The RAB Radio Show: November 22, 2010

Votto takes home NL MVP Award
Five longest Yankee homers of 2010

It’s arbitration time. The Yanks have choices to make regarding six of their free agents. Mike and I make the cases — and we do not agree on most of them.

Then it’s onto Cliff Lee. This actually got more detailed than I had thought it would. With the rumored five-year, $115-$120 million offer, we know Lee’s final price is only going up. Will he get a sixth year? And at what level do the Rangers have to throw in the towel?

And Joey Votto won the NL MVP. The ballot wasn’t at all controversial, so instead of becoming outraged Mike and I frame the discussion with previous MVP ballots.

Podcast run time 32:42

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Votto takes home NL MVP Award
Five longest Yankee homers of 2010
  • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

    If you leave a nice review I’ll buy you a beer at a meet-up.

    (goes to iTunes and writes a pantsload of nice reviews)

    • Tom Zig

      I demand 1 beer for every review I write.

    • king of fruitless hypotheticals

      Tommie, you know a ‘pantsload’ of beer isn’t measured by how many cans of beer you can stuff in your pants, but by how much beer your pants can hold when…

    • AJ

      I don’t drink, how about a $8 bottle of water?

  • mbonzo

    I think its more likely for Berkman to accept arbitration than Javy.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

      Yeah, I’ve gone back and forth on it, and I’m now of the opinion that we should offer arb to Jeter, Javy, and Wood but not Berkman.

      I think Javy and Wood have seen enough interest expressed in them on the market that they’d be confident that they’d be able to best the money they’d make in arb in a multi-year deal this winter. Not in AAV, but in total monies and contract length/security.

      Wood and Javy only need probably 2/15-ish each to make it worth walking away from 1/11; while it’s a decline in AAV, they both have medical concerns that makes it dicey for them to go year to year. And they both can now reasonably expect to do better than 2/15.

      Berkman’s market, meanwhile, isn’t materializing (or, at least, isn’t materializing enough to justify walking away from a potential 1/15 payday in arbitration). He’s too risky; Javy and Wood’s risk has gone down significantly, IMO.

      • mbonzo

        Wood is a great point, especially with Benoit getting that monster contract. If a team picks him up as a closer he could 2/$14m, on the other hand I think that he’s actually young enough (yea I know) to take arbitration from the Yankees. If he thinks NY helped him he could gamble another year away from a contract and show that he’s capable of being a closer for next year. If he stays healthy and puts up anything remotely close to this year as a setup man he could expect a huge contract in 2012.

        As for Javy, I just think he wants to get the hell out of New York. Even if he signs with the Yankees, they could eat a large portion of his contract and send him off to Florida for some decent prospects. They could do the same with Wood, but I don’t think he’s got as much demand because of his health and doubt as a closer. I’m all for giving Javy arbitration though.

        • Plank

          I wouldn’t give arbitration to any of them.

          Why would Florida give up decent prospects for Vazquez?

          • Danny T

            Javy is type B, Florida would not lose a pick.

            • mbonzo

              He’s referring to Florida losing prospects in a trade. I don’t think you’d get a top prospect, but they could certainly give something up like Brad Hand or Scott Cousins.

              • Plank

                The Yanks would have to throw in 6M-7M and have Javy prove he is healthy for that to happen. Doesn’t seem worth the risk. I would just let him walk.

  • Hughesus Christo

    Okay, I’m listening right now, and in the course of 2 minutes you guys said the Yankees aren’t negotiating through the media but it was a great move to leak a contract offer to the media.

  • mike

    I bet the Yanks dont offer arb to anyone. But yea you should do an entire podcast about the potential 2012 postseason expansion.

  • Mike HC

    I feel like the arbitration system is set up for when both sides honestly want to get another deal done. I highly doubt it was set up so teams can offer guys arbitration with the hope that it is turned down, and then if accepted, immediately look to trade him. I guess it is done, or could be done, it just feels off to me. I would say the Yanks don’t offer anybody arbitration that they honestly don’t want back on the team. I may be completely off though.

  • AJ

    One great thing about the RAB radio show, it’s not Suzyn Waldman for 20 minutes. Entertainment for the day.

  • Tom

    The only negative I have to offer is it’s not long enough! I say you should talk for 45 minutes per day. I hate not have baseball…