Bob Feller passes away

Report: Wood, Cubs close to deal
Will a former closer set up for the Yanks in 2011?

Baseball lost a legend yesterday, as Bob Feller, famed Indians pitcher, passed away at age 92. Last week Feller was moved to hospice care after spending time in the Cleveland Clinic with pneumonia. He had been diagnosed with leukemia in August and had a pacemaker implanted after he underwent chemotherapy.

For the definitive obituary, check out Joe Posnanski’s article. As always, he nails down the essence of Feller.

Report: Wood, Cubs close to deal
Will a former closer set up for the Yanks in 2011?
  • Josh

    always heard great things about the man.

  • Wil Nieves #1 Fan

    A legend and a patriot.

  • Greg

    A man with a blazing fastball, with the courage and heart to match. RIP

  • Pat D

    I have mixed feelings about Bob Feller. Obviously he was a great pitcher and lost several prime years to WW2 which make his numbers less than they could have been. No one should discount what he did for the country, either. He was essentially Pat Tillman in that respect.

    But I always had this lingering feeling that he was perhaps a bit too opinionated and made some questionable, borderline remarks regarding Latin players. I also had a feeling that he was a bit out of touch with the norms of today, which I suppose is typical for anyone of his age.

    I’m not going to run down the man after his death, however. It’s a sad day for baseball and his family.

  • Tim

    Bob Feller was one of the greatest pitchers to ever live, and a true military hero to boot. He was also one of the biggest Grade-A jerks to ever grace the planet, too. As a Clevelander, I can tell you many stories of Feller’s arrogance, grumpiness, and general “Old-Fartitude”. When an acquaintance of mine bumped into Feller on a flight a few years ago, she asked him for an autograph for her teenaged son, who had only months left to live due to adolescent leukemia. Feller told her, in no uncertain terms, to go to hell. And that’s just a taste – Feller’s legacy of being a d-bag is well known around Cleveland.

    Great baseball player – absolutely. One of the best ever. Great human being – hardly. Just a bitter old man with a heart of stone and no time for the people who worship him as an idol. Ironic that he, too, died of leukemia. I guess there is such a thing as karma.

  • I am not the droids you’re looking for

    HFS three words for Joe P’s article: totally fucking epic.


  • JGS

    Great pitcher, and a legit hero. Probably would have hit 100 bWAR had he not gone off to war, pretty rarified air for a pitcher (only six ever done it)

    Rest in peace, Bob