Link Dump: Maddux, Romine, Farm System

Still no word from Pettitte
Cashman: Yanks will not increase offer to Lee

It’s raining cats and dogs in the Tri-State Area, but at least it’s better than what’s going on in Minnesota. Here are a few links to check out before the Jets kick off…

The Last Time The Yankees Didn’t Get Their Man

As the Cliff Lee circus continues to play out, it’s tough for many young fans to remember the last time the Yankees failed to sign a free agent they coveted. Ben Shpigel recapped the courtship of Greg Maddux, in which then-GM Gene Michael went above and beyond the normal call of duty only to be left in the dark. It’s also easy to forget that the Yanks were turned down by David Cone, Doug Drabek, and Barry Bonds that offseason, instead settling for Jimmy Key and Wade Boggs. Given how the late-90’s played out (especially against Maddux’s Braves), I’d say things worked out in the end.

Romine Trying To Keep The Family Business Alive

The Romine family is a baseball family, with father Kevin playing for the Red Sox back in the day and son Andrew suiting up for the Angels this past September. Austin is still trying to work his way up the minor league ladder, but Anthony McCarron caught up with the Yankee catching prospect about his upbringing. It’s a really interesting read, little did we know that Austin’s first steps came wearing a Red Sox shirt on the field in Fenway Park. Make sure you check it out.

Farm System Discussion

John Sickels at Minor League Ball is hosting a discussion thread about the Yankees farm system, part of his annual look at each team’s top twenty prospects. The comments can be both informative and borderline insane, but it’s worth a scroll through.

Oh, and Nick Swisher got married yesterday. Congrats, Swish.

Still no word from Pettitte
Cashman: Yanks will not increase offer to Lee
  • Esteban

    If Romine had had a better season last year, Jesus might have been traded already.

    • JobaWockeeZ

      Yeah no.

      • Esteban

        Why not? If the Yankees were super confident of Romine’s future, I’m sure they would be more willing to part with Jesus.

        • dr mrs the yankee

          Because Romine’s bat is not on the same planet as Montero’s.

  • Not Tank the Frank

    It’s good to be Nick Swisher. He’s just had his two best seasons in baseball, he’s due for a nice little payday sometime soon, and how could you not be in a constant good mood waking up to that woman in the morning. Well done Swish.

    • I Voted for Kodos

      It’s hard to not be jealous of that dude. I’ve never seen anyone love life as much as he does.

      • Betty Lizard

        Swisher is excellent at what he loves, tries to get better, loves every minute, and donates a ton of his time to doing good. He’s one of my heroes and a joy to watch.

  • Reggie C.

    Agree with the first comment in Sickel’s column on Brett Marshall. Marshall looks fully recovered from TJ, and I can’t see how he isn’t the best pitching prospect on the High-A Tampa team. He’s better than Jose Ramirez in my book.

    I didn’t realize Marshall’s last 30 plus innings were that impressive.

  • Sal

    Lee better make his mind up today. I am sick of waiting for this clown. Maybe him and his wife hate the Yankees and their fans.

  • Another Bronx Dynasty

    Diverting back again to Lee, the more I think about 7 yrs for Lee the less I like the idea of Lee us getting him. Hw maybe should go back to Texas. I know he has great command & made hitters look like fools but the franchise will be so old, expensive, & uncompetitive in nly 3 yrs. Again I really don’t think this signing is worth it if you consider the following effects below:

    Lets look at this team in 2014:

    *A-Rod @ $27M & will be 39yrs old – DH
    *Jeter @ $17M & will be 39 yrs old – LF?
    *Lee @ $23M & will be 36 yrs old
    *CC @ $23M & will be 34 yrs old
    *AJ @ $16.5M & will be 37 yrs old – BP?

    • Not Tank the Frank

      You forgot Teix.

    • Jake LaMotta’s Left Hook

      AJ’s contract ends 2013, so that’s one less guy you have to worry about. It’s NBD.

      • Jimmy McNulty

        Yeah, hopefully by then A-Rod’ll be around 730 or so HRs and they’ll be selling tickets to see the guy break the all time record. AJ’s contract is the one that I’m the most worried about. I’ve almost come to terms with the A-Rod deal.

    • AndrewYF

      People have been saying the exact same shit every single year since 2003. It hasn’t been true in any single year (yes, even 2008, where 89 wins is the definition of competitive).

      I mean, look at post-2003, when people were looking ahead to 2006:

      Mussina @ $19M & will be 37
      Posada @ $12M & will be 35
      Giambi @ $21M & will be 35
      Rivera @ $10.5M & will be 36

      Same argument. Actually a better argument, because the Yankees also had one of the worst farm systems in team history at that point. The future of this team is in such better shape than it was post-2003 it’s not even funny. But people will still make the same arguments, and will still be just as wrong. I don’t understand it.

    • LawStudent

      Not as concerned about Lee and CC over the course of their contracts as I am about A-Rod. When that guy is 40+ it’s probably going to be brutal to watch. 2014 shouldn’t be so bad for Lee and CC. 34 isn’t so bad for CC (I hope? 200+ innings every year from now until then might change the story) and Lee at 36 isn’t so scary to me when you’ve seen what crafty, precise, older pitchers can do.

      • AndrewYF

        Price Fielder at 40+ will be brutal to watch.

        Somehow, I think A-Rod, as one of the world’s premiere athletes, will be able to muddle through.

    • jt

      jeter will be at 8mm, aj will be gone, and cc and lee should be fine. so arods the only horrible one there

  • Matt DiBari

    I don’t think there’s a Jimmy Key out there this time.

  • Another Bronx Dynasty

    Looking at the Red Sox they got Crawford at 29 yrs old & A-Gon who is 22. Both young athletic should be playing at very high levels of their game through their contract.

    • FIPster Doofus

      A-Gon is 28.

    • Brooklyn Ed

      psst…A-Gon is 28. get your facts straight..

    • Jake LaMotta’s Left Hook

      And your point? It’s not like they won’t get old, too. The Red Sox will have the same ‘problem’ the Yankees have in a couple of years.

      • Gonzo

        Exactly. Tex and CC were signed young too.

  • Michael Mirabella

    Crawford right now may be one of if not the fastest guys in baseball right now. But in six years, at 35, he won’t exactly be flying around the base paths.

  • Scott

    I remember the Maddux affair. The Yankees Universe would survive without Lee.

    • Chris

      The Yankees didn’t have enough starting pitching last year when the Red Sox didn’t have A-Gon and Crawford not to mention Youkalis and Pedroia. If they whiff on Lee and Pettite retires, there is no plan B thats gonna get them past Boston. It’s basically Lee or bust. There’s no upper level starting pitching available through free agency until after the 2012 season!!

      • bexarama

        I missed when the Yankees didn’t make the playoffs last year because Boston beat them.

      • Not Tank the Frank

        First, Andy Pettitte hasn’t retired yet.

        Second, the Yankees DID have enought starting pitching last season with Vazquez actually adding negative value at -0.2 WAR. Burnett had the worst season of any pitcher with at least 150 IP and was worth only 1.3 WAR. Even if the Yankees don’t add Lee, they could theoretically plug in almost any league average starting pitcher and receive more than Vazquez gave them. That being said, no matter what happens, I’m sure they’ll add more than a league average pitcher. And you have to almost certainly count on some type of bounceback from Burnett. Any way you slice it, the Yankees pitching will be better next season.

        Despite how much better the Red Sox are with their moves, they didn’t improve their pitching which was some of the worst in the league despite stellar seasons by Lester and Buchholz.

        People need to stop freaking out about the Sox.

        • Stacoe44702

          If the Yanks ‘strike out’ with Lee, expect Pettitte back. He probably told Cashman–on the QT–he’d return should they fail at signing Lee.

  • Jimmy McNulty

    Holy Shit. How the fuck do people live in Minnesota?

    • Dirt

      I go to school there (and live in CT). It’s really not that bad. There’s about a week thats ungodly, but everything else is decently comparable to the East Coast.

      • Jimmy McNulty

        The East Coast is pretty shit too…I’m tempted to move to Vegas.

        • LawStudent

          East coast isn’t that bad at all if you look south of DC

    • Not Tank the Frank
    • Hughesus Christo

      Moving for weather is silly. Assuming you have a job and it’s 2010, it won’t be making that big of a difference in your day to day.

  • Chris

    Good luck finding a job there. Half the state is unemployed and having their homes forclosed on.

    • Jake LaMotta’s Left Hook

      reply fail?

    • Jimmy McNulty

      I’ll rob drug dealers

  • Thanks For Paying Attention

    Roger Clemens (Toronto) is the last time the Yankees missed on a guy they wanted? Thanks for paying attention.

    • Carlosologist

      We got him anyway? Thanks for not checking your facts.

      • Not Tank the Frank

        Boom roasted.

    • Brooklyn Ed

      David Cone too. Thanks again!!

      • Brooklyn Ed

        Thanks for NOT checking your facts***

  • Dave

    Swish got married yesterday, huh? Means he’s going to be honeymooning this offseason & we can expect he won’t be AS concerned about coming into 2011 camp as in shape as he was last year. Expect a less mobile, less focused Swisher this year. It’s human nature.

    And before all the Swish-heads try to rebuke this post with what they “want” to believe, consider reality.

    • LawStudent

      I don’t think he’s going to be honeymooning for 2 whole months. He might not be “in the best shape of his life” as major leaguers seem to be every year, but he’s not going to show up weighing 300 pounds. He’ll be in shape and if he’s not, he’ll get into shape during ST and be ready when the season starts.

      • bexarama

        Stop rebuking him, you Swish-head! Consider reality!

        (Preemptively dismissing all criticism in a rather rude way isn’t the best way to start a conversation, is it.)

    • Not Tank the Frank

      Soooo… going on a honeymoon for a week – hell let’s call it two weeks – can completely erase any and all athletic ability one has built up over years and years of training on top of God-given talent and guarantees that an althete will not be in as good of shape. Furthermore, said athlete will also lose focus, determination and neglect to put in the hard work needed to excel in the sport that he has played nearly his entire life and pays him (and now his new wife) millions upon millions of dollars.

      Got it. I have a headache now.

    • Carlosologist

      A-Rod got married in 2002. He put up the best season of career with 57 bombs, .424 wOBA, and a 9.8 fWAR.

      Your theory: Complete bullshit.

    • Betty Lizard

      Expect a less mobile, less focused Swisher this year. It’s human nature.

      ::looks at calendar::

      LOL! You are naive optimistic if you think the honeymoon will last until the start of the season. Or even the start of spring training . . .

      • LawStudent

        Yeah, the honeymoon probably ends a month or two after marriage. Reality sets in.

        Oh wait, you meant the actual honeymoon trip. /justkidding

    • dr mrs the yankee

      Mr and Mrs Swisher are going to eat nothing but rich French food until February, gain one hundred pounds a piece and lose their jobs.

    • Jimmy McNulty

      It’s that old hag Joanna Garcia that you gotta worry about…not the Swish.

      Sidenote: Why did he marry a woman older than he is? He’s Nick Fucking Swisher.

  • Thomas Tu

    Dude. Are you kidding me?

    The only reason Bonds chose SF is because we refused to add a 6th year?


  • EndlessMike

    Maddux would have gottwen eaten alive in the AL East and Pedro would of made Maddux the second best pitcher in the league.

    • Ross in Jersey

      Maddux was 19-13, 3.88 ERA, 4.40 K/BB ratio in interleague play.. something tells me he would have been fine in the AL.

      Oh, and lolwins but he was 13-3 against regular season ALE opponents in his career.

  • Stacoe44702

    Wade Boggs and Jimmy Key? Not bad consolation prizes, especially Boggs