Joe Torre at the managers’ press conference

Winter Meetings Day Two Chat
A quick look at Tom Gorzelanny

Today at the Winter Meetings Major League Baseball held a press conference to honor four long-time managers who announced their retirements in 2010: Joe Torre, Lou Piniella, Cito Gaston, and Bobby Cox. Unfortunately, Cox was not able to attend. Long-time Braves GM and current club president John Schuerholz took his place. I have video for all of them, but they’re taking a while to upload. The Torre one, of course, is the most relevant to our interests.

You can’t see it in the video, but he’s rocking his World Series ring. In fact, the only one who wasn’t was Lou.

Winter Meetings Day Two Chat
A quick look at Tom Gorzelanny
  • kurt

    yea joe torre. about him. thanx for the memories, but forget you for being greedy. have fun in retirement old man!

    • Dirty Pena

      I’m never one to pull out the “I’ve been a fan longer than you!” card, but I seriously think most anti-Torre, anti-Jeter, anti-Posada people only started becoming fans in like, 2008 or later. That’s perfectly fine, I mean everyone’s gotta start sometime, but I don’t spew nonsense about Don Mattingly just because I only saw his down years, and I really think if you lack perspective, you should just zip it.

      • nathan

        Wow !! Time out.

        You can be accused of only considering the good years.

        Mostly the angst is from him book not his managing.

        • nathan

          * for his book

        • Dirty Pena

          Of course. I mean I’m not happy he released that book either, and I wouldn’t say 100% favorable things about Torre. I just don’t see how anyone could act like he was horrible and say 100% UNfavorable things about him, or even more unfavorable than favorable. I mean the guy won 4 World Series while he was here. In the illustrious history of the Yankees, only 2 managers have won more than that, and I’m pretty sure most of them had talented teams.

      • vin


      • Jerome S

        I agree that this stuff is mostly out of hand now, but you have to admit that “The Yankee Year” was a real dick move.
        But yeah, I think 4 WS titles > 1 tabloid gossip book. In the end, he’ll be remembered for one, not the other.

      • CS Yankee


        Torre made big risky lineup adjustments in ’96…while King George was on him,and the MSM claiming the Braves were like the ’27 Yanks after game two. He kept his calm, said they would do well in Atlanta and they ran the next four. He restored the greatness that eluded them for 18 years.

        The ’98 team was great, but it wasn’t star stuck like the ’09 team in any way. He almost won with an inferior 2001 (&’04) team, won the ’03 Sox G7 with an inferior team but lost the WS when the Marlins caught fire.

        Torre was a stud player, traded to St Louis for the MVP, moved to 3B and batted in the .360’s that year.

        He was good for baseball, the Yankees and I thank him very much for keeping all those egos (the front office as well) in place and doing a solid job.

        • nathan

          You forgot how he taught Joe Girardi everything which he used (not in 08) but in 09 to win the series, though this time with an uber talented team

          • CS Yankee

            You clearly jest and don’t recall the truely pitiful years 1965-1975 & 1983-2004 in Yankee history.

            Torre was a big part in ’96, I was fine with the departure both then & now. Managers deserve a part of the credit for teams failing, meeting, and exceeding their goals. Torre achieved all of them and his first race was his masterpiece…his trip to Tampa and the book was his achilles heel.

            • bexarama

              1983-2004 was pitiful? There was a pretty nice 1996-2003 period in there

            • nathan

              You have to decide whether the 96-2004 was great or not. One hand you are complementing Torre for achieving a lot in that period and on the other you call it terrible.

              Need I remind you that the 96 team was locked and loaded, kind of like the current Tampa team. Do we even recognize the teams playing for Maddon vs Piniella?

              ” his trip to Tampa and the book was his achilles heel ”

              No, it was an abomination, an utter disgrace. But, ultimately it exposed him for who he was a money-grabber who will do anything. The fact that he talks a good game doesnt mean you ignore his actions or semantics. I have no problem with him making more than he deserved, but he lost me a little when he called a multi million offer insulting and then followed up with a tell all disgrace-of-a book.

              You can claim he was the reason we won all those rings, I can claim we won despite him. Either theory cant be proved or disproved. But lets not make knight him ok?

              • Zach

                To it bluntly, when have a power team, you can make dumb moves and still win.
                In the 03 World Series, Joe Torre was outmanaged,simple as that. Jeff Weaver should NEVER have been put in the game, period.
                The fact he seemed shocked after getting the boot in 07 clearly shows he didn’t know who he was working for. George cared about winning, period. He should have still been grateful he had his job after 04.
                Despite that, I still had respect for him. And then he wrote his book. Instead of taking the high road, Joe decided to give one giant middle finger to all those he felt had wronged him. That’s when I lost all respect for him.

      • Uncle Mike

        Well said, and I hope this gets read by every one of the Torre-haters, the Jeter-haters, and the Posada-haters. Often the very people who ignore the failures of a certain other Yankee, and I don’t mean Mattingly.

        • ROBTEN

          Often the very people who ignore the failures of a certain other Yankee, and I don’t mean Mattingly.

          Les Nunamaker?

        • bexarama

          I honestly have no idea who this is referring to, but it’s probably A-Rod. And that’s dumb. I love Posada and Jeter to death and I don’t hate Torre (though I think The Yankee Years was a fucking terrible idea and I lost a ton of respect for him for that, and I think that’s fair), but it’s not necessary to slander someone else on the team to raise someone else you like more up.

  • Big Stein

    I love how he’s sucking up for some position with the organization.

  • kurt

    how could not managing the greatest franchise in sports history not be fun. oh yea he didnt think he was getting paid enough to over use every guy in the pen and to sit in the dugout picking his nose.

    • Big Stein

      “he didnt think he was getting paid enough ”
      Even more than that, he said he was being “insulted” even though he was the highest paid manager in baseball by several million dollars.

      • nathan

        Insulted is the word of the day. Remember those same performance bonuses he cashed in for alcs, ws wins in his 1998-2000 managerial seasons were not insulting.

    • Zack

      While its he best team in any sport, he also had the most stressful job in sports that he had for over a decade. So let’s not over-simplify things.

    • Kiersten

      He could pick his nose in his sleep? Impressive.

  • Dick Whitman

    Thanks for the memories, Joe. You presence in a MLB dugout will be missed.

    • Dick Whitman

      Your presence would have been more appropriate.

      • vin

        Veteran presents?

  • CS Yankee

    Tough group to rate…

    As players:
    1) Torre
    2) Pinella
    3 & 4) IDK

    As managers:
    1) Torre (4 WS titles, the ’96 one was his masterpiece)
    2) Cito (2 WS titles, or 3?)
    3) Pinella (1 WS title that was a surprise, fail in Seattle though)
    4) Cox (1 WS title due to an 8th inning meat pitch)

    • Rick in Boston

      I’d give Gaston the three spot over Cox based on their major league careers. Gaston played for 10+ seasons, while Cox was a no-hit catcher for two years with the late-60’s Yanks.

  • nathan

    I hope Joe lets us know when he is writing the Dodger Years book. There should be some serious gossip on how he crapped up Broxton and Kemp. While at it Joe, we need more “coffee pot” stories or are those only about ARod.

  • Bill R

    Gotta love Joe!

  • Yank the Frank

    Getting to the top sometimes is easier than maintaining it. Joe maintained longer than most. Give him his due.

  • Pete C.

    Torre had an excellent run. And like I told my boss when I gave my notice 4 months ago, every job has a shelf life.
    Joe, should have been shown the door after the team lost the series in ’03, and then were swept by Boston in’04. The fact that New York kept him after those 2 debacle’s for as long as they did say’s “thanks for what you did”, all by itself.