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Hughes pitches Yanks to ALCS with win over Twins
Football Open Thread

A few links for your Sunday morning.

Ronald Monestime takes a look at Andy Pettite and says that he deserves to be considered this generations Mr. October as much as Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera do.  I love Pettitte and what he has done for the Yankees all of these years, but he’s the same pitcher in the regular season as he is in the playoffs.  Jeter is the same player in the regular season as he is in the playoffs.  If you’re going to label someone Mr. October simply for stepping it up in the playoffs, it has to be Rivera.  As great as he has been in the regular season, his postseason numbers are even further off the charts.

Speaking of Rivera, heres a pretty cool piece in which Kerry Wood compares Rivera to Greg Maddux.  It’s probably not a comparison made often as one is a starter, one a closer, but it makes sense and it’s pretty cool to hear it from someone with Wood’s perspective.  Rivera and a PED accusation free Maddux could end up going down as the greatest starter and closer of their generation (and obviously in Mo’s case G.O.A.T.).  It’s just too bad we never got to see Rivera close out a game for Maddux, despite the Boss’ best efforts.  Speaking of which, here’s a link to when the Yankees struck out with Maddux (and Bonds) and signed Jimmy Key.  The last line is classic Steinbrenner, and would soon ring true.

Sam Borden took a look at A-Rod and how he heads into October without the pressure he’s had in the past after his heroics last season.  The best part for me is that Borden made sure to point out that A-Rod had plenty of good playoff moments with the Mariners and wasn’t really the choker we had all been led to believe.  Many of the glowing A-Rod articles after last season neglected to mention this, and I’m glad Borden pointed it out.

Sid Hartman of the Star Tribune briefly talks about his history with George Steinbrenner and how it feels different in the postseason without him around.  The further away we get from his death I think the more we’ll appreciate that the 2009 team was able to win the World Series in his last full year alive.

Hughes pitches Yanks to ALCS with win over Twins
Football Open Thread
  •!/iiKeane JobaWockeeZ

    Meh Jeter and Pettite have performed exactly as they have at the regular season in the postseason stats wise. But it’s really big production that those two have done that they deserve it. IMO.

    • ClayBuchholzLovesLaptops

      Another one with almost the same production in regular season and playoffs: A-Rod.

      • sleepykarl

        But he chokes any only hits meaningless, stat padding homeruns!!!


      • JGS

        Still another: Reggie Jackson

        • James d.

          Bernie Williams, too.

          Reggie’s postseason OPS was .885, compared to .846 in the regular season. Not crazy different, but still impressive.
          Plus, I think matching your regular season numbers is still a feat in itself (though not Rivera-esque, or even on the level of John Smoltz).
          Look at such names as Posada, Sheffield, Lofton, Justice and Tino Martinez to see guys who greatly underperformed their regular-season numbers in some of the largest sample sizes we have for playoff performers (albeit still no more than 1 season’s worth at best).

  • vin

    Greg Maddux was always my favorite pitcher to watch. He did it all with great location, movement and his smarts. Guys like Pedro and Randy were also dominant but Maddux never threw in the mid-upper 90s like them. He was an absolute artist.

    Would love to have seen him pitching for the Yanks.

    Also, I do think Jeter and Pettitte deserve some credit for simply replicating their regular season numbers in the playoffs. Being able to perform that way despite playing the best competition when you’re not at your freshest is an achievement. But I agree that Mo is most deserving of the label. He’s unbelievable in the postseason.

  • Januz

    I think what was accomplished in the final year and a half of Mr. Steinbrenner’s life is very much appreciated by Yankee fans. Seeing him get a standing ovation at the All-Star Game at the Old Stadium, seeing the New Stadium open, seeing the team win Title #28, and getting his ring, is quite a bit. The only thing left before turning the page, is to see him elected to Cooperstown, which should put a end to all of the hate expressed by certain members of the media towards him, and more importantly, would place his ownership in the positive historical context in which it belongs.

    • Jerome S.

      It’s not going to happen, dude. I wish it would, but it never will.

  • Kyle

    I wonder if Bonds and Maddux regret not signing with the Yankees after the dynasty in the latter part of the decade?

    Bonds in Yankee Stadium might have hit over 800 home runs.

    • Hughesus Christo

      The good roids were on the west coast.

      • Gonzo

        Bonds might have strangled Brian McNamee because of his snitchy ways.

  • Mickey Scheister

    Mo’s 15 Post-Season stats in 30 Series
    Wins 8, Loses 1
    Winning % .889
    ERA 0.72
    Games 91
    Saves 41
    IPs 136.2
    Hits 84
    Earned Runs 11
    Homeruns Allowed 2
    Walks 21
    Strike-Outs 108
    WHIP .768

    Regular Season 162 Game Average of Mo from 1995-2010
    Wins 5
    Loses 4
    Winning %.574
    ERA 2.23
    Games 67
    Saved 38
    Inning Pitched 79
    Hits 61
    Earned Runs 20
    Homeruns allowed 4
    Walks allowed 18
    Strikeouts 72
    WHIP 1.003

    Great in the regular season and just GODLY in the postseason.

    Derek Jeter’s postseason stats in 14 postseasons or 29 series.   In 141 games or 573 at-bats he scored 99 runs with 179 hits.  He also managed 50 extra base-hits with 27 going for doubles, 3 for triples, 20 longballs and driving in 56.  Jeter has also stole 17 postseason bases.  Walking 61 times and striking out 110 times.  All that to go along with a triple line of .312 /.381/.475 and a OPS of .858 ain’t too shabby!

    Considering his 162 regular season average in 658 at bats, 119 runs, 207 hits, 33 doubles, 4 triples, 17 homers, 80 RBIs, 23 stolen bases, 67 walks, 111 strikeouts w/ .314/.385/.452 and an OPS of .837.

    Against the best in the league Jeter is at his best.

  • Kiersten

    LOL at 4 years, $17 mil being a “lucrative” offer.