Yankees to interview Patterson on Thursday

Open Thread: Are you ready for some football?
Romine's hot streak continues in Phoenix win

Via Sam Borden, the Yankees plan to interview Athletics pitching coordinator Gil Patterson for their vacant pitching coach position on Thursday. As far as we know, this is the first formal interview the team has conducted in the two-plus weeks since cutting Dave Eiland loose. Oakland has already granted the Yanks permission to speak to Patterson, who served several stints as a coach in New York’s minor league coaches system. I’m kinda surprised they have hired someone yet, but there’s nothing wrong with being thorough.

Open Thread: Are you ready for some football?
Romine's hot streak continues in Phoenix win
  • http://twitter.com/Carlosological Carlosologist

    Will he put Joba in the rotation?

    /opening big ass can of worms

    • The Big City of Dreams

      Joba is still on the team?

    • mbonzo

      Yea he should be the ace.
      1. Joba
      2. CC
      3. Lee
      4. Hughes
      5. Pettitte

      And the Yankees will Rick Ankiel Burnett.

      • The Big City of Dreams

        “And the Yankees will Rick Ankiel Burnett.”

        If he does can they still trade Swisher since everyone wants him gone

        • mbonzo

          Sure, Yankees could do Nick Swisher and Pat Venditte for Casey Kelly.

          • The Big City of Dreams

            I think thats fair as a matter of fact more than fair. Maybe it should just be Venditte for Kelly straight up and then use Swisher to get Soria to set-up Mo. You know sooner or later Mo is going to leave and we’ll need his replacement.

            • pete

              can’t tell if this is serious

              • The Big City of Dreams


      • http://www.secondavenuesagas.com Benjamin Kabak

        Can the Yanks Luca Brasi Burnett instead?

  • http://www.repairmycomputer.com Marc

    New pitching coach? Two words. Jamie Moyer. Boom.

  • Mattchu12

    Still waiting to hear that Rick Peterson will get an interview.

    His work with fixing pitching motions (Joba), bio-mechanical properties (hopefully more healthy staff), success with young starters (Big Three, Pelfrey, Gallardo), and the psychological aspects (AJ, Joba) make him my personal choice for the pitching coach gig.

    • Mattchu12


      I’m just a savage, aren’t I?

  • kosmo

    has anyone talked about Gil Patterson´s Yankee past ? He was going to be a stud SP for NY and then tragically blew his arm out around 1976 ending his career.It was going to be Guidry and Patterson.Check his MILB stats.

  • Yank the Frank

    I get a good vibe from Patterson, I hope he is it.