For the AL runners-up, $110,302.97 each


Long after the playoffs are over, Major League Baseball totals up the gate receipt from the various postseason games — the first three LDS games of each series and the first four LCS and World Series games from each series — and distributes them to the victors. Each playoff team gets a share based upon how far they made it and the four second-place non-Wild Card teams share in the action as well. (I’m sure that’s a bittersweet reward for the Padres.)

Today, MLB announced the totals. While the Giants get a playoff pool of over $19 million and the Rangers took home $13 million, the Yanks’ players had to split $6.588 million amongst the club. Ultimately, the Yanks awarded 43 full shares of $110,302.97 each, 15.75 partial shares and one cash award. While that’s a far cry from the $365,000 World Series share the players enjoyed in 2009, that 100 grand isn’t a bad reward for losing the ALCS.

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  1. In before “I hope [insert player] gives his back”

  2. Enough money for Girardi to pay off his daughter’s braces!

  3. T-Dubs says:

    That’s a sweet deal for Nunez, who was on the roster for like 3 days and never played an inning.

  4. Cecala says:

    If only it was given to the fans, we could buy all the Richard Simmons DVDs.

  5. RalphieD says:

    that must be really awesome for guys making the minimum or close to it..its hard to imagine just how much money even guys like pena and cervelli make

    • Guys making league minimum are still raking in $400,000 a year. That puts them in the upper echelons of wage earners in America.

      • Jonathan says:

        not to mention all the per diem they get. they get a ton of spending cash and probably don’t have to pay for clothes or food most places. Plus endorsements. Those guys are sitting pretty.

        • Please tell me what endorsement deals Cervelli get so I know which products to boycott

          • Sean C says:

            My friend’s older brother looks EXACTLY like Cervelli, and has a commercial for his window tinting business that broadcasts on our local tv stations (in central Illinois). SO, along these lines, I pretend Frankie endorses a small window tinting business whenever I see the commercial spots. Not that you would care, you east coast biased elitist!!!! (totally joking, btw).

          • JerseyDutch says:

            I can see Franco endorsing a line of reasonably priced wines.

  6. pat says:

    How much of this is Jeter personally responsible for? At least 110k I’d say.

  7. theyankeewarrior says:

    I’d like to know how much money Derek Jeter has banked in his career on these playoff shares. He’s 1 of 25 guys who, in every year of his career, (besides 2008) have been to the playoffs. I’ll bet he has made more in playoff shares than most professional baseball players make in their entire careers, total. And it’s mostly because he was drafted by the Yankees and not the rest of the 1992 top 10.

    But the Yankees are being greedy.

  8. Jerome S says:

    Still more than I make in a year.

  9. Chris says:

    $110,302.97? What, the extra 3 cents to make it an even $110,303 would have broken the bank?

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