It’s official: Javy’s a Marlin

The Experience returns for 2011
The mystery pitcher: Chris Carpenter

Two-time former Yankee Javy Vazquez passed his physical with the Marlins and the team officially announced his signing at a press conference this morning. As a result, the Yankees now have an extra draft pick, a supplemental first rounder that at this point can be no worse than 55th overall (53rd once Jorge De La Rosa’s deal with the Rockies is finalized). More than likely it’ll be in the 45-50 range, which isn’t bad at all. Remember to check out our 2011 Draft Order Tracker, I update it after every deal becomes official.

The Experience returns for 2011
The mystery pitcher: Chris Carpenter
  • king of fruitless hypotheticals

    sandwich pick!

  •!/profile.php?id=9370232 Mike HC

    Why won’t I be surprised when Javy is able to pitch well for yet another non Yankee team, especially in the AL.

    • Richard Iurilli

      Even NL hitters will be able to hit Javy if he keeps throwing 88 mph meatballs.

      •!/profile.php?id=9370232 Mike HC

        I can’t explain it. I don’t care if he is throwing 88 or 93, he will be effective, ha.

      • Slugger27

        yet livan hernandez continues to find work

    •!/profile.php?id=9370232 Mike HC

      *especially in the NL.

  • jsbrendog (returns)

    javy: we hardly knew ye

    • Slugger27

      unfortunatey, we knew him quite well.

      •!/profile.php?id=9370232 Mike HC

        haha, my thoughts exactly. Far too well.

  • Fair Weather Freddy

    Any chance Gerrit Cole falls that far? J/K Anyways, even if he did fall, no way he gets past the Red Sox at 19

    • pat

      Well they probably won’t have that pick anyway, but a healthy college guy with his raw ability would be very very hard pressed to even make it out of the top 10. He’s a top 5 guy no doubt.

      • pat

        OOps, I forgot they got thew Tigers pic, my bad. Cole won’t fall that far anyway.

        • Thomas

          Maybe he’ll go top 5 and then say he wants to finish college similar to when he said he wanted to go to college.

      • Mister Delaware

        I’m excited for 2014 when I have to listen to what a dipshit Cashman is for not getting him signed.

        • Jimmy McNulty

          They offered Marte 12M, you’re telling me they couldn’t sign Gerritt Cole? I know it doesn’t make sense, but you know what else? Fuck you.

          I’m still pissed off about that whole deal, I hope he takes a liner to the dome.

          • jay destro

            your gerrit cole not being signed comment lends me the notion that you know nothing about baseball and i will forever laugh at every comment you leave on rab.

            thanks for the heads up

            <3 jay destro

          • Clay Bellinger

            Ridiculous comment. Be as mad as you want to. The Cole failed signing wasn’t Cashman’s fault.

            It frustrating as hell, but obviously the kid made the right decision at this point.

          • Tom Zig

            This is sarcasm right?

    • Jimmy McNulty

      Here’s to hoping the Tigers sign Jayson Werth!

  • Klemy

    Glad we got something for him and I wish him luck. I still don’t anticipate much of a bounce back from him, but stranger things have happened.

  • jay destro

    btw jimmy i was told you were being sarcastic so lol whatevs.

  • seimiya

    When Javy pitches 8IP/1ER/6K/2BB against the Mets, are people going to say, “I thought he couldn’t pitch in New York!” ?

    • king of fruitless hypotheticals

      no, they’ll say ‘SCREW YOU CARL PAVANO!’

      (in a non-ironical way of course)

  • nck

    Wait. Does anyone REALLY BELIEVE that The Yanks were’t to blame, at least in part, for NOT signing Gerrit Cole.

    I don’t know all the rules for signing, so sorry if I propose something wrong here.

    Cole fell to the Yanks because of signability…..based on $$$$$, not only on going to college. EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING i HEARD was that teams were scared that he wanted HUUUUUGE money, they were scared of his agent, and the teams knew that he “was a huge Yankee fans” all his life.

    SO……this guy was a top 5 guy, some saying THE top pitcher in the draft. The Yanks get him and DON’T give him top money?? I mean the most money in the draft? With HIS agent?? NOw, he will go top 3 and get that moeny anyway.

    I heard that the Yanks never even got a chance to present their offer…if thats the case, COle’s idiot agent should never hear from the Yanks again.

    But, I find it impossible to believe that COle and his agent would not have signed for the highest offer in the draft. They had an opportunity to sign a player that NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN AVAILABLE TO THEM, NEVER. And he was because of $$$$$$$$$$.