Chuck Greenberg opens mouth, inserts foot


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The Yankees have been and always will be an easy target. They’re the biggest and baddest, the Goliath to everyone’s David. That has to do with their payroll and popularity, and that’s fine. We’re all used to it by now, and in fact I think we take a certain level of enjoyment in seeing how outrageous Yankee-bashing gets. Hating on the Yankees is the easiest form of hate, it requires little thought and even less research. Broad generalizations do just fine.

It’s one thing to bash the team, the entity that is the Yanks, but it’s another thing to overstep that bound and start getting personal. That’s what Rangers’ owner Chuck Greenberg did early Monday while appearing on ESPN’s Radio “Ben and Skin Show.” Here’s the quote…

“I think our fans have been great. I think particularly in Game 3 of the World Series they just blew away anything I’ve seen in any venue during the postseason. I thought Yankee fans, frankly, were awful. They were either violent or apathetic, neither of which is good. So I thought Yankee fans were by far the worst of any I’ve seen in the postseason. I thought they were an embarrassment.”

Greenberg’s comments come on the heels of Kristin Lee’s comments about Yankee fans, which for all intents and purposes said the same thing. The people at Yankee Stadium are violent and obnoxious, dangerous and disinterested. Everything is bigger in Texas, including the insults to the backbone of the sport.

The Yankees were reportedly furious over Greenberg’s comments, and were preparing to respond once the World Series ended. “At this time, we are honoring the commissioner’s policy regarding respecting and not distracting from the World Series,” said team president Randy Levine, but they wouldn’t have to wait that long. Greenberg spoke to both Levine and Hal Steinbrenner later in the evening, apologizing for his comments. Here’s the half-assed apology statement…

“Earlier today, in the course of praising the extraordinary support and enthusiasm of Texas Rangers fans, I unfairly and inaccurately disparaged fans of the New York Yankees. Those remarks were inappropriate. Yankees fans are among the most passionate and supportive in all of baseball. I have spoken directly to Hal Steinbrenner and Randy Levine to apologize for my intemperate comments. I would like to express again how proud we are of our fans and how remarkably they have supported the Rangers throughout lean times and now during this magical season.”

That all well and good, but all he did was wear 15 pieces of flair. It’s the bare minimum, the least he could do. In fact, Greenberg didn’t even bother to issue the apology until Commissioner Bud Selig stepped in and gave the rookie owner a stern talking to. Hell, Greenberg barely even managed to apologize the people he actually insulted, us fans. I had to read it twice just to make sure it was actually in there.

Honestly, I couldn’t care less about being called violent or obnoxious or something like that, it’s the apathetic part that gets me. Maybe the corporate slime that inhabits the lower rungs of the New Stadium doesn’t care about this team, but we certainly do. Those of us here at RAB and countless other sites, those of us sitting out in the bleachers or in the grandstands, we care. You better believe we care.

The best and simplest course of action is to just roll our eyes and leave it at that. Take the high road. File it away in the Yankee-hate cabinet with countless other forgettable and unintelligent attacks on the team. But don’t think we’ll forget. Greenberg and his team now have a giant target on their backs, moreso than they did before the ALCS. So congrats Chuck Greenberg, you managed to look like a bigger ass than the people you insulted, and now you have all winter to think about it.

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  1. Monotonousblob says:

    That guaranteeing a game 7 really worked out for him.

    I prefer Chuck Greene.

  2. Matt DiBari says:

    I wasn’t even sure how you could be apathetic and violent. If we’re “violent” doesn’t that suggest that we care?

  3. Sam says:

    “This series: It is going back to San Francisco, there’s gonna be a Game 6. There’s going to be a Game 7″-Chuck Greenberg


  4. Anthony Murillo says:

    This is clearly war. It’ll be an honor fighting beside you great men and women; let us defend the honor and glory of the New York Yankees.

  5. Big Stein says:

    The Rangers are so Bush League with their high school taunting (claw/antlers) and with their hankies and fireworks and flag girls after a home run.


    To Cliff Lee’s credit, after he hit that double in Game #1 in San Francisco, he refused to do the “claw” even though every cherry on their bench kept calling for it.

  6. bexarama says:

    Agreed with all of this. Except I don’t really appreciate being called violent. Possibly because after the whole story broke about Lee’s wife, the internet was FULL of people trying to go on and on and on and on about how all Yankee fans should just, I dunno, kill themselves, because of a few idiots. Those guys that spit on Kristen Lee don’t have anything more in common with me, and I’d say the other quality Yankee fans too, than the corporate types in the Legends Suite who are there on comped tickets and don’t really care.

    • pat says:

      Does he honestly think no Yankees fan in Arlington was harassed or given the finger? Get freaking real.

      • bexarama says:

        I was at Game 3 of the ALCS and there were absolutely awful jerkface Ranger fans there. At Yankee Stadium! And yet I still know that’s not what all Ranger fans are like, eesh.

        • The Big City of Dreams says:

          “Those guys that spit on Kristen Lee don’t have anything more in common with me, and I’d say the other quality Yankee fans too, than the corporate types in the Legends Suite who are there on comped tickets and don’t really care.”

          I might be wrong about this but I read online yesterday that Kristin Lee has changed her statements about the whole spitting thing. The new report is that one of her friends was complaining about someone spitting

  7. pat says:

    Typical second class mentality.

    “Chuck, what do you think of your fans?”
    “Well, ours are great, but seriously, fuck those Yankee fans”

    The biggest moment in franchise history and all he can think about is the Yankees. He and Grandma Braden, two peas in a pod.

  8. Sean C says:

    As a Yankees fan, I feel so indifferent about them that I would fork-stab someone because of it.

    Did I get that right?

  9. Big Stein says:

    If he dislikes us so much, he should return the revenue sharing checks he’s received from New York.

  10. Pat D says:

    If I ever meet Chuck Greenberg, I’m taking his eyes as souvenirs!

    And then I won’t care that I did it.

    /first line – Red vs Blue’d

  11. Ted Nelson says:

    Seriously? You get pissed at this clown for letting people know how he feels and then call the entire lower section “corporate slime??????” I am not personally offended never having sat in the lower level of the new stadium, but why make an ignorant and insulting statement about Yankees fans in an article criticizing someone else for doing the same?

    I don’t know why you automatically identify the “us” as people sitting in cheap seats and alienate all your readers who happen to spend more money on their seats…

    • A.D. says:

      Fully agreed with this.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      Meh, I didn’t mean to blanket statement the entire field level. I was referring to people who only go to games because it’s the corporate seats, not because they like the Yankees. Every team has this kind of crowd, but the Yanks more than others since the New Stadium opened.

      • Ted Nelson says:

        Fair enough, didn’t really look at it that way. I think it’s a bit of a slippery slope, though. There are going to be multiple types of annoying fans.

      • steve s says:

        To Mike Axisa: Your use of the term “corporate slime” was as ignorant a comment as Greenberg made. The “corporate slime” are the reason the Yanks can go out and outbid and overpay for talent and the reason you have advertisers on your website. Stick to baseball and save us your moronic social commentary.

    • mbonzo says:

      He never said that the whole lower section is corporate slime, and I think he was being ironic with his generalization, but Axisa’s got a point. If you had sat in the lower sections, it is bad. Business fans are there to see the Yankees win, and they’ll barely cheer. They’re the ones who boo the team. They scream at their own players to swing the bat, and when they draw a walk they’ll criticize the next guy for swinging too much. When they get a hit they’ll say that they deserve it. These are the guys that’ll actually open their mouths in the lower sections. It’s painful.

      The real Yankees fan comes home from work and looks forward to watching the Yankees play every night. They can’t afford to spend $1,000+ on the lower section. So they sit in the bleachers or grandstands. Go ahead and sit in the two locations and you’ll know what I mean. The fans in the “cheap seats” are the best fans in baseball. They’ll cheer the guy who’s got the hat-trick, or even Burnett. Thats just how it is.

      Oh and about alienating readers… point to me one reader who sits in the lower sections regularly. I’m sure it’ll be hard enough to find people who have sat there once since the stadium opened.

      • CP says:

        They’re the ones who boo the team. They scream at their own players to swing the bat, and when they draw a walk they’ll criticize the next guy for swinging too much. When they get a hit they’ll say that they deserve it. These are the guys that’ll actually open their mouths in the lower sections. It’s painful.

        How is this different from many fans in the cheap seats?

        Everyone that roots for the Yankees is real Yankee fan. This idea that there are *REAL* Yankee fans and fake Yankee fans is as BS as the idea of a True Yankee player.

        • mbonzo says:

          I disagree, I don’t think it takes something to prove that you’re a Yankees fan, but if you boo your own players you’re not a Yankee fan. I never hear that in the bleachers or grandstands. Its not something I can explain definitively, its just never happened. I’ve been to over a hundred games all around the stadium and thats just how it is. I believe the people who get those high priced tickets really feel like they deserve to see the Yankees win because they or their company paid so much. Assuming you were a Yankee who had a bad day, would you consider a fan that boos you a “REAL” Yankee fan?

          • A.D. says:

            You weren’t listening or have been lucky, plenty of booing by Yanks fans to any player when the play poorly, particularly starting pitchers regardless of section

          • bexarama says:

            but if you boo your own players you’re not a Yankee fan. I never hear that in the bleachers or grandstands. Its not something I can explain definitively, its just never happened. I’ve been to over a hundred games all around the stadium and thats just how it is.

            If you’ve really never heard unpopular players, or even those having a bad day, get booed in the grandstand or bleachers, then I seriously doubt your claims that you’ve been to “over a hundred” games. I haven’t been there close to a hundred games and I’ve heard it.

            • mbonzo says:

              I shouldn’t have said never. I’ve heard it from the left field bleachers, but never from 203. As for the grandstands, I’ve never heard it from them but I’ve only sat there a handful of times. Maybe I just end up sitting lower in game where the Yankee suck.

        • Neil says:

          Exactly. Then are we going to have Curt Schilling on with Mike Francesa again so he can give his expertise on who is a real “Yankee” player.

      • bexarama says:

        I’ve sat pretty much all over the stadium and what you say is totally untrue, at least in my experience. There are great fans and awful fans all over the place, but if you think they’re not booing players who are slumping in the grandstand/bleachers, that is laughable. I hear some of the dumbest shit sitting up there. That’s not to say the lower level is full of great fans or anything like that, but c’mon.

        It’s also really silly to talk about ~TRUE YANKEE FANS~ and how all of them sit in the bleachers and grandstand. When I can afford them or I get them from my mom’s work, I love sitting in the lower section. You get an amazing view of the game, great food, and you basically get treated like a king/queen. Combine that with Yankee baseball, and who wouldn’t love that? Of course I can’t afford it all the time, that’s why it’s special.

        • mbonzo says:

          Everyone seems to think I’m generalizing that only business people sit in the legends and only “true” Yankee fans (Which I think is a stupid argument too) sit in the bleachers. I am just saying that I hear a lot more stupid things in the lower levels, and see a lot more people cheering in the cheaper sections.

          As for “true” Yankees fans… all I am saying is that you are not a good Yankee fan if you boo your own players.

          • Mike says:

            Why can’t you boo your own players? Theres such a thing as booing for the sake of booing or booing because you are legitimately displeased with a product you paid for. Being a fan of someone doesn’t mean being blindly loyal to them. I would even hazard to say you’re less a “true fan” if all you do is cheer and refuse to acknowledge the bad. Don’t act holier than though because you don’t like how some people express their legitimate disatisfaction

            • mbonzo says:

              Well I’m not trying to “act holier than thou”, thats just how I feel. Coming from a house where everyone complains about how the players are playing, I don’t think thats the job of the fan. The fan is there to cheer a player on and encourage them. You just have a different definition of a fan than I do. I can’t stand the negative enforcement the pessimists put out, it just makes players more depressed about themselves and play worse. Of course I see the bad that players have done, but even if Burnett is pitching I am going to cheer for him because I want to encourage him instead of discourage him.

      • A.D. says:

        They scream at their own players to swing the bat, and when they draw a walk they’ll criticize the next guy for swinging too much. When they get a hit they’ll say that they deserve it. These are the guys that’ll actually open their mouths in the lower sections. It’s painful.

        This is all uneducated fans who think they know everything, which really isn’t related to income or seat price.

      • Andrew says:

        My season tickets are in section 127 B on the lower level and I am on my feet screaming my head off, and most of the people in my section are just like that, i feel that it is more of the people who sit from dugout to dugout that are the ones that don’t get on their feet as much as the other fans

      • AMSkollar says:

        I have season tickets in section 111, in the first 10 rows and am a regular reader and contributor. I dont know if you are talking about only the legends seats, but to say lower level is unfair and just plain wrong.

  12. John says:

    There are 27 reasons why I give a rats ass about this. If he owned the yanks I’m sure he’d have a different opinion. Plus, of course he had to apologize to the yanks and not the fans. Yanks make him money. Fans don’t. Oh, and we’ll thank him for the comment. His low class, inferiority complex just gave us a better shot at Cliff Lee!

  13. mbonzo says:

    I agree with Mike. Violence happens at every stadium, and at every stadium it stops within a few seconds. The reason for the violence isn’t due to two baboon Yankee fans fighting over their love for Arod’s unicorn painting, its usually two equally boneheaded fans from opposing teams. If there was a fight that Greenberg saw it was one asshole Yankees fan fighting one asshole Rangers fan.

    As for apathy, I think Greenberg was kinda right. I have sat field level right on top of legends seats. Its bad. People in legends seats get free food brought right to them, why bother even standing up when you can do basically anything from your seat. I am surprised the seats don’t flush so they can take a shit without having to deal with all the regular fans. Even field seats have a similar feel. I feel out of place chanting there.

    If you have ever sat with the Bleacher Creatures in Yankee stadium you have sat with the best fans in baseball. They are, themselves, a team that should make you forget about the “apathy” in the legends seats. Its truly a different game sitting there. I have never experienced anything like it at other stadiums, even Fenway. You’d never see Greenberg sitting with the Bleacher Creatures though, he’s too rich for that.

    • I’ve sat in Legends and the people near me cared about baseball. I’ve sat in the Grandstand and people didn’t know WTF. Experiences vary game to game.

      • mbonzo says:

        No doubt it varies, there are just more apathetic Yankees fans in the lower sections. I have sat low, you have sat low, that shows that there can be Yankee fans that really care that sit there, but its just less likely.

  14. bonestock94 says:

    I for one welcome a new rivalry. Fuck you, Texas, I now hate you in baseball too.

  15. A.D. says:

    Maybe the corporate slime that inhabits the lower rungs of the New Stadium doesn’t care about this team, but we certainly do.

    That’s really dropping down to the Greenberg level. Why are fans of the lower rungs automatically corporate & slime? Can people in suits not enjoy the Yankees?

    • Pat D says:

      The impression I get from seeing them on TV is…no, they don’t seem to be enjoying the team.

      • mbonzo says:

        They enjoy the team when they win. Their companies pay so much, they deserve to see the team win. Its a real problem, regular Yankees fans can’t afford the insane prices regularly.

        Would you rather watch the game with the guy in the suit or a bleacher creature? I’ve never seen anyone in the bleacher wear a suit, but I’d enjoy the game with them anytime. They know the players, they know the opposing teams, and they’re not afraid to stay til the 9th. You have to see it to believe it.

        • I have sat with a lot of extremely stupid people who don’t know anything about baseball in the bleachers. What does wearing a suit have to do with how much you care? You are being ridiculous.

          I go straight to the stadium from work all the time dressed in my work clothes. Oh no I don’t care or know anything because I’m wearing heels and a dress.

          • mbonzo says:

            If you sit in 203 you’re not gonna be surrounded by apathetic Yankee fans. If you sit in the legends seats you are more likely to.

            If you sit in 203 you won’t see many people wearing suits. If you sit in the legends seats you will most likely see lots of people wearing suits.

            A lot of people in 203 go there to see the game. A lot of people in the legends seats go because they got free seats from their company.

            If you seriously go to the amount of games the average bleacher creature goes to, sit in the legends, and dress formally you are an outlier.

            • JGS says:

              I have season tickets to section 205. There are plenty of apathetic fans there every time I go.

              • mbonzo says:

                Of course, I just think you’d be more likely to find an apathetic fan from the people who are given seats by their company.

            • Joe West's Music Career says:

              I work hard for my money, and often head to the game directly from work. I pay out of pocket for those seats, and I’m every bit the fan you are. Yes, the corporate tourists are irritating, but there are a lot more passionate fans down there than you realize.

              Even the ones hiding in the bar (VERY few people leave early. When the seats are empty on tv, the restaurant and bar just out of view is packed. Personally, I’d rather be outside, but the folk inside are often screaming at the tv’s)

              Besides, without the corporate excess, the Yankees would not enjoy the full degree of financial flexibility they do. We are spoiled by the Yankees ability to fully digest their igawa’s, burnett’s, Jeters fifth year’ses without breaking a sweat. Most teams would be dead in the water for a decade with half the unmoveable contracts we have. Instead of trading Cano away for flexibility, we can still add Lee.

              Like it or not, the advantage would be greatly diminished if it wasn’t also Wall Street’s team.

              • mbonzo says:

                I never meant to generalize like Greenberg did. I was referring to the people who get free tickets from businesses. I wish the tickets could be cheaper so more, uhhmmm “financially blessed fans” like yourself could afford regular legends seats.

                • bexarama says:

                  I never meant to generalize like Greenberg did

                  Except you really, really did.

                • Joe West's Music Career says:

                  There’s a lot less of this than you think. Believe it or not, a lot of businesses wont comp legends because of the price. There’s some, but there’s also a lot of obscenely rich fans. The behavior you’ve superimposed on them is rarely accurate. They’re are a lot of OBP-and-GDP-and-WAR-and-NPV-and-fuck-Kevin-youkilis conversations over scotch happening just out of view than you’d think.

                  I agree, I’d much prefer standing and cheering and not leavin seats fandom, but the reality doesnt feature as many comped, sore losers leaving in the 6th as you think.

                  They have corporate suites for that. Much further from the field, much better ROI. Legends is more for rich people who are yankee fans.

                  (to be clear, I go to several games a year in Legends, via stubhub, usually for well under face value. I don’t come anywhere near being able to afford season tix there. I’m “doing well”, not “filthy rich”, just to be clear. ;-))


          • bexarama says:

            You’re probably just there to talk about shopping or something anyway.

            /BRINGING IT BACK’d

  16. I am not the droids you're looking for says:

    Fuck this fuckin fuck.


  17. CP says:

    Thank you Chuck for pissing off Hal, making it even more likely that he’ll agree to a budget increase to sign for Cliff Lee.

  18. Wayne says:

    I was just looking at Foxsports and I clicked on a link about Greenberg’s comments that took me to this cite

    A lot of fans were posting negative comments on the cite about the Yankees & their fans, so I posted the following response, which I think my fellow Yankee fans will find amusing:

    Yea, you Rangers fans are ALL CLASS, right? That’s why you kept chanting “Yankees suck, Yankees suck” the first two games, because you’re all so full of class. Well, you’re two-thirds right, anyway. You’re full of something.

    If you’re going to chant stuff like that while people are watching the game on national TV with their children and grandchildren, you can’t talk about other people’s poor behavior. Do you think maybe, just maybe, the Rangers’ fans conduct the first two games incited some nitwits to behave badly in NYC? If you don’t think that, you’re delusional!

    Two wrongs don’t make a right, as they say. But the Rangers’ fans aren’t Vestal Virgins when it comes to inappropriate behavior. Clean up your own act and police your own fans before you belittle other people’s fans!

    By the way, now that SF has humiliated you guys in 5 games, how many World Series titles do you trail the Yankees by now? Let’s see, hmm . . .

    Oh, yea, by 27! (27 to zip, to be exact.)

    Well, you can always enjoy watching the Cowboys charge to another Super Bowl title this year, right?

  19. candyforstalin says:

    i just think the comments were too out of place not to have been premeditated.

  20. Dirty Pena says:

    This makes it all the more important that the Yankees sign Lee; it’ll humiliate this clown.

  21. Joe West's Music Career says:

    Speaking as insanely hard working corporate slime, who has had some success and has chosen to foolishly squander a good chunk of it treating friends and family to legends seats all year, I’d like to say that that is a very broad brush you are painting with, sir.

    I’m not just slime, I happen to be a knowledgeable, obsessively fanatical Yankee fan.

    The element you point to surely exists, there were nights in which I felt like I’d taken a wrong turn into a casting call for the O.C. I will say though, that I’ve met quite a few diehards down there. In particular, there are a number of very well informed, passionate, loyalist season-ticket holders, who’ve been following the team for 40+ years, and made some money along the way. They dont crank out the decibles like the rest ofthe stadium, being old, they tend to be the “attaboy!”-and-emphatic-clapping set, but they’re there, and religious about the team, and dont deserve to be thrown in the same bucket as the insufferable overprivaledged non-fans milling about.

    I, for one, did not stop screaming from the legends section all year, and was the last to give up on CC’s six inning CG. (at which, I told Nelson Cruz whilst he was on deck, that ESPN was reporting he’d just been traded to the pirates for McCutchen straight up.)

    So what if I’m stupid enough to spend unconscionable sums on Yankees Tickets? Someone has to chip in on Alex and AJ if we still want to be able to chase lee.

    • bexarama says:

      Haha, this post is awesome.

    • mbonzo says:

      I think by “corporate slime” Axisa was talking about the apathetic fans that are given free seats by their company, not the fans who actually dish out their hard earned money for those awesome seats.

    • candyforstalin says:

      the o.c. was a really good show.

    • FIPster Doofus says:

      “(at which, I told Nelson Cruz whilst he was on deck, that ESPN was reporting he’d just been traded to the pirates for McCutchen straight up.)”

      Awesome. Thanks for the laugh.

    • Speaking as insanely hard working corporate slime, who has had some success and has chosen to foolishly squander a good chunk of it treating friends and family to legends seats all year, I’d like to say that that is a very broad brush you are painting with, sir.

      I’m not just slime, I happen to be a knowledgeable, obsessively fanatical Yankee fan.

      [Homer, dressed as Krusty, and family walk into the restaurant]
      Luigi: Hey, Krusty! Hey, ooh, beautiful date-a tonight, huh? And such-a lovely children you have-a now.
      Bart: I’m more striking than lovely.
      Luigi: You come-a with me, come-a with Luigi! You don’t want to sit with the rest of these-a scum.
      [seated crowd murmurs upset disagreement at being called scum]
      Luigi: Please, I only-a consider you scum compared-a to Krusty.
      [seated crowd murmurs understanding acceptance at being called scum]
      Luigi: Yeah, you see how you scum.

    • Betty Lizard says:

      As an old person, I approve this message.

      As for Texas: meh. They’re just WATBs.

      As a Yankees fan, taunts and insults are as mother’s milk to me.

  22. brian g says:

    dallas sucks!…i know people say the “yankees suck” and i KNOW how ridiculous that sounds cuz they rule and they are the best but i’ve been to dallas and dallas really sucks. i have friends from san antonio and even houston and they all agree, dallas sucks.

    • Rob NY says:

      I live in Houston. That’s one of the awesome things about living here. Being a fan of the G-Men I can commiserate with the Texans fans and agree Dallas SUCKS.

      BTW, I’m an attorney and have sat in the legends seats more than once when I was home this season. Just because I was with people in suits doesn’t mean they didn’t come directly from a long day of work. I scream, I yell, and I heckle the crap out of whoever is at the plate or on the mound for the opposing team. I even keep score when I go to games.

      The class warfare stuff about who is and isn’t a True Yankee Fan (TM) based on seating is lame. If it’s cool to constantly bad-mouth the legends seats people can they in turn say that everyone else is a poor, loud-mouthed barbarian who won’t pay enough to support the team they claim to love so dearly? Seems pretty ridiculous right? Yeah.

  23. mbonzo says:

    Greenberg should be idolizing the Yankees’ model fan base instead of criticizing it, especially after their latest model led to bankruptcy.

  24. Lawyers love the Yankees too says:

    I scraped and scrounged to get crappy seats to games at the old stadium. Then I went to law school, worked hard, got a job and was thrilled as hell to find out my company gives us free tickets sometimes.
    Better seats than I could ever justify paying for.
    I can’t scream and get drunk because I have to be at work at 8 the next morning, but you better believe I’m a real fan. Slime, not so much.

  25. brian g says:

    uh oh…i am disqualified…i’ve definitely booed my favorite yankees, sorry. hahahahahaha.

    i think what everyone hates the most is empty ass seats all over the lower deck. this has put the idea out there that that’s what we yankee fans are all about…”apathetic”. “don’t even care to go”…those empty seats are pretty ugly,…and it’s bullshit. that’s why i am proposing a city ordinance to open the doors in the third inning for FREE to everyone!…fill every empty seat in the house!….with anyone and everyone!…LET US IN!

    i’m running and you can vote for me.

    i’m in san francisco and it’s crazy here right now…two hours now of just crowd noise and horns honking and sirens!…..does this happen in new york the nights the yankees win a world series? i’ve never gotten to experience it there.

    • Kit says:

      i’m in san francisco and it’s crazy here right now…two hours now of just crowd noise and horns honking and sirens!…..does this happen in new york the nights the yankees win a world series? i’ve never gotten to experience it there.

      Yes. I wasn’t here last year because of school but my mother made it a point to tell me she couldn’t sleep because of how loud the celebrations were, but I remember all the noise from the 90′s dynasty even as a kid.

    • Mike HC says:

      Not in my experience living in the city last year. Not to agree with that owner in any way, ha, but much of Manhattan was completely apathetic to the Yanks being and winning the WS. A tourist could have easily visited NYC and not have known anything special was going on. I think there is just so much happening in Manhattan that any one thing is not going to be able to completely take over everything. Actually, the announcement of Obama winning the election and the Giants winning the Superbowl were far more of a city wide celebration than the Yanks winning the WS from my experience.

      • CBean says:

        I’m not entirely certain which part of Manhattan you were in, but I work near where the parade goes by and we had to make special provisions for all of us to get to work early because by 9, none of us could get in because the streets were so insane. And everyone I know who works in Manhattan, even those who weren’t anywhere near the parade, was talking about the game, or sneaking off work to go to the parade, or was a bitter Mets fan.

        • Mike HC says:

          Not the parade. I was talking about when they actually won and were playing WS games.

          Agreed that the parade completely took over the city. There is no doubt about that.

          • CBean says:

            Again, that was not my experience. I watched a lot of weekday games in a bar in what I would consider a fairly business-y area, and it’d be me and a bunch of other people, who’d obviously rushed out of work, living and dying by each pitch. And when we won there was a lot of hugging of random strangers.

  26. brian g says:

    hey you, lawyers love!…..

    i’ve gotten some sweet corporate seats before and there is nothing like sitting that close!…incredible!

  27. candyforstalin says:

    class warfare is fun.

  28. China Joe says:

    I remember this great story from a documentary on Billy Martin. He had just been hired to coach the Texas Rangers and his wife went to cash one of his paychecks at a bank down in Texas. When the bank employee saw “Texas Rangers” on the check, he asked Billy Martin’s wife if her husband worked in law enforcement. She told the guy that her husband worked for the major league baseball team, and then she realized the guy had no idea what she was talking about. He didn’t even know the Texas Rangers existed.

    Love that story. They’re a joke franchise, and if the Cowboys were 6-1 instead of 1-6 nobody would have paid attention this fall.

  29. Stevis says:

    Well, Well its the Chuck The Schmuck Show!!
    The only time this jerk opens his mouth is th change feet…

  30. This reminds me of two years ago when Brewers owner Mark Attanasio tried to get some PR points and make his team more relevant by taking shots at the Yankees in regards to the CC bidding.

    Which reminds me, has anyone heard from Mark Attanasio or the Brewers in the past two years? I haven’t. Are they still alive?

  31. Steve says:

    Just wait till he comes to NY to see Lee pitch next year. The Yankee fans will show him violent. As a season ticket holder in the 400 level I can’t afford anything else. He has a point about the fans down close. No reason to be treated like you are flying in first class at a ball game. I hate the moat and wish it would go away.

  32. Tim says:

    Long Horns…FAIL


    by the way the Rangers and Astros have a combined 1 world series win for Texas….

  33. Mike P says:

    Reminds me of the late 1970s, when the Dodgers came to NY to play in the World Series. Davey Lopes and Bill Russell complained that the Yankees fans were yelling nasty things at them. “Those Yankees fans are very mean to us, boo hoo!”

    yes, I know the fans in Texas are just the model of decorum. They didn’t yell “Yankees suck” or anything negative on national TV during the playoffs, did they?

    What a loser.

  34. Wil Nieves #1 Fan says:

    Nice goin’, Greenberg. You ruined everything! Dick.

  35. GermanYankee says:

    Greenberg’s such a dick. What an embarrassment. Well, it will be nice when Cliff Lee will no hit the Rangers in pinstripes next year. Eat that, Dickberg.

    btw: who lost the World Series XD

  36. Mike HC says:

    Comments like these are really just laughable. It just goes to show the Yankee centric universe that we live in. The Rangers are in the WS playing the Giants, and we are still hearing from Lee’s wife and the owner about the Yankees and their fans. Move on. Stop thinking about us. Maybe that is why you got beat in 5 games in the WS. You can bet that if the Yanks won the ALCS, you would not have even heard another word about the Rangers, because we would have already forgotten about them. I know ratings suck when the Yanks are not playing, but that does not mean you should shit talk them just to get attention and pats on the back from a radio show audience.

  37. China Joe says:

    He might consider spending some of his time thinking about the Angels. I know that won’t generate headlines like the Yankee remarks, but Anaheim is his team’s competition in 2011, once they get healthy again. He only has to worry about the Yankees’ apathetically violent fans 3-6 times next year.

  38. the other Steve S. says:

    “I have spoken directly to Hal Steinbrenner and Randy Levine to apologize for my intemperate comments.”

    Insult the fans. Apologize to the owner. FAIL!

  39. Chris says:

    Everything is bigger in Texas…even the A-Holes

  40. Jerome S says:

    I think good old Chuck has created a new meme for us here, can we officiate that?

  41. I still think Greenberg thought that “apathetic” was just the word “pathetic” with a stronger negative connotation…. like “Uberpathetic”. That makes a lot more sense than him trying to say the Yankee fans don’t care.

    Also, the comments really didn’t bother me. It’s the fact that he’s an owner now and should know better. It’s a classic case of a person who isn’t used to being in the spotlight suddenly vaulting into a position where people will make a big deal out of your comments.

    And you know what? I’m sure a lot of Legends seats fans are apathetic. And it is embarrassing when there are empty seats behind home plate during big games or playoff games. But for every apathetic suit there are a hundred rabid fans who live and die with every pitch, and write 1000 word blog posts about it without caring if anyone reads it or not. Greenberg has to be above judging millions of fans like that, especially since he’s an owner now.

    • “It’s a classic case of a person who isn’t used to being in the spotlight suddenly vaulting into a position where people will make a big deal out of your comments. “

      I had the same reaction, with a slightly different twist – I think it’s also a case of a guy not knowing how to ‘act like he’s been there before,’ because, well, he’s never been there before. The Yanks have had a lot of playoff series in recent years with nary a peep from opposing front offices, or even fans really (other than the usual bitching/moaning that happens anywhere), about Yankee Stadium and the crowds there. I was at every single playoff game in ’09 and had a good time with the Twins, Angels and Phils fans there. I think those fans, and those organizations, know how to handle the post-season and get what comes along with playing in the postseason. Chuck Greenberg and the Texas Rangers, as an organization? Maybe not. Whatever, hopefully it was a learning experience and he can keep things in perspective, and keep his comments more professional, next time around.

    • I still think Greenberg thought that “apathetic” was just the word “pathetic” with a stronger negative connotation…. like “Uberpathetic”.

      We’re INfamous.


    • CBean says:

      I still think Greenberg thought that “apathetic” was just the word “pathetic” with a stronger negative connotation…. like “Uberpathetic”.

      This was my thought exactly. I was all, I don’t think that words means what he thinks it means. Because you can accuse Yankees fans of a lot of things, not caring is not one of them.

  42. Ron says:

    “Maybe the corporate slime that inhabits the lower rungs of the New Stadium doesn’t care about this team, but we certainly do.”

    I was born and raised in the Bronx in a 5 story walk up tenement. I played stickball at the intersection of Bryant Ave. and a massive construction site that would become known as the Cross Bronx Expressway. As a kid in the 1960′s, I knew everyway imaginable to get into the Stadium paying little or nothing for a ticket and visited ny personal place of worship every season as often as I could.

    My career caused me to move out of NY years ago, but fortunately I often travel to the city and catch a game whenever I am in town. Otherwise, I record every Yankee game on satellite and make a run through sites like yours everyday.

    Fortunately, my circumstances have changed and when I visit The Stadium, I can now afford to indulge in StubHub tickets in the lower rungs that you so eloquently describe. Personally, I do not like the way they designed the “New Stadium” and dislike the moat seperation and the sometime emptiness of that section, but I love the proximity to the field and the service provided by the hardworking Yankees employees. But mostly, I love the NY Yankees and I root for them passionately whether sitting on my living room couch or in padded seats alongside other “corporate slime” in the “lower rungs” of The Stadium!

    Generalizations and sterotyping are disappointing whether coming from transparent Rangers owners or fellow Yankees fans!

  43. Jonathan says:

    It drives me insane when people who don’t know wtf they’re talking about comment on how fan bases react and cheer. It’s easy to claim you have great fans during the playoffs where you’ve gotten the farthest in the entire history of your franchise. But I’ve been in that ballpark during some lean years and there aren’t any fans. A lot of those people at the ballpark during the playoffs were just bandwagon fans. Hopefully we get Cliff Lee and the Angels and or A’s turn it around and we can see how great the fans are in september of a .520 season.

    Don’t mistake apathetic for the sense of we’ve already been here 40 times and we don’t have to scream like drunken HS kids whenever the scoreboard tells us to because this is the farthest we’ve ever made it. We’ll cheer the important parts of the game and be there in the rain during a shitty season, not just the playoffs.

  44. Oh my Mo, everyone needs to grow up and get over all this whining about ‘oh you called me an apathetic rich person’ or ‘you called me an obnoxious poor person.’

    People who sit in the Legends Suites and other similar, uber-expensive seating areas: You suck. You don’t actually sit in your seats during the games, which is embarrassing and looks awful on television and to the rest of the country. Many of you sitting down there don’t really care much about the game or the team. You are, in large part, corporate scum. Doesn’t make you bad people – many, if not most of us here, are corporate scum – but get the fuck over it.

    People who sit in the upper-deck or bleachers: You suck. A lot of you are fucking obnoxious and do stupid things while rooting for the team.

    People who sit in the second-level… Eh, I’ve only sat there once and you seem ok. But you still suck.

    And fans in other stadiums: You suck, too, in your own ways.

    Oh and Chuck Greenberg, you’re not getting away without getting a taste. You really suck. Your organization was in the World Series, at least in part (and probably in large part) because MLB authorized your organization, prior to the sale, to add a large chunk of payroll. You, as does all of MLB, benefit from the popularity and wealth of the Yankees. The same people you insult are lining your already well-lined pockets with even more money. So go fuck yourself, too.

  45. Marion Cobretti says:

    I worked at the same law firm as Greenburgh up until a few years ago (Pepper Hamilton). For a guy who’s as successful as he is , he runs his mouth frequently without consideration which is usually the sign of a bad lawyer. His praise of the Texas fans is pretty funny considering he’s been in Pittsburgh for years and is one of the most well known and devoted pittsburgh sports fans. He was instrumental in most of their stadium deals and played a large role in keeping the Penguins in town. How quickly he bleeds Rangers red. When the Yankees sign Lee I’m going to send him an email rubbing it in.

  46. Guest says:

    Response to Greenberg:

    Cl-i-i-ff Lee-ee Clap Clap ClapClapClap.


  47. JerseyDutch says:

    No matter how you try to rationalize it, the “corporate slime” comment makes an otherwise excellent article collapse into one giant singularity of irony.

  48. John C says:

    As a Yankee fan, I am not bothered in the least about the comments made by Greenberg. Just consider the source–as part owner of a team that prominently features two treasonous war criminals as its biggest fans, I could care less what he says. Too, Greenberg is simply another well connected twit who lied and schemed his way into owning an MLB franchise. Peruse the details of the Rangers’ bankruptcy proceedings on If, after reading the details, you don’t feel the need to run to the nearest toilet to wretch, you have a stronger stomach than I do.

  49. Dave M says:

    I don’t totally disagree with him. I’ve been a Yankee fan all my life. I can’t tell you how many games I’ve gone to where the drunks sitting behind me don’t even know who most of the players are. I’d say that makes them disinterested. Then when the curse and act like jerks in front of my kids to the point where one of their wives had to keep reminding them that there are kids present, including their own, that would make them obnoxious. I’ve been lucky enough not to see any violence at the game. So I guess that’s good. I did make it to one game this year. I’d have to say that the high cost of tickets has kept most of these types of people out. I guess that’s one good thing. I guess I’ll just continue to enjoy the game on TV.

  50. great piece river ave blues. Mike Axisa got a shout out in this piece

  51. pete says:

    To Chuck: your fans wave towels. nuff said.

    To Mike: when you’re as obsessed and knowledgeable as you (and many people on this site) are, ignorance or apathy seems to flow freely from all sections of the stadium, and the flow of ignorance and apathy from the section of fans who payed over a grand for their seats is, I’m sure, more maddening than that coming from the cheap seats due to the fact that these people paid as much as they did for their seats, so I understand your ire towards them.

    That being said, I’d like to make a couple of points to that regard. For one thing, I think it’s inaccurate to describe them as more ignorant (I know you didn’t, but it could have been implied) – I think ignorance is prevalent among all sports fans because very few people turn to sports as an outlet for obsessive learning – I think that for most it is an outlet of irrationality and unmitigated passion; a break from “real life”, if you will. Baseball ignorance does not discriminate based on income or seat price, or even intelligence. And as for the apathy, I can understand why it may seem like the lower level fans don’t care as much, but I don’t think that’s a fair assessment. I think the people in the expensive seats are just typically less vociferous. I’ve been to a number of baseball games (and played in plenty back in high-school), I’m as obsessed with the yankees and the sport in general as anyone, and I have never, ever, yelled at a baseball game (or pretty much ever in my life). I saw the game against the white sox a couple years ago where the yanks hit 8 home runs and the crowd was going nuts, and I was just standing there grinning and clapping, and I don’t think that makes me apathetic or any less of a fan.

    Secondly, as somebody who cares about winning above all, any person who spends any money on the Yankees is fine by me.

  52. Uke says:

    I loved how people are telling their entire life story as a way of defending their image to people who will probably never see them again, I grew up poor blah blah blah, I made something of myself blah blah blah, now I sit in the legends and don’t cheer because I have work in the morning blah blah blah, hey, guess what, NOBODY GIVES A SHIT.

  53. Yanko says:

    Molina banging his chest, Ron Washington pumping fists, the antlers, the claw… I have never seen a team of professional athletes act so amateur.
    I’ve lived in Midwest, now in Denver and the Yankee hate is a National thing. People without the basic baseball knowledge love to bash the Yankees. Most of you live in NY and may never witness the pure hatred towards Yankees fans. I organized a meetup for Yankee fans in Colorado, we got together for game 2 at a sports bar. All patrons turned into Texas fans as soon as the pinstriped jerseys walked in. Yankees suck, Go Texas and so forth…
    This is ignorance in its best. For Greenburg to get on a baseball level with a drunken girl at a local dive is despicable. Yankee hatred is just so evident across the country.
    “Yankees buy everyone” seems to be the consensus anywhere you go, but don’t get into revenue sharing and the fact that GS turned this team around and earned every win and every free agent. It’s sickening when ignorance is so obvious. I hope Randy and Hal let it rip and told Chuck what they thought. Cliff Lee not giving the claw was awesome, respect! Did anyone catch Hamilton clamoring over the ALCS win right after they lost the WS? Yankee would never bring that up in the post WS loss interview.
    So, amateurs do and say amateure things. Hamilton = Greenburg

  54. dan genovese says:

    the rangers had nothing .their world series was beating us. he can watch lee pitch at the stadium neat year.

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