Report: Mets uninterested in Derek Jeter

A Yankee contract negotiation from the past
Open Thread: The night before the turkey

As Derek Jeter‘s contraction negotiations have turned messy, those who say they will just die without Jeter grow concerned that he’ll sign with the Mets or — gasp! — the Red Sox. In fact, The Post even photoshopped Jeter’s head onto Dustin Pedroia’s body for its back cover today. But while fans fear Jeter’s departure, take a read through this short article. Daily News writer Andy Martino says that if Jeter does hit the open market, the Mets won’t be interested. They have $11 million invested in their short stop and aren’t looking to add a 36-year-old who is demanding more than $15 million a year.

In essence, that’s what this entire exercise in futility is about. The Red Sox just eschewed resigning Victor Martinez for four years and $52 million. They too are not about to sign Jeter to a long-term deal worth more money than that. In fact, no team on the open market will. Sure, the Giants might be interested if they can land Jeter for low-dollar, short-term commitment, but the offer from the Yanks — one they’re willing to sweeten — is the best Jeter will get. He knows it; the team knows it; and when the posturing and negotiations are through, Derek will be back in pinstripes. That you could take to the bank.

A Yankee contract negotiation from the past
Open Thread: The night before the turkey
  • mbonzo

    Dear Mets,

    Thanks for proving our point.


    • All Praise Be To Mo

      What craziness!!! Who wouldn’t want a 36 year old shortstop with declining bat speed, power and range? Nevermind the sense of entitlement that he has to bat at the top 2 spots of the order.

  • Dax J.

    Even if they were interested.. where will they put him? They got Jose Reyes there and the corpse of Luis Castillo on 2nd.

    • vin

      Not to mention David Wright at 3rd and Ike Davis at 1st. The Mets have too much other stuff to do than waste their time irking the Yanks.

  • Jake Barnes


  • vin

    That’s not even a good Photoshop job. Very weak.

    Obviously Derek isn’t going anywhere. Jeter knows that, the Yankees know that, the 29 other GM’s know that. It’s all posturing – the only surprise is that so much has been told/leaked to the media. I honestly figured Derek would fight the Yanks tooth and nail for every last year and dime, but I just figured it would be almost entirely behind closed doors.

    No big deal. This is like when the perfect couple pretends to be mad at each other just because they’re tired of always getting along. Cashman will make Derek a candlelight dinner, and it’ll all blow over.

  • bexarama

    It doesn’t matter. He’s the worst player in baseball history. He was never any good at all. I’d rather eat rat feces than have that piece of shit on my team.

    /Mets fans talking about Jeter’d

    (Yeah, the last few sentences pretty much sum all my thoughts up.)

    • Ed M

      Obviously you know nothing about baseball. Jeter, who may night be the best player ever, has always been a consistant, smart player. He is always at the right place at the right time. That is nothing compared to his leadership qualities and how he carries himself on the field. Any team would be lucky to have him, even now. However, he needs to realise he is not a kid anymore.

      • Benjamin Kabak

        Pony tail.

        • Corporate Scum (formerly Joe West’s Music Career)


          Does it come with 6 open shirt buttons and an 8 karat gold chain?

      • bexarama

        /Mets fans talking about Jeter’d

      • JerseyDutch

        Best player ever? He’s not even Old Hoss Radbourn good.

    • mike c

      that actually reads more like some of the sentiment from yankee fans that hang around here

      • bexarama

        You haven’t seen Jeter hate until you’ve read Mets sites… even the good ones. Seriously.

  • Steve H

    Jeter needs Boras as his agent, Heyman would be telling us there are 17 mystery teams that have already offered Jeter 4+ year contracts.

    • vin

      From mlbtradrumors:

      “Jon Heyman of weighs in on the Derek Jeter contract talks and says the Yankees can’t take the chance that Jeter walks out on them, even if it costs them an extra year or a few more million. ”

      I was wondering when Jeter switched to Boras.

      • Benjamin Kabak

        Best part of all of these writers going on and on about how the Yanks “can’t take the chance” is that none of them say why the Yanks can’t take the chance. “Because he’s Derek Jeter” isn’t an answer, and I maintain that the Yanks are more valuable to Jeter than Jeter to the Yanks at this point in his career. It’s an ugly reality, but I think it’s closer to the truth than our emotions would have us believe.

        • All Praise Be To Mo

          I agree Ben. The Yanks would be a lot better with Uribe or another SS than Jeter would be with the Tigers or Pirates at SS>

        • Steve H

          Well the Yankee empire did crumble to pieces when Babe Ruth was shipped out. They only won 7 of the next 9 titles after Ruth left.

        • JerseyDutch

          No other team seems to be stepping forward to make an offer for his services. That’s for sure.

        • brockdc

          These clowns are gonna be nothing without me.

          Pete Best’d

    • All Praise Be To Mo

      Is Jeter a 16 year old Dominican boy in need of extra money for his family? What would he need Boras for?

  • Do not feed the trolls!

    Ofcourse the mets aren’t interested. His name is Derek Sanderson Jeter, not Derek Santiago Jeteres

    • Benjamin Kabak

      Omar Minaya was fired two months ago, you know.

      • Kiersten

        Yeah but it’s still funny.

        • Poopy Pants

          Racist jokes are funny?

          • BigDavey88

            No, jokes about a certain former GM’s tendency to sign players who are also of his or similar to his ethnicity over the past few years are funny, if not overdone, but I digress.

            Don’t be so touchy and please don’t be “offended” just foor the sake of being “offended”.

  • Mr Moss

    Derek Jeter is a fraud

    Yankees are stupid for even offering him 3yrs @ 45 mil

    • Corporate Scum (formerly Joe West’s Music Career)

      Thank you very much for your well supported insight. I wish we saw dispassionate, insightful, detailed analysis such as this more often.

    • lincoln

      You are correct!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zack

    Too bad, I would have liked to see them overpay Jeter, move Reyes to 2B, and still have 15k fans at CitiField.

  • Avi

    According to various reports the Mets are entertaining offers for Reyes. Here’s one.
    I think the Yanks should start serious trade talks with the Mets for Reyes and make them as public as possible; if for no other reason than to expedite this Jeter drama.

    • bexarama

      Why would we want to cause more drama and make this even uglier/more public?

      • bexarama

        and by “we” I mean “the Yankees” obviously, sorry sorry sorry

        • Avi

          It’s going to be in the papers and public until Jeter signs. I think talking to the Mets about Reyes would but pressure on Jeter and shorten the drama.

          • The Big City of Dreams

            Actually it would make things worse.

      • Corporate Scum (formerly Joe West’s Music Career)

        It’s obviously a risky strategy, but actually kind of interesting IMHO. By increasing their leverage from severe to critical, they force Jeter’s hand. A strong gambit. Depends how long they think Jeter will hold out.

        Granted, it would look calous, giving him the Damon treatment, but it could prove brutally effective.

        2 possible outcomes, avoiding a third:

        Outcome 1: Jeter folds, realizing that the yanks have more viable alternatives than he does, and having seen what happened with Damon (sorry, we just signed Nick Johnson, offer is lower now), a little bit of doubt creeps in. Fearing watching the job he loves disappear out from under him, he admits defeat, and the Yankees throw a couple of million in, to allow him to save face. 3/51 or whatever.

        Outcome 2: This is too big an insult for Jeter to take. His pride gets the better of him, and ignoring pressure from the union, he signs a markedly lower deal with the Giants/Tampa/whoever, maybe 2/18, just to prove a stubborn point. My guess is he would end up regretting this more than the Yankees, between the much larger paycut, and getting to experience the difference between playing for the Yankees and someone else firsthand.

        Avoided outcome: Stalemate. Yankees hold their ground. Jeter holds his. February rolls round. Yankees, fearing the backlash of shutting the door in Jeter’s face, a la Damon (yes, the PR would blow over, but Jeter leaving because he didn’t like the deal doesn’t play nearly as bad as if the Yankees trade for SS x and effectively close the door on him). Contemplating going to Spring Training with Nunez as the actual plan, they balk, throw in that damn fourth year, going to 4/70 or something.

        Not saying I’m in favor of it, but it would be a bold, dominant strategy.

        • Corporate Scum (formerly Joe West’s Music Career)

          P.S. first time I’ve ever been intrigued by an Avi post.

          Reluctant h/t sir.

        • vin

          Knowing what I know about Jeter… outcome #2 would happen. I really believe him and his agents are just playing the negotiating game right now with no intention of leaving. If Cashman makes too large an overture to moving on (as they did with Damon last year), then Jeter will tell them to shove it and leave. Of course, he won’t leave the Bronx for peanuts, and some mid-level team out there will overpay him to be an attraction – although not as much as the Yankees.

          If I had to rank Jeter’s qualities:

          1. Pride
          2. Reputation
          3. Loyalty

          • Corporate Scum (formerly Joe West’s Music Career)

            Maybe. However I have a difficult time imagining even a moderately competitive team overpaying him.

            I can very easily imagine, oh, the Natinals doing it, but I really have a hard time imagining him signing on with a losing team owing to your quality 1 above.

            Easier to imagine him playing in Japan for a year.

            • Corporate Scum (formerly Joe West’s Music Career)

              Alternately, I could see the Marlins trading Hanley for 5 middle relievers (including 3 LOOGY’s), and then signing him to 5/125.

            • vin

              IF things go horribly wrong with the Yanks – like Cashman completely insulting Derek’s pride…

              I could honestly see a team like the Angels deal Aybar and sign Jeter. Especially if they whiff on one or two of Crawford, Soriano and Beltre.

              I’d put the odds of Derek going elsewhere around 3%. And that’s up from where I was last week. I just don’t expect him to go anywhere.

              As Ben mentioned, Derek needs the Yanks badly. But I think at the same time, the Yanks somewhat need Derek. It doesn’t make sense for Cashman to develop a reputation as a guy who won’t treat his stars accordingly, at least as viewed from the players’ perspective.

              Right now this is an organization that pretty much every player respects and wants to play for. A lot of that is because they usually pay top dollar, but also because they’re in contention every year and the front office has learned how to treat their guys. Letting Derek go would be really bad for Derek, but it will also sting the Yanks a bit.

    • joshnyy

      I would rather have an old man who will play through most injuries consistently than a kid that’ll miss a week of work if he stubs his toe. Not to mention the fact that the kid needs a babysitter, the old man has never had a “bad” press conference.

  • Andy In Sunny Daytona

    You can title this post under “Duh”.

  • meals

    I love it when the Yanks bid against themselves.
    No team is touching the 3/$45M deal on the table yet the Yankees will increase it?????????????
    Effing stupid.

  • Yo Quiero Montero (formerly LarryF)

    Let Jeter go and sign Crawford. 7 years younger than Jeter. Much better offense with Carl. We keep Gardy and move Swish to DH. What is the problem here? Same money spent. Swish much better hitter than Posada.

    Embrace the new Dominican dp combo. Nunez to Cano!

    • FIPster Doofus

      Does Posada fall off the face of the Earth in this scenario?

      • vin

        It could happen.

    • mike c

      yankees are better off trading swisher in that case

      • Corporate Scum (formerly Joe West’s Music Career)

        for a SS presumably. Hardy?

        • Avi

          Hardy is a free agent.
          Hope you find that “intriguing”

          • Corporate Scum (formerly Joe West’s Music Career)

            Ouch. Touche.

    • vin

      How do you figure its the same amount of money spent? Maybe on a yearly basis, but Jeter’s deal will almost certainly be shorter than Crawford’s – thus lower total value. The front office has to balance next year’s payroll with future payrolls.

      Also, Swisher is a solid to good defensive outfielder. He’s much less valuable as a full-time DH. Not to mention that Posada may see his offensive numbers improve as he gets away from the rigors of catching. And simply moving Swisher to DH and ignoring that Posada exists isn’t exactly a sound strategy.

      • Yo Quiero Montero (formerly LarryF)

        Posada would still play on occasion as a backup to Montero/backup DH/bench. He is 40 next year folks! I do not want him as our DH when Swish would be better-in every way. Gardy/Grandy/Crawford much more solid than Swish in OF. No strategy is completely sound but what an offense and defense we would have with Crawford. 13 triples/19 HR’s/90 rbi’s/47 SB’s for Tampa! I am in the camp that a 37 year old Jeter is not worth 17 million dollars a year MORE than Nunez. Red Sox fans are talking up Ellsbury/Crawford at the top of their order. I like Gardy/Crawford better. To me, this is a great opportunity to say thanks to Derek and let him finish his HOF career with the Yanks at 36 (as did DiMaggio and Mantle).

  • icebird753

    I really want to see him on another team. I just do. It would make following the Yankees so much more fascinating. He won’t though…:(

  • ponch303

    Jeter will be a Yankee if he wants to be. There is no way anyone comes close to 3/45. If the Yankees increase their offer, then so what. It’s not your money or mine really. They will still compete no matter Jeter’s salary.

    • meals

      It’s not my money BUT the Yanks do have payroll limits. The more Jeter gets the less there is to go around on lineup holes.

      • meals

        And why increase your offer if it’s already the highest one? How does that make any sense at all?
        “I know no is even close to this offer Derek, but here’s another $15M bc you are great.” Hal

        • Corporate Scum (formerly Joe West’s Music Career)


      • The Big City of Dreams

        ‘The more Jeter gets the less there is to go around on lineup holes.”

        Who’s fault is that. The Yankees are the ones handing out money like it’s going out of style. They always bring up the budget but then go past it when they need something.

  • Mister D

    Rejected by the Mets. That has to hurt…

  • OMG Bagels!

    Damon looked like a fool last year rejecting the Yankees’ offer. Not to say that Jeter and Damon are in the same league, but Cashman went out and got Nick Johnson which did not work out but who, really, was the bigger loser? Damon. And I think he pissed Cashman off. I think that Brian Cashman is not going to be jerked around. Even if it means bringing in someone else who isn’t as good (or who is injured the whole damn season). GMs make good deals and bad deals, it’s part of the job, just like you lose games and win games in baseball. But when a player has his whole future riding on a decision and decides to be a holdout about it, they have more to lose than the club. Even if Jeter walks, the Stadium will fill up and who are they going to boo? Cashman doesn’t get introduced on the field.
    Life will go on without Derek. It has to because that will be the reality in a year or two anyway.

    • The Big City of Dreams

      “I think that Brian Cashman is not going to be jerked around.”

      True he won’t get jerked around by players as long as they are on the Yankees and not from other teams. If they’re from other organizations then Cash will get bent over he always does.

  • Mike B.

    The yanks need him and Mo. I can’t imagine rooting for the rest of these clowns without them. They bind us . Without them we are just Cashmans fantasy team.

  • Larry G.

    Why would any team other then the Yankees want an old declining shortstop? The only team for Jeter is the Yankees, but greed can change that…

  • Larry G.

    Answer this question…Why do the Yankees need Jeter? Be real with your answer…