind” function when you were born? OMG, that must be so difficult.

  14. George W. Bush can still throw a strike.

  15. bexarama says:

    It’s the first inning

    against Tommy Hunter

    with a hot hitter


  16. yungsta says:

    Everything in Yankeeland remains a mystery. Why did Dave Eiland take a leave of absence? Why was he fired? And why did AJ have a blackeye and did whatever the hell caused it part of the reason he was off? And who will catch AJ this year?

    I really want to know about that blackeye. In the day of the interwebs how do the Yankees manage to keep a lid on absolutely everything?

  17. Carlosologist says:

    Frenchy would be a cheerleader.

  18. Mickey Scheister says:

    Tommy Hunter makes Larry the Cable Guy look like Brad Pitt.

  19. Carlosologist says:

    That double play was turned beautifully. Almost Cano-esque.

  20. candyforstalin says:

    hechavarria’s 2010 numbers are awful.

  21. Carlosologist says:

    I guess that’s why they call Hamilton Superman.


  22. FIPster Doofus says:

    San Francisco’s lineup really sucks.

  23. JerseyDutch says:

    Is this the World Series or the zombie apocalypse?

  24. Januz says:

    SF/Tex is a brutal match-up, perhaps the most uninteresting to me since SF/Oakland. To make matters the game more unimportant for me, my other favorite teams (Along with the Yankees) were on. Last night the Nitts were playing Michigan, so I watched PSU, and tonight the Steelers are playing New Orleans, so I am watching my Steelers.

  25. rbizzler says:

    Again with the bunting…

  26. Carlosologist says:

    And that’s why Huff was the best offensive man in San Francisco.

  27. the tenth inning stretch says:


  28. Jenny says:

    joe buck sure sounds disappointed. Way to be professional.

  29. Jenny says:

    nolan ryan! nolan ryan! nolan ryan! nolan ryan! nolan ryan!

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    did I forget to mention: nolan ryan!

  30. Accent Shallow says:

    It’s galling to see a non-entity like Hunter pitch relatively well.

  31. Kiersten says:

    You guys are boring.

  32. Hall and Nokes says:

    How many current major leaguers (not prospects) hold more value to their club than Posey?

  33. Mike Axisa says:

    This game is pretty unwatchable.

  34. JerseyDutch says:

    This series needs Ines Sainz interviewing every on-deck batter…

  35. Wil Nieves #1 Fan says:

    Rosenthal is wearing a fucking bow-tie. What. An. Asshole.

  36. Accent Shallow says:

    Molina is fucking corpulent.

  37. Carlosologist says:

    This game is like Yanks-Red Sox without the entertainment.

  38. Accent Shallow says:

    Odds Moreland washes out of the league?

  39. mustang says:

    Cablevision just broke the deal with Fox after James Dolan watched this game.

  40. mustang says:

    Wow its real bad when a WS game can’t even get 100 comments here by the 7th.

  41. JerseyDutch says:

    Glad I’m taping this game. I need something for my insomnia when the heavy drugs don’t work.

  42. Mike Axisa says:

    Dammit Texas, at least put up a fight. They haven’t even gotten a man to second yet.

  43. mustang says:

    I still can’t believe the Yankees lost to this team this game is just pissing me off even more.

  44. Carlosologist says:

    Well that was horrible.

  45. Do they really think that calling it “the Truck of Texas” is going to increase sales anywhere outside of Texas?

  46. Just looked up that ’66 WS. The O’s won 5-2 in the first game, then shut out the Dodgers 6-0, 1-0, 1-0 in games two-four. Wow.

    • All Star Carl says:

      Dodgers made 6 errors in game 2.

      Koufax’s last season. Jim Palmer pitched against him. Palmer was 20.


    • nsalem says:

      Willie Davis made three errors in one inning. I think that was the last game Koufax pitched. The Dodgers were coming of a brutal pennant race with the Giants (back when September was important).
      Giants led by 4 1/2 on September 12. Dodgers wound up clinching against the Phillies (6-3)in the second game of a DH on the last day of the season. I’m not positive but Koufax may have been pitching on two days rest.

  47. mustang says:

    Here let me help you.
    too funny.

  48. Carlosologist says:

    San Francisco’s pitching depth is unfair.

  49. That’s twice that Bumgarner has made Vlad look stupid with that swing.

  50. Rooting so hard for a KinslerFail here. Don’t let me down, Madison.

  51. Carlosologist says:

    The fact that Bumgarner should improve on this season should be enough to scare the shit out of every NL West team.

  52. Carlosologist says:


  53. All Star Carl says:

    Cliff Lee is gonna put a razor of layaway after this game.

  54. ChrisR says:

    Noticed Lee shaved, is he preparing for that NYY press conference in December/January? :D

  55. How long do you think McCarver was waiting to bust out that line?

  56. Dela G says:

    madison bumgarner is the tits

  57. bonestock94 says:

    This series = wow

  58. CBean says:

    Holland can throw strikes. Who knew?

  59. rek4gehrig says:

    Send Bum out in the 9th, please

  60. Carlosologist says:

    Do the Giants send out Bumgarner for the ninth? I think they do, provided Bochy has a very short leash.

  61. All Star Carl says:

    Heyman now says he talked to a scout who would take Bumgarner over Halladay, CC, Hamels, Lee, and Lincecum.


  62. nsalem says:

    If the Yankees have trouble seeing average starters for the first time,
    how do you think they would have done against this Giant staff?

  63. Andrew says:

    walking dead…amazing.

  64. Carlosologist says:

    I am extremely giddy right now. If/When the Giants clinch, I may go nuts and break out in dance.

  65. nsalem says:

    Koufax closed out his career with 4 complete games. He clinched the pennant on the final day of the season on two days rest and came back
    for his last start in Game 2 against the Oriole’s on 3 days rest. Though the Dodgers lost 6-0, Koufaz only gave up one earned run.

  66. rek4gehrig says:

    No Mr. Bum, U dont have the best closer in the game. We do.

    • Carlosologist says:

      When Mo broke out onto to the scene in 96, Bum was seven years old.

    • JGS says:

      There is a very good argument to be made that Wilson was better than Mo this year. Mo’s greatness lies in being a top-5 closer every single year, not being top-1 every time.

      • Jerome S says:

        Exactly. Year after year, we hear, “Papelbon/Rodriguez/Insert-has-been-here is better than Mo. And then in two years they’re gone… or beating the shit out of their relatives. Either way, Closer is a highly volatile position that few hold for long, and Mo’s had it for six years.

    • CBean says:

      I actually kind of laughed because he started with “we have one of — um, I mean, we have the best closer” and it sounded so very out like their PR guidelines on how to speak about teammates. I mean, Wilson is very good. He’s not Mo.

      • rek4gehrig says:

        Yeah, I heard that. He knows Mo is the best, he just cant say that on TV :-)
        That being said, great kid. He pitched an awesome game.

  67. AJ M. says:

    If the Giants win, I want it to end with Brian Wilson pulling out the machine on the mound and celebrating with it.

  68. Gonzo says:

    Call me crazy, but I wonder if Adam Warren has the chance of becoming Brian Wilson.

    Oh, and yes, I know he is a starter right now.

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