Conference Call Notes: Patience


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Brian Cashman‘s mantra has been patience since the day he took over full control of the baseball operations a few years ago, so it’s unsurprising that one of the first things out of his mouth during this afternoon’s conference calls with reporters was “Plan B is patience … First phase of this is prices go up because teams sense blood in the water. We will be patient.”

Even if you think the Yankees need to go out and make a trade for a starting pitcher as soon as possible, this quote shouldn’t surprise you. The last thing a general manager is going to do after losing out on a major free agent is come out an say “okay, I’m desperate, come out and take me to the cleaners in a trade.” They will assuredly explore other pitching options, but high end arms the caliber of Cliff Lee just aren’t available. Spare me your Felix Hernandez and Josh Johnson trade proposals, it’s not going to happen.

Here’s a round up of the conference call…

  • “He knows if he puts himself in play, we’d love to talk to him,” said Cashman when asked about Andy Pettitte, “but he’s got to go through that process.” Last we heard, the lefty was leaning towards retirement. Cash added losing out on Lee won’t change the way they pursue Pettitte. In other words, don’t expect them to pressure him into coming back.
  • “He had to make a very difficult personal decision and he’s made it now,” was the quote on Lee. “We’ll move forward. There’s more time left on the clock now.” Cashman did say he’s thankful for not going through with the trade for Lee back in July, presumably because gets to keep Jesus Montero. He added it would be “rare situation for me to include Montero in a deal,” not that I expected him to run out and try to pawn the team’s top prospect off for rotation help.
  • The Yankees received a short, simple call from Darek Braunecker last night informing them that Lee was going elsewhere, and Cashman’s next call after that was to Hal Steinbrenner. The lack of movement over the weekend indicated to them that he was going elsewhere.
  • “I don’t think we have a lot of holes,” said Cash. “[Filling holes] doesn’t have to happen in the winter time.” No, but it is fun to talk about. The Yanks have shown the ability to go out and make moves during the season to improve the team, and I see no reason why that wouldn’t continue going forward.
  • Is the rotation perfect? “No. Can it be improved upon? Yes.” Cashman went out of his way to say that the rotation is good as it is, assuming a rebound from A.J. Burnett and continued progression from Phil Hughes and Ivan Nova.
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  1. mbonzo says:

    Ivan Nova > Joba Chamberlain

    Thats the point where I get pissed off.

    • Bulldozer says:

      Why? You know something the FO doesn’t?

      • JeffG says:

        I keep seeing this comment… does the front office have that much more info than us? Do we not see and evaluate most of his work as a starter? (it has been televised)

        I think they should have him take another shot in ST at the very least.

        • bexarama says:

          It could be a health/endurance thing we just don’t know about. And this from someone who really really really wants to see Joba start.

          • The Big City of Dreams says:

            It might be a health and endurance thing and if it was everyone would understand but since they don’t give a clear answer it leaves tons of speculation.

        • Craig says:

          Where are you getting the Ivan Nova > Joba Chamberlain?

          Prior to the 2010 season I was rabidly arguing for Joba to stay in the rotation. After a while I backed off and after he became unreliable as a RP in 2010 and even voiced my desire to trade him. The latter part of that statement still stands IF the Yankees keep him as a middle reliever. I know the arguments: he sucked as a starter in 2009 and his advanced stats as a reliever were good in 2010. Yada, yada, yada. Two points still remain above anything else.

          1. I don’t Joba trying to close games for the Yankees. Not after what I saw him do in key relief spots over the past 1+ years.

          2. An average/above-average starting pitcher is more valuable than an average/above-average relief pitcher.

          I lied. There are two other points…

          3. Joba Chamberlain is better than Ivan Nova. Period. We can look at Minor League stats, Major League stats, watch video, read scouting reports, evaluate floors and ceilings. No matter how you cut it, Joba is better than Nova.

          4. If Andy Pettitte retires, the Yankees will need to fill two holes in the rotation. I dare you to find two options (ones that don’t involve trading our top prospects) that are better than taking another shot at Joba as a SP.

          • mbonzo says:

            Cashman said that Joba is a bullpen guy fairly recently. (Don’t have the time to look up the quote) And now he’s saying that Hughes is a number two guy and Nova belongs in the rotation. That to me sounds like Nova > Joba as a starter.

            Joba should be in the rotation and Nova in the bullpen. Nova looked fantastic in all his starts in the first couple of innings, shouldn’t that make him a perfect bullpen candidate to replace Aceves?

            • Craig says:

              I knew about the “Joba is a RP” quote, I just didn’t know if I was missing something else implying that Nova > Joba. There are several factors that could go into his ability to start off a game well. Factors that wouldn’t necessarily lead to success in an Aceves role. However, I would not be upset to see the Yankees try him in middle or long relief if Chamberlain was given another shot.

        • mark says:

          the front office probably has more info, BUT then why would anyone bother debating what’s happening… shouldn’t we just wait to see what the FO does and then kiss their feet and annoit them geniuses? let a guy have an opinion, unless the opinion is “fire cashman, we haven’t won the 2011 world series on december 14, 2010!!!1!!1!1″

          • mbonzo says:

            Thanks, I usually side with the front office but they have an awful track record with Joba. I think we can all criticize them on that.

            • mop982 says:

              We all know a league average starter is worth more than a good reliever.
              Either Joba’s shoulder can’t handle 200IP/year or Cash should be fired for being bad at math and/or too stubborn to give Joba a chance.

              I agree Joba’s development was mishandled but I don’t think the front office is completely inept.

              • The Big City of Dreams says:

                Maybe they aren’t completely inept but it’s obvious they have a difficult time handling pitchers. They were the ones that decided after a handful of starts in the minors and fewer starts in the majors Kennedy was ready to hold down a rotation spot.

        • ZZ says:

          I keep seeing this comment… does the front office have that much more info than us? Do we not see and evaluate most of his work as a starter? (it has been televised)


          Of course they do. Reams and reams more of information. They have been tracking this kid since he was pitching at Nebraska. They have professional talent evaluators that have been watching him pitch and extensively scouting/evaluating him since college. They have total access to his medical records. They have total access to his physical therapy records and even the level of strength of certain parts of his body compared to previous levels. They also have access to him personally.

      • mbonzo says:

        Joba’s minor and major league numbers as a starter are better than Hughes. For Cashman to consider him a number 2 guy, and not even think Joba qualifies for a starting position are pretty weird. I have no idea what he could possibly know that would make Joba a bad starter. Usually I side with the front office on things, thinking they know a lot, but its pretty clear they have royally screwed up Joba’s development in the last 3 years so I have no regrets mocking their moves on him.

        • pete says:

          At this point I think there’s about a 95% chance that there’s some health issue preventing him from being a starter, and that’s why they aren’t pursuing it. And yes, that would be something they know about that we don’t, and for which we have no business faulting the FO. Based on what we know, they look like idiots. Based on what they know, I’m sure they don’t.

    • Dave says:

      I’d give a look at Nova before I went the Joba route again. Blame the FO if you want for how they mismanaged Joba’s progression (RP-SP-Then back to SP, “The Joba Rules”, etc). But what’s done is done. Joba has been given several opportunities, and he’s only shown ‘flashes’ of being dominant. The rest of the time he’s a headcase and an albatross. If Joba is ever going to have success as a starter, it won’t be in pinstripes. Take that to the bank.

    • charley says:

      The caption to this photo of Cashman should be:

      “I put all my eggs in one basket and no one is criticizing me for it.” – Cashman

  2. FIPster Doofus says:

    “Cashman went out of his way to say that the rotation is good as it is”

    Sorry, Cash, but it’s not.

    • Do you actually expect him to admit that? Sandy Alderson said yesterday that he thinks the Mets, as constructed, are a playoff contender. Protip, GMs lie about how good their teams are.

      • FIPster Doofus says:

        Nope. I was going to include a bit about Cashman having to give a public vote of confidence to the current rotation, but I wasn’t happy with how I worded it – so I didn’t.

  3. Xstar7 says:

    The look on Cashman’s face says it all

  4. mikebk says:

    Patience is the right play here, but Andy retiring would only increase the calls for a quick response. Something would happen before an opening day rotation of CC/Phil/AJ/Nova/?

    • Craig says:

      Yeah, he would add Joba to that mix.

      If Pettitte retires, the Yankees are stuck between a hot rock and a chainsaw. Nobody in New York wants to hear patience and nobody wants to see them sit idly while the Red Sox put together a sick squad. However, if he tries to make a big splash this off-season, the Yankees will be worse off than they are now.

      If I still had Cash’s phone number I’d tell him to “sit tight”.

      The Red Sox may win the next two years, but the Yankees will win the decade.

  5. John says:

    Bring back Bob Watson. This guy sucks.

    • LarryM.,Fl. says:

      Cashman has done the proper moves since gaining full control 3 years ago. He could only offer money to Lee. Lee displayed by his choice that money and his sense of atmosphere of the team were key factors.

      I would love the push of bringing our AAAA prospects up and playing them such as Motero. Fit him and develop from within. the hand writing is on the wall. Pichers are being developed and signed by teams for the long haul.

    • Steve H says:

      We get it. You’re trolling in every single post saying fire Cashman.

  6. Dr. O says:

    Its clear that Cashman should be fired for not offering Lee less money and less years and moving operations to Philadelphia.

  7. Kevin in Princeton says:

    Patience is probably for the best. Like Mike said, he doesn’t want to look desperate. In addition, new names might become available before the season starts and during the season. I’m confident Cash will get the Yanks a good starter and the Yankees will make it to the playoffs.

  8. Matt says:

    So now our options are hoping Pettite doesn’t retire and if does he comes back, hope he stays healthy AND hope that AJ Burnett turns it around AND hope that Nova, who wasn’t even really thought of as a prospect until late last season becomes a dependable starter AND hope that Phil Hughes continues to improve. Maybe Cashman can ask Santa Claus or the Easter bunny for all those to play out best case scenario otherwise there may be no October next year for the yankees.

    • ZZ says:

      I am actually just hoping that Yankee fans wait until ST to make proclamations about how the team is constructed.

    • FIPster Doofus says:

      There was October last season despite Burnett’s awfulness, Vazquez’s minor league-esque performance, Pettitte’s injury, and a combined 19 starts from Mitre, Moseley and Nova.

      With their offense, the Yankees should be able to make the playoffs with Sabathia-Pettitte-Hughes-Burnett-Nova as their rotation. However, the goal is to win a World Series, and that rotation isn’t cut out to win a title unless, at the very least, Burnett returns to his 2009 level. And that’s probably not going to happen.

      • The Fallen Phoenix says:

        The White Sox won a World Series a few years ago with Jose Contreras as one of their best starters. Is the Yankee rotation perfect? No. Are there rotations that are better than the Yankee rotation? Yes. Does that automatically mean those teams are going to be more successful in the postseason? No.

      • Mattchu12 says:

        And yet, we were damn close to a World Series again with that exact 1-2-3 this year. Hmm, I’m not seeing why they can’t go to the World Series.

        In the playoffs, they will use CC, Andy, and Hughes with a possibility of a fourth starter. And for the vast majority of the 2010 season, we had CC-Hughes-AJ-Javy-Mix Match going and still came within a couple of games of the World Series.

        I see no need to panic unless Andy doesn’t resign, and regardless, I’m sure that Cash will bring in an arm. So really, lets take a deep breath.

        • FIPster Doofus says:

          “So really, lets take a deep breath.”

          Ehh, I’m one of the sane people around here. I just don’t feel too optimistic about that rotation and its ability – or lack thereof – to help the Yankees achieve their ultimate goal in 2011.

          • Mattchu12 says:

            No one is optimistic about CC-Hughes-AJ-Nova-Mitre/Whoever. But does anyone actually think that will be the case? I’m just saying lets all calm down and realize that we are not doomed because we didn’t get Lee and we have a long ways to go before we get to Spring Training, let alone October.

            • mark says:

              quick, do a opening day starting rotation versus game 1 ALDS starting rotation to prove your point… and GO!!

            • FIPster Doofus says:

              No, I don’t think that will be the case. I was simply telling the guy who said the Yankees might miss the playoffs that Sabathia-Pettitte-Hughes-Burnett-Nova plus an elite offense should be enough to qualify for the postseason. I then went off my own thing about that rotation not being good enough to win the World Series.

    • ultimate913 says:

      Since you put it that way, if the Yankees signed Lee, we could have hoped he continued to pitch as well as he has been doing the last few years and didn’t fall off a cliff, we can hope CC stays healthy and hope he doesn’t opt out. We can only hope for so much.

  9. Dr. O says:

    speaking of Felix, I would support a definitive “The Mariners are not trading Felix Hernandez to The Yankees” post and then forbidding the name from being mentioned as a trade target.

    • UWS says:

      Nah, just keep referring them back to the “Your Trade Proposal Sucks” post.

    • Slugger27 says:

      didnt he go out of his way to NOT sign with the yanks cuz he didnt wanna play for them? and doesn’t he have a partial no-trade clause?

      i don’t get the infatuation with bringing his name up in trade proposals around here.

      • Tom Zig says:

        I think it was more that he wanted to play for the Mariners because Freddy Garcia played for them and he really looked up to him or something.

      • mark says:

        i think it’s because it’s mostly pointless to throw fake trades out there… i think players x, y and z can bring back felix… what conversation does that start? somebody says, i think seattle’s front office will ask for more than that… it’s all just a bunch of conjecture based on personal feelings, with no facts to back anything up… and it can get tiresome when it happens a JILLION times… but that’s just me…

      • A.D. says:

        Yanks offered more money, but the story told is that it was more really liking the Mariners and the scout that signed him vs anti-Yanks

    • tomaconda says:

      Maybe we could trade Ian Kennedy and Melky for teh David Price? We could throw in cervelli if they give us teh Longoria guy too! Boom that just happened!!


  10. John says:

    When your biggest offseason acquisition to a non-Defending World Champion is Russell freakin’ Martin, you don’t deserve to keep that job.

    • Xstar7 says:

      What are you talking about? Forget Montero, Martin is the next Piazza, Yogi Berra, Johnny Bench, Ivan Rodriguez, Joe Mauer and Buster Posey all rolled into one!

    • Steve H says:

      Is the offseason over and nobody told me?

    • ALB says:

      You can’t blame him for losing Lee – nothing we could have done about that. Looks like we never had a chance.

      Crawford and Werth – we have no need for either of them at the prices they commanded, at least Cash drove up the price for the Sox by bluffing at Crawford.

      Who else would you have liked Cashman to sign this offseason?

    • theyankeewarrior says:

      The off-season isn’t over. Would you have rather seen the Yanks sign Werth for 7/130 and have no room for pen/rotation/depth moves? The Yanks are set up to dominate the trade deadline market right now.

      Let Cashman monitor the market and make a move when the time is right.

      Patience you have not.

    • CountZero says:

      Or halfway through the offseason anyway…or whenever I say you don’t deserve to keep that job…or just about any scenario I can come up with for crying: “We’re all DOOMED!”

      Didn’t I have to hear all this same crap last year re Damon and Matsui? Amazing that people who want to hold their betters to task every day, don’t hold themselves to task for all the nonsense they post on the intertubes…

    • Tom Zig says:

      So Cashman should have acquired Carl Crawford and Jayson Werth despite not having a spot for either of them? Maybe he should have wasted a pick on Scott Downs? Hell let’s spend money for the sake of spending money!

    • Slugger27 says:

      you’re sticking around every thread until tomorrow, aren’t you?

    • Evan3457 says:

      I’m hoping they give Cashman a 10-year extension.

      Just for saying that.

  11. Pete C. says:

    Maybe they’ll give Chaimberlain another chance at the rotation now.

  12. theyankeewarrior says:

    It’s unfortunate that things are the way they are, but it’s not like the Yankees are set up for absolute failure.

    As they stand, they are a top 5 Al team. With additions of Pettitte, bench help, pen help, and the trade market, this team can easily win 90-95 games.

    That’s all you need my friends. Ask the Giants.

    • Craig says:

      That’s all well and good and partly true.

      You gotta ask two more questions though. First, ask the Giants what division they play in and then ask the Yankees what division they play in.

  13. king of fruitless hypotheticals says:

    Who’s that guy in the picture?

    Who took his puppy?

  14. Kiersten says:

    Patience is definitely the way to go here. It just sucks looking back on missing out on Lee and Haren, and not going after Oswalt, before the deadline and how we all didn’t really care because “oh well, Lee will be a Yankee in 2011.” And now he’s not. And we have none of them.

    • The Fallen Phoenix says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised to see Oswalt take a step back next year, truthfully. And yes, it sucks that the Yankees missed out on Haren, but Brian Cashman can’t force other teams to take his trade proposals. From all accounts, Cashman made an offer, and Arizona preferred Joe Saunders. For whatever reason. That’s not Cashman’s fault.

      • Kiersten says:

        I didn’t blame Cashman. I just said it sucks.

      • bexarama says:

        No, supposedly they never actually offered anything for Haren. I fault Cashman more for that than missing out on Lee, honestly.

        • Jimmy McNulty says:

          Yeah, I can’t fault Cashman for not signing Cliff Lee. However, I am mad about the non trades mid-season.

          • bexarama says:

            Can’t fault him for the Cliff Lee non-trade, especially not now. In fact, it’s a friggin’ blessing that that fell through if he really did leave his ~heart in Philadelphia~ or whatever.

            The Haren thing though? After seeing what he got? Eesh.

      • First Time Poster says:

        I was going to dispute your statement that Oswalt most likely take a step back next year; however, he was awesome last year. I mean… more awesome then he usually is. He shouldn’t be as good as last year, but will still be a 4-win pitcher.

        • The Fallen Phoenix says:

          Right, and he’s also going to be another year older. I’m not saying that Oswalt is going to regress to 2010-Burnett levels, but I don’t think he’s going to be a top-20 pitcher in all of baseball next year.

          Admittedly, I could be completely wrong about that. But that’s just my gut feeling.

      • tomaconda says:

        From his 7-1 record after the trade with his miniscule whip and era. He may be poised for a career year.

    • JeffG says:

      The idea of Lee will be a Yankee in 2011 is based on the philosophy that the Yanks are willing to put out the dollars needed… in this case they really didn’t. Offering 132/6 in my estimation was a fuck up.

  15. mike says:

    I guess we’ll get Jenks and or Wood

  16. JeffG says:

    Did any reporter ask him if he thought in retrospect that the offer was light? I personally think 140/6 144/6 would have been in the right range considering the lack of supply and overall market. The Phils AAV blew our offer right up. Basically the 6th year was valued at 12 mil if you take the 132 offer as true. Just based on money if I’m Lee I go to Philadelphia.

  17. First Time Poster says:

    Yu Darvish will look better in pinstripes, anyways.

    • Craig says:

      Eh. I’m sure the Yanks will be in on him, but he doesn’t get my baseball juices flowing. Either way, I’ll worry about that in mid-late 2011 when the Darvish rumors and speculations start to heat up.

  18. John says:

    At least we signed an iconic shortstop.

  19. Joe says:

    Yanks need to do one thing to restore order, and thats put Joba back in the rotation. They totally ruined his career, he has a chance to be great but with starting and not starting and innings limits.

    If im Brian Cashman, I call Joba Chamberlain and tell him this,

    “Joba, you know we screwed around with you before and were sorry for that, Obviously you know we tried to get Lee to fill in our rotation but it didn’t work out. I could go out there and trade for a Greinke or Felix and give up our entire farm system but I’m not going to. Im going to give you the opportunity to prove us wrong. Your going to start full time, we trust you with the ball in your hands every 5 days and we want to see you prove to us that your first season wasnt a fluke, that you have the talent to become a great starting pitcher, that you Hughesy and CC can form a Glavine, Maddox, Smoltz type of combination. Do you think you can handle it?”

    If he answers yes which he will, you say “great, im excited, Im going to have Larry Rothschild call you to tell you what you need to start doing to prepare your body and arm for pitching 200 inning seasons. See you soon.”

    And thats history!

    • mark says:

      is it joba’s body type, or is he just fat? he’s never looked like he’s been in THE GREATEST SHAPE OF HIS LIFE ©

      • The Big City of Dreams says:

        If you look at pictures of him in 2007 and 2008 he was slimmer than he is now. He will probably always be a big guy but he can stand to lose some pounds.

    • Yanko says:

      Why is it so difficult to do? Do you think any other team would waste a talent like Joba on mop-up duties? How is this possible and accepted? yanks have no depth, but take a guy with a sick fastball and (at some point) a decent slider and just fuck him up. Joba Rules and all that garbage in retrospect was nothing but an uneducated attempt. This is major leagues. What were they thinking? what are they thinking now?

      • Craig says:

        I’d love that conversation, but what if he says “no”?

        • The Big City of Dreams says:

          No way in hell he says no. Joba’s desire to start is probably stronger than the fans that want to see him start. Think about this for a second he went through the rules in 07, was a starter and reliever in 08, and pitched under crazy rules in 09 just so that he could start games. That kind of thing doesn’t go away that quickly.

          • Craig says:

            Does Joba Chamberlain, in fact, want to start? I’ve heard it each way. It doesn’t necessarily matter if he wants to or not, but I’m just curious to know if you’ve heard something that I haven’t.

  20. Yank the Frank says:

    It’s December. Relax. During ST a dependable starter or two may shake loose if not then by the trade deadline. With our current team we should be able to stay close until that happens. Relax.

    • I Voted 4 Kodos says:

      Why relax when it’s so much more fun to panic and forget the fact that the offseason isn’t nearly over yet?

  21. E-ROC says:

    I think Cashman fills out the rest of the roster before handling the staff. The price in a trade is too high for the Yankees since they just lost out on the Lee sweepstakes.

  22. Ryan says:

    what players would we have to give up to get a front line starter?>

    • Craig says:

      Nobody knows for sure. It’s all speculation, but Jesus Montero, Delin Betances, Andrew Brackman, Manny Banuelos, Brett Gardner, Nick Swisher, Curtis Granderson, Austin Romine, Ivan Nova and others have all been thrown around by fans in various “proposals”. In other words, they would have to give up way too much in order to acquire a pitcher that wouldn’t even upgrade the team from a Wild Card contender.

  23. Chris A says:

    What do you guys think of re-signing Chien-Ming Wang? Of course if the cost it too high, I don’t think it’s worth the risk, but if he will sign a reasonable contract would it be worth it? Of course they couldn’t count on him for anything, but if he did become healthy he could always help out the rotation.

  24. James A says:

    Its amazing how quickly people forgot that Alex Rodriguez, Robinson Cano, Mark Teixeira, CC Sabathia, Mariano Rivera, Derek Jeter, Nick Swisher, Curtis Granderson, Jorge Posada, Joba Chamberlain, Phil Hughes, Brett Gardner, AJ Burnett, probably Andy Pettitte, Russell Martin, and Jesus Montero are on this team (plus a good farm system and lots of money) just because Cliff Lee isnt

    • Slugger27 says:

      its only “john” that’s forgetting… and that’s only because he’s one of the regular posters from surviving grady

  25. ZZ says:

    That Joba is not even being considered for a rotation spot given the state of the rotation right now tells you all you need to know about how the Yankees evaluate Joba as a starter.

    People really need to give it up already. I don’t want to sound harsh (well I kind of do), but the sheer amount of whining and complaining about this topic is almost pathetic at this point.

    • Hughesus Christo says:

      Did someone ask Cashman today? I’m still not sure that this isn’t an arbitration ploy.

    • The Big City of Dreams says:

      Well if he’s not going to start and he wasn’t that much of a reliever last yr they should trade him because right now he’s now that important to the team

  26. mike says:

    Prior is a Yankee.

    All is resolved.

  27. Dr. Yes says:

    1. Joba Chamberlain/Austin Romine/Corban Joseph to Houston for Wandy Rodriguez.

    2. Sign Brian Fuentes to provide additional LH relief/setup

    3. Sign Andruw Jones as a back-up OF and RH power bat off the bench

    4. Sign Andy Pettitte

    5. Find a THIRD LH for the bullpen (Sisco? Fish? Arias? Choate?)

    6. Make sure there’s a decent back-up at 3B for A-Rod (Martin? Hall? Laird?)

    7. Don’t worry about a thing

  28. benjie says:

    The Yankees should have offered Lee 200k, 8 years at 25K. He would have taken it. His true worth to the franchise is probably about that. Think of the revenues that will be lost in the next few years! He’s probably worth 100 million a year the next few years.

    • Craig says:

      Did you mean 8 years/$200 million?

    • toad says:

      Maybe you could provide some actual numbers – real ones – to support that.

      No matter what you think of Cashman, I doubt he’s as bad at arithmetic as you seem to think.

      • benjie says:

        200 million of course, jeez. The yankees make that much money off those ridiculous refreshments at the stadium in two months. One hot dog costs about one thousand dollars, I believe. Ten thousand for the foot longs. So if they sell 1,000,000 hot dogs a season, that will pretty much pay for Cliff Lee all by itself. But no. They have to be cheap and keep all that hot dog money for themselves. And now the Yankees will have no chance this season.

  29. James A says:

    We just signed Mark Prior, he won 11 games with a 3.67 era and 188 k’s in his last full season
    problems solved

  30. burbankbogey says:

    No need to panic about the Yankees. To busy doing that with the JETS.

  31. mike c says:

    how about a little AJ support? he’s got the potential to be the difference maker on this team, maybe martin will be the perfect target for those crazy curveballs

  32. Slappy White says:

    Another ridiculous media comment today by Jim Rome saying Not getting Lee hurts the Yankees because they need to sell tickets……….Whaaaaaaaaaaa?

  33. T-bar12 says:

    On Hot Stove it says that the Yankees 5 pitcher would be Sergio Mitre? He Sucks. I would go with Joba. and Who is Mark Prior?

  34. Dan says:

    Next year after Posada’s contract expires, we could sign Pujols or Prince Fielder to DH. Maybe we could put Pujols in RF.

  35. Matt says:

    I’d rather see Kei Igawa in the starting rotation than Mitre. Mitre just plain old sucks. If the Yankees ever started him in Fenway I’d make the over/under for runs scored by the Red Sox at 11.

  36. The Big City of Dreams says:

    Lol @ patience the last time the Yankees used the word patience it was Hank in the 2007 off season in regards to Girardi and the young starters in the rotation. Result: Hughes and Kennedy pushed aside while the Yankees signed CC and Aj. The next time the word patience was used was during the 2009 season in regards to Joba. Result: Yankees trade for Javy who was terrible and Joba is sent to the pen where he is an inconsistent middle reliever.

    You want the fans to be patient but you aren’t. lol what type of sense does that make.

  37. Craig says:

    I wish they would fire him. The team’s money only makes him look good. When it comes to pitching the Yankees can’t produce a starting pitcher to save their lives. While Boston has an unending stream of good young starters.

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