Tonight’s game to air on MLB Network

A.J.’s trade value, or lack thereof
Mailbag: AL Award Winners

The second game of today’s doubleheader against the Red Sox will be broadcast on the MLB Network, according to a release. The game will also be broadcast on My9 in the Tri-State Area, and the first game will of course remain on FOX. I know some of you were afraid that you’d lose out on the chance to see tonight’s contest after the rain out, but don’t worry, it’ll be on.

A.J.’s trade value, or lack thereof
Mailbag: AL Award Winners
  • Daniel

    No pressure, A.J.

  • seimiya

    A potential ten hours of baseball await, and I will miss all of them. I hate life.

  • Geoff has: Tampa Bay Rays @ Kansas City Royals or Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim @ Texas Rangers [at 8 p.m.] (subject to local blackout)

    so hopefully the Yanks game was a last min substitution

    • Mike Axisa

      It is, according to the release.

      • MikeD

        It’s not blacked out, is it? Or does that only happen when the game is already running on YES or My9?

  • Mike Nitabach

    Damn. I was praying the late game was gonna be on YES. This means that the game will not be available in-market via Internet video (as it would if it were on YES).

    This also means that my wife and I are gonna have to have a serious discussion, as she wants to watch the Trojans-Huskies game. I guess we’ll probably end up at a local bar so we can watch both.

    • MikeD

      Yankee baseball, football, and a bar. Sounds like a win-win-win to me!

  • Mike G

    Got the MLB Internet package, but I can’t watch the first game on Fox out here b/c they’re going to air the San Fran and San Diego game, and they Black out the Internet feed b/c Fox has the rights to the game so either way, I’m screwed. I hate FOX!!

    -Live and Blacked out in AZ

  • KeithSr

    It is nice to see the game, but as a close second, XM Radio is great.

  • Kyle

    House is on channel 9?