Tex’s hamstring rehab going well

Open Thread: Why signing bench players isn't worth it
GM Meetings Notes: Pettitte, Aldred, Peterson

I stumbled across this short video interview USA Today’s Michael McCarthy conducted with Mark Teixeira recently, and although it’s not much more than a few cream puff questions, there is some useful info in there regarding his injured right hamstring. Tex says that everything is going well and he’s working out six days a week, three of which are focused exclusively on the hamstring. He added that if this was the middle of the season, he’d be able to play in about a week, four weeks out from the injury. The original diagnosis called for a six-to-eight week recovery.

So that’s good, glad he’s healing well. Check out the rest of the video, Tex picks on Jimmy Rollins a bit towards the end.

Open Thread: Why signing bench players isn't worth it
GM Meetings Notes: Pettitte, Aldred, Peterson
  • Fellow Reader

    I sense a monster year coming on. I think the super slow start last year will be something he makes sure he avoids this year. Add that to his regular rest of season numbers, and you get a career year.

    • mike c

      yeah no doubt tex will return with a vengeance

      • Betty Lizard

        I believe Tex’s hair is the harbinger.

        He started out this year with that god-awful haircut and that just upset the whole balance. In the video, he looks great and has a reasonable haircut. Ergo, I agree that next year–if he does not regret to the doofus haircut, will be splendid.

        • Betty Lizard

          Hee–I mean if he does not “regress” to the doofus haircut. If he does, he, I and we shall regret it.

        • larryf

          The “idiot” Damonesque haircut is to be avoided. Agreed.

  • Granderslam

    I also sense Tex will take a serious shot at redemption this year. Those injuries held him back greatly during the season, especially at the end. He’s such a gamer though, playing as hurt as he was. Plus, we absolutely need him to return to form. He’s such a big part of the lineup.

    I actually just read that Swisher is a hot commodity during the meetings going on right now. I must say, I would hate to see him go if he was in fact traded this offseason. I guess his value is at its peak right now.

  • cano is the bro

    haha i like the little shot there at the end of the vid to j-roll