Mo seeking two years, $18M per


Via MLBTR, Mariano Rivera is seeking a two-year contract that will pay him $18M a season. The Yankees, understandably, want to limit the soon-to-be 41-year-old’s contract to just one season. Mo earned $15M in each of the last three seasons and is already the highest paid closer in the game. An $18M annual payout would make him the fifth highest paid pitcher in baseball, starter or reliever. I love you Mo, but 2/36 is pretty insane.

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  1. Total Dominication says:

    2 years 30 is the absolute highest.

  2. Bulldozer says:

    I am a little shocked that $18M would be the 5th highest paid pitcher. I thought 5th would be higher.

    • Jonathan says:

      CC, Doc, Zambrano, Johan off the top of my head. But i think Zito makes $18 MM too so i dunno if they’d technically be tied for 5th or what. it depends on if you’re using average annual value or not. I think Lackey got his contract front loaded so I want to say he made $19MM or a little less last year. And of course Cliff Lee will top $18 this year.

  3. mbonzo says:

    I’m sure they’re just starting high so they can end up with a decent contract. If Rivera wants 2 years, give him 2 years. Besides the aches every now-and-then he’s showing no real signs of aging. He’s still the best closer in baseball and should be paid as so, assuming the years are limited to 2.

  4. bob says:

    lets just trade joba hughes montero and manban for josh hamilton and neftali feliz

  5. Bulldozer says:

    The should offer Mo and Jeter arb. If they decline, wait until mid-January to negotiate. See what they are targeting then.

  6. KofH says:

    2/36? Who does he think he is, Derek Jeter??

    • Al says:

      Mariano Rivera is not only harder to replace than Derek Jeter but you can also argue that his legacy is greater. In my opinion he is the greatest Yankee star player since Mickey Mantle, in addition to being the greatest pitcher in Yankees history. Don’t disrespect Mariano just because Jeter is an everyday player with national appeal and endorsements. Replacing Mariano Rivera is damn near impossible, and I can easily foresee this team going through something like 10 different closers in 8 years.

      • bexarama says:

        Replacing Mariano Rivera is damn near impossible, and I can easily foresee this team going through something like 10 different closers in 8 years.

        Mariano Rivera is my second favorite Yankee (and is very close to being first) and probably the one I love watching the most. He’s amazing. I’m so spoiled that I’ve gotten to watch him. It’s really going to hurt when he’s gone. Etc. That said, Mo’s position is one of the easiest to find a replacement for.

        • Bulldozer says:

          Thank you.

        • Absolutely, finding a great SS is harder than finding a great Closer/Relief Pitcher.

        • Rob NY says:

          Closers may be the most overrated baseball players on the face of the planet.

        • Al says:

          Easiest to find a replacement for? Anyone can replace greatness with adequacy. How many closers out there not only dominated like Mo has in the regular season but also put up some ridiculous playoff numbers? The guy is going to be very hard to replace. Check back with me when Joba is blowing games with a 4.50 ERA as out closer in 2013.

          • bexarama says:

            When Mo couldn’t pitch for a week or so in May, Joba took all his save opportunities and did them with little fanfare. (I hope Joba’s future isn’t closing for the Yankees, but that’s irrelevant for this conversation.)

            You’re not going to get anyone doing what Mo did in the postseason. It’s pointless to even try. But Mo’s value isn’t in what he does in any one year, it’s that he’s a top closer almost every year for about fifteen years straight, plus what he does in the postseason. Thing is, the difference between top closers and the worst closers in any one year isn’t usually that great, unless you get some sort of freak outlier like Brad Lidge in 2009.

          • king of fruitless hypotheticals says:

            some of my greatest memories are Mo’s blown games. he’s my favorite Yankee…i can’t comment on him being cuter than AP or not, but 2/36 is as hypothetical as Jeter’s being more comfortable with a figure around 160. i’m baffled by your comments.

        • ZZ says:

          I think of the Core 4, Mariano will be the most difficult to replace.

          • Bulldozer says:

            Difficult to replace based on what criteria. I know this, if I had a choice between drafting a Hall of fame SS and Hall of fame Closer, I wouldn’t break a sweat.

            • ZZ says:

              The Yankees can compensate in other areas for taking a step down at SS. They can improve in other ways and not miss a beat.

              I don’t think the Yankees will ever come close to replacing what Mariano provides them. I think they are going to shuffle through relievers here and there, but will never effectively replace Mariano’s ability, consistency, performance in the postseason, or his multi inning reliability.

              • Bulldozer says:

                You said a couple things. The Yanks may never be able to replace Mo’s ability, consistency, etc…, but so what. Mo’s value was never as high as Jeter’s anyway. If you would choose a Mo over a Jeter in an MLB draft when they were young, I would love to be a rival GM.

                • ZZ says:

                  It is not a choice between Mo and Jeter. That shouldn’t even factor into the discussion.

                  It is about their replacements and the impact they have on the team.

                  Of Jeter, Andy, Posada, and Mariano I believe the team will be hurt most the day Mariano retires. I think he will be the most difficult to replace for a team standpoint, and his departure will have a larger impact on the team than anyone else.

                  • Bulldozer says:

                    Let me ask you flatly. Would you prefer to have Jeter for his career or Mo for his career?

                    • rafael says:

                      As yankee fans we don’t have to choose. We received the best out of both of these LEGENDARY players. How do you compare the greatest closer in baseball history to the face of the Yankees and baseball? Derek Jeter is the Yankees golden boy and Mo is the Yankees golden arm. Pay both men what they want, they have earned it. The Yankees make more than enough money.

                    • Donny says:

                      Jeter in a Mount Everest landslide.

              • dalelama says:

                Just in my lifetime (53 years) the Yankees have had a reliever who was nearly as good as Mo albeit for a shorter time span, Goose Gossage. However during that time we have had only one great shortstop, Derek Jeter. Don’t get me wrong I love them both, and both will be overpaid, but having a great shortstop each year is much harder than having a great reliever each year. Yankee history is littered with great relievers, Joe Paige, Sparky Lyle, and John Wetteland but there has only been one shortstop that has produced the season numbers that Jeter has.

      • mbonzo says:

        And who exactly would you replace Jeter with in 2011? Tejada? Punto? Uribe? The shortstop market is awful this year. Meanwhile the closer market is full of guys like Fuentes, Soriano, Wood, Qualls, Gregg, Francisco. Mo is much easier to replace than Jeter right now.

        As far as legacy goes, Jeter is an everyday player, its much different than a reliever. Mo is the best at what he does but his talent is overshadowed by Jeter being one of the best every game the Yankees play.

        • Bulldozer says:

          Exactly. Jeter is going to retire as one of game’s greats. Mo “only” as the greatest closer.

        • vinny-b says:

          Rivera is overshadowed by no one. He is the greatest Yankee of this era.

          end of story.

          • Bulldozer says:

            Yeah, gonna have to say that despite what you think, Jeter has been and will be more valuable than Mo. End of story. That’s like based on factual information.

            • Al says:

              None of this is based on any actual facts. All are opinions and opinions differ. If you people think closer is the easiest position to replace and is overrated, tell that to the Phillies in 2009 when Lidge was blowing big games, tell that to the Red Sox in 2009 when Papelbon was serving up dents in the green monster as they were on there way to getting swept. Rivera is taken for granted by a lot of people. Sure we all think of 2001 in game 7 when he blew the series with a bloop single, but wasn’t Jeter and the rest of the offense just as accountable for hardly scoring any runs off of the Diambonbacks pitchers?

              • Bulldozer says:

                But your facts, which are based on 3-4 observances, are better than fWAR and what other advanced metrics will tell us?

                • Al says:

                  Did I claim to use any facts? No. Like I said IN THE VERY BEGINNING, this is my opinion. Of course fWAR and other advanced statistics are going to be in favor of a guy that plays 162 games a year as opposed to 50-60. Comparing pitchers to hitters in terms of value is a pretty ridiculous argument in itself. But when we are talking actual greatness, that is all a matter of opinion. And in mine, Mariano is the greatest. You might think Jeter. You are entitled to that. But no one should be devaluing what Mariano Rivera has done for this franchise.

                  • Esteban says:

                    The greatest what? Greatest in terms of value? For their position? In the playoffs or regular season?
                    I think it’s pretty tough to make an argument using evidence that the Rivera has been more valuable to the Yankees than Derek Jeter has. Anyway this is relatively pointless and impossible to win argument because we can’t test the the counter factuals.

                  • Bulldozer says:

                    No worries. You stated greatness as if it were fact when it was just your opinion. Just a misunderstanding.

              • Esteban says:

                Mo’s value in the postseason means nothing if Jeter’s superior value in the regular doesn’t help the Yankees make the playoffs.

              • hogsmog says:

                “Sure we all think of 2001 in game 7 when he blew the series with a bloop single, but wasn’t Jeter and the rest of the offense just as accountable for hardly scoring any runs off of the Diambonbacks pitchers?”

                And you think of Mo saving games when we’re up one run, but isn’t the defense, starting pitcher, and offense just as accountable for getting him into those save situations? You can’t play this both ways. Mo is a great closer, but in any given game, the ninth is rarely the highest leverage pitching inning.

              • Kiersten says:

                “tell that to the National League Champion Phillies in 2009 when Lidge was blowing big games”

                Those games he was blowing couldn’t have been too important.

        • Al says:

          How is the 2010 Jeter so much harder to replace than the 2010 Mariano? The guy hit .270 and had limited range at SS. Sure you can bring up intangibles and leadership in the clubhouse and such, but there are 8 other guys in that lineup to pick Jeter up when he’s grounding into inning ending double plays because Gardner is too much of a punk to steal a bag early in the count. Mariano has no one to pick him up in the bottom of the 9th when the game is on the line. It all rests on his shoulders to make quality pitches and close that game out. Occasionally defense will pick him up, but 9 times out of 10 hitters get broken bat crap contact that leads to easy outs anyway.

          Don’t get me wrong. I love Jeter. This is not an attack on Jeter as much as it is a tribute to the often overshadowed greatness of Mariano Rivera.

          • bexarama says:

            Mariano has no one to pick him up in the bottom of the 9th when the game is on the line. It all rests on his shoulders to make quality pitches and close that game out.

            Yeah, but Mariano’s teammates have given him the opportunity to close that game out. Again, unless there’s someone who’s like a Brad Lidge in 2009, an average closer isn’t much worse at closing games out than Mariano.

            And Derek Jeter, even just hitting .270 with poor defense, was STILL one of the best shortstops in baseball. Shortstops suck.

      • vinny-b says:

        yup. To me, Rivera is MR. Yankee.

        Jeter? not so much.

        • Esteban says:

          Forget about just Mr. Yankees, Derek Jeter has pretty much been Mr. Baseball for about 15 years now. He is the most visible player in baseball, by far.

          • dalelama says:

            Visibility is heavily dependent on the market in which one hangs and the quality of the chicks one bangs. I think Albert Puljos’s visibility would be higher than Jeter’s if he played in NYC and possessed Jeter’s track record with the ladies.

  7. JeffG says:

    I feel a little baffled right now.

  8. OK, who the hell is going to close for us next year?

    Then again, who else will pay Mo anywhere near $15 mil, much less $18 mil?

    Hmmmm…I suspect this will get settled somehow.

    • Bulldozer says:

      Same deal with Jeter. You trade or sign someone. At least Soriano and Downs could close. SS is pretty bare this offseason.

    • JGS says:

      Someone else might pay Mo 1/15. He won’t find a second year though.

      • Bulldozer says:

        I think White Sox, maybe Tigers would think about it. I can’t think of anyone else. So offer arb and get two picks.

        • Jonathan says:

          you think the Tigers would add Mo after paying Valverde and Benoit what they’re paying them? They have Miggy/Max/Verlander and MAYBE Jackson if you think that K rate and BABIP can stay the same without any power and little discipline. $15 MM would be better spent on Dunn or Vmart or both. And even if they get both of those guys they still suck at 3B/SS/2B/LF/RF and their 3-5 SP. No reason to spend that kind of money on bullpen pieces when you don’t have the players to have the lead often enough in the 9th to make a difference.

  9. ultimate913 says:

    The vets are getting ridiculous now.

    • YankFanDave says:

      100% agree.

      Up until now Jeter and Mo have been total class acts but greed and an inflated sense of worth, is the antithesis of class. Particularly true when you & your family & your families families are set for the next century.

      I understand negotiations but damn fellas, show of that well-earned class-act behavior!

  10. BenkdYank says:

    18 per year? are they out of their minds.
    thats like 225k per inning ?(assuming he pitches 80 innings playoffs included)

    • Raphy says:

      Even more astonishing would be his hourly rate.
      How long does he actually work per year?
      Is 18 hrs. reasonable?
      $1 mil per hour isn’t bad.

  11. The Yankees believe they have the curious case of Benjamin Button.

  12. Jobu says:

    I just wish I was in a position to ask my boss for a raise knowing that my worst case scenario was probably $20M over 2 years.

  13. Ed says:

    As we saw 3 years ago, Mo and his agent know what they’re doing. Mo held out for a while last time asking for more years and ended up getting the Yankees to raise the annual salary instead. After he signed his $45/3 deal, word came out that he would’ve been happy with only 2 years and less per.

    Players know that the Yankees aren’t going to open with their strongest bid, so it’s worth playing a little hardball to see what you can get. Yet for some reason fans seem to hold it against players when they don’t jump on the first bid.

  14. KDB says:

    Offer him arbitration. If he declines, offer Soriano $15 for three years. Pick up two draft picks. This maybe Mo covering Jeter’s back. These two fine ballplayers have the right to try and get what they can, on the other hand, the Yankees have the right, and at some point, the responsibility to say goodbye…

  15. vinny-b says:

    pay Rivera the money. And let Jeter walk.

    • Bulldozer says:

      Makes no sense. Should be the opposite. Jeter>Rivera, at least in 2011.

      • vinny-b says:

        no. It makes perfect sense. Rivera to date, has no peers.

        In contrast, Jeter is declining. Faux gold glove, not withstanding. His diminished offensive production, nor his limited range, are needed any longer.

        • bexarama says:

          His diminished offensive production, nor his limited range, are needed any longer.

          have fun replacing him

        • Bulldozer says:

          I think what you mean to say is “Mo has no peers as a closer.” As a closer you could be the best and still be much less valuable than an abover average SS. This is especially true when you look at replacements.

        • JGS says:

          The best realistically available closers are 95% of Mo.

          The best realistically available shortstops are far less than 95% of Jeter, defense and all.

    • bexarama says:

      You want to pay a reliever – yeah, the greatest reliever of all time, but one who doesn’t even pitch 80 innings a year – almost $20M and then let a guy who’s still a darn good shortstop, even in the worst year BY FAR of his career, go? Makes no sense.

    • Mike HC says:

      I don’t know why this off season has turned into a Jeter or Mo debate here all the time. The Yanks clearly have enough money to sign both of them. Both the player and the team will be loaded when it is all said and done and the fans will be able to watch both of these legends for at least another year.

      Now, having said that, I would rather take Jeter, ha.

    • ramez hanna says:

      no .the yankees can play hard ball with both players,cashman responsibility to get the best short stop and the best closer with the least money so he can sign other quality player in the market.both players wont find any deals close to what they are asking in the open market ,beside we all assume that they wont spend any time on the DL.both deals should get the team some precautions if the players spend time on the dl

    • KDB says:

      I would agree to that, except that Mo is frail (in a baseball sense)
      I can just imagine paying him $18M per, and having him go on 60 day DL because he pitched in a big game with a sore side. He was out several weeks with at first, a sore left, and then again later in the season, a right side. He always says he could throw if needed,
      but the Yankees have seen fit to (rightly) baby him along. He always starts off pre season slow, as it takes him longer to get
      warmed up enough just to pitch. I hate to say it, but if this is the way they want to do business, goodbye to both of them.

      • bigjuan says:

        Did you type this with just one hand? Eyes closed? Like I honestly don’t understand how people type things that look like this.

      • Jonathan says:

        dumbest fucking comment EVER. just like i believe you should have to pass a common sense and IQ test to procreate, I think to be able to unlock the comments on this site you should have to pass a Yankee/baseball test. Can we get a petition going?

    • ZZ says:

      If it was an either/or I would absolutely do that. Especially considering the number of years Derek wants.

      It is not an either/or though.

  16. ND Mike says:

    I don’t see what everyone is balking at. A) He’s the best there is or will ever be. B) Who’s available on the market that you want to give the ball to in the 9th inning for a four out save in October? Papelbon? Putz? Wagner? C) where else are you going to spend your reliever dollars? Scott Downs? D) It’s not your money, who cares what the number is.

    That being said, that’s a big number. I’d rather see something in the $16-17 per, maybe with some easy to accomplish performance bonuses ($1mil for 40 saves, etc). I really don’t understand why there aren’t more contract’s like that, but I’m not a GM-I just play one on the internet.

    • Reggie C. says:

      I’d prefer to keep Mo on a year-to-year basis at this point. The man is old. The gifts bestowed Mo will decay eventually and at 40 years of age that day could happen tomorrow.

      Nonetheless, I am loathed to pay draft pick compensation to the Jays for Downs or to the Rays for Soriano. I think we’re both on the same page.

    • Bulldozer says:

      I don’t think you can have performance based contract. It’s against the CBA. You can only have milestone (AB’s, games, games finished) bonuses.

    • KDB says:

      I think that kind of contract wouldn’t pass the Player’s Association. Collective bargaining.

      • ND Mike says:

        Unions, agents and owners are odd people. Why can’t athlete’s get paid like the rest of us? Most of us don’t have guarenteed jobs and only get bonuses/raises when we get paid. I know its a pipe dream but I wish pro sports was structured more like the rest of us.

  17. AJ says:

    Wow a reliever making $18 million a year. Even if he is “in Mo we trust”, that would be just taking advantage.

  18. AJ says:

    I don’t get the year-by-year concerns. Yes, he’s 41. Yes his IP are declining. But he threw up at 1.80 ERA and 0.83 WHIP with limited injuries this year. I think the Yanks should be comfortable with a two year deal, easily. Just not at 18M per.

    • bexarama says:

      All of this. Two years for Mo is not a problem for me. $18M per year is just a lot.

      • ND Mike says:

        The other thing to consider is that if the Yanks don’t pay him what he’s worth and he walks, you don’t think Boston would pay that much weaken the Yanks and add to their bullpen? I think they might.

        • Bulldozer says:

          You mean Theo? They won’t overpay a reliever unless he is under control like Paps this year. Heck they don’t even want Paps now. They want the picks Paps will get them in 2012.

  19. Sean C says:

    I love Mo, but no. 2/36 is an insane amount of money for someone who’ll pitch ~80 innings a season, let alone a 40 year old. Deity references and body of work aside, Mo is going to break down one of these days. I love Mo as much as/more than anyone for what he’s done for the Yankees and baseball, but no.

  20. Hughesus Christo says:

    That’s a Jeterian proposal.

  21. OMG Bagels! says:

    I gotta say I would sell my grandmother to keep Mo even knowing he’s in decline and the payday he’s asking for is ridic. Maybe I just like rocking out to Enter Sandman at the Stadium. But Jeter I’m not feeling the love as I once did.

    • king of fruitless hypotheticals says:

      I love your grandmother almost as much as you do. She’s not worth $18MM. Good news is neither is Mo.

  22. OMG Bagels! says:

    And Andy says to his wife, “Hmmm…Texas…ginormous payday..Texas…ginormous payday…so hard to figure out…”

  23. Hughesus Christo says:

    These people talking about giving a 41 year old closer 2/36 while they bitch and moan about Jeter’s demands are bringing the funny tonight.

  24. JerseyDutch says:

    Cashman should sign the deal to baffle Casey Close a little more.

    Btw, how much longer before the MSM narrative becomes, “Unappreciative Yankees playing hardball with legacy veterans.”

  25. Bart Lockart says:

    I’m sorry, I know that God (aka MO) is getting up there in age but how can anyone say that he deserves a paycut? He may be 40+ but he still had a sub 2.00 ERA(every year but 1 since 2002) with 30+ saves (every year since 2002); in my opinion if he wants a raise give it to him. He his the best and therefore deserves what he wants. Unlike Jeter, at the age of 41 he is going to be the best at his position. He is hands down the greatest post-season player ever and if he wants cash then I say give it to him.

  26. Bulldozer says:

    Could this be the problem of producing your own HOF talent? Maybe the Yanks should just produce really good talent. It’s easier to get rid of them when they decline.

  27. MikeD says:


    Those are Mo’s regular season innings from 2004-2010. They’ve decreased for six straight seasons, with the two largest drops the last two. This is not a fluke. He’s older, a bit more injury prone, and is being handled more carefully. A 25% drop from 2004 does not deserve a 20% raise. He could be cut, but they should just hold steady.

    • All Star Carl says:

      He pitched a decent amount of innings in the postseason in 09.

    • NDR says:

      This is the main concern. Mo’s decline although not yet seen in his performance is manifesting itself in his durability. He is able to pitch less innings per year and is less likely to pitch more than one inning in a given outing if needed. Mo is the greatest closer of all time but a 2-year contract will pay for his age 41 and 42 seasons. I think he is very likely to continue to suffer through minor injuries that will limit him at times and there is a decent possibility for a more serious injury where he misses significant time. We all love Mo, but at this point offer him arbitration and stand firm on a one year contract. A two year deal at 30M or more is just madness IMO.

  28. All Star Carl says:

    The Yankees have Money to pay both Jeter and Mo.

    Pay em.

  29. Jerome S says:

    …This better not turn into a Jeter…

  30. Brazilan Fan says:

    I love Mo, i know i´s a initi offer, but 18 milion per? Wow!

    I thimk it´ll settle for 16 million tough.

  31. OldYanksFan says:

    While I love Yankees money, we have certainly created an environment where everyone feels, since the Yankees have so much money… that they are worth much more…. then they are worth.

    Like with CC and now Lee, everyone knows the Yankees will end up the shelling out he bucks. Jeter now wants money from the Yankees that he would never think of asking for from another team. Now, it appears Mo has joined the party. Is Andy next?

    Jeter, Mo and Andy (and ever Po and Bernie) have been great Yankees and very valuable to us and the team.

    But now, with Mo asking for 2/$36m (as a 41 tr old who pitches 60 innings/yr), does anyone else feel a little bit manipulated?

    I mean, these guys are all great, but it is the Yankees TEAM that has them all owning so much jewelry. It is the Yankees team, management and FO’s desire to Win, that has guys spending their entire career as a Yankee… something that is pretty rare these days. I mean, even the Babe and Willie had a change of laundry late in their career.

    Frankly, the environment of PAY THEM WHATEVER THEY WANT is getting to me. The Boss started this, and I think it’s a terrible precedent that is now effecting guys who are ‘True Yankees’, and have said many times, they would not play for other teams.

    I know sports is different, but nowhere else can am employee ask for 20% more then they are worth simply because the boss, or the company, makes so much money.

    Carl R. Pohlad was the richest owner in baseball, had a contending team, but still let both Santana and Hunter walk. I’m not saying that this was a good decision, but Pohlad is in the majority, while Steinbrenner was in the minority.

    OK… I’m babbling…. but I have been a fan since ’65, and I am getting sick of players holding us up for money, and the fanbase basically expecting the Yankees to PAY THEN ANYTHING THEY WANT.

    I imagine Cashman is pissed.
    Unfortunately, the ARod contract (which I believe was a bit dumb, but certainly done because of special circumstances) has furthered this environment.

    Mo is gone either in 2 years, or 1 year.
    Jeter won’t be playing effectively for too much longer.
    We saw what happened with Bernie.
    Like all players, eventually they will retire, and the fans will have to deal with their lose.

    But the Yankees will go on.
    At this point, I say fuck this shit.
    Offer Jeter 3/$39m…. final offer.
    Offer Mo 1/$15 or 2/$26m…. final offer.
    or offer them both arbitration.
    As much as I love ‘em both, and want them on the team, I am getting tired of this shit.

    I don’t feel sorry for the Yankees and their $2b worth.
    But at some point the Yankees have to say NO!!

    • dalelama says:

      Hell no I don’t feel manipulated. Doesn’t everyone try to get paid as much as possible? It is a business. That being said I also don’t feel manipulated when the Yankees try to pay them less than they ask for. It is all a negotiation.

    • JerseyDutch says:

      The first rule of business is, it’s all business. So far this is a pretty typical negotiation. Mo knows he’s not going to get 2/36 but that doesn’t matter. He’s throwing his first offer out there just to test the waters, just like Cash did when he offered 3/45 to Jeter.

      The worst thing Cashman could do right now is give ultimatums. (Look how far that got Johnny Damon last year.) He’ll give a lower counter-offer and see how far Mo is willing to come down, and then eventually meet him in middle.

      No need to panic at this point. And no need for Cashman to draw a line in a sand.

  32. theyankeewarrior says:

    Why don’t we just give every cent we have to Derek & Mo and let them go out and lead us to a championship without any help from Cliff Lee or other FA’s.

    /no chance’d

  33. RobC says:

    hard to complain about 18 milllion for Mo to pitch 60 quality innings when AJ gets 16.5 for 186 crap innings

    but 2 wrongs do not make a right

  34. joe(sit)ragman says:

    What I fail to understand with these great (rich) players, is there ever enough? If it were me and i had gazillions in the bank I would leave some on the table to enhance the team and win more

  35. Give Mariano the 2 years; he still in good shape with good control, location, velocity (avg 92mp)and durability, in which are the trade mark of “ONE OF THE GREATEST RELIEF PITCHERS OF ALL-TIME”. No doubts, Mo is one of the best in MLB, and it will be very difficult to replace him.

    I have seen a lot of really good baseball players, but when it comes to the 9th inning and the Closer is Mariano Rivera, No. 42, the Panamanian Sensational; Mo is the BEST EVER.

    In regards of Money, I am pretty sure the amount of $18 Million is for negotiation, to start with, and it will be lower when they start negotiation. I believe that $14 or $15 million per year is a fair price for his service.

    What thing we have to have in mind; that it is extremely difficult to obtain/hire a Good Closer during this time, specially when the starting pitcher, only pitch 5 or 6 innings.

    Let’s go Mo; hope that you will play for 2 more years. ARRIBA MARIANO; TE DESEAMOS MUCHAS SUERTE EN TU NUEVO CONTRATO CON LOS NYY.


  36. Jonathan says:

    didn’t he say he would be willing to go year to year like Pettitte this year or last?

  37. armandito torres says:

    Rivera has been Yakees MVP for more than a decade…as simple as that..he deserves 36/2…..or are Yankees relying in inmature Joba to do his job..signing Mariano and Wood is necessary to be a contender..een if they sign Lee

  38. LnnM360 says:

    i have a friend thats from panama and what he has to say bout mariano it’s not good though. really greedy and only cares bout the money in short words, but Yet again im not from that country never been there and don’t really know him as a person. hopefully this will have a happy ending. btw rather lose Jeter Than mariano ANY day !!!

  39. railroadlady says:

    There was only ONE NYY who played with any excellence in the post-season and that Yankee was Mo. Give him what he wants.

  40. solamon says:

    MO is a great reliever so they should give what he wants

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