Report: Girardi re-up will be for 3 years, $9 million

Bill Shannon, Yankee Stadium official scorer, passes away at 69
Laird continues to rake in Phoenix

As the Yanks’ Hot Stove Leagues kicks into gear, Jon Heyman has a brief update on the team’s managerial situation. Joe Girardi and the Front Office are working on a contract that would keep Girardi helming the club for the next three years, and the deal would be worth approximately $3 million per year. Girardi’s last deal gave him $2.5 million, and considering that the skipper won a World Series and reached the ALCS this year, a raise is in line with club expectations. Negotations, says Heyman, “are not expected to take long.”

Bill Shannon, Yankee Stadium official scorer, passes away at 69
Laird continues to rake in Phoenix
  • Jake LaMotta’s Left Hook

    3 years; not going to make some people happy, but I don’t mind.

    • yungsta

      I’m happy.

  • Kevin G.

    Good thing we got that out of the way fast.

    /TSJC bait

  • FIPster Doofus

    Good deal.

  • Camilo Gerardo

    I heard he left money on the table; Torre should take notes

    • RalphieD

      who told you this?

      • Hughesus Christo

        Housearrest Harry

        • vinny-b


        • Nostra-Artist

          Is he related to Jailed Jerry?

          or Prison Patrick?

  • CP

    Girardi makes significant off-field monies, including from Taco Bell.

    I just assumed he did those ads for free chalupas.

    • Nostra-Artist

      Yeah, I’m sure the guy who banned ice cream from the clubhouse is eating loads of chalupas.

      Joe Girardi doing a commercial for Taco Bell is like Al Gore doing a spot for BP.

  • bonestock94

    Yay, three more years of rag newspapers making up stupid nicknames

  • vinny-b

    most positive NYY related news in 2010.

    next up: don’t trade Montero.

  • Steven

    I like this deal now
    Sign jeet
    Sign mo
    Sign petite if he doesn’t retire
    Sign cliff lee
    Call up montero
    And give nova betances man ban brackman and other aaa players like laird on the roster
    Sign sori

    • vinny-b

      offer Jeter 2 years, or let him walk.

      no other team will give him 2. That i know. Pay what the market bares.

      • Xstar7

        3 years 45 million us what he’s getting. I’m calling it

      • Jeff Levy

        You’re right. No teams are giving out long term deals to older players. It’s tricky to take a hard line stance with Jeter being a “Legacy Player,” HOF bound player and face of the franchise. Despite that, it’s time for players to start playing for their pay. Jeter’s career worst year gives the Yankees a lot leverage in negotiations. I’d say a base salary of $10-15M with incentives is fair.

        • jim p

          It won’t happen, but I’d like to see a year-by-year deal with Jeter. Like Andy does it.

      • ROBTEN

        It is easy to say that the Yankees should play hardball with Jeter.

        However, keeping in mind both Jeter’s offensive value — even in a down season, he was still second among AL SS in fWAR, and in the top half of all ML shortstops in wOBA — and the available free-agent class, as well as what it would cost to sign any of the available free-agents in relation to the Yankees’ other needs in the rotation, who would you sign to replace him?

        Here are your options, an asterisk means that the team has an option:

        Orlando Cabrera CIN *
        Craig Counsell MIL
        Alex Gonzalez ATL *
        Cristian Guzman TEX
        J.J. Hardy MIN
        Jerry Hairston Jr. SD
        Omar Infante ATL *
        Cesar Izturis BAL
        Derek Jeter NYY
        Jhonny Peralta DET *
        Edgar Renteria SF *
        Jose Reyes NYM *
        Jimmy Rollins PHI *
        Juan Uribe SF
        Ramon Vazquez HOU
        Chris Woodward SEA

        …and only Juan Uribe, Alex Gonzalez, or Jose Reyes (who is not leaving the Mets) had either a higher wOBA or fWAR last year than Jeter.

        So, who replaces Jeter when he walks for a three-year deal from another team?

        • MikeD

          Yeah, I want the Yankees to get all fiscal minded so we can sign Chris Woodward to be our bargain-priced SS.

          Jeter will be generating quite a bit of money for the Yankees in 2011 as he goes for 3,000. That means money for the NY Yankees. Jeter will not be paid as if he’s just some other SS because he’s not.

          It really is pretty simple.

  • Steven

    Sign soriano and maybe Downs for the bp

    • FIPster Doofus

      Stay away from both, especially Scott “Type A” Downs.

      • Jake LaMotta’s Left Hook

        This is the truth.

  • Joseph Cecala

    All the commentators at NoMaas shed a tear.

  • ZZ

    Very positive move for the organization if the new deal is indeed 3 years.

    The Yankees need stability at the position and a manager who feels comfortable with his job security in order to maximize their chances of winning every year and manage the age+injuries of some of the players on this team correctly.

    He is not perfect, but is a young manager who can improve and I expect him to do just that.

    • vinny-b

      intelligent post.

    • bexarama

      good stuff, ZZ.

    • Hughesus Christo

      I’m sure Derek Jeter, Andy Pettitte, Mariano Rivera, and especially Jorge Posada give a crap about anything or Girardi says to them.

      • James

        I’m sure they do actually, he’s a been a trusted peer and mentor to them since 1996 and while all three are themselves veterans, to suggest that just because Girardi is a former teammate and because the buttons he pushed in the ALCS didn’t work they suddenly couldn’t give two fucks what he has to say is baseless.

        I think 3 years and 9 mil is more than fair. ZZ is right… the guy is still coming off only his 4th year of managerial experience. When we compare him at 4 years managerial experience to guys like Torre and Cox who currently have ten times that amount of experience, we don’t treat Joe Girardi fairly. Fuck the Wallace Mathews sentiment. That kind of opinion flip-flops daily. In Joe’s 4 years experience he’s won a Manager of the year award and a World Series… not too shabby. He’ll continue to improve.

  • MikeD

    Cashman and Hal picked Girardi because they work well with him. Decisions today are not made just by the manager. Girardi is their guy.

  • larryf

    We are bound to the binder now.

    If we are gonna sign Jeter for 3 years can we at least get him out of the leadoff position. It seems pathetic that the reason to bat him leadoff is to decrease the gidp risk. We have lots of slower guys who don’t bat leadoff. If he has a propensity to ground out-more than any other player-then why do we bat him at the top of the order at all?

    • AndrewYF

      I guarantee you the decision to bat Jeter at the top of the lineup comes straight from the top.

      It may not make baseball sense, but management of franchise players doesn’t always lie with one guy.

      Maybe that’s the reason Torre never overused Rivera – he knew he’d be gone if he ruined him.

      • Yank the Frank

        I think Torre tried to overuse Rivera it just didn’t ruin him.

  • Betty Lizard

    Girardi has a style which may frustrate some fans but which I find reassuring. He’s calm, focused, pragmatic, and unflappable and he publicly supports his players. He’s the ying to my emotionally volatile yang.

    I like (to use business cliches) that he looks at the big picture and yet pays attention to details and that he’s always aware of the bottom line. He does his best to wisely manage resources instead of grandstanding and playing “You bet your company team” when it’s unnecessary. It isn’t surprising the players love him. For me, he’s a big part of my overall confidence level in the Yankees.

    • Hughesus Christo

      He’s calm, focused, pragmatic, and unflappable and he publicly supports his players. He’s the ying to my emotionally volatile yang.

      Are we talking about the same guy?

  • CS Yankee

    Wise decisions in terms of years and pay.

    Cash & CO are poised pretty well in the upcoming years with the exception being left-side infield age (injury, cost & proformance concerns).

    I’d expect Jete’ to get 4/60M$ & Mo 3/40M$…
    but would rather have Jete’ 3/50M$ & Mo 2/27.

    These two (3 counting Joe) are not big stories, we need Andy back and either trade for a stud pitcher or give Lee’s family a private box and 150M$.

    In a random note:
    We have all heard that Romine was suppose to be a better catcher defensively, but he can’t throw out an AARP with a walker in the AFL. How bad is Montero, if Romine is labeled better behind the dish?

    • diehard yankee

      yeah i say give jeter a 3yr/60 with a 4th yr/15 option and bonus of 25 when he gets 3000 hits and mo 3yr/45 and a 4th yr/10 option